Furbishment & Refurbishment


~ SO ANYWAY, this blog is very dusty, some links dead, old, missing, and not reflective of 2013 and all the new great stuff out there. Expect some novelties, which I will point out, and some new graphics and fiddling and suchlike.

I apologize for the frozen-ghost site of FreeMarkSteyn.com– I will have to take advice as what to do with it– donations were made to make it and host it, and I’ve not figured out the technical problems of posting videos there, so I’m not sure what to do.

I will in fact return to the “Essays & Copious Linkeries” format of old.. this was just a first startup posting, to get me actually recalling the password, navigating the new WordPress, and putting someting online more than good intentions.. who always scores on his own team.

Please to spread the word, O ye bloggers, that I’m actually trying to get underway again, and any and all encouragement is gladly accepted.



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