Steynian 452rd

~ RED ALERT: Toronto-area Jihadi-crime family Death-threat against Blazing Catfur blogger;  Mrs. CatFur comments.. (BCF, FFoF)


Raw Evil Sewage, GTA-Style?

~ ITEM: Toronto Auto Station « Stop Terror Now: A Project on Terrorism Site

~ ITEM: Toronto Auto Station, Toronto, Ontario Complaints & Reviews

~ ITEM: Google of “m***** york regional“; Antisemitic York Regional Police; Murder By York Regional Police

~ RECENTLY, BLOGGER BLAZING Catfood reprinted a bizarre series of death-threats & garble from a certain family-member of a malignant clan of Iranian immigrants. When you go and research said clan, it appears to be a veritable sewer: of the dark side of immigration, jihad-financing, anti-semitism, York Regional Police corruption, murder, aryan supremacism, business fraud, death-threats, and officials looking the other way.

Blazing has gotten tackled online by said jihad/ crime-family members. In his typically brash way, he’s not backed down, or shut up.. despite being a “Zionist garage”, according to one e-screed.

Who knew?

It’s On Fire, You Idiots

Dear Harper, McGuinty, CSIS, RCMP, OPP, Toronto PD– why is this allowed to continue? Such folks give decent Iranians, Muslims, and legit immigrants a bad name. The alleged renegade police corruption gives all LEOs a bad name.

Like the Caledonia Occupation by militant native criminals, Ontario is becoming a possible broken-down future of laws flouted, ordinary citizens abused & exploited & outraged by predators; of a corrupt, and/ or incompetent officialdom; of a civil society breaking down by degrees and the fabric of our common bonds fraying.

Kick The Bums Out

If even 10% of the claims, allegations, and specifics online about The Crime Family Who Shall Not Be Named are true (not to mention their police enablers), then heads should roll, names be named, criminal immigrants imprisoned and after incarceration, thrown out of Canada. Let them rot in Iranian jails.

Canada, Ontario, and York Region deserve better, as do the victims of this out-of-control crime/ jihadi family. ~

Binks Hath Commanded It

Green Bean — Coffee For Our Troops in Afstan!

F*ck The Wop!

~ ITEM: Muslim Hate Mail – Content warning

~ IF YOU’RE A BLOGGER in the West who mentions Islamist radicals, expect death-threats. Most are just extra-nasty fan-mail, but then there’s the scary kind, like the recent stuff posted by Blazing CatFur.. involving some other folks in Toronto.

As I wrote to The Cat,

“Now we see the horrible pride and wrath behind “honour killings”– of course, in any other circumstance the police would have this guy and his cronies up on charges, making death threats & threats of bodily harm and sexual assault against a variety of people. Plus the whole stalking thing. Once the diversity officer gets their 1/2 cent in, it will be marked up to diversity.”

All Hail The Squishy!

This is MultiCulti Canada, 2012: puzzled, unable to discriminate or tell the difference between good and evil, lawful versus criminal activity, because of a genteel & suicidal reverse racism. We all pay the cops and the army so most of us need not bear weapons, fight, form militias or posses.

It is a good idea (as Catfur & FiveFeet have done) to know your way around guns, and to own one; to train your kids in self-defence; to not walk in our de-civilizing large cities as if it were all a cheerful happy-land. By pretending that wishy-washy, nihilism and cultural cringing will be strong enough to Canadianize immigrants or their restless children and grandchildren, we insult those who see Canada as standing for something rather than nothing. By allowing ghettos, old-country vendetta, and double-standards in law, we betray them and ourselves.

Pray for all those in Canada & around the world who are threatened by the rising helltide of radical Islamism: of many faiths and none; indeed of their own faith, all those non-Wahhabist groups within the non-Monolith of Islam who are in a veritable fight with death-dealing Muslim Brotherhood zombies. ~

Redemptor Mundi

Son of Saudi mosque builder leaves Islam

~ ITEM: Jesus is visiting the Muslims through dreams and visions; and more to read here

~ SIMPLY AMAZING.. you can see the joy in his face, and hear the excitement about his new life. That he is a Saudi means that in his own homeland his conversion is a crime, a social disgrace, and a life-threatening decision. Yet he made it.

The strange part is, there are many such converts despite this danger, and reports of visions and appearances of the Risen Christ appearing to Muslims, offeringing to transform their life.

Related to this was the re-appearance of the Marian apparitions at Zeitoun Egypt in 2009, before the Muslim Brootherhood takeover of the country. The threats against the Coptic Christians of that land has never been greater, and apparently heaven has sent some comfort, warning, and aid.

In 1968, before a previous wave of anti-Christian violence in Egypt, the apparition appeared over several months, and was widely reported in the western media. The repeat 2009 apparition was widely ignored by the Western media, which tends to be anti-Christian, and worried about offending Muslims and secularists.

Whatever is happening in the Muslim world, there are many converts, and some apparent miracles attending. While Western churches age and empty, Muslim Christian converts, the Chinese churches, and others around the world are taking up the faith we’ve set aside or ignored or rejected.

Because we lie within the Christian worldview, we don’t always see clearly what it would mean to convert to it from another religion. From Christianity (and the redeemed Greco-roman world in which it was born), comes law, freedom, individuality, secularity, and most of the societal, cultural, and legal goods & assumptions we all take for granted.

The Muslim Brotherhood represents enslavement, backwardness, and the very best of 7th century religion & cuddliness.  The rising tide in the Middle East is blood-red. ~

Free Speechery

Coren & Levant on Richard Warman

Ezra Levant with Marc Lemire: freedom of speech

Michael Coren with Connie Fournier of Free Dominion

Just Go Watch Everything

A Man Of History

~ OBAMA WILL go down in the history books.. since an awful lot of such books are burped up by obedient radicals.. as a man of history.

I predict so as well. In 4 years of awesome bungling, neglect, and misplaced principles, Obama has waved the radicals on through in the construction of the New Caliphate. Unless it somehow misfires, we are even now witnessing the rebirth of radicalized miltary Islam from Syria, Jordan, Egypt around to Libya, with Turkey and Iraq not far behind.

WTF? The dead man walking of the Ottoman Empire was partitioned after World War I into the hodge-podge of modern Middle Eastern nations. Nation-building, oil, modernization, more sophisticated politics– and another World War– occupied the area for a while.

A Little History

Unseen on the larger stage, the Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt, rejecting modernity & secularity, and hearkening back to a purified Islamic ideal. The Muslim Brotherhood is the inspiration, and the terror-groups (state & non-state) are the visible forms.

Then the declaration of Israel in 1947 (though original plans had it much larger, including Jordan, but ugly post-war British anti-semitism had begun to kick in), plus the fiddling of Stalin & successors in every geopolitical plot

The Muslim Brotherhood now stands to direct & influence the New Caliphate, a supercharged neo-Ottoman entity with Nukes, modern weapons, and the power of several states behind it. That Obama’s anti-Colonial era politics and West-hating principles are not dealing with the sitation is like saying that the Saudi royals won’t be celebrating Hannukah this year.


Muhammed the Head-chopper’s original demand that Islam must be uber alles— all under sharia, if not converted– still stands. And more than 500 million Muslims worldwide just can’t wait to do what they think their deity demands, for our good and theirs.

While The West slept. ~

Binks: Man Of Mystery?

“I heard gasps all over the room. Binky could barely get the words out. “The Ark Case?!! I thought that was a… myth!!”

MCJ is still watching the Anglican Titanic go down. ~

Man Hut

~ ITEM: Tiny House Blog

~ BINKS GOTS DREAMS.. of a Man Hut. Tiny House. Bloke Shed. A sweet He Shed, he said.

Preferably one on wheels, and with very basic amenities. For.. teh quiet. Simplicity. A sometime hermitage. Portable cottage.

I really like the design of this house.. except they seem a little.. erm, sincere.
Maybe a little spooky, too. ~

Upgrade Without End, Amen?

~ THE CHRISTMAS AD E-MAILS pour in, suggesting that– yet again– I must update my DVDs to BluRay, to experience my old favourites in better than reality or the theatre where I saw them originally, presumably on a 70-inch LCD bigscreen. Maybe even with 3D.

How many times have I bought & owned Star Wars? Not enough. How many times must I rebuy music from my youth? Cough it up, and keep coughing.

Heck.. this is the third set of LOTR I’ve gotten. Theoretically when they get the laser-gel centabyte intra-cranial downloads rolling, there will be one more.. plus however many versions of The Hobbit, The Hobbit Extended version, and the final Hobbit Ultimate Platinum Extended Collector’s Edition in BluRay.

While online piracy is theft– and is one reason behind the ever-more abysmal Hollywood output of late– the endless re-re-releasing of old product to an increasingly cynical public. ~

The Pearl Gambit

~ ITEM: Pearl Harbor veterans remember how paradise suddenly turned into hell

~ ITEM: 1870 in History

~ ITEM: Portrait of a Police State?

~ ITEM: Messiah of Hate

~ ITEM: Obama and Obamism: David Horowitz TV

~ PEARL HARBOUR WAS brilliant– but it was a once-off gamble that failed the day it happened. Why? Two words: carriers, oil tanks.

For whatever reason, the U.S carriers from Pearl weren’t home: they would form the backbone of America’s war against Japan in the Pacific. Further, while the Japanese fighters hit the U.S. fleet hard, even mighty battewagons need oil to sail anywhere.

The massive tank farm at Pearl went mostly unscathed– had it been a secondary main target, the fleet, including the carriers, would have been on a severely restricted range. Putting out the fires, rebuilding, resupply– at least a year or more delay.

From a Japanese point of view, a fatal first strike was a high goal of samurai training. An admirable thing. To the Americans, it was sneaky, underhanded, and dishonourable. Hence the rousing of America to a crusade in the Pacific, where Europe was always third ring in the wartime circus.

It is well to remember the living past, the cost of freedom, the horror and need for war under certain circumstances. The attack on Pearl Harbour was 70 years ago now. That event is now closer in time to the events of 1870 than to those of 2011.

Stealth War 2008-2011

Now, the attack on America and the West is from within, via radical politicains, unelected armies of left-leaning bureaucrats and “Experts” who serve as an ever-growing army of moral busybodies seeking to subvert everything they can put their hands to.

This is a kind of self-inflicted attack, engenedered by political elites, radicalized education, the richly-funded nanny-state, and a lazy sleepy comfort of Western societies. Like weakness or sickness in the body’s immune system, it’s stealthy, all around us, and debilitating.

The Shrinking Cage

By hook or crook, law or lie, politicians like Obama has attacked and undercut America and the West since he and his cronies got power. Using Wall Streeters, and cheering the Occupods? Setting race versus race, rich versus poor, Obacrat versus everybody else? Pro-muslim, anti-Israel?

The dirty secret here: all Americans should be against his Pearl Harbouring of American politics and the economy. Obama is a corrupt, pathetic hypocritical, corwardly bully and wrecker.

Are Americans resilient enough to rise to this crisis, and survive this U.S.-made treachery? Will Obama be able to resist the temptation to take and not win power for a second term? Look for convenient emergencies & crises to arise. So far, the “Spontaneous Mass Uprising” of the Occupy Rent-A-Protest has just fizzled. Next gambit.

Remember Pearl Harbour– and look around you. ~

Free Advice?

~ ITEM: Mayan Calendar Runs Out In One Year; What True Believers Are Doing

~ NOT TO DISRESPECT the Mayans and their supposedly apocalyptic calendar, but should we really be looking for advice on anything from these guys? Consider:

  • Their entire civilization only lasted a few hundred years.
  • Human sacrifice was their big public entertainment & worship.
  • They botched their entire environment & farm-production system over.. making whitewash for their public buildings.
  • Their calander-making geeks couldn’t even figure out how to make a calendar any further-forward looking than 2012.
  • Stone knives. That’s what they used. Not copper, bronze, iron.. stone. You know, the very latest in 50,000BC technology.. 61,500 years later. And no wheels.
  • Expert predictors? They couldn’t predict their own destruction by volcanic climate change. Go figure.

So, OK– all you folks figuring that the Mayans somehow had a brilliant clue when all the very basics of life and civilization escaped them? Might as well get dating & hygiene tips from World Of WarCraft game-obsessives.

See you on the 22nd of December, 2012. ~

Trust me: I’m an expert.


Freedom of What?cott (2011)
Retail Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.99** (Save 20%)
Category: Documentary (67 min)

What’s it about?

On October 12, 2011, Bill Whatcott managed to make headline news for virtually every major newspaper in Canada. How does a guy go from being the butt of a joke on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to the Supreme Court? This film dares to investigate the motives of an unlikely poster boy for Free Speech. Love him or hate him, his case will have implications on what the rest of us can and can’t say.

Brian Lilley Interviews Bill Whatcott

Smiling Boomerist Evil

~ ITEM: Joanna Manning finally leaves the Catholic Church

~ EVIL RARELY LOOKS IT. No, the radical old bag is entitled to her opinions, just not as a subverting, self-righteous, sneaky, forked-tongue officialista dedicated to undercutting the institution which paid her and to which she once owed vows of obedience, and baptismal & confirmation vows.

No, not approving or covering up the vile stuff in the life of churches which everyone should revile; she was someone who spent her life as a mini-pope, dispensing her infallible radicalisms, as an absolute authority consisting of her own self and all the clever radical Christians who think like her.

Such busy-body hags and their sandalled male equivalents have murdered the once-powerful Western convents; helped create relentlessly liberal/ progressive bureaucracies in the church; dedicated their lives to tearing down, in the name of the smelly little orthodoxies of the 20th century radical set anything they and theirs didn’t approve of.

We Are The Champions!

Now, I know these types always represent themselves as the lonely prophetic voices crying in the wilderness, longsuffering for their cause– but they’ve created and not suffered the ideological tortures which faithful Christians candidates for ministry now have to undergo; the vomit-inducing worship; the predictable socialist bent of church public policy; the pew-emptying NDPification of Christianity into vote Left and give to radical causes-ism.

That is, she’ll fit perfectly into mainstream North American Anglicanism, a once noble if flawed institution which has largely given itself over to the spirit of the age with all the reluctance of a prostitute nailing a rich customer.

One wonders if she’ll notice the “surplus” churches, ancient congregations, and moribund finances of the nation’s fastest-declining denomination all round her. But the champagne and canapes liberals don’t really care about all that, as long as they have had their way with everything, and get a good pension out of it before they kick off. ~

2 thoughts on “Steynian 452rd

  1. The extent of this fiasco is incredible…..reminds me of the difficulties encountered in dealing with the police in New Orleans and a few years ago, in New York.

    Corruption won’t last forever but these folks just seem to be getting bolder and bolder… and that…will be their downfall….just you wait and see.

    I mentioned it to another blogger, someone needs to sit down and set up a blog dedicated solely to this family and these officers, and provide a complete documentation of this entire family including names, addresses, photographs, employers, businesses owned, business associations, law enforcement relations, and all details (personal and professional) relevant to each officer…this would be combined with an email and persons would send in copies of all investigation reports and correspondence, distill them into PDF’s and post them for downloading.

    That’s for starters….then all recordings of telephone conversations need to be made with the police officers involved and those need to be posted to the internet (recording your conversation and posting it is legal in Canada….as long as you are a party to the conversation…its called “one party consent” and you are not required to inform them they are being recorded)

    Once you are aware of the location of the family and their new business you can warn all other nearby businesses using Google Maps and then contact them via fax and email.

    The same applies to the police officers. Locate them and then locate their residences. Record all conversations with them in both video and audio and post them to the internet and YouTube under their names.

    That’s just for starters…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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