Steynian 479st

Do Some Good

Hollywood Loser Tees


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Britistan Slides Slowly Under

Arrest The Innocent! Perpwalk the bastard!

~ ITEM: Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty

~ ITEM: Binky– Freedom: Ad Fontes; and Fountain Of Freedom, 2

~ ITEM: Threatened With Death? Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone!

~ ITEM: The Eclipse of the British Empire

The Politics of the Jackboot

~ THE PANICKY UK ruling classes, torn between beheadings and uppity lower-class people speaking out for truth and common-sense, seem to be chosing.. silencings.

Tommy Robinson, former thug & likely-lad? PERP-WALK HIM!

Activist Pam Geller & scholar Robert Spencer truth-telling about the religion of the beheaders? BANNED!

People doing the flower & teddy-bears thing at slain soldier Rigby’s roadside shrine? Sick the Stalinist gangs on them, or arrest them!

Hiding Under The Covers

The rulers of the UK are terrified and horrified more of an uprising of the peasants than of the jihadists. They are more afraid of the truth getting out there, than of corpses in the streets.

The elites are terrified of the threats from the Jihad, versus worrying about the death of English liberty under law, the 1000 years of principled political and social life, the tension between authority and individualism, freedom and the right of protest.

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