Zombie Elf?

Dear Pre-Dead Minions:

In the blogger-race to have various illnesses, it may be that Right Girl and I are tied in the “Indefinable But Looks Like Gall Bladder But There’s No Stones So Let’s Do More Tests-itis” department. She had hers out already, I think, but it turns out that my GB has likewise been slowly and strangely dying for a while, but is now actively applying for ex-organ status. 18% function, saith my doc. Awesome!

What does that mean for you, the customer?

Well, some time much sooner than later, my sad little bile-bag’s gotta be whipped out and become medical waste. In the meantime, I’ve been  feeling mo’ worser, much pains, sleeping more than 12 hours a day, and weary and not much inspired neither to write long screeds, nor even longer lists of links, and while there’s been a posting on the back-burner getting picked at now and again, it’s so far from finished that it’s just a sad little prod to my compulsive bloggers-guilt rather than an active project.

So there it is. And I didn’t even bore you about the pounding kidney stones.

I’m still reading, thinking, pondering, and will be posting betimes. Just not a lot or regularly (give or take).. all prayers & best wishes and free loot appreciated.

Your friend & servant,

Teh Binks


9 thoughts on “Zombie Elf?

  1. Sorry to hear of your latest travails. Keep us posted as matters progress (we hope). Best wishes and many prayers.

  2. Get well soon, good buddy. Hope you get the care you need with minimum delay and maximum good effect. Praying for just that.

  3. .
    My motto has been: When in doubt, take it out. But don’t do what I have done — ask to see the remains, which they keep in bottles for unknown reasons for who knows how long.

    Recovery from many illnesses or ectomies or implants or other pit-stop repairs can be expedited by reading Charles Williams or George MacDonald or GKC over again.

    Wishing you well. Strength for today (Dominion Day) and bright hope for tomorrow.

  4. My mom has a jar with her gall bladder stones in it. They really look like real pebbles…very strange.

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