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Britistan Slides Slowly Under

Arrest The Innocent! Perpwalk the bastard!

~ ITEM: Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty

~ ITEM: Binky– Freedom: Ad Fontes; and Fountain Of Freedom, 2

~ ITEM: Threatened With Death? Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone!

~ ITEM: The Eclipse of the British Empire

The Politics of the Jackboot

~ THE PANICKY UK ruling classes, torn between beheadings and uppity lower-class people speaking out for truth and common-sense, seem to be chosing.. silencings.

Tommy Robinson, former thug & likely-lad? PERP-WALK HIM!

Activist Pam Geller & scholar Robert Spencer truth-telling about the religion of the beheaders? BANNED!

People doing the flower & teddy-bears thing at slain soldier Rigby’s roadside shrine? Sick the Stalinist gangs on them, or arrest them!

Hiding Under The Covers

The rulers of the UK are terrified and horrified more of an uprising of the peasants than of the jihadists. They are more afraid of the truth getting out there, than of corpses in the streets.

The elites are terrified of the threats from the Jihad, versus worrying about the death of English liberty under law, the 1000 years of principled political and social life, the tension between authority and individualism, freedom and the right of protest.

What DO We DO?

Burn the Magna Carta! Toss the previous and later laws & covenants between kings & people down the years! Flake out on the old British courage and defiance and doughtiness because bad people who are serious about their bad religion have replaced and silenced the old British-educated Muslim immigrants who actually were peaceful, law-abiding and thankful to be in England! Writes one observer:

“Why would British Muslims ever assimilate? Why would moderates in the community ever condemn savagery committed by jihadis? Why would Islamists ever fear real repercussions for beheading a man on a street-corner while passers-by looked on in horror? Why would they ever respect their hosts when clearly, it is the British who will bow to them?”

After the Imperial hubris and bragging, modern England became semi-pacifist, shirkers of duty and trouble, and this is more of the same. Sadly, just as England allowed Europe to slip back under the sway of militant Teutonism in a second world war– and almost lost most of Western Europe– so the Labories (Labour-Tories) would have England under CCTV, the threat of beheadings, coughing up welfare to jolly Jihadists, and trying to look the other way and blame the victims when terrorism grows and leers and mocks England and all she stood for and might stand for again.

You’re OK, We Suck

Multiculturalism doesn’t work– it is a form of insanity that muzzles the home civilization while exalting the newcomers– especially the disgruntled and ungrateful ones. England– like a lot of Western nations– embraced huge amounts of immigrants when their native population decided not to have babies, and very few when they did.

Endland is dying demographically, spiritually, and p[olitically. All these news-bits are just the deck-chairs being arranged and sliding around as the great ship goes down. Is she doomed?

The response to terror and protest and uncomfortable realities will tell the tale. ~

Britain: Facing A New & Exciting Future!

Lightbulbs Of Evil


~ ITEM: BULB BAN IS A DIM IDEA — Brian Lilley says the impending ban on incandescent light bulbs is pure idiocy and will hurt your wallet and possibly your family

~ SO, TEH BINKS has a bit of a blog on Evil curly-bulbs of Death. Might be of interest to you & your family.

Lightbulbs Of Evil!

Topics covered:

(a) Mercury-based curly-bulbs require an EPA-suggested 14-step biohazard disposal.

(b) There’s lots of evidence that bulb-factories in China are killing folks

(3) LED technology is a good alternative to incandescent; curly-bulbs are GE-USAGov sweet deal, to be enforced by legislation, and don’t work very well


Super-efficient LED and other technologies are coming along: banning something is generally a bad idea, especially if it’s a response to hysteria about “Combatting The Warmings Of Global!” and lining the pockets of GE and Chinese factory-owners through government-enforced manipulation of the market. Bad deal all ’round.


Mercury is an INDUSTRIAL uber-poison that should not be in anybody’s home. ONE broken bulb can render your home technically biohazard-contaminated by mercury.

Curly Death-Bulbs are evil from top to bottom, from politics to market. Learn up (read all my few but thorough blog-entries), and get informed, then pass it around, then contact your MLAs, MPs, Congress, Senate. ~

Be Prepared, Or Else

Kieran Crump-Raiswell death
Kieran Crump-Raiswell, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and without warning stabbed him four times in the chest

~ ITEM: Another Muslim savage stabs British teenager to death in the street, then laughed about it

~ ITEM: Moderate Muslims Oppose UK Ban on Anti-Islamic Speakers

~ ITEM: How the hell is this not a racist murder?

Far-Right, Fascist, and Racist? Condell on EDL

~ IF THERE IS A legitimate threat, basic justice (i.e. what is fitting to something or a situation) dictates that people are allowed to defend themselves with the appropriate tools and preparations for possible threats.

The police are– and have ever been (a) a back-up to civilian peace-officers, and (b) most effective in an essentially lawful society. In a society where the law-abiding have been effectively criminalized and dis-armed, but where a minority are willing to use weapons and extreme violence, you have a society-wide injustice.

The right to defend you and yours is not a ‘human right’– after all, animals and bacteria and slugs defend themselves: it’s an existing creature thing.

Must Have Bloods!

Sadly, the politically correct powers that be would rather have regular yearly blood-sacrifices to their insane ideology than allow people the freedom to do the right & necessary thing to defend themselves, other people, and their property.

Dear Welsh, English, Scottish & and other peoples of the British Isles– you must begin to defend yourselves again– some of the people you have invited to enjoy the freedom and riches of your lands are willing to break the law (they claim their demon-god Allah tells them it’s OK), and slaughter your soldiers, teens, disabled, and defenceless people– many of the ones which in our Judaeo-Christian society tells us are precious to God and deserving of help and protection.

Getting Dangerous

What does Binky recommend? Well, you need to get up off the ground and fight back in the streets, and in the legislatures. Get your guns and blades back, because you allowed the ruling classes to disarm everybody. The nanny state and multiculturalism is failing, and on the ruins come wolves and scavengers and barbarians.

Until; the laws, if you want to remain inside the law? Canes. Shillelaghs. Learn how to fight with them. There are books on Amazon, and possibly martial arts clubs to teach it. Take martial arts– preferably something with real-world training, not just endless katas and punching practice. Join a Western martial arts club– the UK is rife with them… and a even wooden sword in the hands of an expert can be dangerous.

The police are there later. YOU are the first-responder.

Profiling, Please

Do not trust younger people who might possibly be Muslim. There, I said it. I would apply my all-purpose Rule For Driving: Everyone You See Is Trying To Kill You.

In the case of Jihadis– and they may be white or 3rd generation Muslim raised in England– is that some of them very much ARE trying to kill you. It’s not personal, it’s Jihad. A little terror goes a long way.

So what do you think of the English Defense League now? What about Unite Against Fascism? Now there’s a bunch of insane Stalinist thugs & Islam-mongers and lunatics. ~

Confessio Binks


~ ITEM: Rush

~ ITEM: Steyn on Rush– George III Wouldn’t Have Done This To You

~ ALTHOUGH it’s been very uncool in some semi-conservative circles to like him (cough-Dempublicans Establishment-cough), Teh Binks likes Rush Limbaugh. I listen when I can, and his infromation, talking-points, and connect-the-dots on U.S. politics and culture has been proven to be correct or in the ballpark so many times that he might well deserve the title of news-prophet.

Drugs? Scandals? Media outrage? The Left– especially King Obama & his toadies– hate him with a special frothing hate because he’s successful, right, and almost single-handedly started the modern phenomenon of talk-radio, and similar uses of the internets. He did Stewart & Colbert decades before those two became famous; he used his charming braga nd bluster– cunningly salted with facts and intelligence– to win over lots of people to a clearer understanding of news & current events.

I’ve not always agreed with his take on the pure goodness of capitalism, and rape the earth exploitation of nature, but no one person except Jesus reflects the fullness of all truth. Limbaugh is doing the work that the pamphleteers and writers of the American Revolution did, back in the day.

The Infidel Steyn

The other thing is my old chum Mark Steyn, who from time to time guest-hosts from “Ice Station EIB” as “America’s Undocumented Anchorman”. It’s always a delight to hear him, especially when he carefully, kindly, but thoroughly demolishes an argument, the vintage media consensus, or the obvious questions about current events otherwise not being asked, with his usual humour and wit.

No, this is not a paid advertisement; no, I have not sold my soul to RushCorp for a mess of pottage; no, I do not stand by every little thing he says on every topic, or the way he says it. Shuddup.

Check it out! ~


Some Basic Logic

~ ITEM: How Atheists Argue

~ ITEM: Intelligent Design – A Poem

~ OK: THERE ARE No Atheists. Of course, some people call themselves that, but they are mistaken. Follow the logic.

(a) In order to KNOW there is no God, you’d have to know all facts and possibilities in the universe— and multiverses, if there are same. That degree of knowledge (omniscience) is an attribute of God, not human beings.

(b) The most any person can claim is the wish to disbelieve in the existence of God. Since– as we famously hear– God is not a direct subject of scientific/ experimental study, an “Atheist” can neither verify or disprove God’s existence.

(c) An agnostic (Greek: a= without/ no + gnosis=knowledge) honestly says they can’t be sure. The atheists claim to be sure, which they can’t be. The no-Godders can call themselves what they want, but it’s not true or accurate (a=without/ no + theos=God). Belief in materialism is just that– a non-God religion, depending on a kind of faith based on one form of knowing.. which form of knowing cannot itself “PROVE” either that “empirical” scientific knowledge is the only worthwhile way of knowing, or that materialism is true. This logical fail was figured out in the 40s and 50s, but like most intellectual and malignant errors, just kept going way past the best-before date.

Therefore– There Are No Atheists.

Not So Simpled

There are lots of reasons why people might want to disbelieve– some of them honest, some not, and all arising from the basic human impulse to want the goodies of existence without acknowledging a God within and behind them to whom we owe all, even our supposedly exalted selves. Belied has a great deal to do with will, and with an attitude to the evidence of faith that means it’s not just The Brights Vs. The Dims.

That just rankles, dunnit?

Sucking Fumes

The “Atheists” are like so many other faddish political types in our society– living off the fumes and goodwill and the almost bankrupt moral, spiritual, intellectual and cultural inheritance built up over 2000 years in Europe. They take for granted as deserved all the goods of faith and knowledge and goodness, as if humans are just wonderful in themselves, and as if those qualities arise out of thin air. Nope.

Sorry Dawkins, all the rest of you. Give it up. Binks has proven you– or at least your certainties– do not and cannot exist. ~

Dawkins = Not An Atheist

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Forgot The Passport To The No-Go Zone In Tower Hamlets?

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~ PREDICTABLE FALLOUT from Obama admin’s bloodiest scandal continues: Police chief in Mexico killed by gun traced to Fast & Furious … (

~ OBAZMA HEARTS EVIL! Once Again… Obama Defends Role of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt … (thegatewaypundit)

~ ED DRISCOLL— Say, How’s that New New Deal Working Out?; Boeing 777 Crashes While Landing at SFO; Backward Ran the Progress Until Reeled the Mind; Thurston, We Have a Problem; Mother Nature hits the Gym, gets Botox, Hair-Coloring; We Jews are running the protests in the Arab nations, in fact we run everything; an excellent round-up of the new Lone Ranger movie train wreck; Everything Seemingly is Spinning Out of Control(

~ TARGET-RICH ENVIRONMENT: Bostonians Stay Away in Droves from Annual 4th of July Boston Pops Fireworks Display … (

Racist KKK African Opposes Obama on the Glories of Sodomy

~ GET STUFFED, YANKEE OBAMA– Respect our culture, Kenyan Deputy President Ruto tells US leader … (

~ DOUG ROSS— Biff Spackle scoops the world, snapping an exclusive look at the Speaker’s official portrait; Larwyn’s Linx: Hypocrites, Obama, and the “Will of the People”; President Obama Wants Control of Your Appliances; Man With $7 Million Yacht Lectures India on Carbon Emissions, Links Them to Deadly Floods; A Murder Map of Chicago; Larwyn’s Linx: The Obamacare Big City Bailout; 10 Devastating Facts About Today’s Unemployment Numbers (That Will Be Curiously Ignored by the Media) … (

~ JUST AS LINCOLN rejected the Supreme Court’s reasoning in the Dred Scott decision, so too conservative leaders need to reject the Court’s faulty reasoning about DOMA. Anti-democratic judicial activism has become habitual only because our elected leaders have declined to respond to it with Lincoln’s clarity and firmness … (

~ THE BELMONT CLUB— The Law of Unintended Consequences; Bureaucracies age by getting bigger. In that way they are like cancer cells. You can only destroy them and grow healthy tissue in their place(BC)

President George W. Bush in Livingstone, Zambia helping to renovate a cervical cancer clinic as part of the Bush Institute’s Global Health Initiative. June 29, 2013

~ PROBLEMATIC PREZ, decent human being– What’s George W. Bush up to in Africa? No $100 million vaycay for him … (CBS)

~ INSTAPUNDIT— More and more Americans are becoming concealed-carry permit holders; Regular sex can make you look 7 years younger, researcher says; State Department: Yeah, despite our denial, Kerry WAS on his yacht during Egypt upheaval; ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 58; Only 47% of American Adults Have Full-Time Job; Some accidental pregnancies aren’t so accidental— especially if the guy could be a good provider; Obama “Joked” About Auditing Enemies in 2009; French minister dresses down US at July 4 fete(instapundit)

Obama Refuses To Back Up WH Statement That Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack

~ OBAMA’S MARRIAGE Masquerade: “The implementation of these policies will not be immediate or obvious. Given the president’s citation of troops in his statement supporting gay marriage, the likely path to the establishment of national gay marriage will be a military couple married in one state and stationed in another by the military” … (americanthinker)

~ THURSTON EXPERTS: John Kerry’s credibility could sink with boat flap; Kerry Back Out on Boat; Biden Remains at the Beach; Obama Goes Golfing; finally, “Oopsie, Seems Like The Senator From MA May Have Avoided A Bundle In MA “Docking Taxes” … (

~ OBAMA THE SLACKER— “The President had no public schedule July 3, July 4, July 5, July 6, July 7, July 8, July 9, July 10, July 11, July 12, July 13, July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17, July 18, July 19, July 20, July 21 (it goes on and on) — he has nothing scheduled for the Summer” … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THOUGHT-CRIMINAL! Antonin Scalia, Bad Person! “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” … (firstthings)

~ CANADA FREE PRESS— Mr. Obama, I really don’t want to be a terrorist, By Mohamed Hawary; A lie is a lie in any language. A lie is a lie in any country; The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had and has no greater friend than Barack Hussein Obama; Ted Cruz’s Cuban Father Compares Obama To Castro; The truth about the Snowden affair & why you should care; World War III is looming like the train whistle in the distance(canadafreepress)

~ U.S. GOV DECLARES hacking an act of war, then hacks allies … (washingtonexaminer)


~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— Sam Adams – My New Favorite Prog Beer; 50 Shades of CIA; The Glory That Is Washington, D.C.; Islamic Rage Boy’s Grandfather Demands Bigger Phonebooks; Happy May Day!; Movie Review of ‘The Fleecing’ (2009) A synopsis; Silly Egyptians Demand End of Peaceful Jihadist Government; Cher Korrekt Thoughts with the Kollektive; NSA leaks telegrams from Spanish American War era; 4th of July: The Alternative Secret History of the World(

Crisis Management: Kissinger, McNamara, and Rice

Sexing Up The Young Bitches?.. Consequences, Kate

~ THE OTHER McCAIN— The #FreeKate Case Is Typical; The Pervert Party: Democrats for abortion had a Texas girl hold a sign declaring: ‘If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a Senator.’; The best comedy ever made? That’s a tough call, but if it’s not Animal House, then surely it must be Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles; Whittle On Beating The Soft, Creeping Tyranny; Mona Eltahawy’s career as a progressive journalist is a tribute to her infinite reservoir of hate; Russia Says Nyet’ to Gay Adoptions; Was the CIA Involved in Egypt’s Coup? … (

~ WHEN ZIMMERMAN is acquitted I’m guessing their reaction will be somewhat different … (weaselzippers)

~ A JUST JUSTICE— “Scalia’s passionate opinions flow from his pen like lava, seemingly indiscriminate, but nevertheless finding every curve and crevice of what lies before them.” … (

~ THE OBAMA MIRACLE! Unemployed, Discouraged, Underemployed Rate Jumps to 14.3%, Highest Since February; Obamacare Might Be to Blame for Part-Time Jobs Surge(



Islam 101

~ THERE GOES ANOTHER ONE— Another Muslim savage stabs British teenager to death in the street, then laughed about it … (

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— If anything smells, it is this editorial itself; All of Obama’s Islamic experiments are going down in flames and carnage. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Turkey; Obama is supporting these savages. It is unthinkable but it is our terrible reality; Examples of hate speech and Antisemitism voiced by children on official PA TV; Muslim supremacist leadership understand the power of propaganda as well as did the Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda; Here again all the media smear words: “anti-Islamic”; Bodh Gaya is the holiest site for the Buddhists world over. It was bombed early this morning; More tolerance and interfaith dialogue from that religion of supremacism; DM Digital fined £105,000 over speech that condoned murder for blasphemy; What the hell does this man DO? … (atlasshrugs2000)

30 killed in school attack in northeast Nigeria

~ BOSTOM— Deposing Morsi Won’t End the Chronic Rejection of Secularism in Egypt; Discussion of Andrew Pochter’s brutal murder, and the responsible institutions, with Steve Malzberg; Discussing the Egyptian Morass & The Wanton Murder of Andrew Pochter With Tom Trento(

~ GATESTONE— Pakistan Bankrolls Mumbai Bombers Terrorist Group; Al-Qaeda’s Jihad on Anti-Morsi Egyptians; Political Persuasion, Corleone Palestinian Style(

~ AN UGLY NEW FORM OFJihad?– against Moms with Buggy-strollers in Denmark? … (vladtepesblog)

~ JAWA REPORT— Egypt Has Seen the Enemy, and The Enemy is Egypt; Pro-Choicers Chant “Hail Satan”; The Innocence Of Islamic Jihad; I don’t care for street preachers, but they do have the freedom of speech; Muslim Brotherhood Vows Civil War(JR)

~ CITIZEN WARRIOR— A Country Without Muslims; How to Save the World With a Computer(citizenwarrior)

~ BARE NEKKID ISLAM— Obama.. “Leave the Muslim Brotherhood aloooone!”; By coming out of the ‘religious closet’ and admitting that he is an atheist, Kacem al-Ghazzali was threatened with death; Is this 12-year-old Egyptian boy smarter than Barack Hussein Obama?; Egyptian Army confiscates CNN camera during a live broadcast; Jewish Star Spangled a capella for a hot summer night; UK TV channel fined for broadcasting Islamic ‘scholar’ who said, “Muslims have a duty to kill anyone who insults the paedophile prophet Mohammed” … (

~ VENGEFUL Muslim Brotherhood strikes back in Egypt … (americanthinker)

~ FRONTPAGE MAG— Obama’s Uses Foreign Aid to Egypt for Muslim Brotherhood Leverage; FBI Ordered Al-Awlaki’s Release Despite Knowing He Bought 9/11 Hijacker Ticket; Is the Zimmerman Case Really Open and Shut?; Looking back at some of the Left’s worst examples of Independence Day hatred; The Zimmerman Trial and Black Skin Privilege(

Dead Coptic Bitches Obviously Musta Had It Coming

~ LOVE JIHAD! “On Monday we reported on a phenomenon known as “Love Jihad” as it occurs in India. It is form of Islamic exploitation of kuffar women, and differs from “grooming and pimping” in that it targets vulnerable girls for forced conversion followed by “marriage” to Muslim men” … (gatesofvienna)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood candidate arrested in Egypt; There is an enormous irony contained in the Boston Marathon bombing; Muslims kill at least 30 in Nigerian school attack; Islam’s Hatred of the Non-Muslim; Mohamed Elibiary, Muslim DHS adviser to Obama, still defending Muslim Brotherhood; TSA’s subtle warning to non-Muslims about Ramadan; Muslim radiologist on trial for rape or abuse of 34 women… doesn’t return to trial; SHHHH! Ahmed Bedier deletes family websites after al-Qaeda support found(creepingsharia)


~ BUT OF COURSE! Hamas Paper Claims Morsi Overthrow was a Jewish Conspiracy … (

~ WEASEL ZIPPERS— EU Threatens To Suspend Data Sharing Agreements With US Because Of US Spying Allegations; Emir Of Syrian Jihadist Group Al Nusra Front Is A CIA Operative; Mexican Police Chief Was Killed By ATF “Fast And Furious” Rifle; Mooch To 15-Year-Old Girl: “You And Me, We’re Sisters In Power”; Top Liberal Blog Daily Kos: Republican Governors “Salivating” Over Rapes In Cairo?; So, John, Where Were You During The Coup In Egypt? … (weaselzippers)

~ ISLAMIST GUNMEN Attack Protestant Church In Pakistan, One Killed … (weaselzippers)

~ DELIGHTFUL— ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’: Husband blindfolds his wife…. and then chops off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree … (

~ JIHAD WATCH of Bannedness– Morsi supporters, one carrying al-Qaeda flag, murder two foes of Morsi; Muslims murder Coptic priest in revenge for removal of Morsi; Muslim group slaughters 30 in jihad attack on school, burning children alive; UK: Yet another Muslim rape gang uncovered; Morsi’s removal irks Turks; You’d have thought that she would have been alarmed as Richard gravitated toward the Tiny Minority of Extremists; Obama calls for Muslim Brotherhood to be included in Egypt’s political process(

~ PROFILE IN COURAGE: Julie Aftab Was Attacked and Burned for Being Christian in Pakistan … (

~ VLAD TEPES— Single Femen protestor does schtick at Constantinople airport; Links and news for July 6 2013; BBC Reporter Jeremy Bowen Shot In The Head In Egypt; What can spy drones do?; 12 dead, 200 injured in clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents in Alexandria; Fighting breaks out in Cairo. Story and video; After the deposition of Morsi, reprisals against Christians(vladtepesblog)

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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