From On High, NH

~ SO ANYWAY, there was Binks, recovering nicely from gall-bladder surgery, when a complimentary new book from The Jew Mark Steyn, Hater Of All, arrived in the mail.

Being a cheap slave in exchange for for books and swag, I cracked open the cover to receive my orders. In his own personal scrawl, it declared unto me “Blog on, Binksmeister!”.

Pretty clear, I’d say: orders from the HQ of the Evil Right-Wing Conspiracy Of Evil, Steyn Regiment, to blog on. No more lollygagging, whining, or tending wounds. Time to blog on, WebElf.

HQ of the Evil Right-Wing Conspiracy Of Evil (ERWCOE-HQ)

So there it is.. I’ve got some essays and no links ready yet, and it’s been a busy news Summer, what with American AA+ credit, the Muslim Brotherhood Uber Alles Arab Spring, the death of Canucki Leftist Saint Jack Layton, and the first actual hurricane that might hit North America a bit this year.. well, there’s so much good stuff going on, how can a news-addicted WebElf resist?

News inside 72 hours. Rejoice. Spread the news.



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