Shorter Steynian 449st

We Lesser Sons?

Ethical Oil Commercial

~ ITEMS: Arab anger; CTV– Coward TV; Saudi assault

~ ITEM: Feminist hypocrites silent on Saudi censorship of Canadian commercial

~ THE CORRUPTOCRAT tyrants of the Kingdom of Saud (having only just banned human slavery– officially– in the 1960s), now hope to tell the free nation of Canada what to do and not to do about a commercial advocating ethical oil. Appeasement and slavery, anyone?

Now the friendly face is off.. and lo, our oil pushers (who use our loot to promote their brand of sharia and global jihad, as well as supporting Al Qaeda and other such groups, and quietly funding radicalized mosques everywhere) reveal the Sauronish iron-mailed fist inside the velvet glove. There’s always a price to pay to the mafia.. sooner or later.

This is– of course– another aspect of the push for a world-wide Shariastan. All nations and people enslaved unto Allah is the big picture, ever since the pirate head-chopper & Jew-killer got his jihad on is what is now western Saudi Arabia, back in the AD600s. Let’s remember that a majority of the 9/11 mass-murderers were Saudi, too.

Come The Yellow-Bellies

The planetary clucking in response to scary-noises from jihadis and their state-sponsors (and Western law-whores) now comes to a new level– will we (as with the Muhammed cartoons) back off, back down, and destroy our freedoms and duties our own selves? CTV leads the way! Will the Harper government put up with such naked interference in our national Canadian business by a foreign realm? Time will tell.

Proposed New CTV Mascot: The Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

What Used To Be

Mean old Hitler massed all of German might & manpower and industry toward world domination back in the day.. but isn’t it much more handy if the proposed conquerees just go ahead and do it themselves, without all the ruckus in the middle? Heck, after D-Day Canadians were so determined that the Brits had to invent new (higher) categories of unit-damage to account for it; and eyewitnesses noted that some of the toughest German units would often rather surrender to Canucks than take the punishment. So much for the past.


Once again, the evil Jew Ezra Levant* is behind it all. Ethical Oil? His book, and his fault.. and then the gubmint took it up as policy. Keeping uppity on his SUN-TV show? His fault.

He is a Canadian hero– the uppity conscience that too many in the official media are trying to lose, murder, betray. This controversy is what the end of a civilization looks like– Greco-Romano Judaeo-Christian civilization merely surrendered. The heirs of Moses, Plato, Leonidas, Cicero, Jesus, Charlemagne, the Crusaders, and all the rest? Ready to meekly hand over what others fought and bled and pondered and died for. We & too many politicos and media-folks have become the bland and lesser men of greater fathers, content in our comforts, willing to stand and die for nothing whatsoever.

Loserist Loserism

Herein is judged the secularist project, the nanny-state, the multi-culti cultism, and big-bottomed feminism– denying all goodness in who we are, and the supremacy of any and all other ideologies– even those which would silence, enslave, and erase our over-tolerant civilization in the name of their religion.

Time to remember who we are, and what has been entrusted to us as a treasure and inheritance to pass on, not to deliver up to the latest bullying sons of a desert pirate and his insane god.

Dear Saudi rulers.. bugger off, and go pound sand. Ahem. ~

* Of course Ezra’s supporting the Oil Sands. It’s a Canadian success story. That he’s not in the pocket of Big Eco is what grieves the critics so much.. plus, he won’t pipe down, and does a great job.**

** After the recent flood, and the loss of many Binks-books (including my autographed copy of Ethical Oil), the Jew Ezra kindly sent along another copy. Clearly, I am in the pocket of Big Ezra, and will sell my soul to support him, no matter what. Except The Evil Jew Steyn sends me books, too– so many masters, so little time!***

*** Binks= Not For Sale. Don’t get ideas, Saudi.

Little Bottles Of Life*

And We Missed It. Shucky-darn.

~ SO YER CLEVER and uppity busybody inbred-city-types (and their idiot rural inlaws, and all the obedient eco issue-clones) keep coming up with teh newfangled stupid, because (1) big reliable operational cities & modern systems are the only real, and (2) said smarter-than are SO much smarter than more realistic types, because of their goormay coffees, and ironical chatter, and fancy experiences.

What was one of the first things off the trucks after Hurricane Katrina? Cool, clear water- 200 000 cases in the first weeks. In those ubiquitous & hand-sized plastic bottles, full of liquefied dihydrogen monoxide**, H2O, sweet, sweeet Adams’ Ale.

Stick this in your craw, eco-flaky city-twerps: bottled water saves lives. Yes, even the dreaded plastic water-bottles of horror. What– you wanted poor blacks to die of dehydration?

Use Your Noggin

Imagine.. just for one moment.. your water-system fails. Or gets polluted.. or attacked.. or hit by a storm. What’s that? You need to refill it, you say? Here’s a plastic water bottle, of fresh, clean, unpolluted water.. oh wait– didn’t you and your ilk locally ban those last year? You are welcome to clutch your little aluminum water-container as hard as you wish, it will not pour forth water for you. Same for your Brita. Try the ditch, or the pond, or the lake. Word has it you can even drink your urine once or twice through. Best of luck, then.

Every rural dweller knows: water can’t be taken for granted. Many homes have wells, water coolers, filters & softeners, downspout barrels, and even bottled water big and small, Just In Case. Some communities have dodgy water-systems. Everywhere can get storms, power-failures, and other short or long-term emergencies. Every time a big storm threatens here, we grab an extra refill for the water-cooler.

Taken For Granted

It goes without saying that bottled water should be tested, clean, safe, and all that good stuff. Selling unhealthy water is evil, and bad business.

Time is long-past when micro-minded urbanites (and their idiot rural in-laws) should be dictating & banning and nagging based on the assumption that we’ll always have working & safe giant urban water-systems. This is a kind of blindness, as if They (The Nanny-State) have made things so safe and predictable that the proposed general banning of the convenient mass-production of bottled water in plastic water-bottles is a mere afterthought.

Because sometime, sooner or later, Just In Case comes along. ~

* This message not brought to you by The Bottled water Uber Alles Global Syndicate, a.k.a. Big Water.

** Available as a Binks-shirt.

Cheating With pictures

~ ANALOGY, or word-pictures, are the root of science and philosophy, as well as thinking and speaking. The a-tom (a Greek idea): the indivisible basic itty-bitty particle. Light? Kinda a particle (like an atom).. but also wave-like (like water), too –hence, not exactly easily described or nailed down. After all, analogy fails at a certain point because what is, is its own self, and not our “kinda like” word-pictures of it.

The problem comes when we forget that our language is not reality, and stuff is more mysterious than we might imagine. An August 2010 National Geographic article about prehistoric whales which I read during some recent pondering time in the Binkses’ washroom liberry struck me as falling into this subtle but serious confusion. Hence:

“Around 45 million years ago, as the advantages of a water environment drew whales farther out to sea, their necks compressed and stiffened to push more efficiently through the water, behind faces lengthening and sharpening like a ship’s prow. Hind legs thickened into pistons; toes stretched and grew webbing, so they resembled enormous duck’s feet tipped with tiny hooves inherited from their ungulate ancestors…. Selection pressure for this efficient style of locomotion favoured longer and more flexible spinal columns.”

And so on and so forth.

Here Comes Chuck

Dear olde Darwin was a progressive son of the industrial age, when the historical and material forces of improvement and development were taken for granted; when mechanical depictions of reality replaced older ideas of creation. ‘Evolution’ was as much about Michael Faraday, or steam engines, or the cotton gin as it was an accurate depiction of the complex reality of living beings and how they change over time.*

That is, the above description of prehistoric whales seems sounds like an inventor adjusting and improving his hand-crafted machine, and not actual evidence or proof of the theory itself. Clearly, the 19th century idea of everything getting better and brighter and more efficient.. you know, like the latest hot appliance with newer and better features than the previous model.. lies behind Darwin’s ideas, and the whale-researcher’s attempt to describe whale fossils.

Humans have habits of thought, often tied to the Big Ideas of the day. Why do we moderns assume things always get better? What about death? Mass extinctions? Why shouldn’t creatures devolve now and again? Oh wait– God redeems, remakes, transforms.. generally upwardly. Let’s keep the direction, ditch the deity, but hush-hush on where the upwards comes from, right? Mighty oaks come from tiny acorns!.. but the acorn didn’t make itself.

Sneaking In The Back

Of course, inventors and science-nerds do improve technology– or at least make it smaller and cheaper and all that. Every day is amazing in the world of technology, and human power.

Scientific materialism is a theory. ‘Evolution’ is dishonest if you boot any notion of divine agency out the front door, but sneak in mechanical inventor ideas in the back door. It’s a slight of hand, trying to hide creative forces inside the creation & creatures. Talking about ‘selection’ or ‘nature’ or ‘the universe’ or whatever, but having a scientific inventor idea in the rhetorical hind-pocket? Cheating.

Singer & Song

The alternatives are not and were never ‘science’ versus ‘religion’; nor God against evolution. If God makes things, surely it is in a somewhat more complicated way than an engineer makes a design, or a factory makes a car. That stuff tends upwards, that life tends to work really really well, that there are so many and various forms of life now, and in the fossil record? Neither a ‘proof’ of Darwinism, nor a simplistic creationism where God winds stuff up at the beginning and lets it race around with no further influence.

If God exists, then the relation of divine activity to the universe of created objects might be more like a singer and a song; or a face and a mirror; or a painter and his paintings– except the singer is livingly in the song as it is being sung, and as the notes also each sing themselves. It’s both-and, since (if he exists) God is not a creature, but the creator. Nor is his relation to individual elements or living beings in creation that of an inventor to a car. Sorry.. more analogies just there.

That makes more sense to me than self-inventing whales. ~

* The Binks is not in the pocket of Big Evolution, or Big Intelligent Design. He just likes spouting off in general. I fully and cheerfully confess to being in-pocketed by Big Jesus.

The Son of God, By Whom All Things Were Made



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