Steynian 455st

ChinaComs Want Your Stuff

“The servility of Canada’s political leaders (municipal, provincial and federal) to the obvious manipulations of Chinese strategists who flaunt world trade and financial market principles and jail democracy-promoting authors for 10-year terms is a national disgrace.Canada is not a parking lot for Chinese (or American) resources and our complicity with what Glavin rightly describes as “a rigged game” orchestrated by this “increasingly vile regime” in Beijing needs to end…”

~ Anthony Campbell ~

~ ITEM: China has our forests, now we’re sending our oilfields too; also here; and some return fire

~ ITEM: About China: “Canadians need to talk about what’s happening under our noses.”

~ ITEM: The 3-Ds Blog: Diplomacy, Defence, Development — China

~ ITEM: Jean Chretien and the Sidewinder Report; Secret Report Shows China Using Canada To Infiltrate US

~ ITEM: Sidewinder Report — Secret – RCMP-CSIS Joint Review Committee

~ ITEM: Prime Time Crime

~ ITEM: Former diplomat says West has ‘fantasy’ view of China

~ MIGHTY CANADA: Hewer of Wood, Drawer of Water, giant land of endless resources.. but who owns them?

If author & commentator Terry Glavin is right, an awful lot of Canadian stuff, companies & resources belong to Communist China. You know, the people running industrial theft & espionage across the country, and around the world? The folks who own a big stake in Sudanese oil-fields and the resulting genocides? Yup, the People’s Republic of Maoistan.


Back in Prime Minister Jean “I Love China” Chretien’s day, he crushed a timely early warning– the 1997 Sidewinder Report (link above)– about systemic ChiCom infiltration of Canada via spies & organized crime. He and his travelling pack of pro-China salespersons wanted ever closer-ties with China, in an echo of the earlier Trudeaupian plan of “Anyone But America” for canadian imports & exports. Can’t be pointing out that our new best business budies are snooping and stealing and buying political influence.

Actual Secret Plots

This may not suit the conspiracy theories of the Occutards, The Harper-haters, or the Dr. Dawg-style whingers about the evils of the West.. but like the Jihadists, China knows how to play the long game, wheels within wheels, and is playing for keeps. The weird talk and conspirazoid quacking on any other topic– let alone the Paultard isolationism– would be yelling about second things, while the real and first things slide under their radar.

Wakey-Wakey, Big-Hats!

Harper? Kenney? McKay? Let’s hear the rest of the story about our would-be major oil-importers versus our natural ally to the south (currently crazied by eco-nitwits and $oro$ and Obamunism), before we give in any more to folks who are stealing, buying, lying, and seeking to enslave us to their geopolitical future.

It would be more than disappointing if Chinese Canadians– feeling a certain loyalty to their homeland, or a worry over racism– were to merely dismiss such concerns. The first issue is Truth, and Canadian economic and political freedoms. They, in particular, know the inside of their local mini-culture, the presence of organized crime, or possible eco-industrials spies.

The True North Strong And Free is worth it, after all. It’s ours to lose. ~

The Binky Wants To Save Your Life!

~ EVER SINCE Binks-Dad bought me my first Victorinox Swiss army knife (for cub-scouts), I’ve loved blades. Functional, serious, not toys but endlessly useful tools. When the Binklings were old enough, I bought them jack-knives. So far, no murders or lost fingers.

I also like multi-functional things.. which is why the new & inexpensive rescue knives via Amazon or eBay are a new fave on my radar. That’s one of those folding-knives with a serviceable 4-inch blade, a recessed rope/ seatbelt-cutter on the handle, and a small metal spike on the handle-end.

That is: an inexpensive all-purpose knife which can fit in a pocket or purse or glove compartment, made to save lives in case of an accident by freeing you or others from damaged seatbelts, and which can break car safety-glass to allow escape, above or below water. A life-saver.

Woof, Woof!

You’d pay any amount for such a thing in time of emergency– why not buy one for your car, and each family-member now? A cheap investment in preparedness & life. There are sheep, wolves, and sheep-dogs– be a sheep-dog, and be prepared.

The life you save may be your own. You’re welcome*. ~

* P.S. Please to note that Teh Binks shared such information freely, whether you & yours are Binks-Minions, of whatever faith (or non-faith), or even if you like this page and The Binksmeister, or not. It’s how this infidel rolls. 

Sacrificed Unto Allah

~ ITEM: Honour Killing Entrenched in Islam; and “Honor Killing” is Absolutely Islamic!

~ ITEM: Pakistan: 675 women and girls were murdered there to protect their families’ honor

~ AS YOU SEEK TO re-organize your life around Binky’s tastes & interests, don’t forget NCIS. Show creator Don Belisario has managed two of the least politically-corrected franchises on TV over the past 2 decades, first with JAG, and the spin-off NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Service).

Then came season 7, episode 10. Whoever wrote this stinker should be kidnapped & driven around to all the graves of young teen Muslim girls honour-murdered by their families.

A Tide Of Blood

World-wide, Muslims account for 91% of this horrible Islamic custom (yes, it’s original), and that’s why we’re seeing it now in the West, where immigrants bring their sharia with them to use against their modernizing kids (particulraly girls), to protect the family honour (only girls can be sluts, after all). Forced marriage of girls is also a sharia-treat.

Along with this is the murder of converts from Islam to any other faith, since that’s in the ever-delightful Koran of Moe, too.

Um, NCIS, You Said?

That’s what makes NCIS 7.10 so backwards, grating, and politically correct. Forget all the jihad on North American soil, and directed at the U.S. military by Muslims, in this episode of NCIS, we meet a Christian brother murders his Marine son for converting to Islam, and ruining ‘family honor’.

You know, because honour-killings are a big Christian problem, ever since God told Moses about that ‘Do No Murder’ thing, and then there’s when Abraham didn’t sacrifice his son and all… Why, I heard of a Christian doing this to their teen.. um, well: not sure, but Muslims are better than us, so it must be a problem….

Pander, Grovel

Liberally slathered throughout the episode are useful tidbits about Muslim practices, how noble islam is, how only red-necked intolerance and bigotry can account for criticism or wariness of Moe’s cult.. you get the idea. Not only is it a sloppy and transparently pandersome script, it ruined the otherwise moving re-visit to the show of guest star Ralph Waite (Pa on TV’s The Waltons) as Gibb’s semi-estranged father.. who turns out to have things to share with his son.

Fun With Islam

Human sacrifice was a common pre-Islamic practice before Muhammed got his cult going– particularly for unwanted girl infants. Moe did stop that, sort of, but with his unique twist: the Moe Or Die thing.

Honour-killing can arguably be based on a few elements: death to all apostates, and the strange story of the mysterious traveller Al Khidr “The Green One” (see here), who along with fixing a wall, wandering around Galilee, and sinking a boat, also kills a child in cold blood. Says bloody random murderer GreenDude in ‘explanation’,

“I killed the child because Allah did not want that child to cause his parents, who believe in you, to leave and run away from your religion. Allah will give them better children than him.”

Koran, 18:65f.; and Prophet of Doom – 5 Qur’ans

Got that? No repenting, no uncertainty, no mercy, cuz Allah says so, therefore kill the unbelieving little bastards. Call it divinely-sanctioned retroactive abortion, if you will. The cult says murder = many cultists murder their kids. Moe said God told them it was OK. Sacrifice your children to Allah’s will, he’ll give you new & better ones.

Upsidedownistan, USA

The NCIS story has it backwards: the Christian brother murdered the convert. So the world tres to ignore, deny, and even, as in this crappy attitude, reverse the blame. Shame on Belisario, the show’s writers, and the cowardly denial in the West which would apologize for and cover up such evils. Let’s make nice with the crocodiles, so maybe they won’t eat us right now.

Yeah, it’s ugly, and no wonder some Islamic websites try and say honor killing is alien to The Cult Of Moe. Like his fondling a 6-year old ‘wife’ (and deflowering her when she was 9), Moe’s allowance of murder due to apostasy is just plain evil and impossible to justify.

It’s all wink-wink back in the home countries. A horrible conspiracy of silence.

Got immigrant Muslim neighbours? Keep an eye out for the kids.. they are disposable. Of course, here in the West, we already know that, but we tend to hide our form of infanticide in abortion mills and hospitals. ~

The Bitches Are Disposable

No To The Penguin Pr0n!

Hot Nekkid Penguin!

~ ITEM: Steyn: Sex and The Silly

~ HERE AT GULAG BINKS, we run a pretty tight ship re: the interwebs. The Binklings know that if explicit penguin p0rn (or worser) shows up on any house computers, that computer is shut down, online privileges lost, chores abounding. Interwebs is a right, not a privilege.

Thing is, that’s us. Many homes are unsupervised web-wise, DVD/ downloads-wise, and it taken for granted that the PLDs (Precious Little Darlings) would never wander to the forbidden fruit sites online, let alone ever sext or take naughty pictures with cellphones or hook up… oh, you know. If humans are merely animals with speech, then before the PLDs rush off to the bushes to Do The Natural, perhaps they might pause long enough to slip on a condom? Way to ruin civilization, O sexual revolutionaries!

Pee Wee Hermanism

PeeWee Hermanism

Back in the day, there was one (one) local cinema with creepy men in raincoats doing the Pee-wee Herman. There was one (one) hardcore p0rn-shop. Then came VHS & DVD & the interwebs & HBO and the pr0nification of ordinary culture was underway. That’s probably how the last of the mystery of sex & innocence got murdered amongst so many.. or nipped in the bud amongst the younger set, and disconnected from love & procreation and the larger scope of marriage & relationships.

Actual Romance

Odysseus and Penelope, Caesar & Cleopatra? Dante & Beatrice? Romeo & Juliet? Nope, these days & for some kids, it’s down to oral sex at the back of the school bus; dating in Elementary; that’s upwards of 2 decades of dating before marriage.

Old Man Steyn Says “DON’T”!

Notorious killjoy and neo-puritan opponent of sex, the former DJ Mark Steyn, has touched on our current crisis of love and sex and all that dirty stuff. Worth re-reading, in light of the slow death of our culture from the inside, and the outside.

In part, I blame Freud, the Marxists, organized crime, but most of all the Middle Class of pr0n-loving suburbanites– you and me– who enjoyed and/ or ignored this wave of soul-killing stuff as it swamped souls and homes and marriages.

We’re currently reaping the entirely foreseeable results of human nature marinated in such stuff, or as the radical left likes to call it “unintended consequences”.

What Is True Freedom?

In contrast to the often morally anarchic Libertarians, I wish to assert– along with the wisest pagans and the greatest Christian saints– that true freedom is freely choosing to will and do the good. HOW we do that is a discussion for another time. ~

Binks Smacked Down?

~ ITEM: SIX DEGREES OF DIGNITY– Disability in an Age of Freedom, by David W. Shannon

~ CRUELLY HATEFUL infidel professor & alleged freespeecher Mark Mercer wrote to The Binks about a recent post ‘Back In The Day‘ which mentioned– apparently now former– NS Human Rights Boss & rabid utopian Krista Daley. Mark sideswipingly informs me:

You mentioned Krista Daly in your latest Free Canuckistan post. Probably you know this, but she hasn’t been with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission for a few weeks now, maybe more than a month. I know nothing about her departure–health reasons, a better offer, internal machinations…. Her first term had expired a few months before she left.

The new CEO of the NSHRC is David Shannon. Here’s the official announcement, here’s a bio.

Ouch! What a heartless and brutally “fact-based” way to harsh Binky’s mellow, huh? Binky: you’re terribly, terribly wrong! No wonder the fact-lite new & improved SMU paper fired his professorial butt.

No word via Mark if Shannon’s a hardcore utopian crusader, a time-server, or one of the good guys. He’s a past member of the ridiculous Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. Anyone got work, or up to a backgrounder?

After a little look, he’s at least a tireless public advocate for teh crippleds, as a quadriplegic. Won’t see him running the Soylent Green euthanasia/ eugenics squads for cripples, feebs, retards, veggies, sickies, and other useless eaters. ~

Avast, Ye Swabby Scurves!

HMS Surprise, by Geoff Hunt

~ IT HAS BEEN suggested by some members of the Binks tribe that I have a short attenti– look! a castle!– erm.. attention-span. My Grade One teacher certainly thought so, whilst I thought all this sitting in rows for interminable periods to be a Very Regrettable Idea.

In any case, I’ve been revisiting the very fine Aubrey-Maturin series of novels (currently on HMS Surprise), by Patrick O’Brian. These books are on my read frequently list.

The 18th & 19th century of sail was the natural culmination of thousands of years of like technology and a way of life. A hard, direct, often brutal way of life for the sailors, but very different from pushing a button somewhere, and things explode far away. Wooden ships & iron men type thing.

The Real Article

This time I’m using Teh Internits to look at maps, paintings & prints, and even downloading the autobiography of Admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane, one of the people O’Brian borrowed to fill out his Captain Aubrey. Earl Cochrane was a huge man, like Jack Aubrey in the books (though not in the movie), and even had a particular friend & physician who sailed with him through most of his sea-going life– though he a Scot named Dr. Guthrie, and not a Catalan named Dr. Maturin.

If anything, the real Cochrane was larger in life than any fictional character, and in many places O’Brian actually scales down the escapades of the man, while preserving the flavour of his exploits, and a naval life at the height of the British navy. Reading the autobiography is very moving, as you recall it was total war against Europe’s first modern dictator, nor was Cochrane was not a man to bite his tongue, or forget a wrong.

In such circumstances, each vessel was precious for the overstretched military and trade needs of the British Empire, and the everyday beast of burden– the versatile royal frigate– was employed as raider, convoy escort, diplomatic vessel, coastal defence, fleet outrider & big-ship protector, special-cargo vessel, explorer, spy vessel.. you name it.

Happy Little Gerbil

 Binky’s Brain
(Not Exactly As Shown)

Reading with a book in one hand and a computer nearby gives depth and background to the book.. plus a field of play for my gerbil-brain. Today (whilst resting) I’ve already looked up the Wiki on Admiral Linois (French), the story of the actual battle which O’Brian used (plus prints of the battle & some of the ships)– where a wary Linois & his powerful small squadron was fooled by a rich comvoy of English merchants into thinking that a half-dozen of the ships were not fat comfortable East Indiamen, but Royal Navy heavy frigates.. so he let them go. I’ve also looked up wooden models of the ships involved, maps of the maneuvers.. and written this blog-post.

Down, gerbil! Back to the battle! ~

Now, With More Nuance

~ ITEM: Wired: “Why the Hobbit Trailer Creeps Me Out

The Hobbit Trailer

~ I’M A DEEP-DYED Tolkien-nerd. That doesn’t mean I love all things Peter Jackson, since he lacks a certain finesse and inner grasp of the characters and point of what the good professor was on about. No, really.

When asked by one reporter what The Lord Of The Rings was deep down all about, he said.. here it comes.. “It’s about the power of friendship” (?!). On that depth, one might as well say that the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels is about boats, and War & Peace is about lost Frenchmen.

Jackson seems a cultural Christian, at best. Just as Christians can know and feel the truth & power of Handel’s Messiah more profoundly than an agnostic, so a mind at least sympathetic to chivalry, comradeship under arms, the deadly seriousness of some conflicts, and the revelation of God in Christ has the mental furniture, arguably essential tools to understanding the beating heart of Middle Earth, and the events and people in the trilogy.

Danger, Bilbo Baggins! Danger!

As Wired’s Erik Wecks recently warns in an online article, he’s worried about what a Jacksonian treatment of The Hobbit will bring us in late 2012 and late 2013. What messing about with characters, and their essential nature? What buffoonish Dumb & Dumberism? What grand missing the point, or trying to awkwardly fit a bland modern point onto a classic boy’s adventure with all the right elements of a cracking good story? Diversity? Recycling? Dragons are People, Too?

I agree (and have written similarly) on Wecks’ essential point, that in misunderstanding and weakening the characters in the LOTR movie-trilogy, Jackson missed the point of the books, and the true nobility & strength of the heroes. Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, Merry & Pippin– all get the emo/ wimpification treatment, because– so we are told these days– noble, brave, principled characters or people are.. horror of horrors.. boring. We must to have the nuance! Angst! Waffling! A little stupid self-betrayal and suchlike. They must be like us, and not get out of our comfort-zone!

Keep It Mushy, Professor!

In reading the comments responding to the critic, ‘lordvanye’ riffs on this theme:

“the screen writers actually gave frodo and aragorn a more human and interesting side. Characters that are intrinsically “perfect” are un-relatable and frankly kind of dull. Much like how, in the book, faramir had no interest in taking the ring but in the films he struggled. That made him more realistic and a much deeper character because he wasn’t so perfect in that sense.”

Mean Old Boring & Dulls!

Wahh! Virtue and character and doing the right thing most of the time is, like, SO boring! You know, like on the recent shipwreck of the Costa Concordia when the Captain resisted the same-old boring goody-goodyism of ‘staying with his ship‘; how some of the officers & crew excitingly clambered over passengers to save their own asses; how the tired and dull “Women & Children First” trope was overthrown for a new and creative paradigm, revealing many new and dynamic shades of character in the midst of disaster. Hmph.

On the contrary, I find wishy-washy dangerous & treacherous; the Vicar Of Bray an unreliable ally. For the Binks, looking up to worthy folks with real virtues is not a waste of time; and men or women who have some honest stick-to-itiveness are the least boring of all. Many of my not shiningly perfect blog-buds are still obviously people with fine & shining parts, who know the cost of standing up for what they believe is right.

Today’s lack of courage, jealousy & resentment of goodness, and that wishing others (even in movies) were just as bad as you are? That’s just plain selfishness & cowardice– St. Gollum, a hero for the rest of us?

Mr. ‘lordvanye‘ simply misses the point (did he read the same books?) about Frodo, Aragorn, and Faramir– the true battles are in the heart, will, conscience, hopefully fought & pondered many times over before put to the test.

The Characters As Writed

So Aragorn had– by the point in the books where we meet him, 86 years of battle, learning, mistakes, reflection, education from the wisest in Middle-Earth, to sort himself out. He’s not some wishy-washy Leftist, ever-changing his ideas and principles to suit the moment, or the passing crisis. So Frodo (in the novels) is not a teen, but a gentle-hobbit in his 50s. He may not know himself as tested by extreme danger, but his fundamental good humour, courage, stubborn goodness are all set qualities.

Likewise, Faramir puts Frodo on field-trial, but then finds himself on trial when confronted by the Ring– but figures out (being a sensible man) that taking it, or bringing such a dangerous thing as destroyed his brother Boromir to his nasty & bossy father Denethor would be beyond crazy.

No need for all that extra footage and moral lapse and cruelty, because good and wise people generally have stuff figured out, understand life reasonably well, and know temptation when they sense it. These characters are not “dull.. unrelatable”, but mature, tried & tested, and not prone to dramatic failures of character just to make emos and squishes feel good about themselves.

Don’t Botch It, Pete

So here’s hoping that Jackson won’t pander to the squishes in the audience, and instead remind people that goodness is in itself attractive and inspiring, as is courage, sticking to decent principles, and understanding the cost and sacrifices necessary to be good and do good in dark times.

Here’s also hoping that ‘lordvanye’ doesn’t find himself on a stricken cruise-ship one day, where the reportedly exciting if unprincipled alternatives to moral and physical courage are set before him & his loved ones in a real-world way. ~

The Titanic II: Massive FAIL

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