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We Owe Them That Much

~ ITEM: Byzantium 1200; Byzantium 1200 Videos

~ ITEM: The Emperor’s Lost Harbour

~ ITEM: The Byzantine Empire

~ ITEM: Charles Martel

~ ITEM: Mystras

~ ITEM: Iran targets Baha’i cemetery for destruction

~ ITEM: Binks: Finders, Keepers

~ TEH BINKS LOVES many aspects of the Eastern Roman Empire: Byzantium, The Eastern Orthodox Church, and the fact that the Byzantines held back the hateful tide of ruination, murder, destruction and Jihad from swamping Eastern Europe in the AD 600s and after.

On the other end of the Med, it was only the last-minute intervention and skill of Charlie “The Hammer” Martel which stemmed the Jihad-flood from taking France, Flanders and Northwards, Austria, Germany, and the opposite tide meeting them from across the Bosphorus into Central Europe. They did that for us, and for them.

A Response To War

The West began the Crusades as a response to Muslim cruelties and destruction–

“On October 18, 1009, Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, has the Church completely destroyed. It is believed that Al-Hakim “was aggrieved by the scale of the Easter pilgrimage to Jerusalem…. everything was razed ‘except those parts which were impossible to destroy or would have been too difficult to carry away’.” The Church’s foundations were hacked down to bedrock. The Edicule and the east and west walls and the roof of the cut-rock tomb it encased were destroyed or damaged (contemporary accounts vary), but the north and south walls were likely protected by rubble from further damage…”

That is, the holiest place in Christendom aside from the Church of the Nativity, hammered, burnt, re-hammered and re-burnt down to the pavement. Including most of the the actual tomb itself. Imagine if we went over to Mecca today and bulldozed the whole Ka’aba complex, after blowing most of it up.

We Failed Them

Sadly, intra-European war, Venitian machinations, and the vagaries of history meant the Western Crusaders later took over Constantinople and did their own wreck & plunder (1200s); and when the Last Emperors pleaded for help in the mid-1400s, more Venetianism and Papal politics and whatever else saw the final fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, a thousand years after the fall of ancient Rome.

Fleeing Byzantines brought books, relics, ancient manuscripts, and in doing so, directly inspired the Renaissance. Even in their dying, we were blessed, and benefitted, despite Western European muddling, selfishness and short-sightedness.

Then came the Jihad again– into Eastern and Central Europe, throughout the Mediterranean. No Byzantines left to slow things down, and the old Constantinople became the centre of the Ottoman Empire.  Hungary, Russia, Vienna, Italy, everywhere felt the new push, as the riches of the old empire– and the new trading capital itself– funded armies and navies to conquer Christian lands.

Still Not Dead

Several authentic bits of Byzantium are still with us, both in Greece, the other last bastion of the dying Empire. Holy Mount Athos and her monasteries, and the abandoned town of Mystras, above modern-day Sparta. And don’t forget the Orthodox Church itself, in all its national varieties.

Yet more sadly, in modern day Istanbul, there’s a general “since the Greeks are evil, we can’t respect their old stuff too much”, a rising Islamism, and a general neglect and hostility to old stuff that can remind the Turks that in geopolitical sense, they are late-comers inhabiting lands and cities which other people made and started.

Alongside Turkish pride, the hatred that Muhammed held towards pre-islamic times (the Jahiliyyah or “Time Of Ignorance/ Stupidity”). Thus, all the cultures and ruins of pre-Islamic Arabia, including ancient churches and synagogues? Evil paganism to be ignored, torn down, or used for target-practice unless the tourists really really like it (as with Petra).

Blow Up! Plunder! Wreck!

Radical Muslims Everywhere Hate The Old Stuff. That’s why the ancient giant Buddha statues were blown up in Afghanistan. That’s why the Government of Iran recently mused about bulldozing all the surviving Persian ruins and tombs. Or why Muslim Brotherhood mobs torched an Egyptian antiquities library and then danced around and cheered about burning countless irreplaceable ancient Egyptian documents and the related research.

Why? Follow the logic, as follows.

If pre-islamic times were Utterly Stupid/ Ignorant AND Evil, then erasing them is good for Islam, as is destroying all history or religion or evidence to the contrary of Islam. Moe told them to: after all, if all infidels ever are utterly hell-bound, then ancient dead infidels– with no hope of conversion– are clearly the worst of all.

Pyramids? Sphinx? Tombs of pharaohs? See them now, while you still can, or enjoy the pictures.

The world is already littered with plundered cities, wrecked churches, pagan temples, burned libraries, dead bodies, empty monasteries, especially of the Byzantine Romans, who were essentially the first non-Arabian victims of the First 6th Century Jihad. It would be interesting to know how many have been slain world-wide in the name of Moe’s Cult, since Day One, and how many irreplaceable things and places and art were burnt, plundered, ruined, or otherwise destroyed.

Redeeming All Things

By contrast, the incarnation of Jesus implies that there is goodness about creation, and the past; St. Paul quotes pagan poems to evangelize Greeks; Romans used the best of pagan architecture to build churches to the glory of God. St. Thomas Aquinas articulated the principle thus: “Grace perfects, it does not destroy nature.” There was Christian vandalism and intolerance (again, in Egypt, most notably), but more generally no desire to utterly erase all that went before, rather to redeem it and reuse it into new forms.

The Pantheon in Rome became a church; the pagan trees of the Germans are with us each Christmas, transformed in purpose and meaning; ancient arts inspired iconography, architecture, music, painting, to the Glory of the Holy Trinity. Roman Law and Greek Philosopy were used to structure society and ask the hard questions about God, man, and existence. Heck, in English and other European languages, we still use pagan names for days and months!

We Invented That, O Infidels

Those who like to trumpet that Islam invented everything ever forget that they first inherited Stupid and Ignorant pagan science and engineering, and that many leading Christians were actually the ones who transmitted what they knew to their new masters. Math? Hindus did it.

After a brief flowering in Sicily and elsewhere, most Muslim philosophy (since it relied on infidel Pagan Stupids like Aristotle) was forbidden. It’s partly why deep thought and education and book-publishing are so poor in the modern Middle East, despite a lot of technical skills to do with electricity, roads, and oil infrastructure. Even there (as in the fairy-tale wonders of Dubai), many imported Western non-Muslims head up the projects, and do the hard planning and execution.

Finely, And In Contusion

One cool website I’ve mentioned before gives us the merest glimpse of what Constantinople and Byzantium used to be: Byzantium 1200, done by a Turkish archaeology & computer-nerd named Tayfun Oner. Drop by his site– make a donation.

We all owe Byzantium that much, and more. ~

The Neighbour-Kid

~ ITEM: How the left uses “bullying” to restrict free speech that offends them

~ ITEM: Hate crime charges in England, only apply against whites

~ SO WALLACE The Wonder-Poodle needed some personal time outside, so out we wented. It turned out the nieghbour-kid was home.. on a school day.. chopping kindling. I asked him if Wallace’s best bud– a giant wolf-like male husky-thing– was home, and so he was and they cavorted and peed serially on various spots in what passes, I suppose, for doggie-tag.

I enquired of neighbour-kid as to his situation: hooky? Exams?

“I was suspended”, he said. “What brilliance got you that?” I asked.

“I was joking with my black friend, who calls me ‘The White Kid’. I call him ‘The Black Kid’. He brought some noodles to school today, and somebody asked me why. I said ‘Ask the Black Kid’, but then the teacher heard me. She told me that was unacceptable. My friend even tried to explain that “it was a joke back and forth between us all the time, and I call him The White Boy”, but that didn’t matter.”


No doubt modern schools, Teaching programs and the notoriously slimy NS Teacher’s Union and the general state of well-meaning conformity and liberal conformity made sure that teacher in particular now has The usual special sensitivities. However, an ordinary kid involved in banter with his friend? Now a victim of Leftard bullying, a suggestion that he is somehow a racist and deserves punishment, and no doubt this goes on his academic record.

This is a sad commentary on ideology interfering with real life, and the rough and tumble of regular school-life. Do teachers or bureaucrats or various other self-appointed moral busy-bodies have an unrestricted right to interfere with free-speech, even when ‘The Black Kid’ in question was not offended or suspicious of racism by his classmate and friend, and tried to defend him from the teacher? Apparently so.

Lessons? Teachers have weird ideas unrelated to the reality of student life & friendships. Authority may be arbitrary. Racism means white people suck. Don’t trust authority, they’re clueless. Never say what you really think or mean.

Plus, the evil racist cracker– a.k.a. the pleasant, hard-working unracist Neighbour Kid– got some free days off before exams. ~

Weaklings, Down With The Ship!

Civilization Is Fragile

“Its continuance requires respect for the law, tough-minded education, collective thrift, private investment, individual self-reliance, and common codes of behavior and civility — and exempts no one from those rules. Such knowledge and patterns of civilized behavior, slowly accrued over centuries, can be lost in a single generation.”

~ Victor Davis Hanson ~

~ ITEM: Steyn: No More ‘Women and Children First‘; Steyn on Culture: Who’s Off First?

~ ITEM: Metaphor of the Week, Month, Year, Decade, Age

~ ITEM: Al Mohler — “What are we to do with Captain Schettino? He will go down in history as an example of miserable failure”

~ ITEM: MS Estonia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “The survivors of the shipwreck were mostly young, of strong physical composition, and male. Seven people over 55 years of age survived. There were no survivors under age 12. About 750 people were inside the ship when it sank.”

~ ITEM: For some, life is just a game where the goal is to rise to the top at all costs

~ ITEM: Titanic – A man in women’s clothes was among the survivors in lifeboat 10

~ GO READ THE Steyn article– it rocks. A century later, and rather like the cowardly ass-saver on the Titanic, one J. Bruce Ismay (White Star Line higher up), dear Cap’t Schettino of the sunken liner Costa Concordia has already gone down in history as the Captain who bolted (albeit after swinging his ship nearer shore, by some pretty swift thinking after he caused the accident in the first place), hours before the passengers and crew were all safe.

He’s not been tried and found guilty yet, but as Steyn points out, the behaviour of a lot of other folks on that stricken vessel is a parable for the age we live in– and for the hard days that may lie ahead, even (especially) if Obama goes down to defeat. We are on the Titanic, morally and economically, spiritually and culturally, out on the front deck of the ‘unsinkable’ playing with chunks from the iceberg we just hit. Whee.

Iceberg, Right Ahead?

What happens when the local, state, or national bills can’t be paid? When the prices keep going up, wages down, and the unemployed or debt-laden employed can’t pay the bills, or feed themselves & the kids? As the still-deferred reckoning of the 2006-2008 financial collapse continues to unfold?

We’re living on borrowed time– the ship has hit the rocks, and water is pouring in, and the officers are playing about as if it’s all just fine, no worries, go back to your cabins and wait for instructions type thing. The captain & officers will mostly save their own hides, so they’re not overly concerned about the expendable passengers.


It is often said that nobody knows how they might act in an emergency. Only partly true, in my experience. If you’re a douchbag/ette, you may surprise yourself with unsuspected resources of courage and suchlike in a disaster.. but you’ve also left it up to luck, maybe, who knows.

The time to prepare for an emergency is before the emergency– just as the way to deal with temptation is to practice virtue and stick to your promises with God’s help before the particular juicy opportunity saunters by. Thinking about what you’d sacrifice– or lay down your life for– best happens ahead of time, not while you find yourself kicking everyone out of the way to save your all-precious ass.. if not your self-respect or basic humanity.

Jeez: Move It, Granny!

Suddenly, we find ourselves pushed back on basics of self & civilization. A cornerstone: unselfish love. The Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” [ Luke 6:31 ] How about John 15:13 – “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

.. Or a weaker person, or a pregnant mother, a child, a granny, an elderly person, your spouse or child, a stranger needing saving. The passengers on the Costa Concordia (Or “Peaceful Coast”) found out what happens when civilization loses faith, and when “self and individuality and did I mention my all-awesome self?” is all I really believe in. Some charitable souls have tried to explain the recent disaster by pointing at Italians. As Steyn points out, nice try, but MV Estonia in the Baltic saw the same damned ugly scenes, of panicky men clambering over the weak, and not using their strength to save others.

Going Down With The Ship?

Back in WW2, the last man off the bombed & torpedoed carrier the U.S.S. Yorktown was– wait for it– the captain. He slid down a line into a waiting rescue boat, having walked all the parts of the ship he could get to to make sure everybody was safe. On the Titanic, Captain Edward Smith likewise remained at his station and died there. These were not random acts of randomness, but chosen acts of self-sacrifice and courage, leading to the saving of countless lives.

If Steyn is right, our society is busy on the pleasure deck, but the chaos is incoming. The fraying of manhood, the selfishness and narcissism of comfortable people, the assumption that Nanny-state will look after all the problems.. it means all kinds of unsuspected ugly lurks just under the surface of our brittle modern world. ~

( ‘..And Get The Heck Back On Your Ship, Captain!’ )

We Deserve To Know

Beware What You Gobble!


~ ITEM: Google: ‘halal campbell’s soup‘; halal turkey

~ ITEM: Peter’s vision of a sheet with animals

~ SO EXACTLY when & who & where was deciding to make so much stuff (Campbell’s soups, ButterBall Turkey, Kiwi mutton products, heaven knows what else) blankety-blank Halal? That is, killed and/or prepared in accord with Muslim sharia law regarding food.

A silent non-consumer-driven revolution has crept into the food supply, whereby some companies placate Muslims, food corporations have gone halal, sometimes in collaboration with Muslim Brotherhood fronts like ISNA (for Campbell’s).

What The Fudge?

What other foods are Muzzie-approved without labels? What other sharia-compliancy is being foisted upon consumers?

Through the magic of Reverse-The-Terms, let’s imagine if food being shipped to Saudi Arabia turned out to be Kosher? Properly offered & sacrificed to Hindu gods? Maybe prayed over by evangelical Christian butchers? Sprinkled with bacon-fat?


On The Other Hand

Christians confronted this issue back in the early days, where butchery was often a pagan temple thing. Meat sacrificed to idols– should Christians eat it? In 1 Corinthians 10:28 St. Paul said (a) meat sacrificed to not-gods are allowable, but (b) for converts from paganism, or people of tender conscience, such meats should be abstained from, to not trouble those brothers or sisters for whom it could weaken their faith or cause offence. This also connects with the vision given to St. Peter [ Acts 10 ], that all foods were declared clean– no more dietary laws, or forbidden critters. This expands on what Jesus himself said, that it was not what into a man, but what came out from his heart that made him clean or unclean, good or evil [ Matthew 15:11 ].

By that principle, eating a Christian eating halal is free to do so– but other principles remain in force. What if a newly-converted Christian (a former Muslim man or woman) has such labelled food, sacrificed according to his or her former religion? For smarter-than-thou seculars, who cares? One religion is as false as another, and maybe this throw-away will make the Jihadi-prone Moe-lovers calm for a bit.

Still– why are companies in theoretically Christian but legally secular countries sneaking this grovel towards Islam into the food supply?

The Ugly Bigger Picture

The world-domination goal of The Muslim Brotherhood is not necessarily conversion, but the submission of the planet under sharia law, and Muslim domination uber alles. Halal, body-bags for all women, modesty laws, no criticism ever of anything or anybody Muslim, slighting of all other faiths, or non-faiths.. on and on it goes. European no-go zones are colonies of shariatopia. When there’s more than 5-10% of militantly Muslim population, you get your no-go zones, segregated swimming, honour killing, religiously sanctioned violence and dishonesty and Muslims Are Always Right and everything and everybody else shut up, forevers.

Halal soup or lamb or turkey is a first step in our submission to the Muslim Brotherhood Islamo-supremacist agenda. Boycott, and tell them why (the companies, an your local Supermarkets, too).

Our Sick-Making Cretins

The disgusting thing? If you read some of the links above, you’ll note various smirking Leftists mocking those who who called for boycotts. You know, because religious supremacism is just another patch in the rich tapestry of multiculturalism of something and stuff like that.

This should come as no surprise: the radical Left has always had a romance with tyranny and terror, aiding and abetting and apologizing for Gulag and Jihad. Call it a lust for destruction, or suicidal schadenfreude: brain-rot and soul-rot for the hipster radicals of the troubled West.

Drawing Of Lines

We are seeing the civilizational battle-lines drawing up.. while there may be converts from the radicals, we should not be surprised by their treachery, for they are not on the side of the West, but worship creative destruction, envy, self-hatred, and hating all the good things that made them who they are as members in a free society.

In The Inferno of Dante, the traitors are the lowest of the low, found at the heart of hell, frozen in a lake of ice surrounding Satan himself, who chews eternally on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. Having used their God-given powers in life to betray God, homeland, and their fellow man, the treacherous are frozen nearly powerless for eternity. ~

What You’ve All Been Waiting For

~ ITEM: Well, what a surprise (not); America sails towards Scylla and Charybdis

~ ITEM: The most dynamic and productive economy in the history of the world degenerates into class warfare

~ ITEM: President Gingrich Would Be Good For Canada

~ ITEM: According to the WSJ, Illinois is “the Greece Next Door” to Wisconsin

Michael Coren & Mark Steyn: From Newt To Schettino & Everything In Between

~ GIVEN THE NEAR-INFALLIBILITY of Teh Binky, no doubt the world waits with bated breath Binksmeister’s wisdom on the 2012 American election race. You know, cuz I called it for the RINO in 2008, and Obama won despite my predictive amazingnesousity.

No clue, except: Anybody But Obama as President.

4 more years of his wrecking? And likely worse, since he will be a Lame Duck Prez, and no longer worried about re-election? Where next– $20.. or 25 trillion or more, plus the $100 trill in liabilities and bills coming due?

The Next Election Already

It’s good to hear that some Democratic voters are looking at the actual President’s actual record versus his 2008 platform of lies (almost all broken) and perhaps deciding that America needs real hope and change, minus the Big Narcissist currently sailing the nation straight for the rocks on almost every front domestically and internationally.


Hard-core radicals will not abandon him, because under his watch the revolution can continue to wreck America now and for the next generation at least.. if not forever. One might wish that the Dems would look at what’s actually happening and seek to dump Obama: but the perqs and power are very intoxicating.

Dear Democrats: please love your country & the world more than the current monster heading up your political tribe.

Dear Republicans: get your #@&%$! act together.

Dear independents: vote for America– not for the wreckers. ~

A Teen Adventurer

~ ITEM: Laura Dekker Website

~ ITEM: Laura Dekker

~ IT GOES WITHOUT saying.. that not all teens are the same. Still, young Laura Dekker is a hero in two respects– youngest to sail around the world ever, and a survivor of bureaucratic abuse by the Netherlands nanny-state “Youth Care Acency”, which actually tried to lock her up to kill her dream of global circumnavigation, and take over her .

Until the Victorian era and modern nanny-state, there were no teens. There were children, then young adults. Children might work in the household, farm, or family business. No extended immaturity via baby-sitting schools & party-hearty universities. Heck, these days some folks can even make it into their mid-thirties on the big baby plan.

Another ‘Mere’ Teenager

In Biblical times, someone like Miriam of Nazareth was a young adult: mature, able in her due duties and skills. Likely around Laura Dekker’s age, she was already engaged, and then an angelic vision presented her with a choice which would literally put human salvation in her hands.

In my past teaching teens at Church camp (serious stuff like this, not Kumbayah & canoes), I found many of them– once they knew it was OK to ask real questions– to be serious, interesting, and brimming with questions of the most fundamental sort.

Modern education seems a most unserious enterprise, despite decades of fiddling and experts and dumbing-down. One of teh Binkling’s fellow students had trouble with basic reading (in high school) as they worked together on a project.

Throwing Away What Could Be

How many teens are deflected, defeated, dumbed down by current education into worker drones? Party critters? Studs & sluts? Burnouts?

By depriving kids of serious answers and solid food in their life-deciding years, we are throwing away so many chances for goodness, heroism, world-changing, and solid citizens. Mind you, we’ve been aborting actual babies by the millions in our ‘civilized lands’ for the last 50 years and more, so what’s wrong with a few aborted minds and souls and hearts?

Girls On Deck

Sad to note, despite all the drama and wonder of her voyage, Miss Dekker still reports being haunted by memories of bureaucratic abuse at the hands of Dutch authorities. One might suppose Dutch-descended Mark Steyn knows all about that, as does any member of that unhappy cadre of victims of Canucki Human rights commissions, tribunals, and investigations.

Sail on, brave young lady!* ~

* No, teh Binks is not advocating any and all teens cavorting solo, mid-Atlantic on a yacht.


The Binksmeister

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~ ED DRISCOLL— Identity Theft, Then and Now; Lunch, Cigars, and the Final Solution; It Looks Like You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat; Civilization in Reverse, on Dry Land and on Sea; Metaphor Alert: ‘Main Street USA will be Closed for the Duration of the President’s Time There’; Sucking up to Jimmy Carter by praising one of his worst, most self-destructive moments; If Newt so lacked the “moral character” for the Presidency, why did it take Marianne eight months to tell us?; The Me Decade versus the Great Relearning …. (

~ MEET THE LEFT’S Most Offensive Twit: Roy Barbeau …. (

~ THE HATEFUL MARK SHEA— “Gay Brownshirts on the March! Because the purpose of gay “marriage” is to create a legal basis for persecuting Christian belief. Tolerance is not enough. You. MUST. Approve!” …. (markshea)

~ MITCHIEVILLE— It Really Is The Favourite; Say, is it cold in here, or is it just Bawney Fwank?; Horoscope for the week of January 22, 2012; UK Headlines From The Year 2030; Modern Propaganda Techniques; Living in poverty like those Mexican welfare cases; It is always nice to know you can blame the Jews for everything …. (mitchieville)

~ SENTINALISM— Gubmint Motors Paying for Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Film; Canadian Indians Opposing Pipeline Accepted Soros Money …. (

~ BIG BLUE WAVE— Abortion will not come to an end in Canada without martyrdom; Creepy parents reveal sex of their ‘gender-neutral’ child‘; and Sometimes you just want to give a person a vigorous shake; also If you want to fight contraception, you must take up metaphysics; horrible fun with Pro-choice Semantics …. (

~ A PAPISTICAL rebuttal to “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” …. (patheos)

~ MIKE ADAMS— Postmodern Political Correctness and Christianity, and here’s Part II …. (boldcolors)

~ CLOSET-CON: “I rarely disagree with the great Caroline Glick, but hey-there’s a first for everything”; Rest in Peace, Navajo Warrior; and The UK is really screwed …. (

~ LIFESITE— Ontario government thanks Catholic leaders for support of gay anti-bullying bill; ‘Confessions of a recovering lesbian’; A battle to the death against moral relativism – Michael O’Brien; The silliest pro-abortion argument ever (is one you hear all the time); Liberals outraged over Dutch government funding of therapy for homosexuals …. (lifesitenews)


~ HEY, GENIUS POTUS— “Obama was only too happy to help the Islamic supremacists overthrow Mubarak, but has been criminally silent on the persecution and slaughter of Christians in the wake of his post-American foreign policy” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ GIZMODO— This Is Obama’s 2012 State of the Future …. (gizmodo)

~ SAITH MARK SHEA: “The question is not whether the Church will survive the growing hostility directed at it by the United States. The question is whether the United States will survive. To hate Christ is to love the spirit of suicide” …. (

~ MUST-READ: “How would you have reacted in 2008 if any Republican ran promising to do the following?” …. (markshea)

~ PULL HIS FINGER! Obama Chooses Chavez Over Canada …. (themoderateseparatist)

~ THE PUNDITA— A few choice words about poetic justice and the Washington Consensus …. (

~ RENT-A-MOB BOSS Soros Predicts Occupy Wall Street Movement Will Turn Violent, Riots To Bring About A “Repressive Political System” …. (Wz)

~ EXACTLYY– “Barack Obama is a terrible president and an unpopular one. He is ripe for defeat in November, but not by Newt Gingrich” …. (powerlineblog)

Cuddly, Cuddly Evil

~ HE CUDDLES THE EVIL— It is official: the Obama administration supports the radical anti-American, anti-semitic and anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood …. (

The Power of Iconography

~ THE HATEFUL SULLIVAN— Newsweek adds to the left-wing media “racist” narrative: Obama critics are “dumb.” …. (

~ PREPARING TO FAIL— “Having basically written off the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Obama is falling prey to a temptation several of his predecessors found irresistible in peacetime: Cut defense expenditures” …. (centerforsecuritypolicy)

~ REALITY BITES BACK— Dems Say Romney “Not Paying His Fair Share” – Seemingly Unaware John Kerry Was Paying a Lower Tax Rate When He Was Their Nominee …. (Wz)

~ SIGH.. EVEN MORE MARK SHEA— “Really Gingrich and the media are (like Gingrich and Freddie Mac) deeply incestuous (but then, we know how Gingrich feels about the need for his lovers to share him. There’s just too much awesomeness crackling in that Teacher of Civilization to be confined by bourgeois mores)” …. (ms)

~ DR. SANITY— Without envy, there would be no Democratic Party today.”I have to ask again with some exasperation, why aren’t Republicans making a case for the essential morality of capitalism?” …. (

~ CB CONGRESS Chairman: Blacks “Wouldn’t Dare March on The White House” Because Obama’s Black, If He “Was A White President We Would” …. (Wz)

~ NEWT’S RIGHT on Sharia, By Frank J. Gaffney Jr. …. (nro)

~ OBAMA’S RACE-WAR— “Too Black to Fail:” Juan Williams and the Race Card Played Two Ways …. (americandigest)

~ THE BOSSY LADY— “What, exactly, does Valerie Jarrett do?” …. (

~ THE RBO2 BLOGGER is keeping track of the rent-a-radical Occupy movement …. (rbo2)

~ CYNTHIA FARAHAT: Jihad & the War on Egypt’s Coptic Christians …. (centerforsecuritypolicy)

~ NITWIT FOX NEWS Hires Soros-funded Activist …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EAT CAKE, BIATCHES— “Apparently, Obama hopes the cult of celebrity will transform the gravest presidential election since Lincoln into an American Idol face-off. Winner at eleven.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)


“The international Left’s embrace of the likes of Hamas, the Taliban, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood has increased leftist and isolationist American policy-makers’ comfort level in adopting hostile postures towards Israel. So it is that at the same time that the Obama administration is assiduously courting the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime, according to Channel 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has refused to meet with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman during his upcoming trip to Washington.”

~ Some Evil Jewess ~

~ KUWAITI PRINCE declares conversion to Christianity: “if they kill me because of it, then I will appear before Jesus Christ” …. (jihadwatch)

~ BAIT, SWITCH, SCAM— Ireland may be the first EU state to sell Islamic bonds. Fleecing the infidels was never so easy …. (jihadwatch)

~ FATWA FROM THE OIC: France Adopting Armenian Genocide Law A “Sign of Islamophobia” …. (weaselzippers)

~ LET MY PEOPLE Go– Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists reportedly collaborate in rampage against Christians …. (


~ PAKISTANISTAN— “Beneath the surface in Abbottabad” is the Pakistani regime’s routine use of terrorism as a policy tool …. (

~ WOULD-BE MASTERS of the world! Egypt: Female former member of Muslim Brotherhood tells all …. (jihadwatch)

~ SAITH THE BOSTOM— “Understanding the Islam in Muslim Jew-Hatred” …. (andrewbostom)

~ UKISTAN: Three Muslims guilty of “hate crime” for advocating murder of gays …. (jihadwatch)

~ UNCLEAN POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion …. (clayandwater)

~ IRONY ALERT: The country that threatened to wipe Israel off the map is very upset at aggressive language used against it …. (

~ SPECIAL JUSTICE— AN Indonesian civil servant who declared himself an atheist on Facebook was arrested and is now facing jail for blasphemy …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE VLADMEISTER— Gaddafi supporters seize control of Libyan town; Hate crime charges in England, only apply against whites …. (vladtepesblog)

~ RUSTY SOVIET DISINFO still going– Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Claims HIV Created By West To Weaken Third World …. (

~ SPECIAL JIHAD LOGIC— “Hamas says that if only Jews still were in Gaza, it would be able to stage peaceful protests. Without them, the only choice is violence” …. (

~ NEO-NAZIS & MOE-LOVERS: Andrew Lawton at Landmark Report remembers a somber anniversary …. (clayandwater)

Freedom of Speech & Human Rights Under Sharia

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Jihadi magazine got into Gitmo cell; At least 143 killed as Muslims wage jihad in north Nigeria; Tariq Ramadan And Youssef Qaradawi Come Together; Bangladesh coup plot by military & Hizb ut Tahrir members fails; Muslim killed wife, brother in law, gets settlement from Ohio for halal meals; Maldives removes monuments “offensive” to Muslims …. (creepingsharia)

~ MORE GENDER Segregation In Iran- Schoolgirls To Get Separate Text Books …. (republicaninthearts)

~ INFILTRATIONISM— Muslim Hate Groups on Campus …. (clayandwater)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Latma exposes the Jewish terror machine; Mainstreaming anti-Semitism; The rise of the forces of jihadist Islam in Egypt places the US and other Western powers in an uncomfortable position …. (carolineglick)

2 thoughts on “Steynian 456nd

  1. Yea! The Web Elf seems back to his olde self. Hope you’re pushing close to 100% health wise. Re the Neighbourhood kid, Unambig has a great rant on bullying by his son. Actually, it was deemed sexual assault. His kid was 6 years old and tried to kiss a girl. PCMC gone crazy.

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