A Pre-Dead Minion Writes…

Ken Kully helpfully chimes in via FC Comments:

To add to the digital privacy/password-changey goodness, grab yourself a copy of KeePass. It’s a simple but powerful password database application, which includes a random password generator you can control the parameters of.

Whenever you need to register for something, just call up a new entry in KeePass, record your username, and generate a random password. The only password you ever need to remember from then on is the one that unlocks your KeePass database. And if you throw said database (which is heavily encrypted) into a Dropbox, you can access it via different apps on your Android or iOS-based mobile device, just in case.

Oh, and KeePass also lets you assign expiry dates to passwords stored in it, in case you need periodic reminders to change your online security.

Best of all: FREE!

It might be included in the PortableApps suite; I forget. If not: keepass.info.

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