Steynicle 448rd

~ OKAY, so it’s been super-slow here.. for some of us, the operation is the small thing, the recovery the long and winding road. Anyhow, I’ve been writing odds and ends of little essays.. no news links, that’s seriously energy-consuming.. so I hope you enjoy.


On 9-11 & Conspiracies


~ ITEM: Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI— and Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him

Peter Lance on TRIPLE CROSS his new 9/11 book

~ OF COURSE the Jews did it to make the Muslims look bad, along with BushChenyBurton and the Illuminati. With bells on. Though it’s also a Muslim Brotherhood/ Qaeda victory against the Amiriki infidel, in the 1400 year Jihad.

If investigative reporter & author & Honey Badger Peter Lance is to believed, the modern history of America & Terrorism is all about screw-ups and cover-ups. He’s one of the few in the U.S. persistently interested in WTF, and the old reportorial who what when where and why stuff, which too much modern media can’t be bothered with, whilst bashing Mrs. Palin, or slagging the Teapot Party. CNN/ MSNBC, the New York Times, and the rest (minus the yeoman work of a few hard-working reporters) are infotainers and echo-chambers.

In a set of supremely researched & detailed books, Lance reconstructs what Bin Laden, the CIA/ FBI, Department of Justice and various armed forces did in the face of infiltration and attacks. Compartmentalize, downplay evidence, treat Qaeda like individual mobsters, and cover up whatever made them look bad.

The warnings found & known by some for all that happened on the ’93 and 2001 WTC attacks not to mention the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, and more); the terror-attacks were preventable, and weren’t. Remember: all of this is related to the collapse of the former Soviet Union, and the reality that the FBI/ CIA– and to some extent, the armed forces of the U.S., were still ready to fight a state, not a spider’s web of terror-connections aiming at humiliating and bullying the Great Satan.

If you want to know the whole story, I’m currently reading Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI–and Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him (whew), which reads like a detective novel, except too many of the higher-ups covered up, ignored, didn’t want to know, or failed to pass on basic information & agent footwork that might have saved thousands of lives and untold suffering at the hands of Allah’s kamikazis.

Conspiracy? Yup, of human nature, pride & hubris, negligence and incompetence, suppressed evidence, bureaucratic self-protection, and how a group of evil men used our weaknesses and generousity against us to attack us. Lay aside The 9-11 Report: that’s the official idiot version of the facts, all chopped up and shaped retroactively to make the U.S. and her watchdogs look good. “A conspiracy to cover up incompetence” as Lance puts it.

Too many cops wreck the pursuit of truth & justice. And a good reporter– reading all the evidence & facts– can still connect the dots. ~

P.S. Get the updated 2009 version of Triple Cross, with new information, preface, and updates.

What’s A Hater To Do?

~ ACCORDING TO THE Speech Coders, those who are even slightly critical of anybody about anything are (1) not only about to burst into open violence, and (2) will thence let loose a giant societal conflagration which only speech-codes and bureaucrats and lawyers can prevent.

What’s a hater to do?

Here in the Binks suburban paradise, it’s a veritable playground of hate-objects and provocation. We got yer fags, yer nigras, yer chinee, yer ay-rabs.. all within a 4-block radius! We conservatives are just time-bombs ready to go off. So many hate-objects, so little time.

It was worse at college: Muslims, a dwarf, a Chinese poet, Libyans, Bermudans & Jamaicans, a veritable united nations of potential hate-objects. Except I was friends with all of the above, if they were friendly. Who were they? Where had they been? What was their life like at home, and what did they think of Canada?

So far, I have yet to rage on any local targets. Why? Because I believe in minding my own business; because civic peace is a gift from God; because true tolerance means accepting views or behaviour or differences with which one disagrees, while reserving the right to oppose, critique and exercise my God-given reason and freedom to speak the truth as I have received and pondered it. The democraphobes at the Human Rights Commissariats may imagine that democracy needs constant supervision, adjustment and interference to even survive– but I’d say it’s their own interference which is the greatest threat to civil society, law & order, and peace between people.

Liberals talk a great game, but they seem to prefer comrades who are ideologically identical, whatever their gender, colour or background. Heaven help the dissenter, the ex-Liberal, the unlucky person who gets off the talking points of the revolution. Who’s the hater? ~

On Interblog Anonymity

~ ITEM: Lord Credo (@lord_credo) is well known to those interested in politics on Twitter

~ ITEM: Lord Credo vanishes from Twitter after exposé

~ ITEM: The Incredible Lord Credo

~ ITEM: Lord Credo ‘outed’ on twitter

~ ITEM: Lord Credo was nominated for a Shorty Award!

~ BINKY HAS BEEN online under that name since 1998 (if not before, on smaller sites). The blog-battles over anonymity are usually about some folks hiding behind a pseudonym, or others using such a cloak to lie about themselves.. that’s not me.

The Twitterverse is currently all a-twitter over a former Binks-buddy who used anonymity to tell tales, lie, and misrepresent himself as a UK government insider. Amazingly, he got to be in the top 10 of UK political tweeters. Go figure. IMHO, the equally pseudonymous but authentic Cranmer blogger seems to me to have more and better info, cred, and insider insight, but some people are over-impressed by an imaginary CV and big-name-dropping.

I hope my former friend gets the spiritual and psychological and marital healing he needs– though like many folks with such troubles, they can be rather clever at avoiding reality, consequences, and real change for the better.

This writer has only once or twice misused this online pulpit– and when called on it, apologized, retracted, and otherwise made amends. As St. Peter warns, we are to live “As free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.” [ 1 Peter 2:16 ]

You see, I believe that even if only a few dozen fellow-bloggers know who I “really” am, that my Lord & saviour and Judge knows first and forever who I am. In this sense, lying or lashing out or being unaccountable is rather consequence-laden, because of the nature of God.

Here endeth the sermon. Get well, Mike. ~

Retelling The Tales

Beowulf Trailer – 2007

Beowulf & Grendel Movie Trailer – 2005

~ STORIES MUST be allowed to tell themselves– witness Beowulf, that pagano-Christian epic poem of abiding power & significance. Despite a powerful CG effort in 2007 and Gerard Butler’s 2005 storm-plagued production, for too many moderns, stories are for us to retell our abiding lies and favourite confusions.

In both versions, it’s the eco-post-colonial guilt fest that warps the tale, however technically told or well-acted. We are simultaneously great enough to know all things, including the fact that we Westerners are horrible wreckers, pillagers, and destroyers of nature and cheerful innocent native folks. We suck, and everything ever is our fault.. and there’s no merciful grace of God to make it right.

Back To Beginnings

Thus, for the bard who composed Beowulf, the ogre Grendel simply is– a force of nature, bloody and malicious and single-minded. Think tiger on steroids. Small T-rex on a tear. Can’t have that.

Thus, Beowulf the warrior is pagan courage and Christian virtue against the power and darkness of nature and human nature unredeemed by God. Without form & void and all that.

Yet in these retellings, it’s– inevitably for this narcissistic age– All About Us. ‘Cuz we suck, right?

Thus, in the live-action version, it turns out that the ogre Grendel is the wronged son of a murdered father.. murdered, it turns out, by the Danish King Hrothgar. Years later, Grendel party-crashes Hrothgar’s new golden hall. In the digital Beowulf, the problem is that Grendel has over-sensitive hearing. What’s a monster to do? The insensitive Danish neighbours can’t stop from singing and the like.. you know, the loud-rocking neighbours of a innocent handicapped victim. We suck, right?

Semi-Human Rights Commission?

Since there’s no dark age Danish Disabilities Association or Semi-Human Rights commission to execute bloodless bureaucratic justice, who can blame the outraged victim from taking matters into his own hands?

Plus, in the digital tale, it also turns out that Hrothgar had in the past done the rumpy-bumpy with the Grendel’s mummy.. the witch/dragon/ogress. So really, the noisy swiving hairless monkeys more than had it coming.. indeed, Grendel is actually Hrothgar’s own misbegotten child. A classic tale of Danish deadbeat dads, and how much we all suck. “We men are the monsters, now.”

Your Treasures.. Read!

When all the tales are untold, all the stories bent into fun-house mirrors of our own folly, we literally have no eyes to see, or ears to hear, or wit to understand the world, ourselves, God, society, good and evil, or even just a good old kick-ass epic. When the Iliad & Odyssey are remade into nanny-state nags about recycling, diversity, tolerance; when the Bible becomes a source for progressive talking-points; when all the nursery tales are mutated into sickly-sweet effusions of self-esteem and the monocultural rants of the moment? Then we are become the monsters, eating and regurgitating and turning gold into lead, and wine into water.

The cure? Read a good version of the old stories yourself, with commentaries or videos or wise books by conservative commentators. Take up the Greek poets in one hand, with Anthony Esolen’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization in the other. Or Dante’s Divine Comedy as translated by Dorothy L. Sayers.. read alongside C.S. Lewis’ literary essays. Or Beowulf as translated by Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

Too long the over-educated barbarians in ivory towers have greedily held these treasures as their own. If the West would recover the dream, our own memory restored– then our minds and thoughts and stories must be set free from the zombie-like death of political correctness, where all tales are one. ~

Aliens Mean What-Now?

~ THIS MEDIA-NERD is a big Peg-N-Frost fan: Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, and whatever else. Sadly, the underwhelming Paul (2011) has few high-notes and some jarring low-notes, despite the able performance of Kristen Wiig as a uber-fundie caricature.

There’s the jarring bit.. Why did they take time to recycle the “Look! Christers Are Morons Just Like Thi-yus!” It’s not only easy, it’s lazy… they could have easily taken refuge in (say) a Western U.S. Orthodox monastery with a thoughtful monk or something. Or drop by my sprawling pad for a nosh & chat, and some complementary Glenlivet.

All Melty and Hurty

After all, The Elf has already made it clear that If God Exists, then given the right conditions, There Are Aliens. Period, QED.

Mind you, we better hope the Muslim Brohoodish Mohammedans don’t get to other inhabited worlds first, or they’ll be blowing up the off-world cultural artifacts of those infidel aliens as soon as you can say “Asplode That There Buddha!” Then the offended aliens– supposing we earthers are all such morons, will surely go all laser-ray on our asses and so the world ends neither bang or whimper, but all melty and hurty.

Still, the fundie-bashing in Paul is done with some humour– and is a good reminder that humour and mockery and making light of terrorist and sharia supremacism is the best response to a fascist faith, not cowering, apologizing, or readying ourselves (and others) for chains.

Spot The Evils

The horrible Norwegian massacre by the “Christian extremist” proves my point– liberal talking heads and propagandist Muslims all jumped on the bandwagon, making clear that “Tu Quoque!” (Oh yeah? You too!) is not dead. That the guy was technically but not livingly Christian? Well, take him and all the thousands of other similar bombings, beheadings, poisoned tea after church committed by bloodthirsty Christers, and there you have it.

A wise, informed, tough, determined Christianity is the root of our civilization. That we are trying to make new ways of being human apart from our spiritual roots is the root of our rot and current confusions. We’ve got to sort ourselves out.

Mohammedans should mind their own house and business when it comes to terrorism, bad government, oppression of the masses, and the fact that properly taken, reactionary Islam is not reason, culture, freedom, or science-friendly.. it’s pre-Medieval in all the bad ways. ~

Gleevil: It’s Pompous & Faggy!

~ ITEM: ‘Glee’: 19 Brilliant Brittany Quotes

~ FOR SOME IN THE TV industry, it’s all about the sermons. Can you say Curt Glee?

Some of it is the 80’s TV-show Fame; some high-school teen drama; some actual humour.. but the poop in the soup is Teh Gay. Clearly, the political message outweigh drama, humour, plot, legality, reality, even basic human nature.

In season one, Teh Gay Teen, Kurt, is a kind of high-drama hand-puppet for Teh Gay. he– unlike anybody else in the show– is literally sinless, and is never criticized in any serious way. He’s kinda vicious, scary, and is given the moral high ground at every turn.

At one point, in order to try and coerce another teen into a relationship, Teh Gay Kid hooks up his widowed father with the other teen’s widowed mother.. then connives at getting the boy’s family to move in, so he can force the other boy to share a bedroom with him. The other teen explodes, and goes on a ‘faggy’ rant– so ensues 5 minutes of brow-beating & sermonizing about Teh Gay. Restraining Order, anyone?

Excuse me? Imagine a boy trying to seduce a teen girl in this bizarre way, and you see the freakish nature of the situation: only then, you blame the GIRL for thinking it’s creepy and inappropriate and upsetting? Not so much. But remember– Teh Gay Teen can do no wrongs.

The music is nice; some of the actors & their characters are enjoyable, bt the world they live in is morally ugly. There are no healthy normal marriages; the two gay dads seem to be the most stable couple; those opposed to Teh Gay or general moral anarchy are depicted as hypocrites, idiots, or secret sympathizers; it’s as predictable as a Punch & Judy screenplay.

What a waste. More importantly, since it’s aimed at teens, the propaganda aspect– which they also get at school– is sad. Pride extremism is a blindly dogmatic totalitarian ideology, which brooks no dissent, and can stand no criticism or contradiction.

The one bright spot is the charmingly stupid cheerleader Brittany, who has all the best lines. “People thought I went on vacation but actually, I spent the summer lost in the sewers.”

More honest story & humour, less preachifying and bullying, please. ~


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