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Conversion = Execution

IRAN: Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani’s life still hangs in the balance.. via

RT @AlecSBaldwin “IRAN: Pastor Yousef #Nadarkhani is about to be executed for his faith. Please protest this!” ~


~ITEM: After America: Get Ready for Armageddon by Mark Steyn

~ AN UPDATE– So the shiftless and feckless WebElf Binks keeps saying and wanting to get back to it full-bore. Still waiting, right? What a disappointment he are.

Thing is, health is a gift from God when you gots it, and a cross to bear when it’s a bit iffy. Constant pain is a wearisome companion, but an instructor, too. Saint Paul wrote:

For this thing, I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And He said unto me, “My grace is sufficient for thee, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore will I glory rather in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. [ 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 ]

What’s that? The dusty old opiate-religion of bigots & gun-clingers has a purpose & help in it? Why ‘magine that.

When all the world has to offer is pain-meds and luxury Swiss self-murder clinics, some dead ex-Jew has wisdom that is greater than the world, a gift of the Living Lord Jesus, who is greater than sin & death and hell, and bears us all in himself. He says to those who bear long suffering– and the frequent burial of too many hopes and opportunities & talents– “My grace is sufficient for thee, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 

Sniff, Slobber

Plus, I keep on because I love you all, try to love the truth, and feel a burning in my bones to speak up and speak out. Thanks to the new Tweet-subs: I’m trying to get back on the horse, and appreciate for your patience.

Freed Up Time

Had lots of time to read in the last while, including Mark Steyn’s finest & latest book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. Mark gets all Biblical– in the somewhat depressing mode of Jeremiah, or the widely ignored pagan Cassandra from The Iliad. Except with lots of wry humour.

Where in Biblical times the popular prophets– think CNN pundits or NPR/ CBC talking heads– toed the party line, told the powers that be and the sheeple what they wanted to hear, and what everyody was already saying and thinking anyway… Jerry? Not so much. Gets beaten up, thrown down a well, chased out of town.. the usual for non-false prophets.

It Burns!

The word of the Lord came to him– burned within him– and would not be silenced, even though speaking it made him unpopular with just about everybody in sight, the Temple punditocracy & clergy, the police, the royal family.

Mark has taken up something in the same spirit in After America— painting in clear and uncompromising tones where we are, and what may well lie ahead.. not way way off ahead, but in the next twenty years. Further, he doesn’t just point the finger at Obama, or the current international leadership, or Nanny Statism.

It’s us.

We’re largely over-comfy, lazy, crazy, politically correct, over-spending, careless of the consequences or the future of our actions. Obama and Co. are the symptoms of our disease.

Embrace Teh Stupid

If we go back in history, the first sack of Rome in AD410 was entirely avoidable. The rulers of the city, the faltering heart of a crumbling empire, refused to allow Alaric and his tribes to settle in the North, despite promises to the same. Despite broken promises and faithless dealings, Alaric kept coming back, asking for the same thing. Finally, after threats, warnings, and beseechings, the former Roman officer released his northern wolves to plunder Rome.

He Did Ask Nicely, First

Because of the duplicity, arrogance, and cluelessness of the rulers and people, that somehow Rome could never fall to– sniff– people of that sort, it fell hard. Reality bit them in the hindparts, but not after lots of warnings and chances to turn aside.

Mark’s book is not gloomy in tone, if in subject: Steyn has a razor-fine fine sense of the hilariously absurd, the insanity of our moment, the dance over the cliff that is 2011 and onwards. Rome in her lattermost days.. but with a witty prophet telling us to wisen up.

La La La, Can’t Hear You!

His prescription is one we already know, but want to ignore– growing up; to spend less & save more as families, chop up the credit cards & lines of credit and home equity self-plundering– and to stop overspending as nations, and a civilization; figuring out the point of life, and living it; making babies, and getting back to more human patterns of living & passing on traditions and civilization.

All this calls for some bitter medicine– we take it now, and get better, or else we take it later, and watch the meltdown, balkanization, and Nanny-Statification of the west stifle us to death.

Everybody Hates Steyn

The unpleasant thing about Jeremiahs is they say what we would do anything not to hear, because we feel it in our bones to be truthsome. Mark Steyn– unlettered author, former DJ, noted Islamophobe and rabble-rouser and shill for Big Evil– has done us all a signal service in issuing this courageous call from the rooftops about what lies right ahead.

Between he and Ezra Levant, we see some honest & heroic brass, for such a time as this.

I cannot say anything more than: Read It. Think It. Do It.* ~

* P.S. Mark sent me an autographed copy of the book. I’m clearly in the pocket of Big Steyn. I had to write the above in glowing tones, or The Jew Steyn would have me snuffed.

The Jew Did It!

~ ITEM: A Saudi woman has been sentenced to 10 lashes for driving, just days after King Abdullah granted women the right to vote and run for municipal office

~ ITEM: Ezra Levant– Saudi threats a SLAPP in the face: Blocking Canadian-made ad brings a taste of Saudi Arabian censorship to Canada

~ ITEM: From The Source, Sept. 26, 2011: The Saudi King has generously given women the right to vote, but do these reforms mean anything? Guest Raheel Raza says no

Levant & Raheel Raza on religious accomodation

~ A GOOD THING is a good thing, and so the recent decision– in part via the face of pressure from Ezra Levant & the ethical oil movement– for Saudis allowing the vote & candidacy for women (albeit in 2015) is good. Basic human dignity 1, cranky wahabist Islam 0.

Then the caveats & qualifications pile up. Let’s remember:

— “By law a female rape victim is at fault for illegal ‘mixing of genders’ and is punished along with the perpetrator.”

— “The guardianship system requires that every woman have a close male relative as her ‘guardian’ with the authority to approve her travel.”

— “Women risk arrest for riding in a vehicle driven by a male who is not an employee or a close male relative.”

— “Women also faced discrimination in courts, where the testimony of one man equals that of two women.”

— “The law requires a woman to obtain the permission of a male guardian to work if the type of business is not ‘deemed appropriate for a woman.'”

Erm.. Right Then

And so on and so forth, thanks to polygamist, child-molester, & wife-stealer Mohammed & 1400 years of repeating his misogyny.

What next? The current Saudi King is by all accounts what passes for a ‘liberal’ in Saudi & Middle-Eastern terms. No doubt this decision of his will not be popular in some quarters, but as with the Wink-Wink moment when Saudis were fine with Israeli overflight to take out Iranian nuke facilities, there’s the official position, and then there’s what you think and do and allow anyway.

So Far So Good?

Now, the list is still extremely long for any serious reform of Islam, whether in the golden hallways of Riyadh, or the deepest backwaters of Hillbillistan, where they still party like it’s 999. I’m not one as thinks any religion should go progressive, that being an ever-changing dirty-laundry list of political correctness. Let’s hope & pray instead that Saudi leads the way into.. well, the 13th or 19th century. The better parts of the Magna Carta, with some Victorianism, maybe?

We should not cluck and finger-wag too much, given how our modernity hardens and mannifies a lot of women, teaching them to chemically neuter themselves, act like whores from youth up, and generally out-boss and out-pig the most piggish and bossy men. We lie to them about abortion, wonder why all the cancers spring up, and enslave their minds with Marxist-feminist nonsensery about liberation with no consequences, and that family (and biology) are disposable– whilst turning them into greedy consumers for worldly goods. It’s new-and-improved slavery– of the mind and soul.

Baby-Steps, Or A Publicity One-Off?

Still, the new voting rights are but one element, in a religion and arab culture that is pro-slavery, pro-Jihad, pro-female genital mutilation, pro boy-rape, pro-tyranny, anti-reading, anti-semitic & Israeli, anti-Christian, and religiously intolerant, especially of converts. Then there’s that whole trying to bully Canada thing.

What Next?

But a good thing is a good thing, and this new moment for human dignity & liberty or the 55% of Saudi people that is female will hopefully herald a cautious, moderate, and un-radical change, bringing a leading arab nation out of the stultifying slavery of mind, body, and soul that is the religion of Muhammed. ~

MMmm.. Juicy Mouth-Drippings!

Bottled-Water Rant Part II

Cute..and tasty!

~ SO ABOUT THOSE new-fangled aluminum water-bottles which will save us from burial in evil plastic water-bottles.. how often do we clean them? Like the rarely-laundered re-usable enviro-bags which can become havens for e.coli and bacteria and such, if you don’t wash your enviro-bottle daily, it becomes a bacterial playground full of juicy mouth-drippings– unless you always pour it into a cup, which means more dish-washing, more soap down the drain, more water-wastage. What’s an eco-freaky to do?

Ye Olden Dayes

Old-style paper & plastic grocery bags were endlessly re-used.. but not for carrying food. Likewise, regular-sized bottled water is consumed in a short time, and the bottles recycled into other things. A dirty plastic or metal reusable water bottle? Full of bacteria, viruses, mucous, spit, bits of dental plaque, blood & dead cells, fragments of old food and drink, you name it. Hardly good for your health, however environmentally correct it might be.

We’ve been swamped with scares for 40 years or more– food, products, additives & chemicals, containers, and the panic-mongers show no signs of easing up. The fits and starts about this or that emergency threatening everything and everybody get a little overwhelming, and thus dull our minds to actual problems, or telling the difference between popular scares and actual dangers. If the sky is always falling, or Peter is always crying wolf, most people turn off their ears.

The bizarre schemes and panics and rules of the ecopocalyptics are enough to make your head spin.. never mind the juicy mouth-drippings. ~

Short Takes: Verboten Topics

~ CERTAIN TOPICS are off the table in today’s free-for-all.

(1) Abortion & Breast-Cancer. Not allowed to mention any possible link or evidence, cuz consequence-free sexuality is the highest freedom.

(2) Cards instead of money? Credit-cards and bank-cards track your life. Money is inherently democratic, because it’s hard to follow: big companies can’t mind your business, note your preferences, or review & pass on your business-activities, reading materials, or travel habits to other similar corporations. Creepy.

(3) Birth-control pills kill babies, too. Spontaneous abortions result when new fetuses cannot implant, or are lost when the woman’s period starts. 5% chance of conception every month.

(4) The tax-levels in Canada are insane. We’re milked for 75% by some reckonings, via all the hidden, tax-on-tax, and ubiquitous takings from everyone everywhere to pay for the ever-larger nanny-state, and all the folks who refuse to work, and all the goodies squandered on bureaucracy and the costs of running the government itself. Little tinkerings with the GST are sops to we addled tax-cows.

(5) Fried by amusements? What are the long-term health-effects of wireless tech? Any single bit may give us a mild dose, but what about the cumulative doses from (i) your cellphone, (ii) workplace wireless network, (iii) home wireless network, (iv) bluetooth devices, (v) cell-towers, (vi) all the rest? A life bathed in such localized & constant radiations & waves & electro-magnetism means the current & future generations are exposed to We Don’t Know What, But Just Don’t Ask. Just wondering (typed on a wireless computer.. I think the Binks-nads are sizzling).

(6) Got any others? Send ’em along via binks-dot-webelf at gmail-dot-com. ~

Just Driving Me Nuts

~ ITEM: Hollywood versus History: Kingdom of Heaven and the Real Crusades, by Daniel Hoffman; plus Four Myths about the Crusades

~ ITEM: The New Concise History of the Crusades (Critical Issues in World and International History), Thomas Madden

~ ITEM: Chronicles of the Fourth Crusade and the Conquest of Constantinople by Geoffrey de Villehardouin, and Caroline Smith

~ MAYBE IT’S A RISK of being a screenwriter, or of holding Hollywood preconceptions, but I really dislike story-benders. Not letting people or history or events speak for themselves– and then putting our own words and thoughts in their mouths– is arrogant, blind, and unjust. It also whitewashes and confuses the past.

To take one example, the only modern Crusader flick– Kingdom of Heaven— rapes the past to tell a skewed and revisionist 19th and early 20th century version of the eeeevil Crusades. Even though the history is there– sometimes in the very words of the participants and observers themselves– Ridley Scott insisted on making a “We Suck” version of the crusades, where all the good guys are on the Jihad side.

Read this article (by Right Girl’s uncle, no less) on all the historical details & facts steamrolled by Mr. Scott, who was (of course) bullied by local Muslims while filming that project. Ironical, no?

Unplug Ears, Off The Blinders

For history to speak, you have to take off the blinders, turn off the political correctness, and see what there is to see. There’s lots of good anti-revisionist books & websites out there, including Chronicles of the Crusades (Penguin Classics) by Jean de Joinville, Geffroy de Villehardouin and Caroline Smith; Thomas Madden’s The New Concise History of the Crusades, as well as Muslim and Byzantine histories of the time. There’s the detailed world of archaeology, extant castles and buildings, and even the more recent excavations and history of the Massacre at Jacob’s Ford, where an incomplete crusader castle was the scene of a bloodbath committed by the Muslims.

That is, a little learning is a dangerous thing, but it’s not hard (though perhaps uncommon) to find & know the real deal. 4-500 years before the Crusades, the Jihad began, eating up much of the Roman (and Christian Empire) of East and West, submitting Persian and Arabian and African and European and Asian Christians and Jews and pagans under the sword, Sharia law, and third-class citizenship. Then the Crusades happened, and for another 400 years (give or take) the Muslims were pushed or held back.. then Europe gave up or couldn’t get it together, the Byzantines fell, and the jihad was on again. It still is.

We Lost, Right?

For many Muslims, the Crusades have become an excuse for hating us– even though they were the original conquerors, and they won. That our simultaneously smug and pandering creative classes & academics can only mock and misrepresent and rewrite history for political reasons (and have that picked up by the Islamic hateocracy)? It demonstrates the madness of our times, when all people and facts must be parrots and puppets and mouthpieces for ideology.

Polly wanna cracker? ~

Big Damn Hero

Adam Baldwin Music Video Tribute

~ ADAM BALDWIN— no relation to those other ones– is a talented American actor, and one of the stars of the greatest TV series ever, FireFly. There he skilfully played brutal meathead & mercenary for hire Jayne Cobb, since it takes a smart man to well & truly play a dumb guy.

Thing is, Adam’s a real-life Big Damn Conservative Hero, in a Hollywood where too many actors aren’t as heroic as the characters they play. A former Democrat, he read former Communist David Horowitz’s book Radical Son, and underwent a dramatic political conversion.

Now, Baldwin Tweets a great deal, and writes on — demonstrating that there’s an equally big brain inside his 6’4″ muscly self. All those dangerous books out there, threatening to mess with your political correctness– it’s a truthful world out there.

50 Favorite Firefly Quotes

A Manly Man

For this fan of Baldwin’s work (he’s been in everything for years), that takes it above admiration for his talent, into seeing him as a true man of courage & commitment– like conservative actor John Voight (Dad to Angelina Jolie)– bucking the political trends in TV and Hollywood, and speaking out loudly and intelligently about what he sees that is wrong in America, the world, the jihad, and much more.

One person can make a huge difference in the world, and for everybody else, near or far. Even if it may have cost him jobs or the limelight, clearly Mr. Baldwin knows that truth and goodness and speaking out is more important than fleeting fame, riches, or the approval of the leftward American media-clique.

You can see him these days on TV’s Chuck, doing teh tough & funny. ~

John Casey Presents: So You Want to Be a Deadly Spy?



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