Shorter Steynian 458nth

One Down, ??? To Go…

“A study by the University of Sherbrooke shows there have been 12 honour-killing victims in Canada since 1999 compared with three between 1954 and 1983.”

~ ITEM: Honour killings on the rise in Canada: Study

~ ITEM: Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings; “Honor” Murders – Why the Perps Get off Easy

~ NOW THAT CANADIAN justice has been upheld over the shariafied Shafias, let’s not have ‘special Muslim sensitivity squads’ abound– instead, review all the cases of missing teen Muslim girls over the past 10 years, and the outright cases of honour murder that have previously been let slide.

Unless a clear message is sent that this isn’t a one-off, the murders will continue, and the Muslim community well never be forced to confront the ugliness of this part of their religion. Justice is for all, or for none– if Jews and Christians and Mennonites aren’t let slide on offing their erring spawn, neither should the adherents of one certain religion.

Get The Rest

The Shafia parents & son are taken down– what about the case of Johra Kaleki? Or that ‘mother’ in Montreal a year or two back who got off scott-free? 12 such murders in 13 years? Now that we know what to look for, old cold cases of dead Muslims teen girls should be reviewed, and new ‘accidents’ be considered with a gimlet eye, until honour killing is ruled out. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

12 such murders in 13 years? Really? I’m guessing it might be double or more that figure, once you include erring wives, sons, or other family members who step over Mohammed’s line of “No penalty for offing apostates”. Plus, if the father/ brothers are good at covering their tracks, there are all sorts of ways to off people if you are determined, and think God demands it.

Brain-Rotted Response

Lots of Leftists and weepy types are going on about how everybody else is no better than the Honour Killers. Really? Is that sort of poisonous special pleading for evil the best you can offer? This writer has twin teen boys– just imagine. But if I have to punish them, or worry about their friends or moral lives, I work harder as a Dad to help and guide them– I don’t start plotting to dump them in a canal somewhere.

Aside from the 9% represented by Hindus and Sikhs and a very few other groups, if you’ve got a bloody pile of 100 honour-murdered girls & wives & sons, at least 91 of those corpses will be Muslim. That’s a world-wide problem, to say the least.

God: Holier Than Thou

The Judaeo-Christian way is clear: Thou Shalt Do No Murder, and then there’s Abraham & Isaac, where human sacrifice is set aside forever as a way to please God. Or read again the teaching of Jesus in the Parable Of The Prodigal Son, or The Parable of the Lost Sheep.

If Christians were really “just as bad”, then Jesus would have taught that the father of the prodigal cut the son’s throat before he ran off, or that the Good Shepherd slaughters the lambs to prevent strays. Can’t be too careful.

People Are Basically..?

Such disgusting pro-Shafia/ pro-sharia non-Muslim apologists are turning back into white, because their “everybody is basically good” (especially victim-classes) mentality will not allow that people are people, and some are good, some are not, and not all religions teach recycling, social justice, and feminism (like liberal-squishy Judaeo-Christianity). Better apologize for murder & a sick religion than adjust to uncomfortable facts & reality. Or protect vulnerable people.

Can’t be too politically correct. ~

Hating On Teh Christers

~ ITEM: First, They Came for the Catholics; Obama Attacks the Catholic Church- Where are the other Christian Leaders?

~ ITEM: This is protected speech? — Obama will protect speech that is pro-choice but will not protect the 10 commandments?

~ ITEM: Krauthammer nails Obama’s religious hypocrisy

Michael Coren & Teresa Pierre On Catholic Persecution

~ ITEM: MCGUINTY’S MADNESS.. SunNetwork video on Ontario bullying of Catholics

~ ITEM: Nazi Persecution of Christian Churches

~ ITEM: Word for Word/The Case Against the Nazis; How Hitler’s Forces Planned To Destroy German Christianity; THE NAZI MASTER PLAN— Transcribed and annotated by Professor Richard Bonney

~ ITEM: Catholic priests in the Dachau concentration camp; Nazi concentration camp unveils monument to Catholic priests killed in Holocaust

~ ITEM: Priestblock 25487: A Memoir of Dachau by Jean Bernard; DVD The Ninth Day Starring Ulrich Matthes, August Diehl, Hilmar Thate, et al.; DVD Sophie Scholl – The Final Days

~ WE’VE HAD 67 YEARS of reflection on the Holocaust. In addition to dead & suffering Jews, another 7 million people were victims of the German National Socialist Concentration & death-camp system, just like copycat Gulags and Laogai and Re-Education camps throughout the Communist world. The dead & suffering included a large number of Christians, for being Christians.

Why? Same old reason: Jesus Is Lord. Not Caesar, not Mohammed, not Adolf or Papa Joe or Mao or Pol Pot or Fidel (or Che) or Daniel Ortega.. and, dare we say it, not Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien or Barack Hussein Obama.

Witnessing In Blood

In Imperial Roman times, not to offer incense and a knee to Caesar’s image was not just atheistic apostasy (the leader was semi-divine), but rebellion, and a rejection of the political order, as far as the Romans saw it. That Christians obeyed the law, paid taxes, prayed for the Emperor, did not sit in Occupy rats-nests demanding stuff and things and other people’s money? Not good enough.

Eusebius of Caesarea details the horrors and martyrdoms inflicted on early Christians by the state & mob-rule.. or you can look to more recent history, or the streets of many Egyptian or Nigerian cities, in 2012. Much of a muchness.

What’s With All That?

Why? Jesus is Lord. There is a God-given and divinely revealed wisdom that transcends and pre-dates the state, and all false claims to supreme power in the world, nations, or the lives of people. Family & marriage? The dignity of life? The nature of true freedom? God’s will and kingdom in heaven and earth?

Catholic priests in the Dachau concentration camp

So Adolf– who knew that many faithful churches & Christians (including the Pope) were saving Jews by the hundreds of thusands, and aiding the resistance, and not at all preaching and rejoicing in the official teaching that Hitler Was Lord– had plans. That plan was a veritable Holocaust 2.0– against European Chritianity. Clergy rounded up; uppity laypeople rounded up; work-to-death and executions galore; property and money confiscated, churches closed, demolished, or turned into Nazi facilities.

The documents were found during the Nuremburg trials & investigation.

“In 1999 Julie Seltzer Mandel, while researching documents for the “Nuremberg Project”, discovered 150 bound volumes collected by Gen. William Donovan as part of his work on documenting Nazi war crimes. Donovan was a senior member of the U.S. prosecution team and had compiled large amounts of evidence that Nazis persecuted Christian Churches. In a 108-page outline titled “The Nazi Master Plan” Office of Strategic Services investigators argued that the Nazi regime had a plan to reduce the influence of Christian churches through a campaign of systematic persecutions.”

As it was, both Daschau & Sachsenhausen camps held many Christian leaders; monks, and nuns and leading laypeople were rounded up; and resisters like Dietrich Bonhoeffer or the White Rose group were executed not simply as enemies of the state, but for the faith that lay behind their courage and activity.

The Emperor Obama

The witless wonder of America has– instead of stealthing his pro-death agenda– made it public via trying to force Roman Catholic hospitals to take on the full contraceptive pro-abort programme. Like former Jean Chretien in Canada, Mr. Hopenchange is dabbling in anti-Christism: trying to rule as if God or no higher principle or power than him is supreme, and that obstinate (faithful non-prog) Christians are enemies of the state. Way to toss the vote, genius.

MCJ Blogger Christopher Johnson is all over this situation (with generous linkeries), so go read up and witness the soft-persecution even as it unfolds. Remarkably, even some liberals and prog-Catholics are pushing back against Emperor Hussein, and wondering where their paradise went. Welcome to the Obama’s Bitter Exes club, where the betrayed and lied to wake up and realize It Was All A Lie.

What Comes Next?

The unredeemed world hates Jesus, and so it hates his flock; when arbitrary power treads into claiming divinity and absolute authority (on a national or personal level), persecution will come to the faithful, who will not bend the knee, for Jesus is Lord. Western Christian persecution is mostly soft now, with Obama and McGuinty and a faith-hating media, but cheer up– it may well get much worse before it gets any better. ~

Star Wars & Nerds

~ ITEM: Go Read All This First.

~ ITEM: Scroll down for comments

Hey, Kathy. Another pithy, punchy piece to rouse the interwebs. Brava!

Interestingly, my father (a hard-core real SF reader from youth) cordially hated Star Wars, and still does. Good SF is where you’re still allowed to do metaphysics on the side– but don’t tell anyone. BTW, he studied nuclear physics, computers, medicine, and is a working pathologist, a.k.a. super-doctor, so he has a career or three. NRA, Republican.. you get the drift.

George Lucas is a smarter-than-thou nasty little man of limited but real talents, and a boundless appetite for money, and hating on his fans. As a teen, I too went to the theatre that summer of ’77 too many times, and enjoyed less and less the new movies as they came out.

Then I mostly grew up, got two degrees, got married, went to work, got babies, and while I’m a recovering nerd, I understand how SW is a fixture for so many people. It’s a place (like religion used to be) to discuss and cheer on and unapologetically love the big stuff: good and evil, right and wrong, sacrifice and redemption. It’s also politically incorrect, and has manly men being men and all manly and stuff. With swords and guns and zoomy ships. It’s hardly mangina fodder.

Mind you, it’s actually better to get a life & a real religion, since worrying about the fate of the Ewoks or spending endless years of life nerding up on fictional minutiae isn’t the same as worrying about the fate of the Copts, or figuring out the minutiae of faith, the Bible, and the fate of your soul.

In that respect, the Tolkien books are doors opening into that world without all of Lucas’ Buddhist BS, and the little idiot Yoda’s bromides and nonsense. Peter Jackson messed up many of the themes and characters, but reading the books is always possible, and re-reading them yearly (like Sir Christopher Lee) reveals more each time. Lucas’ original book is OK, but it’s like a signpost pointing to another signpost in terms of The Big Issues in Grown-Up world.


* Binky adds: raised on Star Trek, later realized it was insane fascistic political correctness.

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Crisis! Multitasking Tweens


3 thoughts on “Shorter Steynian 458nth

  1. This is hilarious, and the reason why people, but only some people multi.task, because they process very quickly, and when things are moving slowly, like older men, and lots of average people, it is tooo frustrating for those who know what you have to say, before you complete the first boring sentence…

    This vid is hilarious, because they are doing what inspires the multi-taskers to engage in several other lines of thought synomously……..

    When the complexity of thoughts, words or ideas demands, then one usually focuses on one line of thought

    This environmental bio-feedback has several implications, and in another decade the old adages of what was thought to be focus attention to stimuli,,,,,all this will have to be researched for changed perceptual results…..

    Dumb people will always flit around,,,,and never be able to focus on higher level thoughts or concepts

  2. Since he’s in the news again, some history on Ortega & “friendly” Ché-beret style “fashionista” persecution:

    Can’t remember if I already sent the link last year or if you were still convalescing, but I pray you get well soon AGAIN — I’m filing a complaint to God that this sheep cannot survive very long in the spiritual warfare interwebs without a digital pastor!


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