Steynian 462st

A Second Revolution?

Whittle: A New Beginning

~ ITEM: Glenn Beck: Blaze TV

~ AS NOTED GENERALLY on the interwebs, President Obama deserves salesman of the year awards for weapons & ammo in America.

Post election, some call for a new American Revolution, a second civil war, armed resistance against a dishonest, greedy, destructive regime. War is always the last choice, and civil wars are horrible.

Dreaming Dreams

Long-time conservative commentator (and former liberal) Bill Whittle is pondering another way, and what he has to say is well worth considering. Glenn Beck is also dreaming large.

Their words and ideas may well be part of answering the U.S. King of Free Candy Forever, his supporters, and the depraved & debt-doomed new America born– by electoral fraud most likely– on November 6th 2012.

A healthy republic, a reborn America, will come via faith, and basic virtue reborn in the bosoms of many millions of her citizens– not by more free candy, or candidates liberal and more liberaller, nor by the customary conservative circular firing-squads.

Just sayin’ is all. ~

The WebElf, Raging Food Heretic!

~ ITEM: “We Have You Surrounded. Drop the Big Gulp and Come Out with Your Hands Up

~ BINKY HAS BEEN on a food-journey: a kind of Atkins Diet (less sugar, bread, etc., lots of meat, veg, etc.). He has conclusions, and some of them may upset your universe.

Salt Is Good

(1) Ever taste your tears or sweat? Salty, right? You’re 2/3 made of seawater. Salt is good for you. If you have too much salt, your body excretes it. If you don’t have enough, your body fluids are utterly out of balance, and you get all sorts of health-problems.

Women? Not enough salt = less capacity for your body to keep & employ calcium = osteoporosis, heart-problems,stroke, and other health issues.

(2) Fats Are Good

Low-fat diets can kill you. Why? Your body needs fat, is made of fat, burns fat for fuel, your very cell-membranes are made of fat. What most of us have too much of is bad fat– maade when our bodies run on sugars and carbs, yet telling our bodies we are starving, so to store more, and worse types of fat throughout the abdomen, blood systems, heart, everywhere. A vicious cycle.

Too much sugar, carbs and suchlike are toxic. Eat less breads & grains, more fish, meats, salads and veggies, as in the food-plan laid out in It Starts With Food.

That is, the food industry, diet industry, and well-meaning nutrituion studies we’ve been taught for 50 and more years are simply mistaken. Low salt & low fat are ruinous.

I’ve dieted down the years, with the same result as most people… failure within 5 years, yo-yo weight, worse health.

Me, Myself, Personally

On the low carb system, I’ve de-toxed, lost 25+ pounds, and keep losing & burning fat– while eating literally all the meat and eggs and butter and eggs and salad and veg I can. My cholesterol is dropping quickly, and sugars are coming into a healthier range. The proof is in the pudding.

Come and arrest me, ya fairy food nazis. ~

Can’t Stop The Signal

~ ITEM: Wikipedia– Joss Whedon; TV- Firefly; Movie- Serenity

~ ITEM: Oh No, Not Joss Whedon

~ ITEM: Must-See Metaphysics; the Sky-Bully

~ ITEM: Joss Whedon Is A Bully And A Coward

~ IN INTERVIEWS, director/ writer/ producer and nerd-deity Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy, Toy Story, and many other projects) says that he does not believe in any ‘divine bully’ in the sky. Okily dokily, then.

Saith Teh Binks: look at what Whedon writes, and you may ask yourself whether his fictional universes do not clash with his professed atheism. I say they do.

Bigger On The Inside

I’ve mentioned before the examples of movies like Practical Magic, or What Dreams May Come: the universe presented in these movies initially does not account for all that happens– in the first, the witches have all sorts of power, yet are nearly overcome by a demon; in the second, the bright & happy afterlife hides a purgatory, and a hell through which the protagonist must travel to save his wife.

Whedon’s universes all presume and take for granted a real right and wrong; clear moral ideas; that struggle to defend the right and good.. well, that it is right and good. The same can be said of his passion for his cancelled 2002 show Firefly, an internet crusade on the part of the fandom (The Browncoats), which became a personal crusade of his own, leading to the 2005 movie Serenity.

He recently said that the popularity of Firefly 10 years on is a vindication– that he was right, and the fans were right, and the FOX suits who canned the show after only 14 episodes were terribly, terribly wrong.

Note: not terribly wrong because they defied his taste, or a popular movement; or because they wanted something more flashy & Star Trek-y; but because it was wrong, as such, to not allow great stories and a talented crew & stable of actors some time to find their feet, and prove the value of something truly new, interesting, and of abiding worth in television history.

Non-Absolute Absolutes?

Right & wrong, good and evil, universes in story which help us know and see ourselves more truly– simply put, atheism or scientific materialism cannot account for itself, for good and evil, for objective truth (beyond “science”), for accounting for all we are, all we experience, all we struggle with in ourselves, the universe, one another. You know, the rest of reality outside rocks and beakers and such claims to absolute knowledge.

Thank God for it– and as a better storyteller than he is believer, he allows his characters to have faith, minus atheistical hysteria or too much religion-bashing; he allows the battle of actual good and evil, with the consequences thereof; that individuals matter, that the fight for goodness, truth, loyalty, and courage is beyond value, even when in the minority, or against impossible odds.

Children Lost in A Dark Wood

This faith at one remove: the modern fear of metaphysical commitment on the one hand, with the shining forth of good things in spite of yourself– imagining them to arise solely from the self, or us alone. The old pagan argument against Christianity is still with us: that it is arrogant to claim one way only, when there are many ways up the mountain to the divine. The Christian answer remains true, if not lived out or shown forth by our modern cowardly Western churches– it is not arrogance, but humility to witness to the ladder which God let down from heaven, the way not imagined by so many ancient faiths and longings, but completed in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

The human soul, as redeemed by Christ the Word, is full of treasures, and palaces, and kingdoms, the borderlands of heaven itself– and all the riches of the Kingdom of heaven.

Finally, And In Conclusion

To that extent, although socially and politically progressive, I admire Joss Whedon’s boyish wonder, his fairness, gifts, determination, and true story-telling capacities. One day, may he come to know and love the storyteller above, the Word incarnate, from whom all the best stories come, and in whom the best story of all is eternally true.

Mind you, celebrity metaphysics and bully pulpiteering are not the last word– after all, I don’t believe in the ‘Sky Bully’ rejected by Whedon and others, either. Like reality, God is both more complicated and more simple than such teen-aged throw-away cleverness.

As for claiming pro-Nazi & pro-Palestinian Satre and absurdist wreckers Monty Python as his ‘authorities’? Again, his stories are better than some of his inspirations. ~

A Great Blog

The Woman and the Dragon

.. so you will bookmark, read, consider, and enjoy. ~



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