Stand With Them

Zionist Slave-Monkey The Evil Binks (The Jew-Loving Lover of Jewishes) suggests your attention to the following Book Of Face link: Stand With Us Canada.

“Israeli children are waking up now after spending the night in bomb shelters. This photo was taken yesterday in Ashkelon. Share this to show their reality.”
The truth of what Israel is can be seen in the nature & names of her enemies: The Obama Administration & America-based Jihadists, Iran, Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb’allah, and the cadres of blood-soaked agents of Jihad who wish to omplete Hitler’s work, and erase Israel & Jews from the face of the earth. There is no moral equivalency here, no real room for dialogue and sharing and compromise.
No, this is not a carte blanche from this observer to every action of the state of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood and tentacles will use and abuse international law, the media, and our fears against us, to allow them to do their work of Jihad.
There’s not really any middle ground left here. Old-timey Jew-hatey Israel eats babies just won’t do. Want to see how real world-leaders respond? Don’t look south of the Canucki border, then.



One thought on “Stand With Them

  1. HI Binky. Doing o.k. considering the unwarranted and unwanted police harassment while I try to ppray and peacefully witness for Life to the lost souyls going in to darkent their hearts forever by being complicit in the great abortion lie,

    Police a couple of weeks ago told me and my 87yearl friend we had to move across the street even though there is no bubble zone and we cross all our ts and dot all our is. It is not enough we hav e never done anything unpeaceful and the Occupy thugs came one day 150 of them or so I hear after we had 5 police threaten us with (lets see they cited they could arrest for 3 ifferent offenses ,, Breach of Peace, mischief, tresspassing. This is on a sidewalk ,where as I said the occupy folk came in their full fledged gear with intentions to intimidate (masks, megaphone, and very serious stares at the Pro-lLife 40 dayForLifers who were across the street. As for me and my elderly gentleman friiend we have been peacefully praying there for at least 3 and some years,. Actually,he has carried his sign (“Why must the child die?) sign longer, almost 20 years, while I carry a sign that is reversable, and says Women Or I (I have 2 versions ) Regret their or My abortion”. Real intimidating ey/?No …It is definately the Rosary we pray aloud and the fact we smile and chat with folk if they ask us questions, and do not respond to the provocation of the angry un’healed post -abortive or angry self’ righteous period. That, they do not like, and have got the police on their side ,is where we now stand.
    Take away more Charter of Rights with allowing the police more power to implemnent some twisted to suit the purpose bylaw so they can harrass us off the death mill side of the street and hopefully for them they think, make it less hard for “those poor women who have such hard decisions to go through with, why according to one policeman we are just plain insensitive, or something to that effect.
    Imagine we are insensiteive . She is about to allow some horrific torture to take place concerning her child, and darken her soul and change her life for the worse forever, and we are iknsensitive.”

    I thought Sun News , and Brian Lilley would be interesded in covering the fact we have been told we cannot (2 peaceful people pray and carry our signs for an hour on a publice sidewalk that has no bubble zone0, so I told Campaign Life’s Wanda Hartlin and she passed on Brian Lilley’s phone number. I left him a smessage but he never got back to me. His voice was not who answered the message so maybe he never got it. I carried a glimmer of hope, he might be interested as he just recently had interviewed Linda Gibbons. Now Dear LInda’s case is different, but not in so many ways. One being when she gets arrested she has croissed the bubble zone(false and illegal as it is,
    but still recogized by the “so-called law”, wherew as there is NO bubble zone, and are freedom of assembly and freedom of expression rights seem to mean zilch, iwhen it comes to bylaws and the “new police force”. We were actaully told by one officer when I mentioned Vern White had no problem with us and the police always had let us keep our peaceful prayer vigil in the past, that
    : We have a NEW Police Chief NOW, and we have a NEW police FORCE now!!!” The word force is
    what one needs to focus on. They are certainly en-FORCING what they please and on whom they please. Cry discrimination!…it means nothing…they will arrest you on a dime for doiong nothing if you don’t go away quietly, Do No t ask Questions, or you WILL be cionstrued as the terrorist that thour neigbors to the South have already catagorized us as, and I have been followed when I leave in my car by police. I guess it does not help I have the end of my right pinky (we rhyme) missing as
    aresult of a 4th degree burn, from 1997, it now , according to Homeland Security from our U.S. neighbours is more reason that I am even more likely to be in catagory 1 of their version of terrorists. Add the fact I sent Prime Minister Harper’s office years ago some Pro-Life material
    (no it was not body parts) VERY Gallows humour, yet very to the point since that is what abortion does (tear the baby apart). No, mine was just the facts… sir… just the facts and some real pleaing
    for him to re-open the debate from one who has been there, and knows whaty it does to us all.
    I even told his wife when she called during the last electection to ask for our support that we do not speak with him until he is ready to speak about life and changing the status quo, , and he can forget any vote.. Here in this small household of two. we both married late and for the first time, we try to live our Faith and tha means we do NOT vote for ANYONE who does not stand for the protection of ALL life from the moment of conception till the naural moment of death PERIOD.
    So. …
    That’s how things have been.
    Great to hear form you and Thank you for the last three excellent emails, Binky, such excellent jounalism and Truth, , leaves me thirsty for more, as well as the funny stuff too. Hey humour and joy attract people to the heart of one who knows really knows God’s Heart.
    God Bless you and yours
    For Life

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