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Pray For Oklahoma


God bless the rescuers, helpers, medical workers, and the injured and mourning.


~ At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured after two-mile wide tornado pulverizes Oklahoma City

~ 43 PICTURES OF THE JAW-DROPPING DESTRUCTION IN OKLAHOMA; Out of the Rubble, the Children of Moore, Oklahoma

~ Donate to Mercury One— The Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund exists to help people whose lives have been torn apart by disaster.

~ Convoy of hope: Glenn Beck arrives in Okla. with two truckloads of food, water and diapers, broadcasts from Oklahoma

~ If you care to help: Americans, Text STORM to 80888 for Salvation Army, REDCROSS to 90999 or FOOD to 32333 for $10 donations.

~ Pray for Oklahoma

~ Scumbags will politicize– Glenn Thrush notes Okla. senators are ‘spending skeptic’ and ‘global warming denier’. Cuz, you know, tornadoes never hit Oklahoma before the GorbalWarmings got talked about; and Daily Show Co-Creator: Oklahoma Tornado ‘Ordered to Only Target Conservatives’; and “Democratic Senator uses Okla. tornado for anti-GOP rant over global warming.” ~

The Long Defeat

~ ITEM: Eucatastrophe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Eucatastrophe – Tolkien Gateway

~ ITEM: A Long Defeat, A Final Victory

~ ITEM: More on Tolkien and the “Long Defeat”

~ ITEM: Pamela Geller struck back at the Toronto Board of Rabbis (TBR) for a critical statement it issued just hours before her appearance Monday night at the Zionist Centre

~ ITEM: Word From The Orcs– Hypocrite Khomeinist Gloats Over Pamela Geller Dust Up

~ HE’S A FRIEND, and an Anglican bishop– he looked at me and said “Cheerup: it’s going to get much worse.” He meant the Anglican world & the dying Anglican sect in Canada a dozen years ago (he was right), but I think I would apply it to the wider world.

The Bible is a story of defeat, until the surprise ending which is revealed in Christ, and in the Book of Revelation. J.R.R. Tolkien called it a “eucatastrophe”, the joyful seemingly impossible rescue at the uttermost extremity. Tolkien said:

“The Resurrection was the greatest ‘eucatastrophe’ possible in the greatest Fairy Story — and produces that essential emotion: Christian joy which produces tears because it is qualitatively so like sorrow, because it comes from those places where Joy and Sorrow are at one, reconciled, as selfishness and altruism are lost in Love.”

Remember what’s up when Gollum finally falls into the heart of Mount Doom and the One Ring is destroyed, after Frodo failed in his task? The Army Of The West is surrounded on all sides by the forces of Mordor before the Black Gates, fighting before death comes and the heroes and army go down to defeat.

lotr_gal_velky_2001_11_29_13_27_40 (1)

Worse, this comes as the seeming end of “The Long Defeat”– Galadriel says to Frodo:

“For the Lord of the Gladhrim is accounted the wisest of the Elves of Middle-Earth, and a giver of gifts beyond the power of kings. He has dwelt in the West since the days of dawn, and I have dwelt with him years uncounted; for ere the fall of Nargothrond or Gondolin I passed over the mountains, and together through the ages of the world we have fought the long defeat.” (Mirror of Galadriel, LOTR)

“The phrase “long defeat” comes from J. R. R. Tolkien, who in The Lord of the Rings puts it in the mouth of Galadriel, and in a letter uses it himself: he wrote,

“I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’ — though it contains (and in a legend may contain more clearly and movingly) some samples or glimpses of final victory.”

Battling Bravely

The Evil Pamela Geller – Toronto May 2013

Pam Geller is a prophet to and for our times: speaking about the Long Defeat of Western Civilization to Jihad, risen like zombies in our day, before pandering politicos and the shivering media and the largely ignorant masses. We are rather like the hobbits, who as the Elves and Aragorn point out in The Fellowship Of The Ring, only enjoy their peace and can take it for granted because others protect their borders against the real evils that surround the peaceful Shire.

Things are going mostly badly right now, guys. Not to speak out, donate, read up, encourage the happy warriors at the front is to take the side of the barbarians & orcs assailing The West. We are at the point of decision. The comfy years of 1960-2005 may not have prepared us to do right and suffer and fight, but the time has come, nonetheless.

Cheer up, it is– and is going to get– much, much worse. ~

The Blorg!.. Its ALIIIIVE!


~ COMING BACK to persistent blogging (we hopes, preciousss), I am reminded constantly by the blog of things to write, links to note, sentences to polish, pithy thentences to compose, and catchy title for a whole descending flow of essay to ensue.

At night, when I start to doze after prayer, lo, the precious blog is wandering about in my sleepy skull, picking flowers and stray thoughts. I waken sleepless or needing the necessary, and start writing interesting stuff that my waking self may or may not recall. I walk Wee Wallace, Wonderdog of Many Dooms, and rehash past bloggings, and wonder what else to say that is of bare worth to cast out my swine before pearls unto the world.

The precious blogses is alive– it`s been waiting, slumbering.. it WANTS to be written!

Ancient Geeks

This is, of course, the sense of mysterious inspiration which led the Greeks to suppose the bemusing and amusing divine Muses, who gave rise to the various arts. I`m not blaming any of them for my efforts, or claiming pagan or divine inspiration for these digital scribblings– only that the blog is.. somehow.. alive. Has, as it were, a mind and imagination and will of its own.

The Preciousss!

A-Burning In The Bones

The Muses are a pagan foreshadowing of the experience of the ancient Hebrew prophets, from Moses onwards– the Word of the Lord comes to them, unbidden, in vision and miracle, and in undeniable inward persistence.

Jeremiah, who was called to directly take on the King, court, priests and all of Judah`s high and mighty establishment, found that though he wanted to keep quiet, it was not to be–

Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary from holding it back, and I could not. (Jeremiah 20:9)

The precious blogses is alive– it`s been waiting, slumbering.. it WANTS to be written! ~

P.S. The blogroll has been updated, and purged, and soforth. If there are any dead links or links you’d like to suggest in keeping with the evil and hate of this blodge, please e-mail or comment.

Do We Really Suppose?

~ ITEM: Obama’s Real Legacy; Obama-gate and World War III; If Government Were a Business, Obama Would Already Be Fired

O, Sinner-Man — Bob Marley

Full Lyrics

~ TYRANTS and the People Who Love Them.. maybe that can be the title of the to-be-written tell-all last word on Obama, where most of the crimes and secrets from his birth on up are laid bare. For laid bare they shall be, before the throne of God on That Day.

Is he a Christian, truly Hard to say. If he’s suckled long at the teat of Marxism in ecclesiastical robes, then not seriously– but radically. Any Christian worth his baptismal salt should keep in mind two three days: the Day Jesus died for all; The Day he rose again, opening the Kingdom to the faithful; and the Day of Judgement, when all secrets shall be spoken aloud, all hearts opened, and the sheep divided from the goats for eternity.

A Soul In Public

He operates in what seem to be knowing lies, vengeance, deception, bullying, double-talk and good old radical say-one-thing-mean-another; narciccism and pride unbounded; profiteering and greeding up and forgetting his responsibilities, duties, and the verdict of history– and the Judge Of All, his allegedly believed-in Christian God.

Christ`s teaching of Judgement Day is one which modern non-judgementalists have cheerfully banished, as scary and negative and.. well, judgemental– the one forbidden thing they still allow. It is, of course, an essential of spiritual reality, that our deeds and character return to the maker of our body, soul, and spirit for a final word: Well done, thou good and faithful servant, or Depart from me, I knew you not.

Ultimate Perspective

In the shadow of That Day, our days and deeds have eternal consequences; God takes us seriously, and we all have to face him, be we President or homeless man; Queen or exotic dancer. It`s the final moment of justice; all those who think `They Got Away With It’, all Tyrants who paddled in seas of blood, all bloated plutocrats and bureaucrats and -crats of whatever sort have their uppance finally come– unless, in whatever sort or condition we be– we have repented, fled to the Lamb, and live daily by grace, falling and getting up, falling and getting up again in the walk of this life, which turns out to have been either a pilgrimage to the eternal heavenly city, or a long slow slide to the eternal garbage pit.

Here is true equality for us all, without bureaucracy or thought-police, IRS-witchhunters or speech codes or redistribution. ~

JUST.. CAN’T.. Do It…

~ ITEM: HBO Official Game Of Thrones Site

~ ITEM: Orwell’s Picnic

~ ITEM: The Real Always Wins

~ ITEM: Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part II: 8 Reasons You’re Hardwired for Sheepness


~ SO I’M TRYING TO re-watch The Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin’s epic books turned to HBO-fare. The Binklings tell me Season 2 is better. It would have to be. That`s him, above.

It’s just so BAD. Not the acting, sets, and show of it as such, but the wretched actual stories of the author, as set forth for TV. Pretty rubbish.

First episode– first 15 minutes– an AWOL guard reports the rise of an ancient evil, just before his head is chopped off (without any trial or recourse or mercy) by the Lord Something-Or-Other, as played by Sean Bean. Craptastic nonsense, illogical, unwise, and not what any real leader or person concerned about the land would ever do. Then begins the slow mass-murder of al lthe main characters, episode by episode.

The High Nerdly One


Of course, that’s par for the course for GRRM (as his devotees call him). As I’ve noted before, this author is a High Nerd, a D&D-type authorial bully apparently in love with violence, sexy naughtiness, random bloody executions, no abidingly interesting characters, and repeating the same pattern over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And over.

I know the type, because.. my name is Binks WebElf, and I.. I was once a Dungeon Master. D10s, D20s, maps, game & monster guides, and a parcel of like-minded spotty-faced nerdlings girl-proofing themselves, nerdifying together about unreal things and our bad-ass pretend-heroic selves.

Yes, I bought the Gary Gygax books, and read them all– sort of enjoyable, in an I-Hope-This-Goes-Somewhere-At-Long-Last Are-We-There-Yet kinda way. Then I sold them, for I knew that I would never want to reread them again, and that`s saying something for a confirmed bibliophile and sometime fantasy-nerd who loves dragons.

Heh.. I Likes To HURT Them!

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote fantasy violence, but he was also a veteran of all the horrors of the Somme, the loss of his friends, colleagues, co-officers and men under his command. He saw and committed or cause to be committed violence in real war; like all veterans I’ve ever known, none relished blood, war, death, or the cheerful expenditure or taking of life.. and talking of past war leads quickly enough to tears.

GRRM seems rather to be one of those sometimes personally powerless folks who fantasize about gore and war and hurt; someone never in a fistfight, let alone a firefight, or a war. Real veterans and actual heroes tend to not be like that– but nerdy war-gamey fantasy nerds do. Such was I, when I was 14 years old.. but I grew up. I learned how to fight, use weapons, and to be ready to defend myself or others as a good sheepdog/ guardian should.

True, I was never in war, or the armed forces, though members of my family have so done, and I did my best for the veterans and Remembrance Day and remembering the tale and cost & lessons of wars, in our 20th century, the century of blood, mass-murder, and war-madness. And I have fought via the keyboard, via speeches and sermons and letters and blogging to tell the truth about real things, the state of our times, and the meaning of our current conflicts.

Ultimately, that’s why GRRM– on page or screen– is like half-raw meat, dripping blood and leaving a bad taste and offering no levels or depths in which to uncover treasures like abidingly true or good or beautiful lessons about life, our own times, or human or divine realities. They are ugly fantasies which reveal rather more about GRRM than they do about real or true things. Game Of Thrones ends up like dramatic bubble-gum: it keeps you busy, but isn’t nutritious or filling or enjoyable in the long term. Not time well wasted: are we there yet.

Invoking The Real

To invoke Orwell’s Picnic bloggess Hilary White, our interior and exterior battles and struggles are ultimately for or against reality, what she and others term “The Real”– things as God knows them truly to be, versus sin, and error and self-deception and fantasy and good intentions or bad intentions or no intentions. She writes on Book of Face:

Giampaolo Crepaldi, archbishop of Trieste, on the primacy of The Real:

“Only if there is a nature, and only if this nature is in itself the foundation of discourse, is the use of reason possible. I speak here not of reason measuring phenomena, but of reason that discovers horizons. Only if the social order is based on a similar nature is possible to use public reason.

“It is understandable then why the defense of life has a fundamental importance to reconstruct the very possibility of a public use of reason. And in fact – we see it – the denial of public duty to protect unborn life is born from a desertion of reason to be public reason, reduced to private reason.

“The truth unites, opinions diverge.”

Our souls & our entire civilization are at war with The Real, and Reality– GRRM’s empty and arbitrary approach very much appeals to those who like endless shades of grey, and no black or white or awkward questions for us or our souls or actions in the world.

Finally, And In Conclusion

Binkling 2 says GoT is “random events that don’t come together or have much meaning, coming to an unsatisfying ending“.. he assures me that Season 3 is better than 2 or 1.. though as he notes, the otherwise fine actors are wasted in their roles because of GRRM’s bad writing. We shall see. ~

O Holy Chocolate Jesus

6a00d8341c6ca453ef010536eb22ec970c-800wiBehold your god!

~ ITEM: Urban Dictionary: Chocolate Jesus; and Bill Maher calling Obama a chocolate Jesus

~ DESPITE WHAT Alan Keyes may be guessing at, I suspect that Obama won’t do The Full Adolf in response to the current manure-storm around him. Instead, disposible heads will roll, Holder will move sideways into some cuddly cushy spot, and denial will continue.

Mind you, as Teh Binks has said before, never doubt the depths to which a radical will go to keep the fires burning.. indeed, there are no limits– except telling the truth and owning up, and being decent and human. Revolution over all, blood is the best cleanser, kill kill killy kill.

That’s why, although legally all people are innocent until proven guilty, morally and in terms of probability, you may after a certain point assume that bad people who have done bad things are probably up to bad things. It’s how they roll. Or as a certain rabbi from Nazareth said, using a garden as a metaphor for moral content of a character “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

Scumbags Is As Scumbags Does

Barack Obama, Eric Holder


The thing about Obama– or any corrupt person in power– is that by definition, you don’t know the quarter of it. Lies, secrets, scams, cover-ups, show-politics, hoaxes and crimes, treasons and betrayals, subversion.. his whole adult life is a tissue of cover-up, misrepresentation, personal and revolutionary advantage, and sacrificing a nation to his ambition, vanity, and revolutionary goals of vengeance against ordinary Americans, and The Great Satan itself.

The entire record of his crimes may never be uncovered in this life, but after a certain point, it’s just common sense to assume he and his minions, enablers and cronies are Up To No Good, while the gettin’ is good. Further, the depths of evil, nastiness, undercutting and undermining good things and good people should be assumed to be widespread, and just waiting to be unearthed.

Obama The Good

If anybody could ever trust such a character again, Obama would need long years of proving himself to be a decent human being before anybody ever should trust him with any power, money, or opportunities to change things. He’s a tawdry Chicago mobster, with schemes and thugs, a cruel and brutal heart, and a nation to loot and suckers to exploit and overrule and dominate.

Let’s be clear, though: even if Chocolate Jesus and all the rotten fruit in the current administration vanished tomorrow, the American Radical Progressive movement still wants all that he wants, schemes all he schemes, and hates America and Americans, freedom and liberty under law, small government, and uppity constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, Gun Nuts, Christers, and the disposable scum who should be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

That’s how he rolls. “By his fruits ye shall know him.”* ~

* P.S., I agree with Bill Whittle: Barack Obama is in real trouble, but will not be impeached, even if he were to chew the head off a toddler on nation-wide TV.

Killy Kill Blood Kill Death Kill

~ ITEM: Orwell’s Picnic; Hilary on FaceBook

Hilary White of Evil, revisiting a classic (via Facebook):

to which she responded,

“Miss Williams has helpfully illustrated exactly where the abortionist ideology goes. It is not, at its root, a manifestation of feminism, though feminism has adopted it as a core doctrine. It is not even a tool of political manipulation from the left, or a method of systematic genocide in the developing world to protect western economic interests.

“At the very core of its black heart, it is the scream of the nihilist, who seeks power and ownership over anyone weaker, for no other reason than the pure exercise of the will: because we want it. Abortion for woman has become the final manifestation of the old ‘will to power’.

Truth is pointy. ~


Saith Teh Binksmeister

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~ CELESTIAL JUNK— American Fascist: Lie Casually; Lie Always; Lie to Anyone; They Say Stay Out of My Bedroom… “Yet it’s OK for them to crawl up your ass!”; It is horrifying to think that an entire bureaucracy could involve itself in the outright persecution of political rivals; Use the full force of government to crush unclean thoughts(

~ BULLY-BOY UN Pressures Germany to Bow to ‘Hate Speech’ Hysteria … (

~ ATLAS SHRUBS— everyone in the White House knew about the IRS tyranny except Obama?; MUSLIM JAILED FOR ALLEGEDLY TRYING TO DRAG TEEN FROM SOCAL BOOKSTORE; These are the kind of books that French “youths” read before they go out and torch cars; the polio campaign was a “Western conspiracy” to render the population impotent; It was Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood officials in his administration who called it workplace violence; This flag represents one thing — the ongoing jihad against the Jews; CHIEF IRS COUNSEL GOT HATE PREACHER JEREMIAH WRIGHT’S ‘CHURCH’ OUT OF IRS PROBE(atlasshrugs2000)

~ UK SPOOKS’ candid opinions of the Assange affair revealed … (boingboing)

~ UPSIDE RIGHT— G.K. Chesterton, told us that the best way to get a clear look at the reality of something is to turn it upside down and stand it on its head … (

~ THOUGHT-CRIMINAL & Christian printer resists gay magazine … (

~ JARON LANIER: The Internet destroyed the middle class– Kodak employed 140,000 people. Instagram, 13. A digital visionary says the Web kills jobs, wealth — even democracy. This week sees the publication of “Who Owns the Future?,” which digs into technology, economics and culture in unconventional ways … (

~ THE COLLAPSE of marriage in the developed world is happening faster than many believed possible … (


~ O, CHINADA: BC’s Chinese Communist Party-linked NDP candidate loses to normal candidate; BC commenter re media report on NDP communist: “… we don’t care about communism in our politicians…” … (

~ WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Evil Scientists Managed to Clone Human Embryos; here’s one possible horrid dystopia, and hints of another(neatorama, IMDB)

~ CONFORMITY UBER ALLES! Anyone who values diversity of thought and tolerance of dissent should find the sweeping consensus on gay marriage terrifying… (Spiked)

~ THE GLAVINATOR— I Told You So; The Suicide Letter of Samuel Zygelbojm; Well, we wouldn’t want another Iraq, would we?; Memo To Europe: No Seals, No Deals; A Long Time Coming: Making Another World Possible; Canada is not serious about terrorism; Do The Good People of Boston Really Need Mister Fred McFeeley Rogers Right Now?; Canada’s Journey to Energy Superpowerhood: Voyage of the Damned; It’s Not Complicated. Bigotry Simply Lowers The Tone; The Occupy Movement: Destroyed by a Conspiracy of Infiltration and Sabotage? … (

~ NDIPPER OVERLORD Mulcair’s best-kept secret: Opposition leader could have blown the whistle on Laval mayor, but didn’t. Why?; in related news, It’s time for NDP leader Thomas Mulcair to come clean about why he lied about bribes(sunnews,


~ BIG BROTHER, BIG MOTHER— Loss Of Community Means More Power For The State … (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— How, Um, Generous: Chechnya Funds Construction of Massive Mosque in Israel; Israel Cancels UNESCO “Fact-Finding” Mission; Pearl Harbour As Reported By Today’s Clueless, Fluffy Media; York Regional Police “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” Double Standards Unearthed on the Internet; Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash Among Honorees in Tehran; In the War Between the Civilized Man and Arab Savagery, Stephen Hawking Chose the Latter; A Bunch of Squishy Lefties Want to “Update” Queen Vicky’s Holiday; Change Your Gender and You Will Be Rewarded; Is Afghanistan on the Verge of Eliminating the “Elimination of Violence Against Women” Law?; A Holocaust-themed opera production was cancelled last week(

~ AN ATHIEST identifies “the central problem with the gay marriage agenda”; DOJ Instructs All Managers To Be Vocal Advocates Of Gay Pride(catholicworldreport, Wz)

~ THOMAS SOWELL discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race … (

~ BRUSSELS JOURNAL— Criminal idiocy makes likely events out of the scenarios of the impossible; The Legacy Of Margaret Thatcher; The Backward People And Leftist Democracy; Undermining majority rights in the name of democracy; Operation Language Cleanup; De Gaulle was a symbol of the morally declining Europe of his times; The Media Strategy Of Lies; Those That Threaten Are A Threat; The Problem With The Libertarian View Of Islam(

~ FROM THE Cambridge Companion To Plato- T.H. Irwin’s “Plato: The intellectual Background’ … (

~ SHOULD DOCTORS Be Allowed to Choose Not to Treat Fat People? … (

~ NOTABLE Protestants Defend Marriage … (

~ WHAT-NOW? ‘Online courses are dangerous because they would “compromise the quality of education” and “stifle diverse viewpoints.” Ha, ha, ha. Saith Binks: Hyper-radical tenure-vampires see the future, and want to kill it, kill it now, burn it with fire before it lays eggs … (

~ SKWEEEEEEEE! Justin Trudeau is so groovy. It’s a newsy fact … (


~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— American Agitprop Playing Cards: Updated and Improved; St. Nick’s Twin Brother: St. Dick, the Tax Collector; A Special Mother’s Day Message from Commissarka Pinkie; Common Core GED book: ‘9/11 hijackers were poor Afghanis’; Ariel Castro, Cleveland Kidnapper, is a Registered Democrat; Obey the State: Subliminal Message from Shepard Fairey; How Thatcher changed this Soviet man’s heart and mind(

Grade 3 Rhyme:

Ev’rybody’s doin’ it,

Pickin’ their nose

and chewin’ it:

They think it’s candy,

but it’s not (it’s snot).

~ OY, CANADA— Your tax dollars at work: “picking nose and eating boogers may be good for you.” … (

~ GET RELIGION— That’s one very, very poor headline about the pope; How To Be A Lousy Journalist; Protip: Immaculate Conception is not the Virgin Birth; ESPN gets close to key question; Downplaying the canonization of Christians martyred by Muslim invaders? … (

~ IS THIS A HATE-CRIME? Agoura High: Anti-black grafitti written by… black student … (

~ JAMES DELINGPOLE warns on Bees, pesticides, more green lies; and 400 ppm! We didn’t listen! Dooomed! … (blogs.telegraph)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— What seems to be the profficer?; Scribbling in my book; Where there are differences, one must make distinctions(

~ THE JAWA REPORT— The real feat is getting off the mountain; blaming natural disasters in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Texas on global warming and Republicans; Obama doesn’t give a crap about non-Muslim minorities suffering persecution in Islamic countries; A Different View: Travels To Al Qa’im And Beyond; lawmakers are digging into life & death issues of Benghazi; PC Kills: Jihad Experts Decry White House Terror Training Guidelines(mypetjawa)

~ FUN WITH GAYSTAPO— Matt Barber: DOJ on ‘Gays’: ‘Silence Will be Interpreted as Disapproval’ … (

~ STUPID/ EVIL Liberal Religious Group Blocks Laws that Could Stop other Kermit Gosnells; Why We Must Care: A Letter from the Desk of Bishop John Guernsey … (

~ ZANFIPPA— Patent-troll Alcatel Gets a Legal Spanking; NASA, Google to share a quantum computer; It’s so hard to tell real wizards from fake ones these days; Canadian CSIS makes a smart move; Benghazi? We don’t know nothing about no Benghazi!!!; Our Solar System May Be More Unusual Than Previously Thought; The consequences of the Obama policies in threat denial(

New ‘Speech Codes’ for US Colleges

Emperor POTUS


“Chilling effect. That’s the term lawyers and judges use to describe the result of government actions that deter people from exercising their right of free speech.”

~ Michael Barone ~

~ PJM EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama … (

~ A BENGHAZI EXCLUSIVE: State Department Denies Libya Weapons Buyback program Exists … (canadafreepress)

OOPSY-DAISY— IRS Scandal Reaches the White House  … (canadafreepress)

~ SURVEY OF POLICE: Obama/left-wing gun control fetish wrong on nearly every point … (

~ OBAMA’S Scandals and the Left’s Crisis of Authority; The Scandal Machine Breaks Down(Salon, WSJ)

~ OBAMA’S BLOOD TRAIL from Benghazi to Boston … (canadafreepress)

~ SERIAL LIARS— Chronicling the lengths a desperate president has gone to conceal the truth… (frontpagemag)

~ OH, WHAT A TANGLED WEB— Hillary’s Benghazi Scapegoat Speaks Out; Hillary Policy of Serving Up Benghazi Scapegoats May Be Backfiring(mypetjawa, frontpagemag)

~ MARK SHEA & the content of his prayers– Or how about instead, IRS, you go to hell? “A bureaucracy, like a corporation, has no soul, so you can wish it to perdition all you like when it becomes an agent of evil. And when the IRS says to a pro-life group: We’ll approve your application if you promise not to “protest or picket outside of Planned Parenthood” it can go to hell.” … (

~ BENGHAZI KEY? — That 10PM Phone Call: genesis of a cover story?; The IRS Scandal Is Bad – The Benghazi Scandal Is Worse. Much Worse; Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward – “Don’t Dismiss Benghazi”… He’s Seen This Before(PW, ulstermanreport)

~ WHILE OBAMA DUCKED & DODGED— MOSCOW WARNS JERUSALEM ABOUT ATTACKING SYRIA: Says further air strikes would damage Russian ‘advisers’ … (

PRO-ISLAMIC Obama Administration Now Favors Muslim Clerics for Christian American Military Burial Services… (cfp)

~ OBAMA ADMIN Got Federal Judge To Rule DOJ Didn’t Need To Notify Fox News Reporter His Emails Were Searched … (weaselzippers)

~ TYRANNY is no Longer ‘Lurking’, warns Cal Thomas … (


~ THE EVIL BRENDA ELLIOTT— Klamath Falls, Oregon, has fallen into the clutches of illegal immigrant drug runners; Emperor ‘Empty Suit’(


~ OBAMA & HOLDER’S Justice Department targeted TWO Fox News Channel reporters and a producer for talking with government sources … (

~ SPECIAL TREATMENT? Chief IRS counsel bailed Jeremiah Wright’s church out of IRS probe in 2008; 15 Romney donors audited; “Congressman: IRS asked pro-life group about ‘the content of their prayers’” … (breitbart, FOX, PW)

~ A CLOSER LOOK at one of the conservatives persecuted by the fascist IRS … (WK)

~ THOUGHTS ON Marcus Aurelius and Barack Obama, by Louis A. Markos … (

~ GATES OF VIENNA— What Difference Does It Make?… (

~ HUGH HEWITT— Was Eric Holder recused from the Rosen surveillance as well as from the snooping of AP (and the House)?; “They obtained a search warrant for the reporter’s personal e-mails.” … (hughhewitt)

~ ROGER KIMBALL— Benghazi as Lazarus, Back from the Dead, by Roger Kimball … (

~ DOJ TARGETED FOXNEWS REPORTER— denial, irrelevant ensues; The Smoking Gun on IRS Scandal?; “The IRS’s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties” … (wapo, spectator, proteinwisdom)

~ COMMIE HATE-PREACHER Jeremiah Wright’s ‘Church’ out of IRS Probe (so are Black Panthers & Nation of Islam) … (sheikyermami)

~ BECAUSE SHE Hasn’t Suffered Enough… Obama IRS Targeted 83 Year-Old Survivor Of a Japanese Concentration Camp … (

~ S.E. CUPP: OBAMA IS Handing his enemies a cudgel … (nydailynews)

~ VER-R-RY INTERESTING— IRS Scandal Moves Closer To Special Prosecutor – Senate Seeks Links To Obama White House … (

~ A QUESTION has haunted the aftermath of the Great Recession: where is all the inflation? … (

~ THE “CHARITY” run by President Barack Obama’s half-brother that was fast-tracked for IRS tax-exempt status is based at a Virginia UPS store, according to its website … (

~ US FEDS: More time needed to indict Tsarnaev; Tsarnaev’s nurses admit it’s hard not to call him “hon” … (yahoo, WaTi)

~ IT CAN HAPPEN HERE: Hubris begot nemesis, by Victor Davis Hanson … (victordavishanson)

~ BANANA DICTATORObama: “Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny” … (

~ THE NEW YORK TIMES Rips Apart Eric Holder’s False Security Excuse … (

~ IN BED TOGETHER: The Dept. of Justice and the Same Sex Agenda; The Big Same Sex Marriage Lie(catholicexchange)

~ FRESH MALKINISM— Audit THIS! Tea Party groups to protest at IRS offices nationwide on Tuesday; WH visitors log shows Obama met with IRS union chief day before agency began tea party targeting; DOJ official leaked document to smear Fast & Furious whistleblower; President’s precise location during and after Benghazi attack ‘largely irrelevant’; Senate Finance Committee hearing on IRS witch hunt against conservatives at 10am(

~ ULSTERMAN— Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13522 – And The IRS Scandal; Timeline of Obama Foreknowledge of IRS Scandal Continues to Slip(

~ THE ANCHORESS— A Gyno-Maniacal War on Men?; Benedictine Voices: Angels and Saints Debuts at #1; Shall we Embrace Human Wholeness in Church and in Government?; Are there Catholic & Christians themes in the latest Star Trek? … (theanchoress)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?”; Not only is it unfair to thwart governmental attempts to hustle up revenue, it’s harassing; Shorter White House Spokeshole: Shut-the-f***-up, peasants … (

~ WHO’S THE MYSTERY MAN at the IRS who issued the directive to focus on conservative groups?; Oops: IRS’s rationale for scrutinizing tea partiers debunked by nonprofit application data(hotair)

~ BENGHAZI and Going ‘The Full Nixon’, by Roger L Simon … (

~ THE REAL COMPARISON— Richard Milhous Obama … (realclearpolitics)

~ CHILLING WATCH–- Pre-Selling The Coup: Obama Again Says America Would Be A Better Place If He Were Dictator … (

~ PETTY THUGETTE IRS Official Lois Lerner Targeted Conservative Groups While Working For FEC … (weaselzippers)

~ ISLAMISM, Immigration & Multiculturalism-Melanie Phillips Via Youtube … (chrisnavin)

~ FAKE-FIRED IRS Chief Miller Admits It was His Idea to Plant Question that Kicked Off IRS Abuse Scandal … (pjmedia)

~ TWO MOMS vs. Obama’s Common Core … (catholicexchange)


~ SMITE THE PEON— Inspector General: DoJ Leaked Docs to Smear ‘Fast & Furious’ Whistle-blower; the actual documents(patdollard,

~ OBAMA PROUD of NBA Player Coming Out as Brony … (scrappleface)

~ JOINT CHIEFS Chairman Pretty Sure He Could Pull Off Junta If He Really Wanted To. Courts Martial, Please … (

~ I DON’T KNOW NUTTIN’! — When Democrats get caught red-handed abusing government powers and bullying their political enemies small and large, nobody at the top knows nuttin’ … (torontosun)

~ BALLSY JUDGE Jeanine Pirro: “So Who’s Running the Joint? I’m Convinced My Mom Could Do a Better Job”? … (americandigest)



The Muslim Brotherhood Loves You, Infidel. No, really.

~ MILITANT Muslims to Sweden: “You have just seen the beginning”… (vladtepesblog)

~ MARK KNOPHLER performs a song that he wrote with Emmylou Harris after reading a newspaper column by English novelist Ian McEwan a few days after 9/11 … (smalldeadanimals)

~ ARE NOAM CHOMSKY and Edward Said Anti-American Terrorist Apologists? … (

~ ENGLAND, BECOMING SLAVES— Ex-soldier told to repaint his St George’s flag front door by housing association after it was deemed offensive and distressing … (vladtepesblog)

~ HUBRIS! Chief Palestinian Negotiator Displays Usual Intransigence In United Nations Speech … (canadafreepress)

~ SHEIK YER MAMI— Obama vows US support (for Muslims) as Myanmar leader visits; Why would an “all out war between Shiites and Sunnis” be a “nightmare”?; The Greeks don’t seem to be too keen on a new Islamic ‘golden age’; The state-run media gives this empty suit airtime because he ‘changed his mind’ on homosexual depravity(sheikyermami)

~ SAUDI PRINCES lose battle to keep court documents secret … (

~ FUN WITH CAR-B-Q: Youths burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots, cultural enrichment, diversity ensues … (vladtepesblog)

~ BLOGMOCRACY— Silver Linings Do Exist!; Al-Qaeda in Iraq attempts to move into al-Nusra turf causes a split; The 16 Trillionth Holiest Site in Islam(theblogmocracy)

~ GATES OF VIENNA— Fjordman: Top Norwegian Prof: Critics of Mass Immigration Mentally Ill; “The Police Are Running”; Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/20/2013; Burn, Husby, Burn!; A Rosetta Stone for Nassim Ben Iman: French; Promoting a Counter-Jihadist Narrative(gatesofvienna)

Coren & Geller: The Price Of Telling The Truth About Islam

~ THE FAMINE IN GAZA— “There’s no KFC in the Gaza strip, a 140-square mile coastal strip 1.7 million Palestinians call home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the Colonel’s finger lickin’ good chicken there” … (neatorama)

Afghan Child Bride Tortured

~ JIHAD WATCH— Obama decries oppression of Christians in Egypt — no, wait; No one particularly cares about the bloody ideology that incites all this murder; Pakistan: Muslims attack Christian village, murder Christian teenager; Sharp rise in jail terms for rape and abuse victims; Australia: MP calls for Egypt’s Ambassador to be called in over persecution of the Copts; More Christians killed in Northern Nigerian jihad last year than in the rest of the world combined; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Islamic engravings on a cabin wall — on The Glazov Gang; Jihad bombers target Catholic church in Benghazi, priests escape unhurt(

Part Two

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Missouri bill prohibiting use of foreign law heads to governor, and in North Carolina; pro-Jihad CAIR urges veto; Muslim inmate threatened to kill witness, government not charging him; Two Muslim women sentenced in terror funding case; Time to replace Communism with political Islam on immigration application?; Transit authority rejects CAIR’s jihad propaganda campaign; How Islamic organizations skirt terrorism financing laws; Michigan Federal Judge Allows Muslim Violence to Suppress Christian Speech(creepingsharia)

~ BEWARE CANADA, The Jihad Devours Canadian “Youths” in Africa’s “Arc of Instability” … (

Stephen Coughlin, Part 6: The Boston Attack and ‘Individual Jihad’

~ BEHOLD Mohammedanism: a religion founded on narcissism, schizophrenia, and paranoia… (

Suicide bomber in Somalia was “Canadian” Mahad Ali Dhore?

~ AUSTRALISTAN— The deceptive and politically correct practice of halal certification … (vladtepesblog)


Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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