An Query

~ OK, SO ARE YOU pre-dead minions still out there?

Are the essays any worth? Are you waiting until the heap-o-linkies returns?

Any and all comments, suggestions, essay ideas, and/ or niggling notions most welcome.

Your unworthy web-servant, and chief of sinners,


P.S. Yes, I have some new essays underway, probly incoming tomorrer– as long as the weather permits and the crick don’t rise.


3 thoughts on “An Query

  1. As Geert Wilders has observed in Marked For Death, the Muslim is not the child of the desert, he is the father of the desert. They live to create rubble. Their national sport is the rubble-toss. It goes like this: First, create some rubble. Then, proceed to toss pieces of the rubble at anyone who resembles a civilized human being.

  2. To Teh Binks,

    I’m glad you’re walk about and convalescence seems done, along with teh other trials and tribulations regarding your family’s castle and your corporeal earthly informational belongings. I on teh other hand have had to step back and take my own break.

    Think of the FBI’s choice after finally being allowed to help Russian inspector Viktor Burakov who brought down mass murderer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo. Teh after action of completing such an investigation spanning nearly 8 years to bring in a killer who was about for 22 years has led to a policy whereby investigators of serial killers must leave teh case after six months.

    Think of the bloggers who cover the systematic death of our way of life through the very many machinations and binki-linkies you provided in the past. It’s enough to drive anybody mad lest teh power of teh Lord provides strength beyond teh power of nature and teh failure of health.

    We all have obsessed at times, not that it’s a bad thing. However, no one man can be an army of one. It’s alright to take breaks every once and a while.

    Don’t worry Binks, you will never be forgotten or ignored, not as long as teh Steynian chapters march on.

    God Bless.


  3. Yah I read but sometimes so much I wonder how you find so much stuff and post it so fast, it boggles my mind! I do look forward to emails from you, I really liked your articles in Western Standard & Maclean’s, read your books…….(In response to your Query)

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