Toof News

~ BINKS UPDATE– The fabulous & ever-entertaining Molarpalooza continues, with the jaw-abscess still well under way, pain way above usual levels, and the lymph system in my face utterly overloaded & throbbing. Now on tasty second batch of even stronger antibiotics, just begun. 19 days and counting.

Blogging? Nope.

Prayers for healing, rest, and that She-Binks won’t put me out with the recycle bin rubbish all much appreciated. The Glenfiddich is running low.. anybody know if The Glenlivet is better for aches of the jaw? Islay’s Laphroiag? Jack Daniels? Moonshine in an old boot?

In related news, not only did Dentist of Evil leave a bit of file in the root canal, he left the bottom 25% of the actual canal undone on one side.. that is, a rotting pit of decay, dead flesh, bacteria, and thus a veritable time-bomb which asploded three weeks ago. In my personal head.

Grrrr grngrngrn. O Father, I seek to want to forgive him, amen?

Currently reading Metaxas’ new bio on Bonhoeffer; Cochrane: The Real Master & Commander; and anything else at hand to distract mesself. Plus EvE-Online.

Wah, boo-hoo, poor me,

Binks Webelf


5 thoughts on “Toof News

  1. I like dark rum — but haven’t tried it on a toothache. I’ve never had a toothache for 19 days.

    I don’t like the sound of it! ‘Abscess too close to the brain. Can you change your dentist?

  2. “Oh, good doctor, couldn’t you just take my jaw as is and fill in the spot with some gesso or something? I’ll promise to be happy always chewing on the other side…”

    Sincerely, dear Binky, I pray that the new antibiotic is going to do the knockout punch very quickly to the mange in there, so that you will actually have huge relief WAY BEFORE the actual end of the antibiotic regimen. Can’t elaborate, everything else that could be put here would be ridiculously trite, sir.

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