Steynian 453nd

Quit Yer Bitchin’!

~ YES, MY DEAR EVER-growing army of pre-dead minions, 2011 was a sucktastic year for your glorious leader & inspiration, not to mention for the Free Canuckistan blog, and thus the blogging world, the internets, and planet earth more generally.

Fiathful folks have been praying, I’ve been praying, and at least some of my blog-mojo is returning.. in fits and starts.

Link-gathering is still a bit much, but my brain has started to cogitate mini-essays, for what they are worth. I will try to start linkery again, since therein lies my best skill, and much inspiration for essays on The State Of Things According To Binks, and Binks Doesn’t Have Humble Opinions comments on the links.

It’s been a very rough year, and I want to thank Mark & Ezra & Kathy & Arnie & Squirrel & and all kinds of other blog-buddies for keeping in touch, being encouraging, and sweetly lying about the fact that they miss me online and stuff.

Thing is, it’s hard to shut up, because I love life, justice, the dignity of people in need or suffering, and telling the truth in the face of overweening power, lies, ignorance, and evil.

I think I can, I think I can…. ~

Spengler & The Rest Of The Story

10,000’s of Muslims Convert to Christianity in UK.

~ ITEM: It’s Not the End of the World, It’s Just the End of You: The Great Extinction of the Nations

~ JUST FINISHED a very fine book, It’s Not the End of the World, It’s Just the End of You: The Great Extinction of the Nations by David P. Goldman. It’s a re-edited collection of his online essays, written under his nom de web, Spengler.

Fans of Mark Steyn will find his thesis familiar and congenial– societies which lose their faith begin a long suicide by failing to reproduce. The consequences of economic, political, spiritual and cultural wreckage begins to pile up. Death haunts everything.

No Invisible Means OF Support

As in recent essays and his most recent book, Steyn’s recognition of the spiritual dimensions of the current crisis of the West find a fuller explication in Spengler– he asserts the central place of Israel in past and present world history, and our spiritual and historical self-understanding. By articulating the effects of the loss of faith in the West, Spengler also completes the punditry which would only argue economics, clash of civilizations, or the political of the recent past, present, and what lies ahead.

His prescription for America is worth the read– stop clinging to Keynsianism, and stop trying to reproduce the 1980s, because the U.S. is an aging nation, and needs to re-invest in entrepreneurship, savings, and exports to the rest of the world, unless it wants to stay in the mire of endless down-cycles, and profligate government intervention in the economy.

The Muslim World’s In Trouble, Too

Finally, the same birth dearth and aging population afflicts the Muslim world, and Spengler issues a stern warning: most Middle Eastern nations face economic and demographic collapse withing 30-40 years; there is currently a large mass of young men available for warfare, suicide bombings, and other jihadist assertiveness, and they know that it’s now or never (at least in 21st century terms).

Spengler thus warns that the greatest danger to the West is in the next 30 years or so, before Islamic nations are confronted with a massive aging population, and not enough young people to support them, on top of moribund economies, a decline in oil production, and the usual political nightmares. Europe in particular stands at risk, as a self-emptying secularist paradise in a death-spiral of dying economies, and aging/ decreasing populations, and less and less faith in anything, let alone God.

This is a dense book, like cheesecake rather than a Twinkie, and bears close attention, and smallish doses for the ordinary reader. There are many more themes and issues addressed in these essays, and each one is worth the price of admission.

So Finally, And In Conclusion

Must read, Binky rating of 9.0; to be read frutifully alongside Mark Steyn’s latest book, 2011’s After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. ~

Back In The Day

~ MY ESTRANGED UNCLE built plastic models, and taught me to love them, too. A lot of my hard-earned paperboy cash went for models– WW2 ships & aircraft, Star trek, Star Wars, Tanks.. though decent painting & decals were not part of my skill-set.

In the spirit of not ranting about evil, but living life and pointing out real talent, witness predead Binks-minion Warren Zoell, model-maker (plastic, wood, scratch-built) extra-ordinaire. Wow.

Take a look, enjoy, surf his website, and appreciate skills that sadly have faded amongst the young, as the devil XBox and texting and interwebs vaccums up life, leaving little in return.

As a fan of Patrick O’Brian, I especially like the HMS Surprise (wood) finished this Summer; the USS Arizona model (plastic); and a wonderful, whimsical space-train (scratch-built) from Jules Verne’s “From The Earth To The Moon”.

Warren’s commentary on each model, and related history & facts are alone worth the price of admission, plus all the pictures from various angles of each project. Many TV-shows and movies have spawned fine kits, many of which are to be found on his site. He writes:

“Almost everyone at one time or another has built or at least attempted to build a model at least once in their lives. Model building in my view is quite possibly one of the most complex and I believe is one of the most rewarding art forms their is (some people would call it a craft but we’ll just ignore them). To build a model can be easy, to build a model well even from the most simplest kits can be the result of years of study and practice. Basically model building is the art of recreation of reality and fantasy brought down in miniature. The more effort and attention to detail put into building a model the greater the reward, worth all the endless hours put into these works of art.”

But More About Me

Models (and yes, I even did balsa-wood planes) are great tools to teach attention, patience, artistry, step-by-step attention, and a lot of basic life-skills. They are cool, and aid imagination, and remembering stories and history and the like; and the nerd-spazz factor of holding in your hands a reproduction of a famous plane or ship or spacecraft which you made? Priceless.

Not sure if Teh Binks will be getting back into kit-modelling in wood or plastic, but Warren’s projects and talent are an inspiration, and bring back fond memories of many hours spent with a new kit, an x-acto knife, plastic glue, paint, and sometimes inscrutable instructions.

Check him out. ~

Wanna Be A Nazi?

~ ITEM: Who goes Nazi?, By Dorothy Thompson

~ CAPTAIN AMERICA is coming out on fillum (in spiffy DDD)– with teh battle against.. Nazis. Not Jihadists, nor Communists, nor Frankfurt School zombies.. just the ever-dependable Hitlerian uber-mensch.

The Third Reich has a seemingly endless afterlife in movies, video-games, and human-rights dialogue. The only protection against Hitlerian horrors? Big Mama Government, courtesy of tax-supported Steve Harper, The Lynch mob in Ottawa, and Ontario’s Big Babsy Hall.

Who Goes Nazi??

As Dorothy Thompson’s kick-ass August 1941 article notes, the Nazi-thing is partly about circumstance, opportunity, and temperament.

“It’s fun- a macabre sort of fun– this parlor game of “Who Goes Nazi?”… Believe me, nice people don’t go Nazi. Their race, color, creed, or social condition is not the criterion. It is something in them. Those who haven’t anything in them to tell them what they like and what they don’t-whether it is breeding, or happiness, or wisdom, or a code, however old-fashioned or however modern, go Nazi….”

Read the whole thing.. it’s frighteningly relevant.

Obey, Or Else

We gotcher un-nice peoples galore: Richard Warman.. Barbara Hall.. ‘Niffer Lynch.. Krista Daley.. and all their apologists. They squawk about impending Nazism, imagining themselves human rights Indiana Joneses.. whilst playing Gestapo, legal & media bullying, social engineering, and many of the good old maneuvres from the Nazi/ Communist playbook. Heck, Mizz Lynch is famous for travels around the world for hors deuvres with the modern-day equivalents of Nazis from tinpot second and third world regimes– whilst bashing her critics in the semi-free and partly democratic land of Canuckistan. We gots nasty smiley-Nazis.. minus the stylish 1940s Germanic trappings.

Meanwhile, Big Steve has his majority, and we await any sort of action on the crimes & misdemeanors of the human rights regimes across Canada. Free Dominion is getting sued again.. Shaidle & Catfur are still under legal burdens.. former comedian & thought criminal Steve Earle is supposed to now conjure up cash for a Supreme Court appeal of his BC Human rights conviction.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la effing meme chose. ~

And Could It Be?

~ ITEM: The Onion— ‘These Last Two Are Gonna Be Real Turds,’ George R.R. Martin Assures Fans

~ AFTER AN E-SMACK upside the head from Ghost Flea Nick Packwood, Teh Binks went and bought book 1 of the Game of Thrones series. Loved it. Then bought the other 3. Loving them. Better than the HBO TV series, actually.

So.. um– well, er: it may possibly be that mistakes were made, errors took place, and Teh Binks was theoretically wrong about George R.R. Martin. But not terribly, terribly wrong.

Lotsa Style

Martin’s no Tolkien or Lewis.. more in the style of historical fiction about the 1300s, with some captivating fantasy elements and chapters named for the point-of-view character. Lotsa style.

Unlike the HBO series, in the book the naughty bits are here and there, but not nasty HBO-style.. nor is there a prominent gay character (now all but officially required by Hollywood & TV political correctness, to remind the masses “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That“).

Almost There Yet?

The entire series can be slow, unrewarding, and repetitious– it’s 4500 pages long, after all.. and if I never again read about another graphic de-nippling, or the words “boiled leather”, it will be too soon. Plus, George R.R. Martin seems to enjoy butchering his characters overmuch.. he’s one of those authorial sadists who exercises a nasty power over his hapless cast of people to “up the excitement”. Witty bodice-ripper author Diana Gabaldon is much the same.

The Bink’s-Rating?

A solid B-, but I re-sold the set a few months ago, and will not be re-reading them, or reading the 2 or 3  more needed to complete the story-lines (if Martin lives that long). Why? For me it’s not the kind of series that inspires or abides in my heart and imagination. However, I can see how for others, some of the medieval elements might be inspiring, and find the mushy morality more congenial to current attitudes than the rank Christian & redeemed pagan moral sense of Tolkien or Lewis or Edith Pargeter.

Instead, it’s kinda like the dance of the seven veils, with the endlessly deferred promise of something worth waiting for.. but you begin to get the feeling there’s nobody under the last veil: all style, no substance. ~

A Modest Proposal

~ ITEM: The Girl Who Played with Tax Data: And uncovered the foreign funding of Canadian green groups

~ ITEM: Never before has a Canadian politician challenged the hitherto saintly protectors of the environment in such direct language

~ ITEM: Northern Gateway pipeline hearings sabotaged by Chicago-style politics

~ SINCE THE RECENT oil-wars revelation that a lot of Canadian Green groups are suckling on American greenbacks to oppose Canadian policies and projects like TransCanada’s $7-billion Keystone XL pipeline, I think it only reasonable that they lose their charitable status, and face public exposure to the taxman.

Declares Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver:

“These groups seek to exploit any loophole they can find, stacking public hearings with bodies to ensure that delays kill good projects. They use funding from foreign special interests to undermine Canada’s national economic interest. They attract jet-setting celebrities with some of the largest personal carbon footprints in the world to lecture Canadians not to develop our natural resources.”

After all, they are actually U.S.-funded political lobbying groups working under the guise of charitability, and no way like, say, the Salvation Army or the local Anglican parish or a soup kitchen. Instead, they are rented sockpuppets for the American green agenda, interfering in Canadian domestic business and self-interest. That is, undercutting Canada for pay.

Yum Yum Money

You like that estimated $250 million American so much, and keeping hush-hush about who’s paying for your bills and first-class airline tickets and fru-fru fair trade coffee? Then no cloak of noble charitability for you, and how’s about some full disclosure, you dissembling & smug hirelings?

Eco-greenians: rich, well-funded crazies telling everybody else what to do, and minding your business for you. ~

Under Da Sea

~ ITEM: Possible lost world found in Lake Huron

~ ITEM: hundreds of submerged sites of often megalithic ruins of historical cities


~ ITEM: Archaeologist digs diving?

12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure

~ ITEM: Underwater Cities, Ruins and Other Urban Archeology: 7 Submerged Wonders of the World

Underwater Roman Village?

David Kennedy: Ancient Ruins

~ OVER THE PAST 25000 years, sea-levels have gone up by abut 500 feet. Thus, a lot of human settlement, archaeology, fossils and artifacts are in the largely ignored world of marine archaeology, a science still in development.

Ancient now submarine river-valleys would be full of old stuff, as would then-coastal areas, hilltops, and elsewhere. The advent of satellite mapping & imaging– with tools like Google Earth– has already helped with shallower archaeology, since many larger ruins & remains are visible from space.

Of course, that includes the Atlantis-seekers and alien conspiracists, but whatcha gonna do? I’m more interested in evidence, ruins, human and fossil remains, submarine caves and settlements and possible older civilizations. Since the undersea is still largely an undiscovered country, it lies open to serious researchers to find what’s hidden, and to rule nothing out.

Of course, we’re talking the time up to the last Ice Age, but also before– how old might human civilization be? Dunno.

It was a smug assumption of the 18th and 19th century that the direction of civilization was always upwards and more complicated– yet ruins throughout the world remind us that nations and civilizations also decline, fall, collapse. A singularly uncomfortable thought for self-congratulating European empires, but come home to roost in the 20th & 21st century.

Hide & Go Seek

If there were past civilizations over the previous 100 000 years or so– local or regional– then it’s a matter of figuring out their particular sea-level, probable location on the ancient landscape (in many cases, near existing settlements & cities), and the likely depth of sedimentation on top, and– voila!

As I say, this need not involve aliens, Atlantis, time-travel, or any other less serious elements. Indeed, the crazier folks paying attention to such discoveries make it all less credible to legitimate archaeology.

It Makes Sense

If humans invented stuff, it may have been invented & re-invented, built and rebuilt over many thousands of years. The fact that such possible evidence is under hundreds of feet of water– imagine a 500 foot increase in our 2012 sea-level, and how little of our current civilization would remain above water for future archaeologists to easily discover– means it’s sitting there, if it’s there, waiting for rediscovery.

Just saying, is all. ~

Hippy Cavemen & Really Bad Ideas

~ ITEM: Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883)

~ ITEM: Noble savage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


~ ITEM: REPORT– US debt now size of entire economy; and Obama to ask for more money ‘in a matter of days’

~ ITEM: Who are the Tasaday?

~ SO ANYWAY, the other day I was reading somewhere about Karl Marx– you know, the noted sponge on his capitalistically rich co-thinker Engels (the family furniture business), like so many other Communist sponges since the 1800s. You know, those copyright-loving, money-collecting live in Western societies but preach them down sorta folks. Like Ernie Guevera’s daughter complaining about her father’s image on the t-shirts and dorm walls of rich idiot university students, violating.. copyright.

It turns out (I absolutely refuse to read turgid bad ideas translated from the German, so I’m taking somebody else’s considered word on the matter) that Mr. Marx dreamed– that in the end– after all the blood and violence and dignification of the poor proletariat and redistribution of everybody’s stuff, that Marx imagined that a primitive kind of campfire caveman happiness and sharing circle would ensue.

Sweet Sweet Crazy Juice

That is: Marx had drunk the crazy juice of English Whiggery, and the idea of the “noble savage”, along with “Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains” from the French Revolution, so tear stuff down and a paradise of noble & generous savages results.. eventually. Why?

“In his evolutionary model of history, he argued that human history began with free, productive and creative work that was over time coerced and dehumanised, a trend most apparent under capitalism.”

Backwards into the future! Yes, Marx was a total frickin’ hippy idiot. Of such nostalgic manure would be fashioned– not in modern states, but backward ones like China and Russia– the worst totalitarian nightmare in human history thusfar. Yay Karl.

Ideas Gots Consequences

Old Karl took on Really Bad Ideas, added his own Really Bad German & Lapsed Jewish Communist ideas, and unleashed 150 years of civilized barbarian hordes, starvation, gulags, destruction, spies & traitors, and betrayal.

Because ancient people were just people– warlike, garbage-prone, sometimes cannibals, utterly identified with nature and tribe and blood. Obviously, they didn’t share in the particular evils or complexities of modern society, since they weren’t moderns. But to then imagine that their sins didn’t exist because they weren’t our sins; that the current evils were somehow permanent, and warrant violent destruction of both the goods and evils of that society? Crazy evil.

After all, we still know stone-agey peoples, as in the highland warrior-tribes of New Guinea. They don’t have industrial disease, ennui, investment-worries, or boring industrial or office-cube jobs.. they make babies, and like life and stuff, but spend most of their time warring, feuding, planning wars & feuds, and occasionally killing each other off (ancient warfare is not exterminative, but more semi-recreational rugby with spears and warpaint for these particular ignoble savages).

Just Makin’ Sh*t Up

That’s Marx’s big idea. Happy hippy cavemen. Hilarity ensues.

Stupid? Yeah, but so ingrained a bad idea that in the 1970s, a made-up “Lost tribe” of peaceful stone-age hippies “found” in the Phillipines became the subject of films, books, many academic papers, and even National Geographic attention.

Called the “Tasadays”, they were a government put-up job to distract from the brutal Marcos regime. They were actually just poor rural folks, paid to act like “a lost stone age tribe”. Gullible Westerners eneamoured of the “noble savage” romantic idea fell over themselves to visit, take pictures, write and show how this proved how civilization was warlike and mean and bad, and these “ancient people” and their primitive state of life were innocent and pure and good, and  that they recycled and stuff.

New-fangled Cavepersons

Something like this mentality lies behind much of the Eco-Green cult, who want to have their cake and eat it, too– you know, construct a modern high-tech way of living naturally off-grid– you know, with all the conveniences of stone age life, like solar power, netbooks & wireless internet, gourmet coffee, recycling chemical toilets, books, greenhouses and the rest.

You’ll not see the wannabe-cavepersons dump modern health care, nutrition, vitamins, modern clothing, nor buying a ticket to get their stone age on with the hillbilly New Guineans, or the upper Amazonians. Too real.

The Bad Idea Club

Our modern neo-savages are often Marxists, too– combining one fairy-tale with another. Only thing is, unlike the Tasadays, real Communism is all too real– bloody, ruthless, ruinous, and utterly wrong. Hence Obama and the Occutards (witness their delightful noble savagery and return to nature) and Soros are wilful believers in a tested failure, and seek to propagate and spread the lie, because as we all know, if you insist enough that something works and is true, it will somehow one day work, and become true.

Indeed, the Occutards have achieved a real resemblance with a lot of stone-age folks– along with defecating outdoors and copulating in public, they leave garbage around in festering heaps, an open invitation to rats and other vermin. Ask an archaeologist. ~

Almost Paradise?

For Such A Time As This

~ I’M OVERJOYED that Ezra on SUN-TV has a huge public platform to speak his mind, and that he’s using it to do good for Canada, the truth, and public discourse.

A sometime commentator and journalist and politician and author, via the free speech wars he took on a different place in Canadian life– one which he has taken up with relish, righteous indignation, hilarity, and an underlying seriousness which nobody should ever underestimate.

Does he love Alberta? Yup. Does he think the Oil Sands are a good idea? You bet. Is he a shill? Nope.. and some ecogroups in Canada are plenty on the take.

I like SUN-TV, though I might wish for a little less FOX-North vibe. Long live Ezra on the small screen, and my he stay firm on the course of defining & defending The True North, Strong And Free. ~

The Giant “Off” Switch, USA

~ ITEM: “the detonation of one or more nuclear weapons at high altitude over the continental U.S. would result in an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could effectively remove the United States as an actor on the world stage, long-term”

~ ITEM: Facts & Figures– “The EMP Commission was reestablished via the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006″; The Commission has released a Critical National Infrastructures Report (PDF, 7MB) and testified before the House Armed Services Committee (July 10, 2008) –Written Testimony (PDF, 76KB)

~ PEARL HARBOR ON STEROIDS— That’s what would happen if a rogue nation launched only a couple of nukes high into the atmosphere over North America. No, not nuking a city, but frying almost all modern electronics in a matter of seconds. All. Modern. Electronics.

Never mind that some machines & computers would be undamaged by virtue of place or inbuilt protection– power plants would be dead, all post-70s vehicles dead, all food & drug & consumer goods supplies stop; cellphones die; the internet reduced to a tiny military backbone (if that) inaccessable to most; TV & TV-stations, cable companies dead.. the list is endless.

All for the low, low price of a couple of ICBMs. Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, or some handy intermediaries could do it tomorrow. Today.

Warning: Possible Very Bad thing Right Ahead

The worst part? It would cost a lot less than a trillion to make the U.S. EMP-Nuke proof, but nobody has had the political will or foresight to make it a serious issue in the ever silly-making circle of the DC Beltway.

Power plants & transmission infrastructure need to be hardened & protected; the internet backbone & nodes made EMP-proof; the military & emergency responders & hospitals retrofitted. It needs to begin now, to be ready in 5 years.

Empty Shelves Policy: FAIL

More than the above, Western nations & businesses need to ditch the risky ‘just-in-time’ supply chain for food & drugs and essential materials. This is the low-inventory policy whereby suppliers are called every few days for inventory, but drug stores or supermarkets no longer keep several weeks of inventory, but days. As we saw in post-tsunami Japan, the just-in-time model presumes no disasters or interruptions. Emergency? A run on supplies, and suddenly there is nothing left.

Instead, in this world of increased risk and uncertainty, we need a widespread Just-In-Case program for business, manufactory, food & drug supplies, the military, government, and all the rest. Large inventory may cost more, and risk stale-dating, but Just-In-Time is a recipe for utter disaster, whether via EMP, nuke-strike, natural disaster, or any other massive interruption.

Ignoring The Risk

Mind you, the surviving post-EMP U.S. would counter-launch via their ICBM nuke-subs and splash the guilty, but the U.S. would be suddenly in the 1600s, minus all the infra structure to make that world work. Famine. The death of the old, sick, weak, chronically ill, the over-civilized and vulnerable. Gang-rule in some areas, martial law in others. Mass migration of refugees to warmer climes, seeking food & safety. Try this book for a taste.

This is unlike Pearl Harbor because we already know (1) the likely risk and (b) exactly what to do about it, and (iii) that it’s a very attractive option for terrorists or rogue nations who don’t want to fight the U.S. directly.

I Told You So. America, please prove me wrong. ~

Thus Saith

Teh Binksmeister


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