Zombie Elf?

Dear Pre-Dead Minions:

In the blogger-race to have various illnesses, it may be that Right Girl and I are tied in the “Indefinable But Looks Like Gall Bladder But There’s No Stones So Let’s Do More Tests-itis” department. She had hers out already, I think, but it turns out that my GB has likewise been slowly and strangely dying for a while, but is now actively applying for ex-organ status. 18% function, saith my doc. Awesome!

What does that mean for you, the customer?

Well, some time much sooner than later, my sad little bile-bag’s gotta be whipped out and become medical waste. In the meantime, I’ve been  feeling mo’ worser, much pains, sleeping more than 12 hours a day, and weary and not much inspired neither to write long screeds, nor even longer lists of links, and while there’s been a posting on the back-burner getting picked at now and again, it’s so far from finished that it’s just a sad little prod to my compulsive bloggers-guilt rather than an active project.

So there it is. And I didn’t even bore you about the pounding kidney stones.

I’m still reading, thinking, pondering, and will be posting betimes. Just not a lot or regularly (give or take).. all prayers & best wishes and free loot appreciated.

Your friend & servant,

Teh Binks