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Your Patience, Please

~ AS ALL PRE-DEAD Minions are aware from their official Approved Guide To Teh Binky, the Binks is pretty much infallible (Chapter 31, Section III, subsection N, “Who Ya Gonna Believe: Binks, Or Yer Lyin’ Eyes?“).

Thus, even though I’ve been AWOL for a while and pretty much tuned out of the news, FaceBook, e-mail, blogs, and the like, my pretty much infallible status still stands, even if there are what appear to be blind-spots* or misinformed views or infelicities of style in the blog over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience in clearing up your misapprehensions. Binks forgives you. ~

*Trayvon who? Tawana Brawley what-now?

Coren & Crowder on Trayvon Martin

Watch & Spread

Gaffney On The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Binky Says– Go And Do

~ ITEM: Maroli Restaurant owner charged after scuffle with alleged thief

~ ITEM: Google Maps of Maroli

~ GO AND eat at The Spiceman’s restaurant in Toronto, Maroli Restaurant (630 Bloor St. W. near Euclid Avenue). Naveen needs your support. ~

P.S. Hey Naveen: get Toronto to move that tree 8 feet to the left.

Going Off Plantation

~ ITEM: N.S. student suspended for wearing pro-Jesus shirt

~ ITEM: School board says student can wear Jesus T-shirt; Student returns to school, Dad pulls him out in protest

~ ITEM: Christians ‘Most Persecuted’ Religious Group in the World, Says Expert

~ IT NEVER happened. Not once.

Of all the weddings I ever performed, nobody ever stood up to speak out at the “Speak now, or forever hold your peace” thing (which isn’t a time to slag the couple, but report something choice-changing about bride or groom).

Sad to say, in the People’s Republic Of Nova Scotiastan, speaking up now or forever holding your peace is now available at one local high school, at least for one Christian young man, who stepped outside the accepted socialist libertarian narrative.

What About?…

Acceptable t-shirt choices: Abortion– A Woman’s Business; Gay Is Great; Buddha Rocks; Recycle Or Doom; Islam Is Best; Mao Is Wow; Atheism: The Smart Decision; Hurray For Condoms; Che Guevara got erections at executions, but he’s still my hero.. and any variety of corporate logos.

Unacceptable t-shirt choices?: Anything Christian.

 Perp In Offensive Hate-wear

So pity poor William Swinamer of Chester Basin, who thought–like many generations of teens over the past 40 years– to wear his opinions and commitments for all to see on a t-shirt.

His crime? A “Life is wasted without Jesus” t-shirt. In public. Where other people might actually read it. Oh, the humanity.

Now, we can debate the taste or effectiveness of clothing-based evangelism, but not that this is how a lot of teens express themselves. Nor that he has a right to wear clothing with assertions on them– as many teens do– and, further, to actually tell other people about what he believes.

In fact, the pithy t-shirt is fairly mild compared to what Jesus actually said on occasion, and his claim that, indeed, Life–and the afterlife– is wasted apart from his saving love. Very offensive stuff.

Yet this is the era of people waiting around to be possibly offended– like cow-pies hidden in the grass, waiting for the unwary walker. Squish.

Wah, Boo Hoo

Witness local atheist and delicate flower Niall Barkes (and bites):

“I’m an atheist myself and I’m kind of offended because he’s basically saying that my life is wasted without Jesus, and I think the reason for him getting suspended is reasonable.”

Free speech in a free society under God is like that, Niall. Anybody else out there getting suspended for a week for wearing t-shirts? No?

Unless you are spineless squishy liberal “Christians”, the NDP in robes like the United Church of Canada, it’s open season on Christianity. That’s because– like Jihadists who attack churches– secular socialist libertarians recognize a threat when they see it.

The actual living Jesus is good, but he is not safe, and won’t shut up and keeps reminding us of love, sacrifice, sin, heaven and hell, and all that we would deny and unknow. You know, like

….The endless cycle of idea and action,
Endless invention, endless experiment,
Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness;
Knowledge of speech, but not of silence;
Knowledge of words, and ignorance of The Word.
All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance,
All our ignorance brings us nearer to death,
But nearness to death no nearer to God.
Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?….

…. They constantly try to escape
From the darkness outside and within
By dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.
But the man that is shall shadow
The man that pretends to be….

T.S. Eliot, Choruses from The Rock (1934)

Thanks, but God is not a subject or object or idea in our very modern educationism, as we perfect the system, forever and ever? Why is it some people still live as if fascism & Communism weren’t tried and found evil?

Sorry, but human duties and freedoms precede the state or bureaucracies or human rights experts. Where do they come from? God. How are they rightly ordered? In liberty under law.

The future of Canada as a free non-utopian idea is being tested all around us, and many of our sincere but sincerely wrong fellow citizens think “managed” truth and semi-liberty are the way forward. But I ask: the way forward into what? Countless endlessly multiplying rules for every word and action and article of clothing? ~

The Good News

Thought Criminals At Play

~ MARK STEYN and Ezra Levant are non-conformicrat Canucki heroes– and thank heaven for SunTV, and all the journalists and commentators on there speaking out against the usual media-political consensus.

If you can’t watch Ezra on SunTV, there’s a decent amount of it on SDAMatt’s channel & Blazing Catfur on YouTube. As a chronic Steynian, I enjoy listening to Mark.. he’s a wealth of pith, humour (as opposed to comedy), not taking himself seriously, but taking the issues very seriously.

That’s why I’m Binky and not whatever generic name– look at what I say, and not me; click the links, agree or disagree, but don’t let the conform-y self-editing politically correcting mind-bot we squishy moderns all carry around in us forbid thought, debate, and even truth.

We all have things to learn.. and we must also take risks to help others de-conform and open their minds to the wider reality of what’s happening in our culture and world. Beyond that, there’s the ugly facts of bankruptcy and demographic collapse happening all around us– never mind the Titanic 100th Anniversary, that was a rowboat in trouble compared to the world situation in 2012.

If the devilish debt-loving Obama wins this Fall, we will be facing societal & global collapse. If Rombot or some dark horse wins the Presidential race, then it’s up in the air. We’re not just spending our grandchildren’s money, we’re gambling with their future safety & the health of western civilization, and creating a world on the edge of chaos.

In the meantime, let’s keep reading, watching, forwarding, writing letters, speaking out, and standing for sanity. ~

Another Day, Another Atrocity


~ DID YOU SEE IT? The massive, world-wide condemnation from Muslim nations, mosques, and groups around the world, protesting the recent Easter-time massacre of Nigerian Christians by Muslim jihadis? Millions marching, online petitions signed, apologies offered, denunciation from countless pulpits.

No? That’s because it never happened. Nor did it happen for the twenty thousand violent attacks big and small since 9/11 in the name of Muhammed’s rapey slavey head-choppy asplody death-cult. ~

Not So Laughy, Says Binks

~ ITEM: And in return, we get smugness

~ OK, SO SHINY PONY Justin Trudeau is a lightweight, a rich snob, a foot-in-mouth eejit, and is a great topic for giggling.

People in 2004 might have said the same thing about “Who, You Say?” Obama in the early 1990s. Thing is, even a babbling twit can be polished and made shiny for the media, electorate, made to speak from a Teleprompter, and surrounded with fog, illegal money, and all the rest– bingo.

Shiny Pony will still be around decades from now, when Harperism is a memory. If I were wanting to bring hardcore Obamunist/ EUSSR socialism to Canada– where LibNDPs are already ripe for it, and the kneepad media ready to service the powers that be– Shiny Pony would be perfect.

What if? Shiny Pony the handpuppet performing for power elites would silence a currently uppity, contrary, pro-Israel, andi-Jihadist, Obama-disrespecting government. Watch for it.

Please, O Lord, prove me wrong. ~

The Truth Will Out


W.A. Mozart – Requiem (KV 626) – Dies irae

~ WHATEVER HIGHLY defective, radicalized, half-assed kind of cultural Christianity The God-King (PBUH) Barack Obama supposedly believes, he does not appear to truly and life-changingly live under the last judgement, nor all of Jesus’ sternest warnings– directed towards hypocrites and show-offs– nor the warning that all which is whispered shall in That Day be shouted from the rooftops. You know, listen to Mozart’s “Dies Irae” for an idea of actual Christianity & the End Times.

Hateful racists Brenda Elliot and the Jew Aaron Klein have done much to unearth the deliberately hidden, falsified and whitewashed life of the current resident of the White House.. and another book is either just out or soon to be so. The have done us and history a great service

Still, a Christian who truly believes that God our saviour and judge knows all, and only forgives sins confessed and repented of, who walks this life surrounded by the blessed trinity in whom there is no darkness, lies, or shadow of turning, does well to keep in that light, to live openly and frankly and with a true fear and love of God.

Obama– like many public figures– would rather risk it, deny, dodge, double-deal, dissemble– and leave the whole truth about himself to the misty future when it can no longer affect his power, or almighty utopian agenda.

The adulterous anti-colonialist & Marxist Jeremiah Wright may forgive Obama, but Barack seems to laugh off the final judgement of God, apparently cocksure that God is on his side– and so not acting with any sense or sensible self-doubt that guides most of us into a little humility and caution when we have great or little things under our responsibility.

Lord have mercy upon him, and all of us. ~

Bend Over, Here It Comes

~ ITEM: Privileging hybrids a visible reminder of class inequality

~ ITEM: Mitsubishi Electric Car

~ SADLY, MANY Leftists are cheerful semi-fascists.

Back in the day, ye olde Soviet officials would regularly plonk people in Psych Hospitals for insanity.. because they were in any way discontented with the worker’s paradise.

The wretched psychologization of language and politics– witness the universal use of the suffix ‘phobia’ to blanket condemn opponents of whatever smelly little orthodoxy they are on about.

How bad is it now? Well, aside from “Phobia” being rammed down the throats of school children and on and on, now it’s a selling-point for.. cars. Mitsubishi electrics.

OK, it’s funny– but using the “phobia” tag isn’t. Further.. not wanting to pay $32 large for a tiny car that might help the environment a bit (how many precious earth-metals in those batteries?) is a sign of (snicker) mental illness?

Killing Us Softly with His Ride

I drive a small (fuel efficient) SUV.. before that, a large van. It’s obviously because (a) I hate mother earth, (b) I love buying gas, (c) think Smart Cars are portable piggy-banks (OK, that one is true), (d) hate coal-fired ‘electric’ cars, (e) really love the smell of burning carboniferous dino-plants.

Nope. I will cheerfully buy a hybrid or electric when (1) we’re pretty sure they won’t melt or self-ignite, (2) there are quick-charge places at most gas stations, (3) they won’t strand me and mine in a snow storm or the middle of the woods at 1am, (4) home or neighbourhood solar panels & batteries will charge the thing off-grid.

That’s right, Binky is ACTUALLY more hippy than this current crop of poseur eco-capitalists.

Right now, Hybrids & electrics are over-priced urban middle-class hipster & hippy feel-good propaganda, shifting the hydrocarbons just out of sight.. in our case, to the provincial coal-fired generators burning very dirty Cape Breton coal.

As far as “Smart” cars, this dumbkopf would rather get the same mileage (and two more seats, and a lot more safety) out of the smallest Toyota products. ~

The Bloated Absolutist

~ ITEM: The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580

~ ITEM: The Supression of the English monasteries

~ AS A LOVER of history, I do not think it strange to feel strongly about people and events of the past.

During the last while, I’ve watched a fair amount of historical stuff on YouTube and elsewhere, and together with past studies and reading, I’ve revisited the ruinous reign of Henry The Terrible, 8th English monarch of that name.

Pardon if Teh Binky repeats hisself on this theme– my brain is a slow hamster on a tiny wheel.

A Whole New World

The worst part of the reign of Henry VIII is the failed possibilities: his monarchy might have heralded a true renaissance of English Christianity, culture, society, arts and letters, a real Christian humanism which– as Erasmus and Thomas More had hoped– would be a blessing to England and the world.

The young new-minted King of 1509 was a rock-star of his time; educated, strong and athletic, a pious Catholic, a dreamer who loved the new learning, but also the best of medieval chivalry and literature. The Tudors seemed a new start, and although Henry VII had abused the power of the state to fill his coffers, young Henry seemed the very opposite of his father.

Then it all imploded.


As it was– just as Henry’s bloating corpse lay in a neglected coffin while dogs licked up the seeping blood– the sheer wreckage of his own land and people, under a promising king become a wolf and heretic and monster of self-will, would doom England to nearly 2 centuries of warfare, division, persecution, wrecking and civil war, and regicide.

The strongest Catholic nation in Europe became a persecuting petty bureaucracy and secret police state, not only raping the monasteries, but plundering every church and parish, and hunting down the faithful as if they were enemies of God and the state.

Never since the Norman invasion had all the power of the crown been turned so violently against the English people. All the power of the medieval bureaucracy, all the loyalty of the people to the crown, all were gradually turned into a police-state checking the loyalty and religious life and submission of England to the contradictory enormities of Henry’s making himself a modern dictator, semi-divine master of church and state.

The older tradition of rule was with the will of the people, and under the law: France and the Normans introduced the idea of divine right– and the absolute power– to English monarchy, and Henry became the absolutist ever.

One Wee Example

When it comes to messianical leadership, Der Fuhrer or President Hopenchange are tyrants-come-latelies. Look at the frontispiece of Henry’s 1539 Great Bible. Once you get past all the ‘Vivat rex!’ (Long Live The King!) scrolls and grateful-looking subjects, there’s Old Bloaty himself, handing down the new Bible to everybody. All well and good.. except– where’s, you know, God? It’s a little bit of Tudor “Where’s Waldo”: a micro-Christ is visible like a hasty afterthought in a very tiny cloud above a very large and central Henry VIII, like Dr. Seuss’ Yertle The Turtle, master of all he surveys.. perhaps even God.

Finally, & In Conclusion

It still makes me sad, and angry, and no more so than at the ‘official’ state church version that paints Anglicanism as the inoffensive genteel broad middle way, etc. etc. — it’s rather like attending a fine art gallery, and finding out later the paintings were Nazi plunder from murdered owners. ~

Attention-Whore Dan: Bullies For Buggery

“Jesus Christ is Justice and Mercy, personified — he stays the hands that would stone but simultaneously says “go and sin no more.”

~ The Anchoress ~

~ ITEM: Dan Savage Calls Bullshit On Bible-Thumping Bigots

~ ITEM: Dalton McGuinty’s Anti-Bullying Partner Calls the “Bible Bull S-t”; Dan Savage Bombs while Bullying Christians and Bashing the Bible

~ ITEM: Mark Shea– The difference… between Dan Savage and Dawn Eden–explained!; and Dan “Hooray for Inciting Rape!” Savage; Dan Savage, Professional Gay Victim, uses bullied gay teens as human shields so that he can… bully teens.

~ ITEM: This Is The Left’s Answer To Bullying?

~ ITEM: Gay bully supported by the Obama administration: He’s “Savage” in more than just name

~ ITEM: The Talking, Thinking and Wondering Will Continue

~ ITEM: VIDEO: A Savage Bully– Ezra Levant looks at how Dan Savage bullies others in the name of ‘anti-bullying’.

~ DEAR OH DEAR— Dan Savage has caught us all. We Christians, out busy stoning infidels, hanging homosexuals, unfreeing slaves, and burning books. The local Anglican Church Women are busy knitting rocks and taking up collections for our next crusade even as I speak.

The Bible does not reflect our current amazing ideas. Who knew? There are ugly bits in Holy Writ– human sacrifice, rape, incest, slavery, hookers, sodomy, hellfire, merciless war, gory executions, suicide, a spike through the head– a shocker. The full gamut of sin is there in black and white and red. The Bible apparently says some things are good, some evil, and furthermore, that God minds our business.

Hurray for Dan Savage!.. for reminding us that the Bible is not a safe piece of literature or scholarly toilet-paper or mindless crap (the Bible also talks about defecation repeatedly). It’s dangerous. Alive. Bitey. Confusing. Glorious. Shot through with light and dark. Not always blindingly obvious. Transformative.

Not A Bug, A Feature

Thing is, that’s been known forever. By the Hebrews, called by God, who wrote the first scrolls; by the priests and rabbis who taught and articulated it; by the commentaries on the Law like the Mishnah; by Jesus and his disciples; by the first bishops and defenders of the faith, through almost 2000 years (and 2000+ years before that), and onwards to the apologists and evangelists and scholars of the faith in The Year Of Our Lord 2012.

What Dan Savage says is news only to an age profoundly ignorant of the content and even cultural resonances of the Bible; to agnostics and atheists always glad to give religion a poke in the eye. Actual seekers or those trying to understand the Bible can get a world of books, audio, video, and interpretative material to grapple with– if not resolve– all the wierd or gross or confusing bits of the Bible.

There are those who might wish the Bible to have all the excitement and relevance of a bureaucratic report from the Department Of Inoffensive Reports, but thank heaven reality– and God– and his doings in the world with his eople– just aren’t that neat, boring, or sleep-inducing.

Free Flights Now!

This guy should not have been invited to speak in a state-sponsored school, where the message and the teaching are considered ‘official’. Further, if Savage was allowed to one-sidedly savage the Holy Book of the Jews & Christians, was a reasonable response scheduled for a Christian/ Jewish defense of faith & the messy bits of Scripture?

You will note that Mr. Savage went on to mock the Christians who were upset enough over his verbal abuse to– what?– stone him? Shout him down? Bomb his home? Burn down his workplace? Send death-threats? Threaten his relatives? Beat him up?– no, to quietly, politely, and respectfully disagree and leave.

One more thing– if Dan the Man is an equal-opportunity religion-basher (he’s not), then I will buy him a ticket to Mecca and Amritsar, so he can publicly point out the bullshit in the Koran, and the teachings of Sikhism. Fair is fair, right?

Then on to Kano Nigeria, where he can mock over the graves of those stupid bigoted Christers recently slain by Jihadists over Easter. Cuz him so smarter. ~

Random Binky Linkies

“Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins.”

~ Saint Thomas Aquinas ~

Black hole eats a star in 140 days

Mosh Ben-Ari Psalm 121 – A Song of Ascent


Something Wonderful: 90 Voice Tracks = 1 Symphonic Tribute to Stars Wars

Cool hatey shirts for haters

Poetry Corner

A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day, 1687. John Dryden

FROM harmony, from heavenly harmony,
This universal frame began:
When nature underneath a heap
Of jarring atoms lay,
And could not heave her head,
The tuneful voice was heard from high,
‘Arise, ye more than dead!’
Then cold, and hot, and moist, and dry,
In order to their stations leap,
And Music’s power obey.

From harmony, from heavenly harmony,
This universal frame began:
From harmony to harmony
Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
The diapason closing full in Man.

What passion cannot Music raise and quell?
When Jubal struck the chorded shell,
His listening brethren stood around,
And, wondering, on their faces fell
To worship that celestial sound:
Less than a God they thought there could not dwell
Within the hollow of that shell,
That spoke so sweetly, and so well.
What passion cannot Music raise and quell?

The trumpet’s loud clangour
Excites us to arms,
With shrill notes of anger,
And mortal alarms.
The double double double beat
Of the thundering drum
Cries Hark! the foes come;
Charge, charge, ’tis too late to retreat!

The soft complaining flute,
In dying notes, discovers
The woes of hopeless lovers,
Whose dirge is whisper’d by the warbling lute.

Sharp violins proclaim
Their jealous pangs and desperation,
Fury, frantic indignation,
Depth of pains, and height of passion,
For the fair, disdainful dame.

But O, what art can teach,
What human voice can reach,
The sacred organ’s praise?
Notes inspiring holy love,
Notes that wing their heavenly ways
To mend the choirs above.

Orpheus could lead the savage race;
And trees unrooted left their place,
Sequacious of the lyre;
But bright Cecilia rais’d the wonder higher:
When to her organ vocal breath was given,
An angel heard, and straight appear’d
Mistaking Earth for Heaven.


As from the power of sacred lays
The spheres began to move,
And sung the great Creator’s praise
To all the Blest above;
So when the last and dreadful hour
This crumbling pageant shall devour,
The trumpet shall be heard on high,
The dead shall live, the living die,
And Music shall untune the sky!


~ Binks Observes– Back a decade or so ago, Climate shyster Al Gore warned us the seas were going to rise 20 feet in the next century. Do the math– 2 feet per decade; 1 foot per every 5 years; 2.4 inches every single year. I call bushwah. 2 feet of rising watery doom already is it, Prophet Al? And the liars prosper. ~

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Mark Steyn

“Marked For Death brings together in one book a transatlantic pairing of two of the west’s most prominent champions for our civilization’s core liberties. And don’t forget, when you order from SteynOnline, Mark will be happy to autograph it to you or your loved one. Order one today for the incendiary imam or appeasing Eurocrat in your family!”

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~ EYE ON THE HILL— Shimon Peres: Be my friend for peace, the remix; Menzoid blog roll, May 7; I am very strongly in favour of free expression; Smash state… from within!; Accountability reeks of totalitarianism?; Ding-Dong the Gun Registry is, er, not quite dead yet; Keeping the young Trudeau in the style to which he’s become accustomed; Well, somebody hates somebody(eyeonthehill)

~ WHERE WE ARE— “Modern Westerners, including Christians, no longer believe in the supernatural in the taken-for-granted fashion of our ancestors. Confronted by major life events, we find solace in our own compassion” … (blogs.telegraph)

~ SOME GOOD NEWS— Burma celebrates Aung San Suu Kyi’s apparent landslide election victory: Nobel laureate expected to take office for first time after landmark poll that could see end to 50 years of military rule … (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— Supermoon 2012: Rio; Her last attempt to rule the world; The Racist Selfishness of Elizabeth Warren Adopted Tribe; Princess “Shits With Bull” … (

~ HATEFUL BIGOTED EX-GAYS demand that extremely intolerant gays be tolerant … (

~ SCRATCH A LEFTIST.. London mayor’s race– Boris wins. So, Ken Livingstone, how did that ‘wealthy Jews’ thing work out for you?; Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and Britain’s drift towards the politics of race(blogs.telegraph)

~ HAPPY MAY DAY! A day to celebrate Marxist mass murder … (

~ JENNIFER Roback Morse lectures on sex and sexuality at Harvard University … (winteryknight)

~ THE LYNCH MOB— The Lynch List, 30-Apr-2012; and The Lynch List, 23-Apr-2012(missnixon)

~ PERSECUTION BRIEF: Violence Reigns in Nigeria, Kenya; Iranian Pastor’s Attorney Arrested; and Nigerian Christians Defy Fear of Bloodshed and Continue Church Worship(global.christianpost, CP)

~ MITCHIEVILLIAN— McDonald’s – Retro; Jewperman is a Jewperhero; Jack Of All Trades; CNN Is Cruel To Us Every Month; Rabies outbreak at the shopping mall; No One Likes Chelsea Clinton(mitchieville)

Reason TV: What We Saw at Occupy Wall Street’s May Day Protest in NYC

~ THE FIRST FREEDOM— Why Religions Must Be Free, Not Tolerated, by William L. Saunders … (touchstonemag)

~ IT’S THE KATE— It’s Probably Nothing; Children Of The Pod; A Taiwanese View of the Quebec Riots; This Is Not Your Grandma’s Humane Society; We Are The World; “We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.”; How’s That Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out For Ya?; Why It’ll Stay Government Motors For A While Yet; An Anarchists’ Fashion Guide; Take Me, Dear Leader(smalldeadanimals)

~ MORAL NEOPHILIA— “Egalitarian rationalism is not moving the world to freedom, justice, and happiness, but to a kind of madness, in which ‘human rights councils’ police egalitarianism’s incoherent new standards of blasphemy and sacrilege, and male soldiers are forced to pretend they are pregnant women” … (princearthurherald)

~ ARCHBISHOP CRANMER— The EU is stoking nationalism, protectionism and racism; Raped by a priest? Did you enjoy it?; Peter Gowlland: the Diocese of Southwark responds; Anglican Lay Reader suspended for supporting Coalition for Marriage; County council cuts God from its prayers(

~ LIFESITE NEWS— Reggie Littlejohn relates the crucial lesson for all human rights activists to be learned from the Chen Guangcheng saga; Chen may be allowed to fly to America: U.S. officials; Chen’s horrifying discovery: Obama admin just another member of the population control mafia(

Phobical Bigots In Favour Of Reality

~ WAR ON REALITY— Anglican Preacher Pulled From Pulpit After Advocating Traditional Marriage(christianpost, telegraph)

~ FENRIS BADWULF— “Amongst those that seek to prepare for the future, preparation for calamity is all the rage” … (

~ MOOSES AND SQUIRLZ— The Life of Julia; Occupy Movement’s “Commies on Parade”; 100 million victims of communism are still dead; Time to “crucify” the EPA?; Income Tax Humor: “Returned Mail”; Obama’s favorite gay bully… just another distraction(

David Menzies on Stupified Toronto

~ SCRUFFY MOOCH– Seven Day Fools; Justin Time– The Musical; Communities Unite Against Omar Khadr’s Return; Top Saudi Cleric Blames “Arab Spring” Instability on “Sin”; Harpoon Siddqui high-fives the zany, zesty Zionhass; Forgive me but I’m a tad confused; A child bride in Afghnistan is said to be recovering; Heroes Don’t Spike the Football; Never heard of Sheik Quick?; We’re The Numero Uno Victims Because We Say We Are; Justin! Justin! Justin! … (

~ RIGHT BASTARDS— Sixty-seven years later – the fate of Raoul Wallenberg still enshrouded in mystery.. never mind the Uber-Schindler who– as Himmler’s doctor– saved 60 000 people, but who remains unhonoured in hyper-socialist happy face Sweden … (theblogmocracy, massagemag)

Felix Kersten, Unsung Hero

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Are girls getting meaner?; Can we have the real Michael Gove back, please?; The unspeakable vS. the uneatable; Britain’s education disaster; At last, a judge tells the truth about divorce; get her latest book, The World Turned Upside Down, now in paperback with a new foreword by David Mamet … (

~ JUST GO WATCH EVERYTHING— SDA Matt has it all … (youtube)

“Since the 1920s the ‘nightmare’ has gotten worse — especially in the light of the fatuous progressive expectations that preceded it. Our undeniable history is replete with infernal images and memories: Pearl Harbor and Katyn Forest, Auschwitz and Theresienstadt, the Gulag Archipelago, Hiroshima, Cambodia, Uganda, right down to today’s headlines from Afghanistan, Angola, and Iran….”

~ Michael D. Aeschliman, 1987 ~

~ OUR MADNESS— The Heirs of Canto III of Dante’s Inferno … (

~ STAND YOUR GROUND— Starting a pro-life group on campus despite the opposition from the “student union”; Prolife Letter Writing Campaign; Courageous Manhood: A Titanic Virtue; “Earth hour” is a scam; New LifeCanada Petition – How Do We Define Human Life?; Invasion Of Our Homes And Schools(

~ THE PROPAGANDIST— Democracy Is Broken In London; Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming At Rich People; In the Bizarro Koran; Stephen King Scares Republicans; Butchering the Bitches Honour Killings Officially Sanctioned in Chechnya; Occupy May Day 2012. An Activist’s Agenda; Pew Poll. Lots of Muslims Are Still Fans of Al Qaeda; Jimmy Kimmel at the White House(propagandistmag)

Michael Coren On The Liberal Hatred Of Democracy

~ FENRIS BADWULFISM— Thinking about the unthinkable; When the cup is empty you want it full; Rabies outbreak at the shopping mall; Inside Mitchieville; Moment of Meditation; The passing of White Guilt; You cannot trust the government(

Bernie Farber’s Final Appearance on Michael Coren’s Arena

~ GEERT WILDERS on Glenn Beck excerpt … (vladtepesblog)

~ MERE COMMENTS— Sweden Still Neutral; Writing Assignment: Make Evolution Interesting; Mere Links 05.04.12; United Methodists Uphold Teachings on Homosexuality; Organ Donation, Facebook & When You’re Dead; Millennials: How Ready Are They to Change Culture?; President Obama Declares War on Children(touchstonemag)

~ IS THERE A LAPEL RIBBON FOR THIS? Doreen’s story: the heart-rending truth about ‘lazy cow syndrome‘ … (blogs.telegraph)

~ WILLIAM GAIRDNER— The Charter Has Made Us Colonists Once Again … (williamgairdner)

~ MODERATE Toronto Red Star Supports Snooping Stalker … (

~ AMAZING SPEECH by Tommy Robinson as pro-Muslim fascists try to attack 3,000 English Defence League supporters in Luton … (barenakedislam)

~ GOATS With FLEAS— Breathe in. Breathe out; Good news for the mandarin class; Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown; Lenin and the Inquisition; The British Museum has re-examined a 16th century map of North Carolina; the oldest blood sample ever retrieved; Stephen King argues the wealthy should pay more in taxes(

~ ATTENTION: “Are you a young person recently graduated from college? Did you run up an aircraft carrier full of student loan debt to get a diploma in Women’s Studies, Art History, Asian Linguistics, Dance Theory, Bulgarian Numismatics or some other subject for which no employer anywhere wants to pay you the mad jack to which you think you’re entitled?” … (

~ LOTS OF AWESOME GOODNESS over at Vlad Tepes’s blog– Horrid Sweden takes gender neutrality seriously; Tower Hamlets polling station fracas; “Twas a toon, that stirred the mustard”; Girls are ready to be married at 10; Muslim found guilty of planning to attack NYC subways May 2 2012; Someinteresting links … (vladtepesblog)

~ I AM A HUMAN BEING website– check it out … (

~ AGONY MACHINE GONE— “The $11-million-a-year random scandal generator officially known as the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, more commonly called Rights and Democracy, is over and done with at last” … (

~ SOCONVIVIUM— Andrew Coyne on necessity for an abortion debate; Parliament ‘debates’ motion to debate when life begins; Judge to pro-lifer: “Your God is wrong”; Opposition to McGuinty’s gay activist ‘anti-bullying’ bill; Canada & Religious freedom(soconvivium)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Occupy Cute Puppies!; Forward with Obama, Mao and Lenin(thepeoplescube)

~ IN 2013, taxpayers will be paying more of their incomes to government … (winteryknight)

~ ANCHORESS— “I don’t have to think; Hollywood does it for me!” … (

“One person alone can never fill the void that Breitbart leaves behind. We need thousands of Andrew Breitbarts. We need you to be Andrew Breitbart. I am Andrew Breitbart.”
~ Katie O’Malley ~

~ BARNYARD OF THE SLAVES— Socialism and the Sexualization of the Masses; and How Canada Opted for Libertarian Socialism(williamgairdner)

~ A HOMOSEXUAL Episcopal minister named Harry Knox is set to become Führer und Reichskanzler of the national organization of Einsatzgruppen America the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice … (



Dear lame court jester Stephen Colbert– This Is How You Do It:

“Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious. That was your best one yet.”

~ Jimmy Kimmel ~

~ THE STATE IS MOTHER, FATHER, HUSBAND— Obama Introduces Creepy Statist Propaganda; Obama Marries “Julia” to the Government; The Life Of Peter, Julia’s Sperm Donor; Obama and the Democrats love women! … (weaselzippers)

~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— Barack Obama, Has-Been; GOP Video: ‘Are We Satisfied? No!’; It’s time to close tax loophole for illegal immigrants; Did ObamAyers fabricate a ‘New York girlfriend’?; Where #OccupyWallStreet Really Began — Obama’s Hand in the Movement; A presidency fixed on a murder by gunshot; What happens if the looter class wins and America’s business owners quit?; Republicans engaging in ‘reign of terror’?; Obama’s racialist past; Black racism ‘sells’; Obama’s Religion of Reparations, False Prophets in the White House; How many times do you go back to the same used car salesman when he sells you a car that doesn’t work? … (

~ MARK SHEA NOTES Hey! Our God King has Launched a New War! … (

~ OBAMA’S COURAGE? The Coward Hasn’t Got a Gram of It; SEAL Tears Off President’s Head. Micturates Down… Respectfully … (americandigest)

~ TREASON & TRAITORS— FBI Refuses To Name Outside Islamic “Experts” It Used To Scrub Agency’s Counterterrorism Training Materials … (weaselzippers)

~ BLACK HOODS— Attacks by Blacks on Whites on the Rise in the US as Revenge for Trayvon … (

~ EXPOSING Obama’s “I killed Osama” braggadocio with his own words … (canadafreepress)

~ JIMMY KIMMEL Hosts the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.. forced regal presidential smiles ensue … (propagandistmag)

~ OBAMA MINITRUE Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups … (canadafreep)

~ HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS Lord Obama and family bill taxpayers for 17 lavish vacations … (winteryknight)

~ IF MOVEON.ORG has its way, using the word “illegal” along with “alien” or “immigrant” could land you in beaucoup trouble … (

~ DICTATOR Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare … (canadafreepress)

~ BARACK OBAMA ‘spits’ on the families of the dead Navy SEALS … (barenakedislam)

Men Named Trayvon Get Killed all the Time, But The Left Doesn’t Care

~ THE OBAMA RECORD— Chinese dissident betrayed … (

~ VORWARTS! The Knish puts into historical context the term “Forward” and analyzes the left-wing roots of the use of the term that Obama has been using as a 2012 campaign slogan … (

~ BOW-TYING White Boy’ Meets Black Racism … (sheikyermami)

~ PALATE CLEANSER: Focus Like A Laser … (

~ OBAMA: “We’ve Begun to See What Change Looks Like”—America: “No Thanks, Barack!” … (canadafreepress)

 ~ SLAYER of liberal cliches watches as Piers Morgan unwittingly slays himself with cliches … (

Charles Murray on Coming Apart

~ YAY TYRANTS! Sen. John Kerry (D-Horse Face) In Egypt To Meet With Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate … (weaselzippers)

~ NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM REASON #85: AT&T ordered to pay Muslim baghead $5 million dollars for religious discrimination … (

~ DO YOU KNOW anyone who has been seeking work in the last several months, and has suddenly found openings? … (

~ THE GENIUS OBAMA— Sooner or later, it becomes just too painfully obvious; The Unbearable Lightness of Barack Obama(

~ OBAMA administration linked to gay activist Dan Savage … (winteryknight)

~ APPARENTLY, in reaction to the reality that the youth vote is fading on Obama, a memo has gone out from the campaign to the mainstream media, Democrat operatives, Hollywood moneybags, and all the ships at sea. It’s message was succinct: “Obama Hip, Cool! Romney Square. Peace-and-Drones Out, Daddy-O.”; Barack Obama wouldn’t get away with that Euro-wuss bike gear in Russia(, blogs.telegraph)

~ BRING OUT YER DEADS! — Mooch Sends The Bat Signal To ACORN: Election Could Come Down To “Last Few Thousand Votes” … (weaselzippers)


Mahmoud  Ahgetknockdownanigetupagain

Victimless Criminal: Laugh Your Head Off at Islam

~ JIHADWATCH— Did Muhammad exist? The Blaze interviews Robert Spencer; Muslim school leader “disagrees” with free speech; Two “Belgian” jihad terror suspects arrested in Yemen; all women in courtroom should wear hijab; U.S. secretly releasing top Taliban jihadists in exchange for ‘peace pledges’; Hair dye for 9/11 mastermind KSM, but not for Blago; Syria: Muslim Brotherhood now “the dominant force of the exile opposition”; Muslim Brotherhood-linked ICNA promotes donations to jihad; Denmark: 10-12 Muslims pull four tourists out of their car and stab and beat them(

~ REMEMBER, YOU MUZZLEPHOBEZ— Clitoris mutilation carried out by Mohammedans on their female children is merely their particular contribution to the rich diversity of cultural multiplicity … (

~ SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL RECIPIENT, Grand Mufti Of Saudi Arabia, Calls For The Destruction Of All Churches In Region … (

~ AUSTRALISTAN: Sharia Law Courses For Kids Booked Out! … (sheikyermami)

~ FUN-LOVING Pakistan spends UK’s £650million aid on nuclear missiles: “Perhaps if HM Government were to reduce aid to those countries which spend it on arms proliferation as it does to those who persecute homosexuals, we might move closer towards an ethical foreign policy. Why should Overseas Aid be contingent on international gay rights but not on averting imminent nuclear holocaust?” … (

SHHHHHH! The Other Slave Trade

~ ISRAEL CALLS UP 6 army battalions to deal with threats from Egypt and Syria; Israel calls up reserves to counter rising threats … (winteryknight, vladtepesblog)

~ TERRORISM SUSPECT says he’s innocent, shock horror. So tell us, BBC: just how much of our money did you spend securing this exclusive? … (blogs.telegraph)

~ THE EVIL JEWESS GLICK— My friend Benzion Netanyahu died yesterday; Post-Zionism is so 1990s; Egypt has Felafel!; I don’t mean to be rude or anything but do Western policy analysts think we are stupid?; A suggestion to Danish protesters(

Fun With Trains– Long Island Railroad terror plot

~ WEEZLE DIAPERS— Indiana: 12-Year-Old Boy Made Honorary Marine Before Succumbing To Cancer; Spotted At Occupy Wall Street: Jesus Christ(WZ)

~ BANNED IN AUSTRALIA— File this video under “All People Are Created Equal– Especially Militant Muslims” Dep’t … (

~ DEEPLY ROOTED Irshad Manji meets Islam 101 … (sheikyermami)

~ FIRST THE IRANIAN authorities sent Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to prison for ten years for “apostasy”; now they have sentenced Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, his only lawyer, to nine years for spreading anti-government propaganda(christianpost, guardian)

Jihadis hide terror plot in their porn

~ THE GLAVINATOR— Spring Break In Afghanistan: Pundits Gone Wild; the lucrative Beijing-Ottawa circuit of revolving doors; Obama The Catastrophe, Part XXXII; This Is What “Peace Talks & Troops Out” Gets You(

“Human rights organizations are reporting that Syrian rebels are actively involved in slaughtering hundreds of Christians and driving out tens of thousands from their homes–without even allowing them to bring their personal property.”

~ HUSH-HUSH— Are Muslim Syrian rebels driving Christian Syrians out of their homes and murdering them? … (

BANNED IN RIYADH– Islam’s View of Christianity – Robert Spencer at Franciscan University

~ WINDS OF JIHAD— Oregon Discovers Islamic Misconceptions With Context & Comedy; UN Wants United States to Give Its Land Back to Indians; Muselmaniacs in Macedonia Scream Death to Christians, Demand Killers of Christians be Released; the real Afghan War: Up to 30 percent of Afghanistan’s water is used by Pakistan and Iran; Water scarcity: Saving Jordan and the Dead Sea(sheikyermami)

Nothing To See Here

~ LEST WE FORGET— Pim Fortuyn assassinated 5-6-2002 … (creepingsharia)

~ PUNDITA— Afghanistan has a stubbornly high illiteracy rate of 72 percent, so TV and radio are the most effective ways of spreading news around the country; Bingo: “Infiltration of Pakistan, Iran in Afghan Media: NDS” … (

~ NEW GERMANY: 29 police injured, 100 protesters arrested, as foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims try to shut down free speech … (

Pat Condell: Hello Saudi Arabia

~ LOOKING AT THE Global War on Christians in the Muslim World … (creepingsharia)

~ WHITEWASHING barbaric Halal Slaughter to make it palatable to ignorant Americans … (barenakedislam)

MoBro Spring– What is happening in Egypt?

~ CHARMING Muslim cleric announces bounty on American, State Dept condemns… American… (creepingsharia)

~ CRACKLE CRACKLE CRACKLE— Mohamed Mehra, the 24-year-old gunman “suspected of involvement in the shootings which killed three children and a rabbi on 19 March 2012 at ‘Ozar Hatorah’ Jewish school,” in Toulouse, France, is reported dead … (

~ REMEMBER: “War on Terror” Over … (creepingsharia)

~ BIG JIZYA SCORE! Kansas City: Woman converts to Islam, shakes down AT&T for $5 million … (creepingsharia)

~ MOLESTERING— Islamic-Sanctioned Thighing of Children! Everything you want to know about something you’d wish you never heard of … (barenakedislam)

~ DELIGHTFULLY “Moderate” Kuwait MPs passes death penalty bill for offending allah, the quran, all prophets and the wives of Mohammed … (sheikyermami)

~ CORPSE SEXYTIME— Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Necrophilia Law Stance Now in Question … (

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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