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~ Denis Lemieux: “OK folks – this is the last push for Lifesite News’ summer fundraising campaign. They just need a couple hundred more people to cough up as little as $5, and they will meet the target to receive a large matching donation from a benefactor. If you are pro-life, have benefitted from lsn’s constant work of pro-life media, please give them a hand. It’s a bit strange: they have millions of readers, and have a hard time getting even a couple thousand to contribute $5, even!

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Obama Is Not Hitler

obama is not hitler

~ ITEM: Gay Weddings, Synthetic Babies, and the Brave New Court

~ NO, HE’S NOT– YET.. but he’s worse: a true believer in attainable utopia. If Heaven-On-Earth is attainable by human effort, would it not be the duty of all utopians to work as hard as possible, with the end justifying all means? Kill coal! Spy on opponents to utopia! Politically cripple subversive types! Lie, decieve, break all vows and restrictions!

It is important to realize exactly who and what the post-democratic Democrats represent, because it’s a very ugly and violent strain in the human soul– Puritans, Taliban, Salafist & Muslim Brotherhood Islam, EUcratic dreamers who all willingly tear down and destroy what is to get to what almost is. Everything else is disposable, evil, and people are either obstacles or useful idiots. This is why absolutist Leftism finds much to admire in the methods if not the message of absolutist sharia supremacism Islamism.

As a specialized from of Homo Communisticus, Obama and Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett and Janet Napolitano and all the rest understand themselves to have a high and lonely destiny above the smelly little morality and orthodoxies of the little people. They are The Betters™; The Leaders of Destiny™; and entirely Above All That™.

Your Robed Masters

We’ve seen a perfect example of such overweening pride in the recent pontifications of Supreme Court supreme being Anthony Kennedy on the evilness of the opponents of gay pseudo-marriage. Mark Steyn calls him “Supreme Intergalactic Emperor Anthony“. Indeed. Says Mark:

When less advanced societies wish to introduce gay marriage, the people’s elected representatives assemble in parliament and pass a law. That’s how they did it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, etc. But one shudders to contemplate what would result were the legislative class to attempt “comprehensive marriage reform,” complete with tax breaks for Maine lobstermen’s au pairs and the hiring of 20,000 new IRS agents to verify business expenses for page boys from disparate-impact groups. So instead it fell to five out of nine judges, which means it fell to Anthony Kennedy, because he’s the guy who swings both ways.

Much, Much Worser

Obama is not Hitler– he’s worse, because he has at his beck and call all the power of the bloated nanny-state, a radicalized and political bureaucracy, a law-breaking security and surveillance apparatus, and the will to trample all opposition, reality, God, and due and human limits of every kind. The Greeks called it hubris, which inevitably summoned nemesis.. due consequences.. humbling reality.

He’s above all that. Or so he thinks.

For God is not mocked. ~

Sweet Lying Dreams

~ ITEM: Dante’s Purgatory: Canto XIX: The Dream of the Siren

~ ITEM: Odysseus and the Sirens


~ THERE HE IS, partway up Mount Purgatory, and Dante has a dream. Towards him shambles a withered hunched mummy-like female figure.

There came into my dream a woman, stuttering,
cross-eyed, stumbling along on her maimed feet,
with ugly yellow skin and hands deformed.

I stared at her. And as the sun revives
a body numbed by the night’s cold, just so
my eyes upon her worked to free her tongue

and straighten our all her deformities,
gradually suffusing her wan face
with just the color Love would have desired.

And once her tonge was loosened by my gaze
she started singing, and the way she sang
captured my mind — it could not free itself.

Purgatory XIX. 7-18

She is a siren– one of the classical temptresses who tried to lure Odysseus and his fellow sailors to their doom on deadly rocks.

Here is our amazingly powerful human tendency to see evil as good, to fall in love with evil, and to see it as good, and then to be captured by the lie we have fallen in love with. So what?

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