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America: Know Your Heroes


~ ITEM: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

~ ITEM: Big Fed & Speech on Campus: A Salvo

~ ITEM: Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

~ SINCE THIS blog was started to support free speech warrior Mark Steyn, you already know he’s at the top of the list of happy warriors doing the needful in times when freedom is treated like a disease.

Two other good folks come to mind.

Support, help, and encourage the current heroes in current U.S. Freedom Wars, like Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ); and Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

Sekulow is the one defending the IRS target groups; Lukianoff is currently exposing government interference in university speech-codes.

Oh, and the awesome 54 Colorado Sherriffs, too.

Heroes, saith The Binks. ~

Take Hope Back


~ ITEM: James Graham, Earl of Graham, and 1st Marquis of Montrose; a good man born into very bad times

~ “HOPE”, LIKE “Justice” is become a cuddly modern code-word for many, signifying redistribution, white guilt, statism, and Obama Uber Alles/ Progressive/ cuddly Marxism in the case of American politics.

Hope is far older, and one of the theological virtues, the opposite of which is sloth/ despair/ mindless activity, cynicism. Hope is grounded in God, and as Wikipedia puts it, is an “expectation of and desire of receiving; refraining from despair and capability of not giving up.”

Exemplary Hoper

James Graham was a truly and persistently hopeful man, not prone to despair, or even being threatened by overwhelming odds in battle; he knew his own military ability; he was of one heart and mind and tongue; and even when some of his allies left or failed him or switched sides from Royalist to Covenanter, he did not despair of them, write them off, or judge them harshly.. but hoped that they might return.

When facing huge professional armies, he developed new tactics, using quick marches across impassable areas to surprise and outmaneuver his opponents. His ally the giant Alisdair MacDonald developed the Highland charge, overwhelming the enemy and traditional tactics. As he versified it,

He fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small
That puts it not unto the touch
To win or lose it all.

At all points, his hope never failed; even when, on the way to his death, his enemies abused, mocked, and sought to convert and bully him into submission (still to be executed, of course). He did not curse his enemies, or revile weak Scotland, nor weep for mercy at any cost. His last words were reported as

“I leave my soul to God, my service to my prince, my goodwill to my friends, my love and charity to you all…. God have mercy on this afflicted land!”

Tears were running down the hangman’s face as he pushed Graham off the scaffold.


Where We Aren’t

We have a crisis of hope; an absence of courage and confidence, or else wrong-headed courage and misplaced confidence. As G.K. Chesterton said, the problem with rootless societies is not the lack of virtue, but virtues running amuck, like demented giants trqmpling the land, wreaking havoc through good intentions, false hopes, lies and deceptions, and faith in worldly, passing things.

“I hope the government will fix this” and “I hope they make a law” and “I hope I don’t have to do anything about this” are not real hope, but mere wishes, despair, surrender to any power but God’s, or our own to do good and make good of the world as we find it in our years here below. Previous generations laboured to build towns, churches, hospitals, colleges, to cure disease and relieve want and provide education and opportunites for all. Sadly, they thus bequeathed us the problem of the ever-growing beast of modern all-powerful omnipresent government, ever shrinking the sphere of individual action and privacy and the call to do good and be good each and every one as and where he may.

Hoping Again

Montrose was a Christian, and though a moderate Covenanter, really a principled heir of the finer wisdom of his Scottish Catholic and royalist forefathers; of faith and liberty under law; who did not place their hopes in Protestant tyranny, rebellion and lawlessness, master-plans, and dictatorships. All such was worse than what went before, and a utopian counterfeit of freedom worse than what went before.

He is an example of hope, for our hopeless times. This dovetails in with another unpopular principle, in our rights-obsessed age: our duty to our family, town, region, nation, civilization, and our times. With the safety, comfort, longetivity and freedom we have enjoyed until recently in the modern nation-state, we have not always paid serious attention to our duty, to the material, moral, and spiritual capital entrusted and handed on to us by those who have gone before, those who are here and elsewhere, and those who come afterwards– our duty to build, improve, serve without thanks, and bear our troubles in that work without happy faces, golden stars, or self-esteem-building praise. ~

Unboiling The Frogs


~ ITEM: ‘IRS scandal’ is the spectacle of ‘Christian’ ‘liberty’ groups begging for State approval

~ ITEM: Boiling frog – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

~ SADLY, THAT old story about slow-boiling the frog isn’t true, but it sure would apply to Christian churches in the West over the past century. The state slowly took over all her work & charity & paperwork; now– in Obamistan– the church is being invaded by bureaucracy, submission of the things of God unto Caesar, and bending the knee unto antiChrist– the state acting in place of God.

It is far past hight time that churches give over the tax-free charitable status, so often held as a threat over uppity Christers who criticize the modern uber-state in any way. Registered charity? Then the IRS minds your business, the POTUS minds your business, and Caesar gives permission for your official tax-receipt existence.

Marriage Registers

High time, too, for churches to get out of the official state marriage business. Christian marriage is not for the state to interfere with– such things predate the state, bureaucracy  and are of long tradition and God. State registration should be different from church blessings. Our current system is a survival of the Anglican structure, where the church kept the state records on baptism, marriage, and burials.

Thus, the state can continue with radical-prompted social experiments like legalizing irrational and immoral experiments like polygamy or same-sex pseudogamy or incest or whatever comes next in the fermenting social septic tank that is modern social engineering. The churches will be able to preserve actual marriage, as seen in the predominant tradition of Greco-Roman Judaeo-Christianity, and most civilizations ever everywhere.

Ye Olden Dayes

In a society which is consciously founded on Christianity in faith, law, practice, and morals, churches are rightly recognized for the spiritual glue, charitable work, and truth they set forth. Tax-free status frees up more (Victorianly speaking) for the poor, and good works, and all the rest. Now, it has become a chain to keep cash-strapped denominations and churches obedient to the Spirit of The Age, or the claims of tyrants.

Hitler liked the tamed German Lutherans, who lent an air of respectability to his regime and claims of authority over all spheres of life, including the minds and consciences of German pastors and Christians. That’s why martyred pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer refused to sign on; why Catholics refused to bend the knee to Hitlerism, and aided so many refugees and European Jews to hide, escape, and survive.

Mind you, such uppity churches may risk various forms of persecution, martyrdom, purification, and a nearer following of Jesus, who promised suffering and rejection and that the world would hate Christians, because it first hated Him. Death and resurrection; sorrow and joy.

Too long the churches have been tame: part of respectable society, then in the ’50s to the ’70s, trying to be trendier than thou, in the ’80s and onwards Leftier than thou. It won’t do. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI stated, the future church may be smaller, but more devout and serious about the matters of faith and practice.

A Faithful Voice

The church should be able to preach freely about her own business, and proclaim the Kingdom of God, and criticize the false claims of the all-powerful state to rule over all matters public and private, earthly and heavenly.

After all, we are in a civilizational war between an aggressive secular statism on the one hand, and a renewed Jihad on the other– both utopian in their own way, both making ultimate claims to power and truth which are unWestern, antiChristian, and which stand against the earliest Christian confession that Jesus is Lord; not Caesar, nor false prophets and their war-cults.

In Canadian terms, that’s why a pompous cipher like Lefter Than Thou Justin Trudeau is the perfect enemy of the future of Western civilization: willing to pander to stealth-Jihadi Islam in the name of votes and multiculturalism on the one hand, and the would-be heir to his father’s notions of the state having right and authority over the lives, money, opinions, and society of all Canadians on the other.

No, the current Canadian government isn’t perfect or pretty; but the alternative is literally a surrender to intrusive globalism and global Jihad. Then, all our frogs will be on the boil. ~

Missing The Details


~ ITEM: Craigievar Castle is a pinkish harled castle six miles (10 km) south of Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

~ STRANGELY, despite the fairly high state of modern archaeology, research, and detail we know about the material and daily culture of past ages, too many movie-makers miss the fine details about real castles.

Simply, many castles were never meant to sit there with bare stones: they were most often plastered and coloured with a form of whitewash or paint. This protected the mortar and stones from accelerated weathering and frost-heave in colder climes, so presenting a smooth face of the edifice to the world. Many castles were in fact composite wood-stone or wood affairs– such plaster was thus part of the wall itself, and prevented fire-damage from enemy arrows or bonfires against the wall. The same surfacing was done to many city walls in medieval and later times. Add colour, and a castle was a great jewel of safety, authority, and wealth.


The White Tower of the Tower of London complex was thus white both for the white Caen limestone favoured by William the Conqueror for his cathedrals, castles, and other buildings, and for the plaster finish (seen above; original link– engraving by Thomas H. Shepherd (1792–1864).


In Scotland, there are surviving examples of properly preserved castles like the recently restored Craigevar in Aberdeenshire; in other places, ruins show surviving plastered brick and stone from the original finish on the walls. Doing otherwise would be like having a house without siding or Tyvek.


It’s strange how so many modern movie scriptwriters and special-effects guys and directors botch the details, which might so easily be correct, and so give movies more authentic historical detail and teaching-value. Sadly, director Ridley Scott (Robin Hood, Kingdom Of Heaven, Gladiator) has shown hismelf the master of pretty, at the expense of fact. ~

So Saith Teh Binks

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Chocolate Jesus! Obama


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~ JIHAD IN AMERICA, courtesy of Obama’s subversive and lethal immigration policies … (atlasshrugs2000)

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~ LET’S BE CLEAR— Here’s the thing — Obama didn’t know about Benghazi. Obama didn’t know about Fast and Furious. Obama didn’t know that the IRS was targeting patriots while giving special treatment to subversives. Obama didn’t know about the AP wiretapping. But he knows inside of an hour about a twitter fight and that is important enough to respond?” … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ODDLY ENOUGH, President Obama Blesses Non-Mothers on Mother’s Day … (merecomments)

~ FUN WITH DEATH— IRS Agents Working for Planned Parenthood … (



Jihad Is Everywhere

“We can talk about the grievance industry, CAIR, etc., trying to hype up the threat of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is very minor. You want to talk about religious bias? You convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia, you’re murdered. You convert from Islam in so many Muslim countries, it’s the death penalty. Why are Muslim societies so afraid of missionaries? Why are Muslim societies so afraid of freedom of speech? Why are Muslim societies so afraid of the Gospel? Why are Muslim societies so afraid of the message of Jesus Christ? If you believe Islam is the truth, why don’t you believe Islam can compete in the marketplace of ideas? Obviously you don’t, or you wouldn’t kill people that convert to Christianity and put missionaries in jail.”

~ Umar Lee, 2013 ~

~ DISAPPOINTED Prominent American Muslim, Umar Lee, leaves Islam & speaks out … (jihadwatch)

~ CRAVEN RABBI WHO CONDEMNED PAMELA GELLER TALK-NIXER WAS A SPEAKER AT HATE CONFAB; My Night with Pamela Geller; Pamela Geller is ‘full of love’; Toronto Rabbis called out for shameful betrayal(A2K, Blazing)

~ SAUDIS JAIL Lebanese who helped woman convert to Christianity… (

~ STEALTH-JIHADISTRY— CAIR To File Complaint Against Federal Judge … (Weaselzippers)

~ CUDDLING WITH EVIL— “L’ambassadeur américain au Canada s’associe aux Frères Musulmans à Ottawa, London et Calgary”; English link to A2K(, A2K)

~ ALLAH UBER ALLES— Seal Team 6 parents outraged over imam cursing son at funeral … (creepingsharia)

~ POSTE DE VEILLE— Victor Lévy-Beaulieu et la légitimation du terrorisme … (

~ JUSTICE, AT LAST— Deported Palestinian terrorist once bragged to CBC crew about crime, subsequent release; SunNews– Immigration Minister Jason Kenney joins to discuss the 26 year battle to deport a convicted terrorist from Canada(,

~ SCHEME? STUPID? PLAN? Obama’s DoJ allowed terrorists to fly on commercial airplanes in U.S. … (jihadwatch)

~ AFGHANISTAN: un père exécute sa fille en public pour venger son “honneur” … (

~ SUICIDALLY INSANE Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-sharia Muslim supremacists … (

~ TORSTAR’S “Mad Dog” Siddiqui upset about a rabies shot … (

~ FRANKISTAN: Muslim attacks priest, monsignor denounces “people of the Muslim faith taking control of the district” … (jihadwatch)

~ HE GETS IT— KISS Rocker, Gene Simmons, Calls Muslims “Vile” … (


~ REMEMBER WHEN? Pope canonises 800 Italians beheaded by Muslims for refusing conversion or submission to Islam(blogs.telegraph)

~ SAITH DOUGLAS MURRAY: In defence of Niall Ferguson … (

~ THE HORRID ‘WINDS OF JIHAD’— Gene Simmons calls Muslims ‘vile’; actual tolerance bothers hate-speech worriers; Surely reverse racism had nothing to do with the impostor getting a whitey slave marine to hold his umbrella; Al Reuters Reports “Sectarian Clashes” in Egypt; Back to sleep, infidels: your water supply is safe!; Parisabad: Muslim savages rioting in the streets again over a soccer game; The Norwegian rape epidemic can continue(

~ ‘F*** AMERICA’ Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Wrote in Boat: Officials”. Saith Teh Binks: “Why Do They Hate Us?”, Root Causes search ensues … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ DANIEL PIPES is tolerated, Geller is not – In matters of culture and religion, political correctness circumscribes the right to freedom of expression … (

~ NOTHING TO SEE HERE!– Reservoir Jihad?; Saudi’s, Pakistani’s Caught Trespassing at Reservoir Supplying Boston Drinking Water. How long can millions of panicking people survive without drinking water, you ask? Bigot! Islamophobe! Racial profiler!! … (gatesofvienna, creepingsharia)

~ THE ONGOING Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World… (creepingsharia)

~ CANUCKISTAN RISING: Muslim population doubles since 9/11, fastest growing religious population. Saith Teh Binks: first accomodation, then confrontation, then domination. Watch for it. These are not your grandparents’ Muslims … (creepingsharia)

~ WHAT COULD IT HURT? US-DOJ Witness Protection Program lost two ‘known or suspected terrorists‘ … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ POLICE BAR Jews from Temple Mount As Muslims Threaten More Riots … (atlasshrugs2000)


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