Toofs Update– Happy Happy, Joy Joy

~ WHERE, O WHERE, YOU wonder– ye few who are still checking in– is that ever-whinging WebElf? Living in the fun-filled Book of Job, and scratching myself with potsherds, thanks for asking.

Toof Diagnosis

Thus, the first tooth problem is roughly 80% better– but there’s still pain.. and so the good dentist who recently pulled tooth #1 did some more probing, x-ray, and tooth-testing this morning.

Wait for it…. even more dentistry to ensue.

It turns out that if you do an un-asked-for root canal, drop a bit of dental file in it, and then leave the bottom 25% of the root unfixed, that not only are you risking tooth abscess, but neighbouring teeth are in danger, too, via inflamed & rotting nerves.

No, I’m not joking.

It’s Like A Party!

The result? A brand new Root Canal to be excavated on Friday for 2+ hours, on the next tooth in line.. which is indeed infected, and threatening a whole new abscess, despite 3 weeks of strong antibiotics. Oh, and more antibiotics to follow this treatment. Ha ha, whee!

What with my general poor health & abiding slow recoveries, so it goes… thank you so VERY much, O Rapacious Botchmeister Dentist Of Evil who started this slow series of dental implosions in my head 4 years ago.

Thank God for the blessings of modern dentistry, anesthesia & pain-control, decent insurances, and an utterly awesome young lady-dentist who knows her stuff, and just how to make it better. A silver amalgam lining to all these clouds. Lord have mercy on my rotting self.

So What, Elf?

Prayers please, and patience.

I do apologize for that burst of bloggy activity a a month ago (perhaps you were right, Hilary, full ITYS Rights to you), and now nothing. I just don’t have it in me with the pain, anti-biotic hangover, fevers, and general exhaustion to spend a lot of energy blogging. A few essays have percolated in my addled noggin, but not much else.

If anybody is inclined, do feel free to send along Amazon loot to cheer up & occupy your stricken servant.

All prayers and notes of encouragement would also be timely, and very welcome.. I’m seriously worn to a nub by stress, pain, tiredness, infection, and waiting around to get better.

Love Your Elf,




8 thoughts on “Toofs Update– Happy Happy, Joy Joy

  1. Aw, Binks, I feel so bad for you. My own dental problems are quite trivial in comparison — very sensitive teeth & gums, and no amount of Sensodyne or others seems to help. But my issue has one blessing: I no longer wolf down food at warp speed & have been forced to eat properly.

    I am glad you’ve found a new dentist who can help, but I am so sorry you are in such pain. I pray the speed of your recovery will escalate and you’ll soon be posting your goodies once more!

  2. Are you going for the, novocaine, novocaine with gas, or anesthesia? Either way, today’s dentistry makes it so easy for even the most dentophobic. You’ll be eatin’ peanut brittle in no time.

  3. I recently replied to one of your articles on an older website. Found you via “Tune: Kings Lynn” .blogspot dot com (Maryland, USA Episcopalian). Hope you still saw my comment. All the best to you. 🙂

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