And Nothing But The Tooth

~ AFTERNOON UPDATE Antibiotics– check. Tooth-pulling appointment in two days– check. Prayers from online buds & fam– check. MMORPG, YouTube, audio books, and non-recreational drugs for buffer between Binks & reality– check. ~

~ HEY, PRE-DEAD minions.. Binks saw dentist #1, now off to dentist #2.. will know by early afternoon what kinda surgery/ treatment happens. It’s presently too bad an abscess right now to pull, so moar antibiotics ensue (again) until things calm down.

Then, tooth-ripping, re-root canalling, cap, nano-tooth or whatever. Pain-killers & Adult Anbesol™ on tap.

It turns out that my semi-evil previous dentist brought me here: not only did he commit root-canal unto me without my permission & knowledge ($$ cha-ching! drilling for gold $$), but Binky’s current (super-good) dentist actually found a flipping piece of danged mini-file left in the root canal itself by Evil Dentist Of Evil™, which is part of why the bloody throbbing thing is infected. You know, whole “Oopsies.. Surgeon Left His Watch In The Patient” type thing, only tooth-sized. Yay him.

Prayers, please. And patience on my blogging thing: I require massive distraction as pain-avoidance, and bloggage doesn’t fit the bill. Some MMORPG, and so shuddup Mrs. Shaidle. ~


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