Steynian 481rd

“… Sound historians know that most tyrannies
have been possible because men moved too late.
It is often necessary to resist a tyranny
before it exists.”

~ G.K. Chesterton ~


Cutting (one) Of The Sewer-Pipes


~ ITEM: Why TV is EVIL – simulated reality and brainwashing by repetition

~ ITEM: THE WRITER OF OUR STORY– Divine Providence in The Lord of the Rings, by David Mills

~ ITEM: From the Archives: Godly Hobbits

~ ITEM: Orc (Middle-earth)

~ EVERY FEW MONTHS, they call.. the cable-people. We have interwebs & telephone, but not TV-cable. The cable-people seem very puzzled by this– but I’m not interested in opening the home to 24-7-364 advertising, re-runs, and the sewage which passes for pop culture.

Marshall McLuhan famously said “The medium is the message”– that is, before the shows or ads or flickering images, the TV itself forms us, shapes us, creates a passivity and receptivity and uncritical attitude towards mass-media.

The boob-tube is hypno-sewage. The idiot-box kills yer brain, large amounts of time, steals from book-readage, family-time, daydreaming-time, the outdoors.. life.

The internet is addictively bad, too– but as a blogger, I’m “Talking Back” to the machine, to the mass-media mass-marketing of politics, events, fake crap, spin-messages, lies and laughable nonsense.

A Gift From God

Indeed, I’d say that for all the problems with the web (it reflects human sin & virtue, glory and depravity), that the internet itself is a providential heaven-sent gift, a last gasp of freedom and free speech and an opportunity and duty to speak up, speak out, speak with one another out from under the umbrella of state-control, state supervision and the old-stream media one-message fits all system.

I’m not sure how long the freedom of the internet will be permitted in the West– already social networking companies like Book Of Face are censoring, hiding, and shutting down groups they don’t approve of, or issue-based FaceBook pages which the U.S. regime wants controlled (i.e. gun-control, IRS, PRISM, DOMA, Trayvon, Benghazi, Jihad, etc.).


Now Or Never

While the free peoples of the West may speak out, do so, before it’s too late– the orcs are already here, inside and outside our societies: Tolkein called “orcs” all those who want to create an in human “perfect” TechUtopia of wheels and cogs and circuits and group-think and destruction– all in the name of a dark Sauronic kingdom of control, perfection, fear.

Warning– reality is sometimes unpleasant, depressing, and stark: along with your awakening and fighting, I really think you need faith, and hope, and love. After all, the point of the Lord of The Rings is the point we’ve forgotten, or cast aside, for fear of fanaticism– that God’s Kingdom has come; that his providential hand is over all (Frodo was “meant” to find the Ring); that the true victory over sin, death, and hell has been won in Christ; that even the smallest ones can rule the destiny of many, and change the world (the hobbits), and confound the high powers of darkness.

Hobbit on! ~

Walking Through The Shire 850 n 72Via

The Price Is Right!


~ ITEM: Food for Thought

~ ITEM: The Open Library

Writes G.C. McLoughlin over at Mere Comments:

OPEN LIBRARY: Thanks, in part, to the folks at Open Library, I have a virtually endless supply of Summer (And Fall, and Winter, and Spring) reading material for my e-book. Yes, I know nothing can surpass the sensation of the creamy and comforting page with its lingering scent of vanilla and milk—when I die, I wish to be pressed, like a rose, between two pages of St. John’s Gospel—but there’s good to be found in almost everything—even e-books. (E-books, for those who don’t know, are Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Apple’s I-Pad. You can also read e-book files on your desktop PC, about which more below.)

Wicked, Tricksy, False

oldbilbo1Unretouched Bilbo

~ ITEM: Frodo Baggins, Now with Digital Botox

~ ITEM: Christopher Tolkien gave his first ever press interview with Le Monde, shedding light on his father’s vision and sharing his own deep dismay with Hobbit director Peter Jackson

~ ITEM: 7 Little-Known Lord of the Rings Facts

~ TOLKIEN HEIR & co-writer son Christopher Tolkien is much displeased (as JRR Tolkien himself would have been) as he has every right to be. On The One Ring fan-blog he’s dismissed as a fuddy-duddy perfectionist jerk… I’d rather say he’s probably a lot like his father, who when the horrid Novus Ordo was used for the first time in his parish, loudly spoke the Latin responses.

Too many modern people consider fantasy and literature as projecting their wonderful elves all over everything; that fantasy is about amorality, anti-Christianity, and Leftist paradise/ disaster/ sex & violence mongering, without connecting things too much to The Real, or The Great Story of the Bible, and The Great Conversation of Western Civilization. You know, everything is just a mirror in which to find our amazing selves, our narrow views, and to ignore what Tolkien or his characters thought and represent and say. How boring and how selfish.

oldbilbo2Digitally Retouched Bilbo

But Enough About You

C.S. Lewis once wrote that Christian preacher & fantasy author George MacDonald baptized his imagination– filled his inner mind’s eye and heart with Christian light, via fiction and inspired story-telling: good writing by a Christian, but not directly about Christianity.

Tolkien baptized my imagination; his proto-evangelion, “a profoundly Catholic novel” said he, shone with a greater light than itself; his wisdom and unapologetically Christian mindset is why the novels are great, even the Hobbit, and why Peter Lucas.. er, Jackson, needs to leave well enough alone. Jackson’s the brilliant mind, of course, who says that LOTR saga is mainly about “friendship”.

Finally, In Conclusion

Two last thoughts: (a) I’m very much wishing that Guillermo del Toro had stuck with the project. Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: A Peter Jackson Production by Peter Jackson is very much verging into George Lucas Prequel & Jar Jar Binks territory, and Hobbit 2.0 & 3.0 are very likely to just be more and more awfuller. I fear to even wonder– will Smaug fart? Will Gandalf giggle at juvenile dwarf-jokes? Will we see endless revisitings and piratings of his own scenes, ideas, words, and special-effects from the LOTR trilogy? Will they keep on digitally re-colouring and smoothing everything and everybody?

Sigh. Expectations are low. ~


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don't like

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~ CANADIA— Defined benefit pension plans threaten to undermine the finances of governments – and taxpayers, too. You know, because unlike many of the immigrants of past generations brouunght in to replace our missing, killed, or prevented babies, lots of the current ones are net drains on the social safety-net … (sunnews)

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~ MICH. JUDGE RULES DETROIT BANKRUPTCY UNCONSTITUTIONAL— Filing is a violation of the state’s constitution and that it fails to “honor” President Barack Obama who “took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.” … (

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~ SHHHHHHHH! — HHS Admits: You Might Not Be Able to Keep Your Doctor Under Obamacare..; In Indiana, Individual Health Insurance to Cost 72% More Due to Obamacare. Saith Binks– So: not cheaper, lose your doctor, not necessarily transferable.. did anything he claimed about it turn out to be true?(weeklystandard)

~ TALKLEFT: “Not once did he express any empathy for George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted who spent the past 16 months under the cloud of criminal charges, and who continues to have a target on his back.” … (instapundit)


~ MICHAEL COREN— Justice is colour blind: In the Martin-Zimmerman case, an innocent man walked … (

~ TRANSPARENCY: Secret Court that Swears it Isn’t a Rubber Stamp Rubber-stamps NSA Telephone Snooping Program … (instapundit)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”; Obama’s hoodie moment — “Coulda been me” and the real agenda; Hobby Lobby wins injunction against HHS mandate; “McCain: I Don’t Know How Many Passports We Let You Forge”; A message from the Senate Conservatives Fund; GOP ready to offer “revenue enhancements”; Jesse Jackson: Florida is “an apartheid state”; Detroit goes bankrupt: Michael Moore blames guns, Bush, racism, and a dogged refusal by Americans to embrace Castro; Obama Admin forces Benghazi survivors to sign non-disclosure agreements(


~ OBAMACARE HAS DOCTORS PLANNING EXIT— 60% say many physicians will retire from medicine early within next 3 years … (

~ SAITH OTHER LIMBAUGH— It’s Time for Obama to Live Up to His Post-racial Promise; Krauthammer: Obama ‘Reinjected’ Race Into Zimmerman Controversy; and Malkin Column: Eric Holder’s Stand Your Ground Squirrel(

~ WASHINGTON — The investigation into the IRS practice of targeting conservative groups moved one step closer to the White House today … (

~ DELINGPOLE— Would Zimmerman have walked if he’d been blond, white and Anglo Saxon? … (jamesdelingpole)

~ DETROIT’S BANKRUPTCY didn’t happen overnight – and it didn’t have to happen … (


~ CLAIM: OBAMA HID ‘GAY LIFE’ TO BECOME PRESIDENT— Chicago homosexual community shocked he could keep it secret … (

~ WEAZEL-ZIPPERS— Sharpton Plans Trayvon Martin Rallies Across Country; Pakistani Clerics Ban Women From Shopping Without Male Escort For “Spreading Vulgarity; NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Takes Al Jazeera Cash; Congressional Black Caucus Members Support Jesse Jackson’s Threat To Boycott Florida Over Zimmerman; Woman Scams Almost Half Million By Claiming To Be Boston Bombing Victim; Anti-Semitic White House Reporter Helen Thomas Dead At 92; High Number Of Chicago Killings? Illinois Dem State Rep: Maybe The Police Are Doing It; Journalist For Progressive Publication Salon Asks If Eric Holder Is Obama’s “Inner Nigger”; Former Tea Party Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell Had Her Tax Records “Improperly Accessed”; Health Care Premiums Jump Almost $2,000 Since Obamacare Passed; Obama To Detroit: Drop Dead(weaselzippers)


~ AMERICA HEADING for all kinds of marital Detroit– Marriage Rate Lowest in a Century; The Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse(heartiste)


~ DETROIT BANKRUPTCY Likely to Spark a Pension Brawl– Filing Will be a Test Case of How Far a City Can Go in Shedding Retiree Costs.. “Retiree Costs” being smarmy-words for already paid monies pre-spent by the Detroit corruptocracy to save the sinking ship: “Of the city’s $18 billion in long-term liabilities, $3.5 billion is now owed to city pensions, while another $6.4 billion is owed to fund other employee benefits, largely retiree health care” … (


~ GOOD GAWD… Barack Obama’s “All About Me” Statement On Trayvon Martin … (

~ A BOMBSHELL in the IRS Scandal.. No, it wasn’t confined to a few rogue workers in Cincinnati … (

“Using automated scanners, law enforcement agencies across the country have amassed millions of digital records on the location and movement of every vehicle with a license plate, according to a study published Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.”

~ PHANTOM SOAPBOX— Obama unhappy with Traaaaayvon rioters; US Cops are tracking your car too. Punks rioting anyway; Microsoft researchers can predict your physical location in the future; the US government just repealed a very interesting law at a very interesting time; Dear Media Party: The love affair is over, we want our keys back; Electronic medical records: the ultimate bad idea; Looks like Barack “Die Auserwählte” Obama is turning to the Stasi’s Big Book of Instructions for his new security policy … (

~ HOOCOODANODE— Race Baiters Damage Legacy of Sanford, Florida’s Black History … (

~ UBER-SCARY Samantha Power’s Nomination Hearing: Video & Transcript … (


~ VERRRY INTERESTING— FAA warns public against shooting guns at drones; Drafting a bill to issue drone hunting permits(yahoo, lady-patriots)

~ ULSTERMAN— Obama DOJ Tells Zimmerman – YOU DON’T GET YOU GUN BACK – TO HELL WITH FLORIDA LAW; BREAKING – Obama DOJ “Trolling for Tips” To Use Against Zimmerman(

~ SCRAPPLEFACE— Obama Clarifies Detroit Bankruptcy Prevention Pledge; Obama Defends NSA Program Tracking Social ‘Selfies’; Obama Proud of NBA Player Coming Out as Brony(

~ POWERLINE— The bankruptcy of the city of Detroit is a warning and portent; the “Justice for Trayvon” rallies that were held in various cities today didn’t amount to much; President Obama’s little speech about the Trayvon Martin matter seemed to have two purposes; Iran’s foreign ministry on Friday criticized the acquittal of George Zimmerman and chastised the United States for widespread “racial discrimination.”; Detroit is bankrupt, Obamacare continues to crumble, and our national security challenges remain a festering mess, and Obama decides he has to talk about . . . Trayvon Martin; climate change has been happening for millions of years, and will continue for as long as the Earth exists; The IRS scandal reached the IRS Office of the Chief Counsel this week(

~ GATEWAY PUNDIT— Now That Barack Obama Lectured Us on Trayvon Martin Will He Talk About Marley Lion?; Obama Will Bail Out Detroit ‘Over My Dead Body’ (Video); FOUR DEAD, NINE WOUNDED After Chicago Trayvon Rally; Muslims Riot in Paris Suburb Over Right to Wear Islamic Veil; Jay Carney Says Amnesty Will ‘Increase Wages’, Media Laughs at Him; Allen West Responds to Obama: Be Respectful to People – They Won’t Lock Their Doors(



~ NEW MOVEMENT IGNITES TO IMPEACH OBAMA— Protests on freeway overpasses demand action now … (

~ THE OTHER McCAIN— Also, You’re Not Cynical Enough; And Then, Inexplicably, the Villain Decides to Deliver an Arrogant Lecture; News Link-O-Rama; Remember when people told us that the Internet was a magical instrument that would enlighten the masses?; Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Continues His Obsessive Cyberstalking; Former Disney Child Starlet News; Angela Corey Should Be Fired, Disbarred, Imprisoned and Sued Into Bankruptcy; Politician of Unknown Partisan Affiliation Is a Notorious Serial Sexual Harasser; Ask yourself this: Why did George Zimmerman think Trayvon looked “suspicious,” “up to no good,” “on drugs or something”?; “Run, Trayvon! Dat creepy-ass cracker gonna rape you!” — and all the “liberals” react as if this were the apex of wisdom(


~ EL PRESIDENTA Hillary Clinton Launches Presidential Campaign…Sort Of… (theulstermanreport)


~ DEFIANT HOBBY LOBBEY Wins Injunction Stopping Enforcement of HHS Mandate … (lifenews)

~ ANTHONY FUREY says cities need to reduce their debt and shake off union control or they will end bankrupt just like Detroit; Steven Crowder explains how liberal policies lead to the failure of Detroit … (


Saudi princess Meshael Alayban listens to an interpreter in court in Santa Ana
Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban, charged with felony human trafficking in Orange County, Calif. last week

~ FUN WITH SLAVERY— Slavery in America, Saudi-Style … (rightwingnews)

~ IT’S A TREND— How 100,000 Britons have chosen to become Muslim… and average convert is 27-year-old white woman … (

Muslim vs. Islamist

~ NEWSBUSTERS— Bozell Column: Terrorist Rocks Rolling Stone; MSNBC’s Hayes Suggests He Defended Rolling Stone Cover Because Michelle Malkin Attacked It(

~ RECENT SIOTW— The Polish Defence League’s warning to Muslims; The Horrors of Child Marriage in Niger; Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks; Muslim prisoners threaten to stab inmates who eat pork(


~ JAWA REPORT— French Riots: Muslim Tries To Strangle Police Officer; Interior Minister Calls On Police To.. Respect Muslims; Pot, kettle, black. Any system without due process would have convicted him; BTW, if you don’t want to spread a ridiculous, unsubstantiated rumor, then maybe you shouldn’t, um, SPREAD IT!; You thought Underwear Bomb I was bad news, wait until you see Underwear Bomb II: Electric Bugaloo; Is Obama swatting the fly away, or is the fly swatting Obama away?; I think I need Rachel Jeantel to translate this for me; Doesn’t jihad just mean peaceful inner struggle?; Gang Rapist in Australia Pleads the “She Wasn’t Wearing a Headscarf” Defense; Alice Walker Blames Travon Martin’s Death on Sleestak(mypetjawa)

~ UN-WATCH BLOG— “No such thing as Islamic terrorism,” delegate tells UN confab on religious sensitivities; The Council’s silence on the tragic events in Egypt(

~ FREEDOM-LOVING Saudi Arabia: Man is selling his castrated black African slave on Facebook … (

~ AUSSIE Commonwealth Government: To Ban halal certification in Australia … (

~ THE VILE VLAD TEPES— More from Trappes France; China’s Beijing airport hit in blast protest; Links and news for July 20 2013; Muslims ambush police in Trapes; Time to Wise Up to the Muslim Brotherhood; Rescue workers were reportedly pelted with stones and thieves stole personal belongings from the victims; Indonesia: Muslims force closure of 17 churches; Allah is my Lawyer and if you do not release me, he will send a flood(

~ SCOTS GONE MAD— Imported Algerian rapist Hamadache Hamza won praise from a judge as he was jailed for a savage attack on a woman in Glasgow yesterday – for overcoming a “difficult background” and setting up a business … (

Debunking the Palestine Lie

~ ENJOYABLE Egypt: Coptic Priest Forced To Flee Church After 500 Islamists Attack… (Wz)

~ LOVELY LIBYA: Women covering themselves up to play football isn’t good enough for Islamists. They don’t want to see women in public at all … (

US DHS Joins Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law in the US

~ DAS AUTO-B-Q = Germany: Muslims Riot In Hamburg, Police Blame.. the Muslims who actually burnt the vehicles Failed Immigration Policies … (midnightwatcher)

3,w=650,c=0.bildO, The Infidel Tiny Cars!

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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