Steyniac 451nth

Kathy & Some Snappy-dressing Guy She Met

~ THANKS to the evil hobbits Blazing Catapult and Kathy Shaidle for the natal anniversary shout-outs. ~

Just Trying To Help

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Weird Theories In Olde English

~ ITEM: The Lord’s Prayer

(Old English – Anglo-Saxon)

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum;
Si þin nama gehalgod
to becume þin rice
gewurþe ðin willa
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum.
urne gedæghwamlican hlaf syle us todæg
and forgyf us ure gyltas
swa swa we forgyfað urum gyltendum
and ne gelæd þu us on costnunge
ac alys us of yfele

Translation of Old English Text

Father our thou that art in heavens
be thy name hallowed
come thy kingdom
be-done thy will
on earth as in heavens
our daily bread give us today
and forgive us our sins
as we forgive those-who-have-sinned-against-us
and not lead thou us into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

“Old English” is version of English spoken from approximately AD 450 to about 1100, and was in use in much of England and southeast Scotland. It also known as “Anglo-Saxon”, and is a combination of the Germanic based languages of Old Norse and Old Frisian, and Latin.

~ BACK IN THE DAY, I liked to use “hallow-Ed” when leading public worship, instead of “hal-lowed”. you know, the word in Hallowe’en, or All Hallow’s Eve, All Holy’s Evening (the night before All Saints’ day, which was deliberately plonked on the old celtic pagan high holy day).

Yes, I was being deliberately olde-fashioned, but I never knew why until I watched Michael Wood’s latest historical show. In the introduction to episode 1, a local scholar read aloud the Lord’s Prayer in Anglo-Saxon.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum;
Si þin nama gehalgod


Father our thou that art in heavens
be thy name hallowed

The word ‘gehalgod’ is pronounced “Yeh-Hal-god”.. be hallowed, or reverenced as holy. “Ye-Hal-God” Hal-Low-Wed. Coincidence?

One might suppose, but in that same parish, the descendents of the original German settlers still had traces of the old language in their daily speech, 240 years later. When asking if someone wanted to go out on an errand with you, the phrase was “Come with?” As in “You want to come with?” this looks like a local weirdness, until you check the same phrase in German: “Kommen sie mitt?” or “Come you with?”, later shortened and anglicized and still in local use 250 years later as “Come with?”

Again, one Nova Scotian name of German origin is spelled many ways, but is an attempt to copy the original German pronunciation. The original is Wienacht (Vee-knockt)– Christmas Eve, as in “Wienachten”. How did that end up over ten generations? Whynot, Whynotte, Veinot/te, and a dozen other variations– but still pronounced by some as “Wann ick”, or “Why-knocked”.. a direct echo of the original German name Wienacht (Vee-knockt).

Language survivals and usages– while often derided as ‘old-fashioned’, and under threat from the levelling effect of movies, TV, and the interwebs, reveal our connections to the great story of language, and our own history.

It’s all around us, if we have ears to hear.. it may take some untuning from the blandification of modern English (including the ever-irritating re-spelling of words for laziness’ sake), but history is not then, but also now– not them, but us. Historians like Michael Wood help us unfold the clues, to see what is right there, to re-understand our roots, the origins of our rights & duties and history, the migrations, wars, and events which helped make us who we are. After all, we are not the height of human civilization and evolution, but the transitory residents of now, preceded by many countless people, and (hopefully) followed by countless more generations.

In that perspective, our responsibilities to receive, keep in good repair and hand on unimpeded to our posterity the good things of our civilization are paramount. If our current version of civilization– endangered by riches, giant government, and apathy– is to recover and reinvent itself, we must first remember who we are. ~

When Not At The Golf-Links..

~ ITEM: White House statement will likely help Muslim Brotherhood gain immediate power in Egypt

~ CRAZY EVIL DAMN sumbitch in the White House is aiding and abetting the New Caliphate, Muzzy Brohood extremists in Egypt and elsewheres.. at the instigation of George Soros & Co., and the radical international Left. Death/ enslavement to Evil America, and all that.

You Americans have to get him out of office by ballot or impeachment ASAP, or the next world war will be your fault.

I Told You So. ~

The Living Past

~ MOST OF US ARE MODERNS— so even in the freespeecher wars, we actually agree with our opponents on almost everything, except details of the powers and pervasiveness of the super-state. It’s a shock to meet the past– whether in views most people discarded because they were olde-fashioned, or people who believe ‘all that stuff’, like orthodox Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

The current debates over things like coverings for Women are part of the current conflict. Many immigrants (and their children and grandchildren) find our free-for-all modernity chaotic, rootless, destructive. And so it is, in part. So you’ll see those folks hearkening for roots– or in some cases, being more old-fashioned and strict than people in their home towns back in the old country. Call it a nostalgic reaction, except sometimes, it’s those same folks (Sikhs, or Muslims, or Tamils) who then go on to take up their age-old forms of warfare and self-identity, and bring their problems here.

Clueless Us?

Thing is, when we meet many folks from the back countries of superficially ‘modern nations’, we literally cannot understand them. We think ‘enriching our diversity’ or ‘OO! New fancy take-out!’ or ‘You’re from Whereistan?’ or ‘There goes the neighbourhood’ or ‘Why do they dress like that?’. They are literally people from our own past– a living past, real peasantry, actual early medieval people still around today, and not got up in make-believe at a modern Renaissance Faire.

Ren Faire Target-Rich Nerd Envoronment

If you take away the Islam & the Burkas & the Jihad, such were our ancestors in England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, The Low Countries, Scotland, or wherever your before-people called home. They had long memories, and felt strongly about religion and freedom and their local places.

The 18th century– but especially the 20th– brought that wider world into contact with our modernity, technology, and expansion. The North American Indian Wars, the conquest of the Indian sub-continent, the colonization and exploitation of Africa and Asia… we’ve stuck our oar in almost every pond, and stirred it up over 200 and more years.

A Gift From The Enemy

We take it for granted that our moment is right– even if we’re self-hating pomo liberals. As I’ve noted before, aside from wondering at our powers & gadgets, our own medieval ancestors would find our insistence on rights & libertine freedoms and destruction of nature and life and the unborn, and the pronification of culture– and the general loss of faith– as horrific.

Wisdom says that criticism by an enemy can hold a gift, for those who would listen. Islamofascists may be wrong in what they want, and what they do, but they can be a reminder of some of the good things we’ve neglected, thrown away, or thought we could do without. ~

The Lies Of Lying Liars

~ ITEM: The “Rule of Thumb” Has Nothing to do with “Wife Beating”

~ ITEM: Domestic Violence Myths

~ FROM THE ever-growing “It’s Not Factually True, But It Still Proves Our Point” school of feminism, how many times have you heard the recent assertion that ‘rule of thumb’ was about wife-beating?

You can thank Mzz. Del Martin (N.O.W. Task Force on Battered Women) & journalist Terry Davidson for the modern feminist fable, still taken as gospel in many feminist circles despite a lack of evidence, laws, or facts to prove it.

Why make crap up without factchecking? Zeal, partisan bias, and lots of government money for feminists to ‘fix societies’ founded on the horrible ‘rule of thumb’. It’s like the endless talk of unequal pay for equal work– once you take out Victorian & Depression era ideals to help families survive on one income, and the fact that family life and child-bearing and maternity leaves and other non-business priorities leave women behind in seniority, experience, and related factors, it’s mostly a fable.

Time for feminists to get off the pity pot and make sure society is fair and equal for every person; that imaginary suffering via thumbs be replaced with real concern for the unborn; that “facts” must be found to be true, and not convenient & therefore “True” in some special enlightened feminist sense. Mind you, such honesty and true fairness doesn’t help the special-interest funding and pseudo-science of Wymyn’s Studies, but neither of those things are particularly useful, truthful, or contributory to a healthy society. ~

Them Real Smart Cavemens

~ PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, even anciently. It is an ugly habit to mock the preceding age– you know, like the people after it referring back to The Dark Ages, as if that age of reinvention, migration, the creation of Europe and Christendom was an accident.. in the dark. Or the stupid old Medievals– as later generations of the ‘renaissanced’ and englightened referred to over 500 years of music, architecture, literature, ingenuity, faith, and invention.

To look way back, let’s remember the clever and catchy Geico commercials– “So easy, a caveman could do it.” I’m inspired by the episodes of the BBC’s A History Of Ancient Britain, with hairy Scots archaeologist & presenter Neil Oliver.

As he depicts the pre & post-ice age era. It’s TV-survival guy Bear Grylls 24-7 .. for everybody. Kinda like a lot of places worldwide still today.

Smarter Than Geico

“So easy, a caveman could do it.” Like using fire, inventing wind & water-proof torches, hunting & fishing spears, harpoons, fish-hooks, knives, needles, canoes, arrows, tents & portable housing, boomerangs, stone scrapers & arrow-heads, high-tensile thread & fabrics, trade routes, pottery, neolithic cathedral-observatories, and barrow-tombs.. yeah, all that.

Mind you, perhaps this era 5000-10000 years ago is when it all went wrong– if you listen to the eco-crazies and feminists. Better to live without the blessings and curses of civilization. Of course, we don’t see most of these advocates of simplicity moving in with the few surviving stone-age folks around the world, and giving up their iPhones and gourmet free-trade coffee.

Occupy Wall Street? St. Paul’s Cathedral yard? Downtown Toronto? Try Timbuktu. Outer Mongolian highlands. Deepest darkest Amazonia. There will be no 3G wifi coverage for your iPhones & iPad 2s, nor half double decaffeinated half-caf lattes, with a twist of lemon, plus Sweet & Low. ~

Free Canuckistan.. so boneheaded, even a caveman could blog it.

Tinfoil Hats, Please? Or Not.

~ ITEM: WiFi from laptops ‘may damage sperm’

~ ITEM: National Post editorial board: Getting a whiff of WiFi paranoia

~ ITEM: At Center for Ethics event, cell phone radiation and institutional corruption addressed (video)

~ ITEM: Google: “wifi health

~ WHEN THE ECO-WEENIES rage and natter, I’ll admit my ears turn off. Then again, what about the truth, which is the truth no matter who says it?

I’m interested in a massive biological experiment now going on globally, involving wireless technology. You know, cellphones, pdas, iTech, wifi computers, cellphone towers, and the like.

Humans lived for millions of years with the usual amount of background radiation and electromagnetism, whether solar, geologic, weather-related, whatever. Since World War I & II, with the invention of radio transmission, radar, and all the communications technology which now surrounds us. The Binky-Bunker iteself? She-Binks has a cellphone, and we’ve a decent wifi wireless router.. and for 3 different wifi devices.. so it’s not an abstract matter.

For we older folks, wifi came along half way through their lives, or more. What does it do to a person raised to it, with a phone stuck to them round the clock, computer running in school & at home, and XBox or equivalent streaming games the rest of the time?

Asking Questions

Aside from eco-freakyism, where are the health-reviews? Sadly, in a world where the semi-toxic sweeteners Aspartame and Splenda remain on the market, there are possible financial reasons for not too closely checking on what actual patterns of long-term usage might do to health, genes, the environment, preborn children.. it’s a long list.

One scientist has observed:

“The practices of institutional corruption in the area of wireless communication are of enormous concern,” said Adlkofer, “if one considers the still uncertain outcome of the ongoing field study with five billion participants. Based on the unjustified trivializing reports distributed by the mass media by order and on account of the wireless communication industry, the general public cannot understand that its future wellbeing and health may be at stake. The people even distrust those scientists who warn. In democracies, it is a basic principle that above power and their owners are laws, rules, and regulations. Since in the area of wireless communication this principle has been severely violated it is in the interest of a democratic society to insist on its compliance.”

That is, aside from the pooh-poohing, there are many reasons for wondering if we’re being told the truth– or if anybody is even interested in investigating the possible side-effects of our mass communications-revolution.

Going Tragical

Huge profit? Massive media-advertising contracts? Scientists for sale? As a conservative, I do not assume that humans are basically good, and only need ever more rights & liberties for their inner goodnessidity to shine forth. Hence the endless progressive project, spending, and social engineering.

We’re all basically good? Real politics, religion, literature, human experience and self-reflection refutes such a naive assumption.

“And [Jesus] said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.” Mark 7:20-23 (KJV)

Gentle milquetoast-y Jesus, meek and mild? Not so much. Here is the tragic basis for Western law & society, that laws are to restrain & punish human evil, and duties are to train us to serve others, to use our powers for good, and to redeem the time, for we are a mix of good and evil. This Is Greco-roamn Judaeo-Christian first principles 101.

Those who imagine instead that they in particular are progressively right & wise and better than are the most dangerous of all, for they are blind & dishonest about themselves, others, and the society around them.

Former ‘naive liberal’ author, playwright, and screenwriter David Mamet writes about this in his wonderful new book The Secret Knowledge: On The Dismantling Of American Culture

“The Tragic view.. holds that life is complicated and man flawed, and so, our actions must be guided by laws difficult both of formulation and of observance; that these laws, being the product of Man, will, themselves, be flawed, that they will not cover all instances, that their observation and correct application will often cause anxiety, and, indeed trauma, but that the health of a society (both moral and material) must rest on the attempt to do so.” [TSK, p. 48]

Finally, And In Conclusion

Only the naive say ‘It’s All A Conspiracy’ or ‘They Will Look After Us.’ Or, like the NatPost editors “You’re paranoid!”

WiFi– all-prevalent, over-lapping, in our ears & laps & cars & soaking our homes & offices– should be tested, re-tested, short & long-term studies, not funded by cell-companies or self-interested governments, and supervised by civilian watchdogs. Like many other recent health-debacles, we can hardly wait a generation or two for the potential health effects, genetic damage, cancers and other possible side-effects. Especially for the young– born with attached netbooks, phones, and wireless devices constantly all around them, proper research cannot wait.

Sorting out the potential dangers of our constantly evolving technology will take time, the public & legislators making good laws, and allowing informed choices. As Dr. Adlkofer has suggested, even the admission that wifi is “probably” carcinogenic might spur research into safer technology, or allow people to understand that long-term personal exposure to wifi could have serious health effects over a decade, let alone a lifetime.

If there are serious dangers here, will we die for convenience and connectedness? Will we allow others to do so? ~


3 thoughts on “Steyniac 451nth

  1. SAITH BINKS– Thanks to whomsoever mysteriously sent along the Extended BluRay edition of Lord Of The Rings. I can’t thank you directly, since there’s no ‘From’ on the Amazon shipping sheet. God grant you all the joys of the season, the blessings of Christ, and the gratitude of this elf for your generous thoughtfulness!

  2. If only you had the same fervor to free our continent of the Popery that has come to infest our shores with their blasphemy, black magic, ignorance, corruption and sloth, it is no coincidence that the welfare state found it’s legs when you polluted our fair shores. You are only a tad more tolerable than the dregs of the 3rd World that now live among us.

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