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That Greatest City In Flames

~ ITEM: Byzantium 1200 – 3D Reconstruction

~ ITEM: Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization by Lars Brownworth

~ ITEM: The Fall of Constantinople

~ ITEM: 1571: Remember Lepanto!, by Robert McMullen

~ ITEM: 1453: The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West, by Roger Crowley

~ ITEM: First Barbary War 1801-1805

~ IMAGINE SOMEONE trying to make sense of the modern world without reference to the two World Wars. Nothing would fit.. effects without causes, strange changes and events, none of which quite made a whole picture.

Scholar and author J.R.R. Tolkien warned his readers and critics over and over against lazy allegorizing: reading into or reading out of his stories as if they were thinly veiled commentary on modern history, people, and events. The War of the Ring was not either World War; the Ring was not the A-Bomb, and all the orcs were not on the other side.

However, just as the corpsified swamps, the desolation before the Black Gate of Mordor, and the trench-carved hell outside besieged Minas Tirith have something visceral to do with the Western Front in World War I, so the orcs and Minas Tirith have something to do with a catastrophe which goes unmarked in the minds of many, and thus the consequences misunderstood and misinterpreted by Tolkien readers, literary commentators, and film-makers alike. 1453.

Minas Tirith, All Orced Up

The Eastern Romans

BOOK — Sailing from Byzantium: How a Lost Empire Shaped the World by Colin Wells

The Eastern Roman Empire– unlike the barbarian-torn West which became Europe under Benedict and Charlemagne and Saint Patrick and so many others– never fell. It endured.. nibbled away chunk by piece until The Year Of Our Lord, AD 1453.

Mehmet’s Big Gun.. And Balls

Then the Great City of Constantine, guarded behind her eternal walls water and the holy angels, fell to the barbarians of Muhammed, armed with the latest and largest cannon and a longing to take a city which had defied them for over 800 years.

She was a hollow shell by the 1450s, a collection of villages and ruins and impressive leftovers behind the high triple-landwall and her seawalls. From the pillagings of the Crusaders, and battling Emperors and invasion and depradation of her once far-flung Empire, it was mere remnants, and your proverbial rag-tag international crew of misfits come together for the final agonies of the great city.

The seige was Biblical; the 1000 year old landwalls named for Theodosius trembled under the shock of the latest in cannon-making technology; the troops of Islam flung themselves against the walls like a raging and ever-rising storm-tide. The last Emperor died defending her gates.

“On the twenty-ninth of May, the last day of the siege, our Lord God decided, to the sorrow of the Greeks, that He was willing for the city to fall on this day into the hands of Mahomet Bey the Turk son of Murat, after the fashion and in the manner described below; and also our eternal God was willing to make this decision in order to fulfill all the ancient prophecies, particularly the first prophecy made by Saint Constantine, who is on horseback on a column by the Church of Saint Sophia of this city, prophesying with his hand and saying, “From this direction will come the one who will undo me,” pointing to Anatolia, that is Turkey. Another prophecy which he made was that when there should be an Emperor called Constantine son of Helen, under his rule Constantinople would be lost, and there was another prophecy that when the moon should give a sign in the sky, within a few days the Turks would have Constantinople. All these three prophecies had come to pass, seeing that the Turks had passed into Greece, there was an Emperor called Constantine son of Helen, and the moon had given a sign in the sky (an eclipse), so that God had determined to come to this decision against the Christians and particularly against the Empire of Constantinople, as you shall hear.”

Via Prophecies About the Fall of Constantinople

Prizes For Everyone

Escaping scholars and Byzantine people brought the treasures of monasteries and Imperial libraries Westwards, and helped cause the European Renaissance; art and artifacts– those not stolen by the Crusaders in the 1200s– came with the refugees to Mount Athos, Mystras above Sparta, to cities of Italy and the west. Even in her dying agonies in the late 1300s and onwards, she was like a bag of gold slit open, spilling treasure and life and memory and worship and truth like gold pieces falling to the earth.

Go and read up– it’s one of the greatest largely unknown stories of our western history.

From Middle Earth

For Tolkien, an informed scholar and attentive man of his times and history, the Turks were known (as they were) to be Jihad-friendly genocidal brutal folks, with a guttural-sounding language, and the rape and conquest of Constantinople behind them– not to mention countless purges, destruction of history and literature and artifacts and churches, under the tutelage of the Greatest Heretic since Judas, the sworn enemy of all other religions, Muhammed the Bloody.

Elements of the Turks appear on the speech and actions and names of the orcs in the Ring Trilogy; the siege of Minas Tirith derives in part from the great loss and horror of the siege against Constantinople. The armies of Rohan and Aragorn appear at the last moment to save the city, unlike Byzantium, which might well have been saved by a last crusade of the West, had not France been in geopolitical bed with the Sultan, the gold-grubbing leaders of Venice not to be bothered; the rest of Europe too divided or stupid or entangled in closer schemes and conflicts to divert money, ships, and knights to defend what was the real bulwark against Islam for 800 years.


Most of the West stood by, and few enough recognized the loss and what would inevitably come after the death-agonies of Constantinopolis. Westerners today are pretty much the same.

The Mediterranean soon became a Muslim lake; Istanbul took up the trade and some of the culture of Byzantium, under a totalitarian religion; the Sultans built palaces and mosques and harems on and inside the ruins of Byzantine palaces and churches an monasteries; and her armies swarmed, and her navies became like a movable forest on the waves.

BOOKNESSVictory of the West: The Great Christian-Muslim Clash at the Battle of Lepanto by Niccolo Capponi


EVEN MORE Booky GoodnessThe Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent, by John Stoye

The rest of the 15th century saw endless advance, the 16th the Battle of Lepanto; the conquest of much of Eastern Europe, Greece, Hungary, and the first seige of Vienna, the key to the heart of Europe. Even into the 1800s, the infant United States was forced to pay 1/3 of her national income to Muslim pirates centred in Tripoli to leave American trade alone. Eventually the U.S. decided to send her Navy and Marines (“ the shores of Tripoli..”) to put an end to that lucrative little enterprise of Muslims taxing the infidel.

“ the shores of Tripoli..”

So read up on the fall of Constantinople; her last tragic days; Lepanto & Vienna & Tripoli; and understand it’s still happening all around us. And the next time you read or watch Lord of the Rings and see Minas Tirith, realize with wonder that such a place– and better than the story– once stood upon earth, and that Europe and you and all you hold dear is a gift from the dying hands of the Eastern Romans. ~

Go Bump In The Night

Fae ghosties & ghoulies
& lang-legged beasties
& things that go bump in the nicht…
Guid lord, deliver us!

~ ITEM: IMDB- Supernatural 2005-2012

Supernatural: Season 1 – Trailer

~ FOR A SHOW MOSTLY ABOUT two brothers hunting evil, demons, vengeful ghosts and the end of the World, Supernatural has a wicked sense of humour, and attempts to get the facts right.. but the writers are tempted by the usual simplification and dramatic possibilities of sloppy theology & angelology. What, fail in your research department?

Oddly Enough

Hence, contrary to Christian teaching, demons are not discarnate rebel angels, but evil humans become forever early. Angels can possess people; have no sight of God’s face; are cranky semi-robotic human-disliking jerks who get bored and rebellious and partial to limited human wisdom and torture, versus the Will of God. Demons can apparently take over anybody at all.

As for God, the Almighty according to McG can not only re-incarnate (apparently they forgot about Jesus and the words of the most basic Christmas Carols) but he can get lost, and whatever else can happen to superhero-types, and he’s a jerk. And there’s not exactly much attention paid to heaven, but lots of imagery and talk of hell. Hell, like sex, sells I suppose.

On The Other Hand

Except: angels are actually a different kind of being; discarnate mind and will serving God and his world and people; God is not another thing in the catalogue of creatures, but the eternal unbegotten perfect infinite source of all things ever anywhere.. in Himself without body, parts, or passions as the old definition has it.

The God depicted in Supernatural is a sloppy if clever high school misunderstanding writ large. On the one hand, supernatural and legendary monsters and ghosties and long-legged beaasties and things that go bump in the night are all depicted in detail according to the usual canon. Sadly, director McG and the writers of Supernatural didn’t bother to talk to an orthodox or Orthodox member of the clergy or theologian (yes, such mythical creatures exist) to figure out God, nor lay out some reasonable boundaries of the heavenly side of the universe for their plotlines.

The Big Storyline

After all, speaking Biblically, there is 7000+ years of Biblical goodness and 4000 years of Hebrew faith and 2000 years of Christian thinking and living to help people understand the ways and nature of God. It’s what keeps Supernatural from being a truly great show with eternal verities, instead of a not-bad attempt to allow good and evil, God & the Devil, choice and consequence a place in TV and pop culture.

Coulda woulda shoulda been so much better. But there are still many redeeming points.

Latinities & Demon-Smiting

As in most stories of the horror genre, “Who Ya Gonna Call?” still tends not to be a liberal protestant, a new age or neo-pagan devotee, or a prof of comparative religion: nope, it’s holy water, Latin exorcism passages and rosaries and all things Catholic contra stark staring evil. Hate them or not, the Popisticals still hold as official doctrine all the old stuff about sin and death and hell and war in heaven and saints and relics and all that stuff– as do the eastern Orthodox.

On The Other Hand

However, Supernatural does remind us that people are either servants of God, or otherwise, but all have a place on the divine plan. What you do really matters, and if you won’t stand for goodness, truth, love, beauty, and God’s Kingdom, that choices and actions have eternal consequences.

It’s a curious contradiction that God’s things work, but God himself is a diminished presence in the show. It’s rather like our human souls: in desire of the goodies & prizes & blessings, but not the gift-giver himself. Thankless, rebellious, forgetful, sinful & confused.

Does Binks believe in all that stuff? Well, ghosts and demons, yes; God and angels, yes; an unseen world that permeates and impinges the seen at every place? An omnipotent, omnipresent, all-loving, omniscient God, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all that Creed stuff? Yes.

A Warning

The Supernatural series: not recommended for those with tender consciences or uncertain faith, and especially not for those with unhealed exposure to the occult. Evil is afoot, and real, and not to be dabbled in needlessly. You are accountable for what you know: offer any past dabbling to God, and turn unto Jesus, the Risen Lord of the Living & the Dead. ~

Stand With Them

Zionist Slave-Monkey The Evil Binks (The Jew-Loving Lover of Jewishes) suggests your attention to the following Book Of Face link: Stand With Us Canada.

“Israeli children are waking up now after spending the night in bomb shelters. This photo was taken yesterday in Ashkelon. Share this to show their reality.”
The truth of what Israel is can be seen in the nature & names of her enemies: The Obama Administration & America-based Jihadists, Iran, Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb’allah, and the cadres of blood-soaked agents of Jihad who wish to omplete Hitler’s work, and erase Israel & Jews from the face of the earth. There is no moral equivalency here, no real room for dialogue and sharing and compromise.
No, this is not a carte blanche from this observer to every action of the state of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood and tentacles will use and abuse international law, the media, and our fears against us, to allow them to do their work of Jihad.
There’s not really any middle ground left here. Old-timey Jew-hatey Israel eats babies just won’t do. Want to see how real world-leaders respond? Don’t look south of the Canucki border, then.


An Query

~ OK, SO ARE YOU pre-dead minions still out there?

Are the essays any worth? Are you waiting until the heap-o-linkies returns?

Any and all comments, suggestions, essay ideas, and/ or niggling notions most welcome.

Your unworthy web-servant, and chief of sinners,


P.S. Yes, I have some new essays underway, probly incoming tomorrer– as long as the weather permits and the crick don’t rise.

Steynian 463nd

Lo, The Hyper Fraudulentism

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn: One-Party Statelets; plus Welcome to After America; and How the GOP earned its date with destiny.

~ ITEM: Just Go Read Everything

~ ITEM: Voter Fraud Out Of Control

~ ITEM: A Liberal Defends Allen West vs. Fraud

~ AS THE UPPITY NEGRO patriot Allen West fights the Obama machine in Florida (there is no dirty trick so dirty that the dirty tricksters will not try), the recent hyper-fraudulent Obama victory— where some areas report 140% returns, and a national 103% voter response– is a new high in low. And it’s all across the United States, if you look even a little under the shiny hopey glitter-slime.

It is despicable; it is a knife to the body politic and the future of America; it is a blatant dare and provocation to the American establishment and the ordinary voter: Obama is saying “I fuck* you all. Come and get me, if you dare!” It is the national TSA-moment, where everyone is going to get the nastiest strip-search possible, forever.

We’ve all known of the proverbial army of dead Democratic voters, the ballot-stuffing, the fakery of past elections across America over the last 50 years and more. Thing is, now everybody– including electoral observers from the EU– are getting it. The joke is not so funny any more; the theft of elections in critical times a life-and-death matter; and whether it’s the POTUS, his backers, or all of them combined, the buck stops at the Oval Office.. if he can tear himself away from Golf, ESPN, movie-nights, celebrity parties, or vacays to fancy places around the world with Moochelle and his band of happy carpet-baggers and grifters and utopian master-planners.

And all it takes is a few key regions in a few key states, let alone across the board monkey-business, to sway an election. Looks like that’s what happened.. makes you wonder about 2008, doesn’t it?

Dark Troubles Are Here

America is like a soul and body possessed by demonic evil after November 6th, 2012. Jesus said of some stubborn evil spirits that “Howbeit this kind goeth nor out but by prayer and fasting” [ Mt. 17:21 ]– we must be changed and ready & worthy inwardly, by God’s grace, to confront evil– unless we would fail, or become evil ourselves.

What To Do?

Consider the 2012 Election still on. Support Col. Allen West & other true American patriots in this time of Constitutional & electoral crisis. Impeach Obama now. Watergate him, for his many and various crimes. You may have to step over the RINO squishes who love power over truth and fairness and freedom, but they were never true friends of the American idea anyway, just big money and big politics pushing pawns around, and lying out of both sides of their mouths.

If your local or state votes seem even a little iffy, demand and require a proper judicial recount, until “We The People”– under God the true source of authority & the last word in the American republic– expose the stink; don’t shut up; spread the word, make sure the thieves running the radicalized Democrat Party know that This Shite* Will Not Stand.

Sad to say, but movie sound-tracks & special effects telegraphing “This Is The Crucial Moment” dull us to those actual real moments in the actual world– just like the evil characters are made obvious and clear. This is America’s moment of crisis– more than 1776, or 1812, or 1861, or 1919, or 1941 or 1991, or even 2001 & 9-11.

Calling All Heroes

Real heroes don’t come with capes and powers and exciting music– most heroes are people doing their best, their duty, their yeoman’s work, speaking truth and seeking virtue, and standing up in big and little ways as needed. Allen West? hero. Anybody willing to recognize the true character of their times and act on it with discernment and not counting the cost? Hero.

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.

“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The house is on fire; the alarm bell is ringing; the barbarians are in the city; act; pray; prepare for the trouble ahead, no matter if Obama is brought down as he deserves or not– for on the other side of the current electoral crimes, and even without O and the wreckers, America is sick and broke and needs bitterly painful surgery and terribly wracking medicine to survive another generation as a power for good, and a first-world nation.

Oh, and actual America-loving Democrats? This is your moment, too, but in a different way. Everything Mussolini and Stalin and Hitler did was technically ‘legal’; most of the media backed him; almost everybody looked the other way; everybody hushed each other not to get in trouble, and to let the revolution continue, for the good it might do, the end justifying all means.

Ridiculously obvious voter-fraud? Transparent lies? The politics of slogan and distraction and implied threat & violence? Is that what you really stand for? Will you allow them to do whatever they want, and in your name? If you will not speak out now, then you too bear responsibility for what Obama and his puppeteers are doing to the United States, and through it, to the world.

In the most serious way I can mean it, ITYS. ~

* Used advisedly. As I tell the Binklings, profanity is for serious use, to express in crackingly strong Anglo-Saxon the angry ugly truth as needed. Dropped a spoon? No. Smashed a thumb with the hammer? Yes. Laughably evil and obvious chicanery? Mhmm.

Them With Perfect Heads

A FaceBook friend recently chose bald, via razor. I wrote:

Welcome to the bald hair club for men. (1) Your scalp acclimatizes; (2) don’t use shaving cream, just wet your scalp down for a minute with warmish water in a facecloth, then Gillette Fusion away; (3) if it gets longish, cut it down with a shaver on ‘0’, then soak as above & shave. (4) Shave in strips from front to back, then forwards against the grain to catch the strays.. try not to go over and over an area more than 3-4 times, or you get rashy. (5) If rashy, a little aloe vera handcream will do the trick, and less screamy than alcohol or aftershave. (7) Once your scalp gets toughened up, you can in fact get a super-smooth shave and not stubbly. Wear a hat in the Summer sun, since melanoma and scalp-burn isn’t as cool as baldness. (8) The vibrating Gillette Fusion is a little easier on the scalp. (9) Get spousal unit or friend to make sure you’ve not missed any patches.

There you are, and there you go. And as Teh Binks says, don’t forget to do bald in Winter, if you live in such climes: any old wimp can do it in Summer. ~

Ready Steady

~ ITEM: Ferfal: Surviving In Argentina

~ ITEM: Supermarkets Being Looted In Spain, Sept. 2012

~ IN THE SPATE of apocalyptic TV & movies out there, only some of them get it right. Too many writers seem to think that (say) people surviving the end of electricity or a zombie plague would be doofing around like newbies months or years later. Sure, it makes for gore and screaming and drama, but really?

In the new show Revolution, one of the opening scenes after The Lights Go Out is a armoured & armed-to-the-teeth buncha militia toughs riding into a small hamlet of survivor-folks. Where to begin?

(1) No lookouts? Really? No dogs outside the walls or on the road? Not even some holy geeses, as in ancient Rome, to sound the warning of sneaky invaders? No traps, nothing? FAIL.

(2) The wooden gate, wide open. No smaller door, no moat, ditch, or even pointy sticks. FAIL.

(3) No apparent emergency plan, protected vantage points for firing arrows or guns, and when battle does break out, all the hamlet folks just run into the open. Bloody hilarity ensues. Heck, one archer protected from inside brick walls could take out 20 guys in a minute. FAIL.

Believe me, I could go on.. and that’s only 15 minutes into the pilot. #Facepalm.

The Walking Dead asks us to believe the same thing– that two cops, plus a baker’s dozen of other survivors would walk into every zombie encounter like it was the first time ever, and blunder about in a highway full of stranded cars wondering where to get supplies and gas.

People that clueless in reality won’t make it months or years. Period.

The Lights All Went Out

I’m not a survivalist type, but when the power went out here for four days a few years ago (ice-storm, and cold out), the She-Binks and I were ready, because we generally are.

BBQ, with propane. Airtight woodstove (not pellet-stove), with kindling, logs, and fire-lighting. Candles, flashlights, batteries. Car kept above half-tank, if not full. A stash of small bills, for buying (no credit or debit cards, right?). Water cooler, with 2 back-up tanks (though we really are thinking of a few of these tub-liner tanks). Weapons of many & various sorts for dangerous animals, however many legs.

No Cannibalisms!

Through the whole thing, the heat in the house never went below 63F or so.. we ate well (freezers had to be cleared out, unfortunately.. we’ve no generator yet), rose with the sun and didn’t stay up very late, gathered an elderly relative to our refuge, kept an eye on neighbours, and bought what we could at stores which were open for business.

It was exhausting. It was very very dark at night. The Binkses abided.

Survivor: Burb

Why? Because after an emergency comes, no amount of wishing will make you ready after the fact. During the big outage, I saw people at the local Gas Mart who were literally shocked that their plastic was not going to work, as if everything they’ve always taken for granted would always be so, even when a moment of paying logical attention would show them otherwise.

No, there is no honking big bunker loaded with years of food and firearms and all that heavy-duty survival stuff, because in time of trouble or serious breakdowns of society, I would rather bug IN (stay at home with others nearby) than bug OUT to some expensive hideaway, as the predominant U.S. survivalist mindset would have it. Check out Ferfal’s book & blog to see how bugging in during hard times works best.

Why? because I’m a Hubby, and a Dad, and a sheepdog, and so bear care & responsibility towards my family, to my neighbours, and the wider community to be resonably prepared for emergencies. The government cannot replace my basic readiness needs, and people who live day to day with the assumption that someone else will make it all better even in minor situations like an extended blackout are in for needless surprise, pain, disappointment, stress and fear.

Am I huddling under a rock because of Mayans, asteroids, aliens, or the latest apocalyptic fears? No. Yet nobody should assume that the next decade and more in the West will be years of peace, plenty, and mindless careless same old same old. Sometimes the apocalypse is a small one, and you will have to choose to survive.

Free Advice, Worth Every Penny

A little preparedness will help you and yours; a little spent now will save trouble later; a little planning and imagining the worst (yet hoping for the best) will see you ready come storm or sunshine.

Everybody Who’d Like To Bear Up With The Coming Fiscal Tsunami: read Ferfal, and get his book, and pass the word. If it all works out anyway, you’ll be ready for emergencies; if not, you will be ready to survive hyper-inflation, social unrest & chaos, rampant crime, authoritarian government, degradation of all goods & services & all the rest which lies ahead for the EU, and America, and everybody who depends on the current bankrupt financial system.

Be a man. Be a woman. Stand up, and look after your business now. ~

How 2 Gear Up Now

~ YOU NEED WATER, food, shelter, warmth, light, protection. You need to have your car ready to provide such things, and your home/ cottage too.

The general rule of having stuff is: one is none, and two is one. A single flashlight or knife or survival tool or lighter is next to zero– you lose it, and a crucial part of your kit and future is gone. Double up, and keep things in various places.

Details, Details

Food: most important for the long-term, though water is crucial for the shorter-term. There are MRE-style ready-meals; power bars; canned foods including vegetables, soups and stews; a woodstove or propane BBQ or camp stove can allow for cooking, boiling water, and sterilization of various items including cutlery, or surgical tools. Make sure to have salt, some kind of sugar, instant coffee & tea.

Water: filling your bathtub doesn’t work, except for providing “grey water” for dishes, toilet-flushing, laundry-tubs and the like. If you want to use the tub, buy a WaterBob or equivalent tank-liner, for a month of clean water for four people (sparingly used). For travel, water tablets or a filter-straw.

Lights: candles, lanterns (plus fuel), flashlights & lots of batteries. A Petzl-style headlamp is very useful for task-oriented work, and hands-free travel and walking around in the dark. You can sometimes get cheaper versions from dollar stores. Matches, firesteel, and other means of making flame is invaluable. Triple-up.

Shelter: house, cottage, portable tent, tarp, paracord & string & rope, learn how to make basic shelters out of branches and leaves and all that. Being out of the wind and cold and weather is important to surviving, and keeping your family or dependents safe. Lots of online resources here, and there may be local schools or weekend workshops you and your kids can enjoy. Again, lots of resources on the internets.

Warmth: Proper clothing, outdoor with polartec fleece & GoreTex Windstopper, the full kit. Multiple layers, flannel shirts, long underwear, hats. Rainproof clothing. A woodstove, solar heat collector, whetever you need to make cheap heat for your shelter or home.

Tools: a couple of multi-tools, portable wrench system, hammer/ hatchet. Small hatchet, wood-axe, folding saw/ pocket chainsaw. A Really Serious & Serviceable Working Knife.

Protection 1: We should all have a penknife, a rescue knife, a hunting knife, and machete — buy them now for each family member, as appropriate. A cane & walking stick, and baseball bat. A tomahawk or three. And backups. Learn how to cut & baton wood & kindling. Learn how to use a knife to protect yourself. Find a blade-nerd & online sites, and get wise.

Protection 2: Guns are tools, not toys. Learn to use one, buy a .22 rifle & .308 Remington rifle & a shotgun, and a small and larger handgun, as local law & certification allows. Gun safety is mostly common-sense, and you can learn to use a gun in a few days– weeks for real skill development. Find a gun-nerd, and gun-nerd sites online, and learn up.

Finally, & Conclusorially Speaking

This is only a starter-guide; not complete, nor the last word– some ideas culled from my own preparations. Heck, don’t take my word for it– watch gear-reviews via YouTube to build up your own sense of proper gear, and what’s right for you, and your sitch.

Preparedness is not only the gear, it’s a mindset, a take-care and provide attitude, a choice to be a sheepdog instead of a predating wolf, or a helpless sheep. ~

Steynian 462 Part IV, Subsection ii

Present Remembrance

~ ITEM: Remember Your Friend.. Gren

~ ITEM: War and Remembrance, by Mark Steyn; The Non-Victory Parade

~ ITEM: The Declaration of Arbroath (AD1320)

~ ITEM: Sir William Wallace; Wallace Quotes

~ ITEM: Saint Andrew & Scotland

~ THIS YEAR, BINKY was unwell on Remembrance Day 2012, and didn’t repost “Your Friend, Gren“. Please re-read it.

Now, after The Day itself, I would use the freedom and civilization fought for by all those young men and women long ago– and more recently– to speak clearly of these times.

Everywhere you look, freedom is under attack. Ever has it been thus, but now, it is whole societies of the free West which seem content with shackle and muzzle.

Not So Very Long Ago

King Robert The Bruce

Almost 700 years ago, King Robert The Bruce and his Scots spoke with one voice & mind to articulate why they fought against the seemingly inevitable and inexorable advance of English rule over Scotland forever. The Declaration of Arbroath– written as a plea to the Pope for Scots liberty– concludes with the ringing words:

“…for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

William Wallace (below), who showed Robert The Bruce how to fight & resist military domination, learned & lived these words, taught by his father and uncle:

Dico Tibi Verum,
Libertas Optima Rerum:
Nunquam Servili
Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili.


My Son, Freedom is best,
I tell thee true,
of all things to be won.
Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.

Ever Restless Scotses

No, Teh Binks is not throwing his considerable international reputation behind either side in the current Scottish Independence issue– it is not 1300, and Scotland, undefended against the soft evil EUmpire, would become even more a puppet of political correctness, micromanagement, and utopian corruption than England already is. She survives better as the motherland of Scots worldwide, and behind the shield of Great Britain, which may yet stand against the freedom-quenching currents of tyranny belching forth from Belgium and Brussells.

Rather, the battle spoken of by Wallace and Bruce is now everywhere, and in the hand of every man and woman who still loves the free West, and the fate of countless people now, and yet unborn.

This freedom is freedom under law, not mere license; it is freedom for each other, not selfish cafeteria individualism; it is freedom to do good, and be restrained from doing evil; freedom from bad government and tyrants, but ever seeking good rule, and just rulers. In that sense, the bureaucratic petty tyrant and the libertarian are twins, not opposites: they’re merely arguing over who makes the absolute rules– self or state.

Christus Rex

In the West, behind every such declaration as Arbroath or the Wallace family stands another, in whose name, and by whose conferred life and freedom we are free indeed. This is what both secularist and super-statist (and comfy populaces) have forgotten. The Scots Saltire is the cross of the martyred Saint Andrew, First-Called Apostle of Jesus, patron saint after the Irish prince and missionary Saint Columba, evangelist to the Picts.

Words Of Freedom

To the ancient world, ripe for his arival and message, came Jesus Christ, by whom each one of us may be free of sin, and death, and hell– and slavery to self or to external power. “I am come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly”; and “Greater love has no man than this, than that he lay down his life for his friends”; and “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” St. Paul declares:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” [ Galatians 5:1 ]

Our Heavy Burdens

“Free indeed”– a terrible burden indeed. Seriously.

Slavery can be soft and safe– witness the state of most people ever, and Islam, and dictatorships– and people yearning for such when they lose them. How many utopians and progressives wish a perfect world, even if it means losing real intellectual, spiritual, and political freedom. How many feminists, same-sex militants, and political radicals cheerfully fight and impose real oppression on the minds & spirits of others, in the name of their own imaginings of ‘liberation’? We may not see literal shackles, but with CCTV, online surveillance, drones, freedom of speech curtailed, government goodies, and other forms of electronic power employed to sheepify the masses to worhip and serve the wolves.

Actual freedom takes actual men and women, actual virtue, actual courage and choosing, actual consequences, and ever and always serving the Kingdom of God as a present reality, and loving our neighbour as we would have ourselves loved. Even unto the cost of our lives. In Christ, ours is a perfect freedom, not the tempting worship of the self as god, nor the imposition of this or that heaven on earth.

Rest In Peace?

It would be a sad epitaph of this stage in human civilization to say

“They fell in love with slavery again,
bribed with false peace,
and most forgot how to be honest men.” ~

Binks, WebElf

Steynian 462st

A Second Revolution?

Whittle: A New Beginning

~ ITEM: Glenn Beck: Blaze TV

~ AS NOTED GENERALLY on the interwebs, President Obama deserves salesman of the year awards for weapons & ammo in America.

Post election, some call for a new American Revolution, a second civil war, armed resistance against a dishonest, greedy, destructive regime. War is always the last choice, and civil wars are horrible.

Dreaming Dreams

Long-time conservative commentator (and former liberal) Bill Whittle is pondering another way, and what he has to say is well worth considering. Glenn Beck is also dreaming large.

Their words and ideas may well be part of answering the U.S. King of Free Candy Forever, his supporters, and the depraved & debt-doomed new America born– by electoral fraud most likely– on November 6th 2012.

A healthy republic, a reborn America, will come via faith, and basic virtue reborn in the bosoms of many millions of her citizens– not by more free candy, or candidates liberal and more liberaller, nor by the customary conservative circular firing-squads.

Just sayin’ is all. ~

The WebElf, Raging Food Heretic!

~ ITEM: “We Have You Surrounded. Drop the Big Gulp and Come Out with Your Hands Up

~ BINKY HAS BEEN on a food-journey: a kind of Atkins Diet (less sugar, bread, etc., lots of meat, veg, etc.). He has conclusions, and some of them may upset your universe.

Salt Is Good

(1) Ever taste your tears or sweat? Salty, right? You’re 2/3 made of seawater. Salt is good for you. If you have too much salt, your body excretes it. If you don’t have enough, your body fluids are utterly out of balance, and you get all sorts of health-problems.

Women? Not enough salt = less capacity for your body to keep & employ calcium = osteoporosis, heart-problems,stroke, and other health issues.

(2) Fats Are Good

Low-fat diets can kill you. Why? Your body needs fat, is made of fat, burns fat for fuel, your very cell-membranes are made of fat. What most of us have too much of is bad fat– maade when our bodies run on sugars and carbs, yet telling our bodies we are starving, so to store more, and worse types of fat throughout the abdomen, blood systems, heart, everywhere. A vicious cycle.

Too much sugar, carbs and suchlike are toxic. Eat less breads & grains, more fish, meats, salads and veggies, as in the food-plan laid out in It Starts With Food.

That is, the food industry, diet industry, and well-meaning nutrituion studies we’ve been taught for 50 and more years are simply mistaken. Low salt & low fat are ruinous.

I’ve dieted down the years, with the same result as most people… failure within 5 years, yo-yo weight, worse health.

Me, Myself, Personally

On the low carb system, I’ve de-toxed, lost 25+ pounds, and keep losing & burning fat– while eating literally all the meat and eggs and butter and eggs and salad and veg I can. My cholesterol is dropping quickly, and sugars are coming into a healthier range. The proof is in the pudding.

Come and arrest me, ya fairy food nazis. ~

Can’t Stop The Signal

~ ITEM: Wikipedia– Joss Whedon; TV- Firefly; Movie- Serenity

~ ITEM: Oh No, Not Joss Whedon

~ ITEM: Must-See Metaphysics; the Sky-Bully

~ ITEM: Joss Whedon Is A Bully And A Coward

~ IN INTERVIEWS, director/ writer/ producer and nerd-deity Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy, Toy Story, and many other projects) says that he does not believe in any ‘divine bully’ in the sky. Okily dokily, then.

Saith Teh Binks: look at what Whedon writes, and you may ask yourself whether his fictional universes do not clash with his professed atheism. I say they do.

Bigger On The Inside

I’ve mentioned before the examples of movies like Practical Magic, or What Dreams May Come: the universe presented in these movies initially does not account for all that happens– in the first, the witches have all sorts of power, yet are nearly overcome by a demon; in the second, the bright & happy afterlife hides a purgatory, and a hell through which the protagonist must travel to save his wife.

Whedon’s universes all presume and take for granted a real right and wrong; clear moral ideas; that struggle to defend the right and good.. well, that it is right and good. The same can be said of his passion for his cancelled 2002 show Firefly, an internet crusade on the part of the fandom (The Browncoats), which became a personal crusade of his own, leading to the 2005 movie Serenity.

He recently said that the popularity of Firefly 10 years on is a vindication– that he was right, and the fans were right, and the FOX suits who canned the show after only 14 episodes were terribly, terribly wrong.

Note: not terribly wrong because they defied his taste, or a popular movement; or because they wanted something more flashy & Star Trek-y; but because it was wrong, as such, to not allow great stories and a talented crew & stable of actors some time to find their feet, and prove the value of something truly new, interesting, and of abiding worth in television history.

Non-Absolute Absolutes?

Right & wrong, good and evil, universes in story which help us know and see ourselves more truly– simply put, atheism or scientific materialism cannot account for itself, for good and evil, for objective truth (beyond “science”), for accounting for all we are, all we experience, all we struggle with in ourselves, the universe, one another. You know, the rest of reality outside rocks and beakers and such claims to absolute knowledge.

Thank God for it– and as a better storyteller than he is believer, he allows his characters to have faith, minus atheistical hysteria or too much religion-bashing; he allows the battle of actual good and evil, with the consequences thereof; that individuals matter, that the fight for goodness, truth, loyalty, and courage is beyond value, even when in the minority, or against impossible odds.

Children Lost in A Dark Wood

This faith at one remove: the modern fear of metaphysical commitment on the one hand, with the shining forth of good things in spite of yourself– imagining them to arise solely from the self, or us alone. The old pagan argument against Christianity is still with us: that it is arrogant to claim one way only, when there are many ways up the mountain to the divine. The Christian answer remains true, if not lived out or shown forth by our modern cowardly Western churches– it is not arrogance, but humility to witness to the ladder which God let down from heaven, the way not imagined by so many ancient faiths and longings, but completed in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

The human soul, as redeemed by Christ the Word, is full of treasures, and palaces, and kingdoms, the borderlands of heaven itself– and all the riches of the Kingdom of heaven.

Finally, And In Conclusion

To that extent, although socially and politically progressive, I admire Joss Whedon’s boyish wonder, his fairness, gifts, determination, and true story-telling capacities. One day, may he come to know and love the storyteller above, the Word incarnate, from whom all the best stories come, and in whom the best story of all is eternally true.

Mind you, celebrity metaphysics and bully pulpiteering are not the last word– after all, I don’t believe in the ‘Sky Bully’ rejected by Whedon and others, either. Like reality, God is both more complicated and more simple than such teen-aged throw-away cleverness.

As for claiming pro-Nazi & pro-Palestinian Satre and absurdist wreckers Monty Python as his ‘authorities’? Again, his stories are better than some of his inspirations. ~

A Great Blog

The Woman and the Dragon

.. so you will bookmark, read, consider, and enjoy. ~


Steynian 461nd

Ever Homewards


The Way, with Martin Sheen

(available on NetFlix)


I forgot my ever-home: heaven, better than all the best bits of nostalgia and remembrance and hope and longing. That the soul is on pilgrimage through a sometimes dark and dangerous land; sometimes with friends & companions, other times alone, with thoughts and God and the holy angels.

We are all on the same pilgrimage, towards or away from home, or just sitting in the ditch. It is easy to seek our own way; to mistake our wishes or desires for reality; to set up shop or head the wrong way, swimming in excuses and likeminded company. Such is the broad and easy way of illusion, or as the philosopher put it, to be born dreaming and die dreaming without ever having woken up.

I forgot.

In Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, when the character Dante wakes up in the dark wood, it is not that he wasn’t there before, but that he was spiritually, intellectually, and sinfully in denial of the doomed state of his soul, and the dangers all around, and that the right road homewards– through all our days, many or few, to heaven– was “wholly lost and gone”. He forgot.

There were other things I forgot, entangled in illness and isolation– like the hope of resurrection; that the grave is a doorway, not an oblivion; that God will not suffer his holy ones to see corruption; that though in the midst of life we are in death.. yet death hasn’t the last word.

I’m sorry, because the whole Binky Free Canuckistan thing is part of my calling to serve others, through, despite, and given the opportunity of illness. It’s a God thing. I let the blog drop, got into a bucket of “Why Me?”, and let weariness and a desire for a false peace overcome me.

As in every age and place, we are at war– with ourselves, with powers & principalities and horrible ideas and false faith and good intentions turned into hell.

There’s just no sitting this one out. ~

Books Galore & More

~ ITEMThe Lymond Chronicles

~ ITEMH.F.M. Prescott

~ ITEMHenry IV Part 1: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre; and Part 2

~ I’VE STILL BEEN bookworming it– jonseing on Brit various tomes by historian Alison Weir; laughing out loud and enjoying the rich brain-squeezy goodness of Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Crawford novels; the Anglo-Catholic wisdom of H. F. M. Prescott in The Man on A Donkey; Ackroyd’s biography of Shakespeare; various other odds and ends along the way.

Via the Beeb & Tube of You, The Binks has been taking in The Hollow Crown (4 royal plays starting with Richard 2.0)– powerful, only slightly butchered, and wonderfully staged with a collection of faces new & old from the UK Shakespeariati crew.

Also saw the Globe DVD version of Henry 4.0 parts 1 & 2; a little over-acted in parts, but a great ensemble crew. Tried to watch & enjoy Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus (co-starring Gerard Butler), but great hunks of the text were missing (as in the pretty but patchwork Ian McKellen Richard III of 1995).

Read, Watch, Talk

It hardly does to talk about the riches of our cultural heritage, the importance of good literature and drama and all the rest, simply by paying lipservice to it. If we can follow the plot of Lost, or keep up with the twists and turns of tabloid romance, or learn the lyrics of countless pop-songs, then we can make room for the Bible, Greek and Roman legends, Medieval culture and music and literature, Shakespeare, and all the rest.

We must remember what we have forgotten, neglected, or had stolen away from us. These arou our words and thoughts, our stories, our joy and wisdom and warnings, our philosophy and theology, our history and art and understanding.

It is the radicals and progressives and Islamo-fanatics who would erase the past, consigning it to the infamous “ashheap of history”, a dead and buried past past. These things make us who we are– not just who we were– and who we can and shall be again. ~

Neener– Binks Told You So #941

~ ITEMSandy, a former hurricane, causes widespread flooding and power cuts

~ ITEM: How to Bug-In: What You Need to Know to Survive a Grid-Down Disaster

YouTube: Preparedness

~ SO THEN THE hellstorm of Hurricane Sandy hits and sludges the East Coast.. do the preppers and survival-types look quite so silly, hyper-cautious, and half-baked now?

Binks has written before, following on the thoughts of the Instapundit, about the fragility of our supply-systems, bringing us “Just In Time” most of our food, water, prescriptions– all of it. In our local area, one home-owner was forced to shut down his well and go on the water system, even though that well tapped a spring that has given hyper-fresh water for thousands of years.

Witness post-storm New York City– minus power, water, subway, trucked-in food & supplies– where’s your “Just In Time” shipping theory now? A supermarket with a warehouse– as in past decades– would mean food for several thousands for weeks. Now, what you see on the shelves is what you get. No back-up, no depth.. in one sense, no notion that there’s not always power and trucks and safe roads and staff able to get to work and unload the trucks.

Waaaah! Mommy!

It’s the modern disease– govtitty. Someone Else Will Look After It. If I choose not to be ready for storms, blackouts, floods, man-made disasters, somehow it’s not your fault or responsibility.

It’s been 50 or 60 years of bloated all-pervasive government, eating away at liberty, social and personal responsibility, charity to others, individual & group motivations to do the right thing, fight for and build the future, and hand on to others the hard-won gifts we have received from our forefathers, in better condition than we got them.

Most of the time, we can get away with this craziness, because the machine keeps working. We don’t see the general chaos ahead, because it’s kinda holding together just now, if we ignore the details and the evidence.

No, being prepared isn’t a free ticket to apocalypse land, bunker-living, or any of the rest of the sub-culture. As with any probem, some folks take things super-far. Learn what they may know, without following them down the End Of The World path.

Quit Stalling

Get ready. Now. Just do it, because you care for yourself, your family & neighbours, for being around to hand on civilization and live ordinary life, and enjoy the many blessings of God, and not needlessly suffer & die for the want of a few days of work and a few hundred dollars.

The links above are just a few useful sites to begin for disaster preparedness. Plan for 2 weeks or more; make sure you have lotsa water & food; basic tools, a good multitool, a good hatchet, a sawback machete, LED lights, several means of making fire, some means of cooking & heating, lots of backup meds, dogfood.. you know what to do. ~

So Obysmally Done

~ ITEMPresident Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits; FEMA, W.H. send storm victims to internet; Hurricane Sandy floods NYC subways; millions without power

~ ITEM – Admiral James Lyons – We Need Full Disclosure On Benghazi NOW; and McCain: Obama Might Be Conducting ‘Massive Cover-Up’ With Libya Attack

~ ITEMWill Hurricane Sandy deliver an election victory next week for Barack Obama?

~ ITEM – Roger Scruton: A pessimist’s guide to life

~ AS THE CURRENT POTUS melts in public, revealing the non-entity and busy minions behind the curtains, it’s sad to see that– if polls can be believed– that so many voters are still willing to pull the lever for the see-through President, versus the tried & tested Romney.

Obama offered enchanting hot air: feel-good, make-believe, and lots of evil & nasty behind the curtain. No real answers or plans, just Hopenchange and spin, smoke and mirrors. As apostate liberal David Mamet details in his take-no-prisoners book The Secret Knowledge, it is a battle between fact-light feeling and wishes, versus evidence, facts, and the tried & tested wisdom of our civilization.

The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, by David Mamet

And the naive & happy True Believers are on a veritable crusade, to perfect the world, come hell or high water or necessary deaths. Their opponents are not just people honestly upholding their reasonable positions, they are bad. It’s why The Big O himself demonizes and viciously attacks his opponents– he’s an elected god, therefore his enemies are obviously devils.

Pessimistically Yours

Said conservative cultural philosopher Roger Scruton (another former liberal) in 2010:

“Leftwing people find it very hard to get on with rightwing people, because they believe that they are evil. Whereas I have no problem getting on with leftwing people, because I simply believe that they are mistaken.”

Frankly, I don’t care if Romney is just another politician– voters in the united States are electing a President, not a deity or messiah. Yes, U.S. politics is religion is politics, but let’s hope the past 4 years have awakened enough voters to reality, and away from the politics of perfection, let alone the politicization, division, proto-racewar and Muslim Brotherhood money and scheming behind the sockpuppet Obama.

The polls are still horribly skewed– if the truth behind them is what I suspect it is, Romeny is a shoe-in. But that may not be the end of this fight, in the short or long-term. November 4th may be a D-Day.. but the war was very much up for grabs for months and months after the allied invasion of Normandy.

Just sayin’, is all. ~

The Uses of Pessimism: And the Danger of False Hope, by Roger Scruton.