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Happy Fatherhoodness Day

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~ ITEM: With Father’s Day on Sunday, there is good news and bad news. First the negative: Single mothers head up almost 9 percent of American households. The good news? Fathers who care are making a huge difference in this country

~ ITEM: The Distinct, Positive Impact of a Good Dad: How fathers contribute to their kids’ lives

~ ITEM: Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger

~ ITEM: ‘10 Misconceptions I Had About Parenting Before I Became a Parent

~ ITEM: This Father’s Day, we should remember to celebrate those dads who are working hard to help their kids

Who’s Yo Daddy Battle

~ ITEM: Where is Daddy? asks Trevor Thomas– “We’d better answer this question fast, or our society will collapse. Yes, the situation is that dire”

~ ITEM: Fatherhood for Men

~ ITEM: Happy Fatherless Day — As marriage declines, fewer fathers will have real relationships with their children

~ ITEM: Fatherhood | The Art of Manliness; Movies About Fatherhood: 12 Best Dad Movies; The Art of Dadliness: How to Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores (And Why It’s So Important They Do Them)

~ ITEM: Father’s Day Wiki

~ SURE WE DADS ARE THE embodiment of all evil, capitalism, oppression, rape & abuse & wife-beating, stupidity and hypocrisy.. but, heck, Dads are Dads, and at the current moment, deeply undervalued and dismissed and mocked-about. From God the Father on down, we’re all under fire.

It’s an essential of the Devil’s destruction of our God The Father-loving civilization; of undermining the State-defying and utopia-stalling family of father, bother, children, and extended family. The Marxists, their institution-wrecking Frankfurt School, the modern nanny-state & social engineers, the abortion of children, easy divorce & punishing for fathers in settlements and custody and alimony, the same-sex parent brigade, not to mention the relentless misrepresentation of fathers and fatherhood in academia and media and the feminist hate war.

Amidst The Tumbling Ruins

Part of recovering our civilization is rebuilding, choosing, and fighting for fatherhood; word to Teh Wymminz– true and strong fathers are for the safety of your kids, and you, their prospering and education.. the Nanny State replacing a father is an enslavement, not a liberation. Men: choosing marriage and fatherhood have always been risky– but that college bimbo is not the one to marry; nor the long-time single who is used to having her way all the time.

We are ever more than before called to be men; husbands & fathers, modelling ourselves on the Great Father of All; defenders and promoters of the good, the beautiful, and the true; to bend our strength and freedom to the loving good of wife & children; to be.. lovers.. in a dangerous time. ~

* P.S. If you like the smartitude and hatefulness and humourism of Teh Binks, blame Teh Binks-Dad. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Iddy Biddy Wee Binks, and Binks-Dad

Doing Some Good.. With That Funny Guy


~ ITEM: Patrick McKenna Coming To LME

~ ITEM: IMDB: Patrick McKenna; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Patrick McKenna

~ HE’S KNOWN FOR a tremendous sense of humour, but movie & TV actor/ comedian Patrick McKenna had not much to smile about for much of his life as a person with ADHD and dyslexia. Like him, I was tested in Junior High for ‘Mild Retardation’ (as he says, a real confidence-booster), but tested for high IQ. Unfortunately, there was no name for math-dyslexia back then (discalculia), so lots of Summer School ensued… sigh.

He used his problems to become very good at memorizing, improvising, comedy, working four times harder than everybody else– he also found Second City in Toronto, and people like Mike Myers, Martin Short, John Candy, and so many others who went on to comedy glory. He starred in Traders, and as the nerd Harold in The Red Green Show– and despite having had people tell him he’d never amount to much, he went on to be the only double-Gemini winner (on the same night in 1998) for Comedy and Drama. Since then, it’s Stargate SG1 to The Mercer Report, voice-acting, and feature films.

Make It Betterer

He and fellow-ADHD comedian Rick Green (of many and various shows) worked on the award winning Canadian documentary “!”

He and Rick have been working hard across the country– in a time of school cutbacks and not a lot of resources for learning disabled kids– to speak out for youth and adults with various learning problems.

So What, Then?

The eldest Binkling inherited his math-dyslexia from his parents.. but this year got honours and an 89 in math. If you or someone you know is a young person struggling with learning disabilities, consider Landmark East in Wolfville Nova Scotia; or, at very least, donate to their bursary program, or consider supporting Pat & Rick’s Project?

Do some good.. just like Pat McKenna. ~



~ Dear Diary: ‘This is not the America I learned about 10 years ago in high school

~ NSA SCANDAL ‘BIGGEST STORY OF YOUR LIFE’– Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle recaps hottest discussions on air

~ Facebook Reveals How Many Gov’t Requests it Received in Last Half of 2012 Alone (Hint: It’s in the Thousands)

~ Report: Intel Chiefs Hold Classified Briefing on NSA Snooping… Less Than Half the Senate Shows Up


~ If the tide of war is receding, why does Obama have a vast, ever-expanding NSA dragnet?

~ State Dept: Germany Concerned About Disclosure of NSA Programs

Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam (featuring @goremy)

~ Poll– 57% FEAR NSA DATA USED TO HARASS POLITICAL OPPONENTS– Poll finds little public support for sweeping, unaccountable nature of surveillance program

~ Eric Holder Says Snowden Damaged National Security, U.S. Will Punish Person Responsible

NSA snooping: Facebook reveals details of data requests 2013

~ Hand-in-hand headlines: NSA, schools and the Internet

~ Lib Hack Tommy Christopher: “NSA Scandal Is A White People Problem

~ The NSA Leaks and the Pentagon Papers: What’s the Difference Between Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg?

~ SHOULD Americans fear the possible abuse of the intercept power of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland? Absolutely

~ GLENN GREENWALD faces pushback against PRISM revelations

~ BINKY Special Report: 1984 in 2013?

~ WHY I’M BECOMING PARANOID— Exclusive: Patrice Lewis tells of drone flying over her as she weeded ‘subversively’

Skynet_network01 (1)

How Evil Works.. Then & NowEvil-Smileys4

~ ITEM: “I know him personally. We talk, laugh. He takes care of his yard and walks with his wife,” his next-door neighbor, Gordon Gnasdoskey, said Friday; long-hidden Nazi commander pictured enjoying his quiet life in America wearing a WWII HAT: Ex-SS officer ‘whose unit burnt villages filled with women and kids‘ at church picnic in Minnesota

~ ITEM: Judge: Obama comments on military sex assault ‘unlawful command influence’

~ ITEM: Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population.. 2 million Syrian Christians at risk

~ ITEM: Gaming The System– Benito would be proud of the modern-day black-shirts.

~ ITEM: Was Chief Justice John Roberts Blackmailed to support ObamaCare?

~ ITEM: Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country

~ ITEM: Obama Bureaucratic Machine Goes After Conservative American Soldiers

~ ITEM: America has for some time consisted of two parallel nations: those who think of themselves as “progressives” and those who don’t

~ ITEM: 14-year-old at the center of “NRA T-Shirt Controversy” now facing possibility of 1 year in jail

~ ITEM: Internal Revenue Security Service: auditing the conservative enemy since 2008

~ ITEM: Oleg Atbashian, troublemaking dissident scum

~ SAD TO SAY IT, most people are morally nice and unimaginative; serious evil does not make sense to them, nor are their sins usually out of the ordinary. Thus the usual “But he seemed so nice” when it comes to the murdering gay cannibal; or, the SS mass-murderer who takes care of his yard; or the smiling rebel wrecker in charge of the United States and the free world, working with the enemy, against American freedom and boring suburbanites and dusty old documents.

Such naivete after the 20th century is an indictment of our comfort, our self-centredness, and of our lack of moral imagination. Evil is as evil does– period. We cannot see the soul, nor the possible darkness there, simply by looking. We cannot know someone simply by how “normal” they act.

All Kinds Of Evil People Out There

Right now, the Former Eastern Bloc nations are full of former soldiers, torturers & interrogators, spies & informants, betrayers and neighbourhood snitches, Gulag guards, all of it. Right now, American government offices have people willing to break all kinds of laws, betray their own citizenship, do political dirty work, mistreat other Americans for their religious or political or societal views– especially the ones who are trying to live as principled Americans– and who, if questioned, refuse to own up, repent, or apologize.. like cuddly old neighbour Michael Karkoc, they were “just following orders.”

Behold love gone mad, willing to do anything and everything to follow false goals, dreams, to wreck what is in service of what can never be. No amount of blood or sorrow or suffering by the victims of such evil need be of concern– utopia is just ahead!

No Limits, No Laws

Please understand: there is literally nothing that utopians will not say, will not do, will not sacrifice to The Cause. Those free people of the West who love freedom must not be so naive as to keep being surprised by what the EU-weenies in Brussels will say; what Obama and Soros and all their minions will say and do; the 20th century of totalitarianism has illustrated just what glorious leaders and their minions will do– only this time, it’s coming to Europe, and to North America.. in softer forms, but all the more deadly and all-pervading for that.

Seriously– Stalin or Hitler or Mao or Pol Pot could only hope for the kind of power the NSA-Europe cyber establishment now wields over the world. It’s planetary-scale eyeballing.

Wake The F*ck Up

We keep getting surprised, outraged, and puzzled by such stiff-necked and cheerful lawlessness.. but, like the Shariac Jihadi who obeys a higher law than stupid old infidel rules, the radical Utopian cheerfully goes his own way, and will not stop though exposed, confronted, and caught out in the most egregious crimes and misdemeanors and cheerful wickedness.

They prefer not to be caught, but they won’t stop because they are caught doing bad things. Apply, lather, rinse, repeat.

Oleg Really Gets It, Because…


That’s why People’s Cube blogger Oleg Atbashian get it– he used to make visual lies & propaganda for the former Soviet Union. You know, the evil state that so many Western Marxists are still totally crushing on– and now trying to creat here: a perfect all-present state, where wrong-think and political opposition will be punished, and unity enforced, and problem people unpersonned, and every child enslaved from birth. The Matrix meets Obama meets Herbert Von Rumpuy meets the malevolent army of bureaucrats who are always there– along with the enforcers– to enforce every little rule.

These new days: partisan? You betcha– to the death. All is measured now by what side you’re on in the topics of the day, and whether you cheer for the latest bizarre innovation, cover-up, lie, and bald-faced lunacy. Or, even if you wear the “wrong” t-shirt to school in Grade 8 (There may be hope, too– students across Logan County, W. Va., showed their support for Jared Marcum by wearing NRA apparel on Monday).

ITYS, Remember?

I Told You So, way ahead of time. ~

P.S. Why not let Logan County Schools Superintendent Wilma Zigmond know what you think? Logan County School District Superintendent: Wilma Zigmond: 304-792-2041; no email listed, but Superintendent’s Secretary is Linda Adkins: Logan Middle School Principal Ernestine Sutherland:

Sturmtruppenfuhrer Zigmond

Random Binky Linkies


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~ NEUTER-SEXUALS— “A male, seeing a problem, making a decision that isn’t consensus-driven — and fixing it. Somehow, a feeling has set in that we just can’t have that. Well, the boys are paying attention as they grow up and enter adulthood. And as a result, we end up with some adults that aren’t really adults. They’ve learned that a neutral effect is the best thing a man can have on something.” … (peekinthewell)


~ DOOOOOMED! NASA chief warns of solar tornado season as storms dance across the sun … (nationalpost)

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~ LEADING THE WAY with an unbiased climate panel … (climatechangedispatch)

~ IT’S ONLY BILLIONS— Report: Obama readies July climate plan; Green energy jobs cost taxpayers only $11 million each(

~ AUSSIE SKEPTICS outnumber believers say OECD. Globally, 63% don’t want their dollars spent on the environmen … (

Mark Steyn

~ HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Mark celebrates the day with the greatest of all songs about fatherhood, from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Broadway hit Carousel. Saith Binks: Remember– Mark, Ezra, and so many other freedom-fighters for the West are fathers & husbands, on top of all they do trying to help the rest of us. God bless their families, and their fatherhood of their families, and fatherly care for the rest of us, too (

~ WHY DOES NSA SPYING Exclude Mosques? Big Politically Correct Brother– The bozo leviathan sees everything… and nothing(

~ MARK STEYN’S Polite But Devastating Take-Down of Daniel Pipes’ “The Problem Is Islamism, Not Islam” Palaver … (

~ MARK STEYN And Ed Morrissey Discuss Syrian Intervention – The Hugh Hewitt Show … (

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Ezra Levant

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~ THE FRASER Institute’s Ken Green tells Ezra Levant what Obama’s new green team means for Canada … (

~ SHINY PONY Trudeau’s “second” job? Justin Trudeau called giving speech to lobbyists for pay “professional work.” Isn’t his “professional work” being a member of parliament? … (

~ DOUBLE STANDARDS— Where is the media outrage over Mac Harb’s outrageous senate expense bill and his pledge to fight repayment? … (

esther3Uppity Peasant Wench

~ BIG WIND ECO-BULLIES— Environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie stands against Nextera Energy bullies who are bullying a local mother who dared to stand up against them(, ontario-wind-resistance)

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~ A REAL CANUCKI MAN— Update And Repost: ‘A Canadian Libertarian Making Noise: Ezra Levant’ … (

Free Speechery

~ THE HORRID SHAIDLE— Yeah, those South Korean beauty pageant girls who all looked alike was weird, but; Quebeckers: They aren’t ALL bad; Four horsemen spotted on the horizon; Did anyone bother to ask 1960s-era radical feminists; ‘The real-life Rosie the Riveter quit the factory just two weeks after she began…’; ‘Wheat Belly’ is ‘The Jungle’ of bread: I’ve lost 7 pounds in one week; Talk Radio Watch: Weekly recap of conservative talk radio; ’10 Misconceptions I Had About Parenting Before I Became a Parent’; Brendan O’Neill: ‘The cult of the whistleblower is getting out of hand’; ‘A cool breeze tickles the large Palestinian flag hanging in a window, and my fears are allayed’; Old people give me the willies; ‘John Lennon Was An Abusive Asshole’; Chris Matthews is mentally ill. He needs help; ‘When the Canadian Government Used ‘Gay Detectors’ To Try To Get Rid Of Homosexual Government Employees’; Mean Girls Conservatism: my NEW PJMedia article(

~ WARNS BRITISH Chief Rabbi: atheism has failed. Only religion can defeat the new barbarians … (spectator)

~ LIBERAL IDEA #1 – Human Nature is Infinitely Malleable; also, “Liberals have become very cynical about truth” … (

~ WHISPERS OF DOOM— Interview with Jonathan V. Last on Faith, Hope & the Coming Population Implosion, by Les Sillars … (touchstonemag)

chinese-christians-praying1Christians pray in one of China’s underground churches
(Photo credit: Alpha Relief)

~ FREE THE CHINA 16! — “a coalition of 30 human rights and religious freedom organizations, including The Institute on Religion and Democracy, launched the “Free China 16” campaign. The China 16 represent thousands and thousands of citizens, oppressed, persecuted, and/or imprisoned by the Chinese Communist government” … (

~ FIRST THINGS BLOG— A Pro-Abortion Reversal of Roe?; What About the Women Who Miss the Abortion Deadline? … (firstthings)

~ GOOD GUYS— Revealed: Yahoo FOUGHT against NSA’s warrantless spying program but lost and was forced by secret court to join PRISM. Saith Binks– Please take note: secret protocol, warrentless spying.. and SECRET (FISA) COURTS: “the secret court operating under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) sided with the NSA and forced Yahoo’s hand … (dailymail)

~ SCARYMUSH— Last Jew in Sweden: Don’t Forget to Shut the Lights; Tupac Mama Drama at TDSB All-Boys School; I’d stick with the hickey if I were you, people; In your fevered, triumphalist dreams, Ayatollah breath; Behemoth Brother Is Scanning Your Mega-Data and Seeing Absolutely No Jihad; Where Did Assad Get His Chemical Weapons? (WMDs); A Posting to the UN’s Geneva-Based “Human Rights” Racket; Two Loud-Mouthed Zion-Loathers Get Together for a Public Chat; Uncomfortable? Messy? Impractical?; Muslim Gays Who Go Looking for It in the Koran; Barack Obama: Remote– and Operating on Remote Control; “Human rights” types demand–and receive– extra-special rights unavailable to the rest of us(

~ TURKEY CRUSHES FREEDOMThe Horrific View from Taksim Square – how Erdogan turned a peaceful protest into a violent nightmare, Claire Berlinski, The Spectator … (

~ EWTN BOOKMARK – The Divine Comedy – Doug Keck with Dr. Anthony Esolen – 10-17-2010 … (

~ GET RELIGION— Hurrah: CNN names some of the ghosts in Gezi Park; It’s summertime, and GetReligionista life is complicated; Hey! It’s journalists mangling scripture day!; Got news? Is a global ‘war on Christianity’ newsworthy?; RNS blames Catholics for Anglican ecumenical ills; On Tim Tebow, ‘spirituality’ and stating the obvious; Child euthanasia in the European press(getreligion)

~ CANADIAN SOCKPUPPET for Iran’s PRESS TV tries to “out” Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister with homophobic conspiracy theory … (


~ THE FIRST FREEDOM— Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population.. 2 million Syrian Christians at risk … (atlasshrugs2000,

~ MERCATOR NET — Please, doctor, put him out of our misery; Still a Life Worth Living; Queen Elizabeth II will soon be asked to give royal assent to same-sex marriage. Is this a violation of her coronation oath?; Obama administration scandals and public opinion polls; When is the Australian Army going to learn about the birds and the bees?; One of the most controversial men in Canada has died, by Margaret Somerville; Why are so many adults reading young adult literature? It used to be the other way around(

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Well, I just noticed that we have topped half a million page views; OK, all you health nut types among the Picnickers, some questions about exercise(

~ PROGRESSIVE FIRST, Christian NOT so much, akshully– “Once again activists seeking to overthrow biblical standards for sexual self-control in the United Methodist Church are not letting the truth get in the way of their orchestrated, well-funded campaign to undermine and paralyze our denomination”; in other news– “NCC’s Dr. Antonios Kieropolous: “The NCC is not a left-oriented organization”.. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA! … (

~ FIRST FREEDOM WATCH— “IRD board member Dr. Thomas F. Farr provided testimony at a hearing held by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security. The purpose of the hearing was to examine the government’s record on implementing the International Religious Freedom Act” … (

~ DAVID WARREN ESSAYS— I am sick of pagan nationalism & racialism & tribalism & Stalinism, & just want Christendom back; I am off to places where the Internet does not glow; You have to be living in a big ugly city to romanticize farms; Whose side are we on? Hezbollah’s? Or al-Qaeda’s?; The battles I have in mind are on points of principle; The pope’s persistent naming of Satan in public homilies has been vaguely noticed; “I’m a prima donna, gawdammit, & I expect to be treated like one!”; it is really quite wonderful how the Obamanoids have (unintentionally, of course) picked their scandals(

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~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Greg Ganssle explains the problem of evil in three videos; Man of Steel movie opens today, and here’s a review by Focus on the Family; If we redefine marriage, then what will the schools teach our children about it?; J. Warner Wallace: who is responsible for explaining Christianity to your child?; How to respond to postmodernism, relativism, subjectivism, pluralism and skepticism; New study: health benefits of marriage are unique to opposite-sex unions; 72-year-old grandmother uses gun to defend her home from intruder; Greg Koukl explains how to be a consistent moral relativist; New York Times: No global warming in the last 15 years, despite CO2 increase; Obama administration approves Plan B morning after pill for young girls(winteryknight)

~ PRINCE ARTHUR HERALD— The twenty-first century economy works differently; The Great Conservative Contradiction in Syria; The Spy Who Came Out in a Rage(

~ HURRAY FOR US! Iran upset Canada’s Foreign Minister called their sham election a “sham election” … (


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~ COPYBOOK GODS— The resignation of Brent Rathgeber is a historic moment, nearly without precedent. One of the PMO’s usually supine backbenchers has gotten up on his hind legs and barked; Star Trek Continues; The May Committee on UnCanadian Activities; We are raising a generation of wimps who, by logical necessity, will encourage a generation of bullies(


~ THE HIPPIES will not change their ways because they will largely not have to live with the consequences of the social decay they have encouraged … (

~ DON’T READ REAL BOOKS to Your Children. It Makes Them Racist Homophobes and Stuff, Warns Academics. God save us from PhD candidates, and for that matter people with PhD’s … (

crazy professor

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~ THE STRUGGLE between good and evil is eternal, but I wish to be a force for good … (

~ VIA POLITICHICKS— A Blogger’s Call to Action: “If we’re not protected under the first amendment we could be silenced, shut down and bullied – which if you think about the manner in which our government has been behaving lately makes perfect sense” … (

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~ ‘GOD BLESS THIS STUDENT’: Laura Ingraham tweets pic of kid standing up to PC teacher … (

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~ ICKY GROSS ROSEN COHEN— I suggest buying Kosher products, and better yet-products from Israel; Nancy Pelosi. Bwahahahaa!; So President Obama will weep some crocodile tears; “Islamophilia, not “Islamophobia” is the psychosis of our age“; “Intersex” now included as a sex indicator in Australia; I am a doctor of ABSOLUTELY nothing but common sense; One thing I love about Mark Steyn is how he uses his detractors’ words, testimonials and blog posts as rope; Hey America- you voted for this pretentious loser; Palestinians are breaking each other’s bones at the behest of their Dear Leader; Body bags with face masks have no place in a civilized society; America– the “dumb” police state(

~ ON THE IRONY of Religious Fundamentalism … (

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON— Muslim Persecution of Christians; America’s Vast Margin of Error; A Brief History of Media Bias; Violating Americans’ privacy while failing to identify the terrorists among us; Suddenly, half the country is upset with Obama for the recent flurry of scandals; “The Hoplite Narrative,” by Victor Davis Hanson; Obama’s Ethical Gymnastics; Socialism and Islamism don’t foster a climate of economic growth and security(


~ THE MANY, THE TONY? — The Mystery of Esolen: Who Are They? … (merecomments)

~ WE IS THEM— “Distracted by our gadgets, we hardly notice until a Snowden materializes. We love Google Earth because we can see our very own houses on our very own laptop screens. Wow. But who else is watching?” … (

~ POWER LINE— She calls Rowhani “sh*t, power two; the prospects of annoying environmentalists and feminists with one joke is an irresistible temptation; the Democrats probably need only about two dozen Republican votes to pass Schumer-Rubio style amnesty legislation in the House; Forget border security–the bill would be an abomination even if it could magically guarantee that upon passage, not a single person would ever again cross the border illegally(

~ EVIL PILLS FOR ALL! Well, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! … (

~ JUST RIGHT LINKS— FP’s Annual Rubber Ducky Awards for Junk Science; Prime Minister Harper’s address to the British Parliament; Epic climate model failure, biased science; Junk statistics used to justify quotas for women on corporate boards; Price fixing hypocrisy – criminal charges laid against chocolate companies; Journos? Maybe right 90% of the time but scumbags 100% of the time(

~ MITCHIEVILLE— I Now Pronounce You McMan & McWife; Go Home & Have A Nice Quiet Sleep(

~ SEWAGE DETOX— We are the hypocrites, flooding our own homes and schools with filth … (

~ MODERN LIBERALISM, “for most liberals, is not a consciously understood set of rational beliefs, but a bundle of unexamined prejudices and conjoined sentiments. The basic ideas and beliefs seem more satisfactory when they are not made fully explicit, when they merely lurk rather obscurely in the background, coloring the rhetoric and adding a certain emotive glow. “Democracy”, “equality”, “popular government”, “free speech”, “peace”, “universal welfare”, “progress”, are symbols that warm the heart; but the mind has a hard time getting through the smoke that surrounds them.” (James Burnham, Suicide of the West, p.145) … (

~ THE PROPAGANDIST— Alice Walker and the Devolution of the Left; All the News That’s Not Fit to Print; The Taliban are sticking bombs in their bums; Liberal Indoctrination in Canada’s Schools; Here are the latest dispatches from the front; Radical Islam at the University of Toronto– The Muslim Brotherhood’s front groups have been very busy assailing the ivory tower(

~ HE BRUSSELS JOURNAL— Small Items Of Great Concern; Thought Control In The Name Of Mother Earth – Part I; Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute(

~ MCJ OF IN CORRECTNESS— “Parents who read their kids stories about happy, human-like animals like Franklin the Turtle or Arthur at bedtime are exposing their kids to racism, materialism, homophobia and patriarchal norms“; I’ve finally figured out the true calling of Nanner McBotox; There are WAY better ways to “raise awareness” than this; It’s kind of like calling Nazis “Bad”; Since most of you probably bailed early, the Editor has a question; Want a winning issue to campaign on next year and in 2016? … (themcj)

~ XANFIPPERZ— How to Rig a Majority Vote; Singling out a billion Muslims; US Supreme Court Ruling: naturally occuring DNA cannot be patented, but synthesized DNA can; Free Dominion is going to hold a fundraising BBQ; A ‘Least Untruthful’ Statement to Congress; Chris Schafer: Lessons from how UK deals with hate speech; Toronto’s Moderate Muslims protest against all terrorism(blog.xanthippa)



~ IT’S ALL GOOD, don’t worry.. Russia Hits Back at U.S. Over Syria … (

~ RUSSIA WARNS AMERICANS: Barack Hussein Obama has been shipping arms to al-Qaeda jihadists in Syria for over a year (via Benghazi, in part.. shhhhh!)… (

~ PRO-MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Obama begins answering Syrian rebels’ call for arms; Terry Glavin– The Things We Cannot Admit About Syria(,

~ REMEMBER, KIDS— Obama intends arming this guy, and his buddies. You reckon? Syrian rebel eats heart, threatens regime [WARNING: GRAPHIC] … (youtube)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— There’s A Storm Coming: Syria. Because Afghanistan Just Isn’t Enough … (

~ WORLD WAR ????— 300 Marines, Already Deployed To Jordan, To Set Up Shipments Of Arms To Syria. Obama Can get Marines to Jordan overnight, but can’t respond to our people fighting for their lives in Benghazi; Obama administration now feels it has the excuse to arm and supply Al-Qaeda with advanced weapons to take down Assad … (weaselzippers, vladtepesblog)

~ TO PUT IT PLAINLY, Barack Obama is a thug and he doesn’t love America. Saith Binks: I’d go further. His presidency is a giant revenge-fantasy on all the people he blames for whatever he thinks is wrong: his goal is a soft-police state where dissent is punished if not outlawed entirely; he seeks a crippled, debt-burdened, humbled America, subjected to Islam and the radicalized Demoncratic party(

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

~ C.S. Lewis ~

~ WHAT OBAMA STANDS FOR— Obama slated to name five openly homosexual foreign ambassadors … (lifesite)

~ GATEWAY PUNDIT— Palin Slams O-Care’s Death Panels in Faith & Freedom Speech; NSA “Couldn’t Find Two Pot-Smoking Deadbeat Bostonians With Hotline to Terrorist Central”; Verizon reportedly set up a fiber-optic line linked directly to the US government; Obama IRS Targeted, Infiltrated and Harassed Christian Churches(

~ ROGER KIMBALL— A Little Wisdom from Benjamin Franklin; Another victory for the forces of “diversity” and “tolerance.” The enforcers in George Orwell’s 1984 would have been proud. Once again, reality caved in to ideology(

~ POLITICHICKS— Stop the War on God and Freedom … (

~ OMERICA— Dad of Valedictorian Who’s Mic Was Shut Off: ‘Principal Did Threaten’ My Son … (

When do we get to golf?

~ WAG THE DOG, 2013— Why Obama Now ‘Owns Syria’– The far-ranging implications of the president’s decision to provide arms to anti-Assad rebels; Why Is Obama Involving the U.S. in Another War in the Mideast(

~ FRONT PAGE— China: Lean, Mean, Modern Fighting Machine; Why Are Jews Liberals?; Netanyahu to UN: Don’t Go Back to the Dark Ages; Is Glenn Beck Good for Conservatives? Round Two; The Three R’s in the Age of Obama: Rappin’, Revolution and Radicalism; collaborators in the Islamic war against the Jews; Obama’s Dangerous UN Agenda; Geert Wilders’ Fight(frontpagemag)


~ THEY HATED HER.. but imagine.. “If Palin Had Become President” … (peekinthewell)

~ 14-YEAR-OLD at the center of “NRA T-Shirt Controversy” now facing possibility of 1 year in jail … (

~ IT’S ZOREO? FAUXGRO? — “…While Calling Themselves ‘Progressives’” .. Zo is calling-out the modern, “acceptable” racism … (

~ ED DRISCOLL— Stop the Presses: New York Times pushes False Narrative; Warrants? The NSA Don’t Need No Steeenking Warrants; NYT: ‘Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?’; “Why the mainstream media failed to break Obama scandals”; Straight Out of Orwell; A Culture of Spying at Bloomberg; The case against the NSA is: Lois Lerner and others of her ilk; Tales from the European Civil War(eddriscoll)


~ THE GOLD-PLATED POTUS— President Obama’s Trip Could Fund 1,350 Weeks of White House Tours.. that’s almost 26 years … (

~ RON WYDEN DOESN’T WANT to call the director of national intelligence a liar … (


~ BUT DEMOCRATS ARE ALLOWED! Lying liar Anthony Weiner’s underage girl problem … (

~ SENATOR Rand Paul discusses individualism, freedom, and national security on Uncommon Knowledge … (

~ OBAMA IS MAKING THINGS Easy for the Next Reaganite … (

~ MALKIN OF YUCKINESS— Barack Obama’s “Social Innovation” slush fund; White House on Obama’s $60-$100 million trip to Africa: ‘Great bang for the buck’; lost and stolen items from Dem convention include $30k iPhone and $75k laptop computer; Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was compromised on multiple occasions; Bill Clinton accepting ‘Father of the Year’ award; Sometimes it seems the only people the Obama administration doesn’t spy on are themselves … (

~ $$$$$$$$$— What Is The Soros Funded, Church-Backed National Immigration Forum? … (

~ OBAMACRAT Bureaucratic Machine Goes After Conservative American Soldiers … (theulstermanreport)


~ BANKRUPTISTAN— ‘California Pension Costs May Double Overnight’ … (

~ OUR MASTERS, the Bureaucrats– A republic, if we can keep it … (weeklystandard)

~ WEAZIPPERS— Seven little Occupiers sitting in a tree; Muslim Lawyers Association Wants Obama Arrested; Hezbollah Leader Vows To Continue Fighting Sunni Rebels In Syria; Military Judge Rules Obama Exerted “Unlawful Command Influence” When He Spoke Out On Sexual Assaults In The Military; African Trip Could Have Been Even More Expensive; “Simply Not Fair” To Subject Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else; Diversity Alert: State Department To Spend $450,000 Protecting Transgenders… Overseas?! (


~ TERROR-SUPPORTING FBI equivocates to questions on investigations into Boston bombing attack … (vladtepesblog)

~ DOOMED JUDGE: Obama comments on military sex assault ‘unlawful command influence’ … (


~ ULSTERMAN— Jeb Bush Getting Game Face On For Presidential Bid; CBS News: Someone was pulling data from Sharyl Attkisson’s computer; An IRS Scandal Timeline; The Perfect Obama Firewall Visual; The Fundraiser-In-Chief told a group of political donors that all he cares about now is “governing”; Joe Biden Declares Al Gore President Of The United States(

~ INTERNET CENSORS up in arms as bloggers note uncanny resemblance between Winnie the Pooh and China’s president … (nationalpost)

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— North Idaho Company Depriving Jihadists of 72 Virgins; IRSS prepares to field Light Infantry Brigade; Obama Cancelled Safari to Save Taxpayers Money; Executive Order Makes America ‘One Big Airport’; The kind of database no one has ever seen before in life; You’re (Probably) a Federal Criminal; Pres. Al Gore: Rewrite The Past For A Better Future!; We’re Livin’ on the Fault Line!; Biden Launches New Imaginary Gun Buyback Initiative(thepeoplescube)



Pat Condell: Singling out a billion Muslims

Saith Facebook: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.”

~ NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Look away! Major Development in Reservoir Trespassing Case Near Boston: Mass. Police Are Appealing the Decision Not to Charge the Men … (

Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs


~ SLOW MOTION SURRENDER— Contractor loses out on his ‘dream’ £1,000-a-week IT role after unwittingly saying he would treat his Muslim recruiter to a bacon sandwich … (dailymail)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Muslim Persecution of Christians; Iran will send 4,000 troops to aid Assad’s forces in Syria; Muslim indicted for making 21 bomb threats against Kodak; Thanks to Islam, purses, seat cushions, coolers banned from NFL games; FBI Director Unaware Boston Mosque Founded by al Qaeda Funder; War With Syria a Distraction from Domestic Threat; 60,000 acre Turkish govt mega mosque complex will target abolishing “Islamophobia”; Obama Restricts Spying In Mosques While Spying Everywhere Else(creepingsharia)


~ THE MASTER PLAN— Cultural Jihad in Western Europe: The Muslim Brotherhood described their grand plan for cultural jihad to destroy the West in a 1982 document, The Project(WaTi, frontpagemag)

~ JUST ANOTHER Sunny Day in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; But the vast majority of the American Public have never seen or read these things; Everyone knows that silver bullets kill werewolves; On The Effectivness of Searching For Islamic Terrorists Among Southern Baptist Tea Party Members; a “Norwegian” hate preacher currently employed by the Norwegian police; Five Salafists Arrested in Barcelona; The Fiddle-Playing Emperor of Sweden; The Siren Call of the Syrian Jihad; Outreach from the Western Counterjihad to Arab Christians; We had to kill this republic to save it, or why Ed Snowden is a traitor to the U.S. economy(mypetjawa)

Douglas Murray – The Woolwich Attack

~ SNIFF! POOR WIDDLE KILLERS— “Not long after the Boston Marathon bombing culprits were caught or killed, The New York Times ran a feature article about the brothers with the title “Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying to Fit in” which portrayed them in a rather sympathetic light” … (

~ GATES OF VIENNA— The Brazilian Jihad; Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/14/2013; the disastrous collapse of the ideological and political Multicultural regime(

~ SUCH ENTHUSIASM! Thousands of Egyptian Islamists Rally For Holy Jihad Against Assad … (

~ TWOFACED CULT— The Two Faces of Islam– In Muhammad’s time – as happens now – Muslim talk of ‘tolerance’ is inversely proportional to the power Muslims have to be intolerant … (

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— A couple of days ago, a Muslim mob attacked police in France; The Islamic circus down in Texas takes a turn in the Fort Hood jihad case; suddenly a mob of Muslims assaulted the cops; attackers threw Dr. Hashimi off a balcony into the crowd below, and people began stoning him; Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population; Gift me — help fund the fight in the battle in Seattle; Best way to rid a woman of an opinion is to beat it out of her; Obama’s jihad in the Middle East continues. Worse, he means to bring these free speech restrictions here; No big media on this because it’s Muslim, and to cover it would be “islamophobic.”; Obama supports the jihadist opposition in Syria — al Qaeda elements; Ample evidence now of authorities suppressing extent of dissent in UK; Jihadist rebels, not Bashar Assad’s regime, may have used chemical weapons; I don’t expect we will be seeing a pole dancing Muhammad any time soon(atlasshrugs2000)

~ FUN-LOVING UKISTAN! — Tensions high in British town after “Muslim youths” attack “white girls” … (

~ JIHAD WATCH— Iran’s Supremo: U.S. presidential elections controlled by “Zionist regime”; Those right-wing extremists are at it again; Muslim gang shouts abuse at young air cadets at Army barracks; Intent on appeasing their bloodthirsty god; “It’s a chain reaction – when people listen to music, they ask for alcohol, which will lead to adultery.”; Muslim mob stones doctor for examining female patient; Why did Allah bother to create all the Spanish if he was just going to raise up this clown to kill them all? … (

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Gay Pride and Pederasty and Arab Pride and decapitations … (

~ THE EVIL & INSANE UN— The UN’s anti-Semitic, 9-11 conspiracy theorist Richard Falk continued to disgrace the world body by appearing on “Truth Jihad” a radio show hosted by a delusional, lunatic hatemonger named Kevin Barrett … (

~ NONIE DARWISH: “The goal of Islam is to conquer the world.” … (


~ JEWS DID IT! There have been persistent rumors Arafat died of AIDS … (weaselzippers)

~ VLAD TEPES– Dear sir. Thank you very much for proving your detractor’s point so eloquently; Teenaged robbers torment children; Links and news for June 14 2013 – 3; Listen to the dizzying intellect of Mr. Robinson’s detractors; Western authorities use calamitous logic in adjudicating cases where Islam is a factor(

~ IT’S A SMALL WORLD— Syria’s Crisis Won’t Stay in Syria; On a Slippery Slope in Syria(realclearworld, telegraph)

~ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Saudi cleric promises Jihadists that their 72 virgins will be fair-skinned white women … (

~ WINDS OF JIHAD— Bipolar Judge Maloney, what do you know about ‘the Islamic faith?’; Peace Through Pork… Ammo Company Comes Up With Jihad-Proof Pork-Coated Bullets; “Islamic Science” is Islamic Propaganda; Weekend Offerings from the Religion of Peace; Islamic immigration causes huge economic and social implications; Land of misogyny and “dinosaurs”; The “Founding Founders” of Obamastan; Islam Vs. Islamism: A Case for Wishful Thinkers; Facebook allows death threats against Islam renegade Abdel-Samad; Erdogan claims Jewish investors behind protests; Siding with the kafir is considered a heinous crime in Islam; Islamic Britons fighting with Syria’s jihadi ‘band of brothers’; The Muswell Hill Mosque fire looks more and more like an insurance job(

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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  1. Thanks for the Father’s Day part. Re: Michael Karkoc, two things leftoids don’t really believe in. Due process and innocent until proven guilty. The Bill of Rights is for people like him. But the press has already convicted him.

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