Steynian 482rd

“The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty. They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau. What an alluring utopia! What a noble cause to fight!”

~ Ludwig von Mises ~
(1881-1973) Economist and social philosopher

Do Some Good


~ AMERICAN PASTOR Saeed: 300 Illegal Days in an Iranian Prison … (

Binks Will Now Tell You So™

~ ITEM: No Representation Without Capitulation: Prepare for your second class citizenship

~ ITEM: CURTIS BOWERS GETS IT– January 2008, Communist agenda makes its way to our mainstream.

Curtis Bowers of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

~ ITEM: The Threat of Radical Christianity

~ ITEM: The Naked Communist–[.pdf format].. where they openly told us what would come next over the next 60 years.

~ LET ME CLEAR: Obama– and all the other radicals like him around the world and in Western nations want some basic things. They won’t come out and say so, but here it is: the list (and note, a lot of the alleged “Left” and Right” both support many of these goals). Remember: there is no idea so evil, crazy, destructive, and wrong-headed that somebody some where won’t back it to the hilt.

Fun With Crazy Schemes

  1. A Disarmed Populace.
  2. A legally unfree populace.
  3. Side-lining and abolition of any non-compliant serious organized religions.
  4. No free press, free speech, freedom of association, freedom of conscience.
  5. Deconstruction of the nuclear & extended family structure.
  6. Complete government control of the economy.
  7. A large dependent-class in each nanny-state society.
  8. Expropriatory taxation-levels, fees, energy costs, food costs, leading to the impoverishment of the middle class.
  9. Various levels of liberty, freedom, & citizenship. No equality before the law.
  10. Abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, cloning, hybrids.
  11. The destruction & effective legal abolition of marriage, and encouragement of sexual extremity, pornography, desensitization to polygamy, incest, and pedophilia.
  12. The destruction of the nation-state, absorbed into a global government.
  13. Government-controlled births.. one-child policies or worse.
  14. An “education system” that creates uninformed people, subject to propaganda.
  15. A small world population, kept around 500 million – 1 billion.
  16. The effective erasing of all legal principle, constitution, government, precedent, or set of laws opposed to their plans.
  17. Total surveillance of all activity: digital, financial, personal.
  18. The environmental & other “crisis” movements like Agenda 21 used to forward all these various projects.

Read It & Weep

There. I told you. None of this is inevitable, only hoped-for, planned, and partially in effect. It is deliberate, and part of a scheme for global governance, down to the microscopic & individual level. Nor will a lot of it work real-world, but reality never stopped a utopian, or a tyrant.

The 20th century is a bloody boneyard of failed radical experiments on people & nations. Most of our families in Europe and North America can name dead, hurt, or changed lives because of those experiments.

But Wait: There’s Hope

More particularly, the scary radicals discount what they don’t think is important– individual freedom & action, and the Providence of God acting in and through all things. This is their blind-spot.

In tems of history, Hitler’s war-plans were perfect, and very very nearly worked. By lying and concealment, he rebuilt German military might over 6 years to a point where it was the strongest force on the planent, with some of the best equipment & tactics, and all of it rlatively new, unlike British and French materiel. Two more eyars, and he woudl have been able to win.. had he been able to resist the “Just One More” bully-diplomacy which he thought would be unresisted even with the rape of Poland.

But that’s not how it worked out: and a lot of it is very much the operation of divine Providence, (called coincidence, luck, happenstance by skeptics), despite the folly of the West, the sins of the Allies, and the lies and concealments and mistakes of allied leadership– and the collaboration of so many, including American big industry and banks. For God rules, through, despite, and overagainst our sins, follies, ignorances, negligences, and master-plans.

Pray, people of faith: pray that our deserved doom is averted; that the radicals fall into the traps they have set for us all; that their scemes come only to good, not to evil. Prayer is one of the only things standing betweeen us and a hellish utopia on earth, a new dark age, made more terrible by the lights of perverted science– as old Winston warned us almost 75 years ago.

Finally, & In Conclusion

There, I Told You So. That’s right: no more Mr. Nice Guy. This Is War. No surrender, no compromise: I’m here to kick ass, and take names, until I am silenced by force or death.

“They’ll Have To Kill Us All!” ~ Mark Steyn. ~

That’s What She Said!

david-cameron-puppy2But The Dave™ Loves Puppies!

~ ITEM: The internet and pornography: Prime Minister calls for action

Saith The Hilary:

“Before we start getting all bandwagony about the Cameron announcement of porn-blockers on British computers, we should be careful to remember what kind of man he has proven himself to be, and how good he has been at duping conservatives by telling them what they want to hear.

He made all manner of pleasant noises about “protecting the family” before bringing the gay marriage bill in. And when he did, he defended it by invoking conservative family values.

And with this, it seems he’s getting even better at selling people their own enslavement. The one thing to remember about him, and about his entire political culture, is that they are interested in one thing only: increasing the power of the state over individual citizens. Everything he’s done so far, no matter what he’s used to sell it to the public, has increased the power of the state. Never forget it.”


Sigh. Just Can’t Be Bothered?


~ ITEM: MARK STEYN: Hedonistic benefits, low birth rates—Europe needs protection from itself; and The Graffiti On the Wall

~ IT IS A STRANGE question to ask– “Do you want to live?”

“Of course”, it is assumed we would answer– which leads to the other question “Live.. for what?”

Every time we look in the mirror, there is “our face”– an amalgam of various relatives known and unknown all the way back to forever, plus our own unique take in genetic combination. Countless generations, embodied– their individual stories and loves and labours and sorrows and joys all but lost– except for glimpses of the last two or three generations, known as great-grandfathers, grand-mother, father, self… lip, eye, smile, muscles, walk, laugh, habits of mind and soul.. hints of what was in what is, and may be.

Do you want to live?

“Do you want to live?.. for what?” For living itself is to have received the gift of life, and by implication, to be willing to pass on that gift to others yet unborn, as we were ourselves willed into being– by God, via our mother and father, co-creators of life.

“Do you want to live?”

Increasingly, the answer to that in the Western world– the creators and heirs of European societies– is “no”. It’s not enough to say that we will live to and for ourselves, to our pleasures and interests and societal forms alone. It is not enough to serve the despair or tyranny of heaven on earth. It is not enough never to wonder if and for what we want to live.

Human Pesticide, & More

By pill, late marriage, convenient abortion, serial monogamy, women marrying the state and career, disconnection from nature and physical work, we have prevented, murdered, and slain large parts of the last two generations. In a horrible logic, we deny those future others– sometimes our own flesh and line– the freedom and future and living we ourselves clutch to our bosom as if all the world– past to present, to hell with the future– is all about us.

Ennui.. shrugs.. can’t be bothered, and Nanny-State will cuddle us in a perpetual babyhood, so we never have to grow up, assume our duties and responsibilities, and understand the unpopular truth (for truth is never popular) that It Really Isn’t All About Meeee and that we have a duty to the past and future, to neighbour and God. As we live ever more on the shadows and fumes of faith and wisdom, having wasted or cast off so much that was handed on to us to hand on to the next ones– it is growing increasingly clear that we cannot live on memories of bread alone.

Ready.. Aim..

It’s like a firing-squad line-up– that most archetypal image of the 20th century– except that before the guns stand our ancestors, we ourselves, and our might-have-been descendants.

This is a kind of madness. Each child is a sign of hope– but we would kill hope. Each of us is the result of countless choices, circumstances, problems overcome, lives lived– yet we would snuff out that living line all the way back billions of years to the first life, and God’s own life-giving breath. Some people work and advocate for at-risk species– but not for Homo Sapiens, and their line thereof.

There are some very basic matters coming to a head all around us, as the smaller Western generation of children and youth come to maturity in a world which– morally and spiritually– is a veritable Detroit of selfishness, despair, death, and false answers.

Do we want to live? For what? ~

Telling Of Stories


~ ITEM: David Warren: Come the revolution

~ ITEM: True conservatives have a bank of clinical experience extracted from history and tradition, culture and faith, and a realistic assessment of human nature

~ ITEM: JESUS ‘DECLARED HE’S GOD OF OLD TESTAMENT’– Author: Christ’s divinity clearly revealed in original Aramaic

~ ITEM: The Word of Promise is an audio Bible, dramatized by an all-star cast of actors, including Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Richard Dreyfus as Moses, Gary Sinise as David, Jason Alexander as Joseph, Marisa Tomei, Louis Gossett Jr., and over 600 actors contributing to this timeless work

~ STORIES & THE STORY-TELLER are an essential component of human life & thought, since the beginning of speech. The best stories tell the hard-won truth of things; the worst deceive and confuse and set into motion terrible things.

One story-teller we are all much afflicted with these days is Karl Marx. Not the giant carved in stone inflato-Marx of the Communists, but the real guy– shown fairly clearly in the recent book [ Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life, by Jonathan Sperber ]. He told a story that has become the guiding message of many of our rulers and teachers and people who should know better, but who like the form, content, and moral distance that Marx’s story gives them.

Keep It Simple

Marx told a simple story, of oppressors and oppressed; of greedy owners and poor and semi-enslaved workers; of power and society gone mad because of machines. His solution for all the ills of humanity (at least the European ones) was a kind of communal ownership, where the workers would be co-owners of the industries, and so benefit from their labour, and al lthe rich blessings of the industrial revolution (which began in Britain) would flow to the owners, who would be the workers. So simple!

As it happened, the drop in cost of goods, rise in wages, and working out of the ugly side of the Industrial Revolution happened by fits and starts anyway, so that all of Britian became more prosperous, healthy, and people were able to rise socially given the opportunity, luck, and work. But Marx told his story– looking backwards to other story-tellers who sought equality, freedom, upward mobility, and a change in class-ridden societies.. such as Voltaire and others responsible for the French Revolution.

A Horrible Mind-Plague

The problem is, that once set free, Marx’s theories infected whole groups of radical-minded people who imagined it was within human power to make a perfect society, by revolution, violence, whatever means it took. Even though it led to horrible blood-letting, state oppression, and evil on a scale unimaginable to previous generations. Solzhenitsyn wrote of the evil of the Soviet Union in detail, telling the stories he felt compelled to remember and pass on for all the dead, the slain, the forgotten and imprisoned and tortured Russians.. writers, clergy, professors, poets, political dissidents, people in the wrong place at the wrong time, people scooped up by the state police to fill the monthly quota.

Thing is, Marx’s story infected the West, too– especially the political, professoriate, and radical classes. Why? because it’s super-simple– us vs. them, oppressed vs. oppressor; if you’re on the side of the oppressed, you have the one-size-fits-all story that explains everything, and the OTHER people are the bad guys. You don’t need to worry if you’re supporting lies, nonsense, or oppression, envy, and the worst aspects of the human heart, in pursuit of an impossible utopia– you’re right, no matter what.

Marx Is Dead, But..

The current American administration– and the Canadian political class– is full of people who believe Old Marx’s story, whether or not they are officially “Communists” or not. Once you understand the power of a bad story, and how it allows you to always be right, and to do whatever you want to the bad people and for the almost-there utopia, it all makes a terrible kind of sense. Obama, Trudeau, Holder, Mulcair, Napolitano, Rebick, countless professors, clergy, social scientists, feminists, educators, same-sex activists, people of good will but mistaken understanding, are all beavering away to overthrow the oppression, and undermine society as it is, for the paradise– variously conceived– that is almost here, within our reach.

In a real sense, Marx’s story is a religious one, and a substitute religion for secular-minded folks. Stories have a great and terrible power, for good or evil. Our societal conflicts are, in part, the warring between utopias, with religious faith left out in the cold.

The Good Stories

That’s why it’s so important for parents, teachers, professors and story-tellers need to tell good stories, while understanding the evil ones. The good stories model truth, goodness, beauty, courage, moral action, and all the rest. They are profoundly true, even if they are not factual. There are not hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs, and the rest of Tolkien’s legendarium– and yet, there is more health, truth, wisdom, modelling of good and evil, a deep seeing into Truth itself than in all of the story of Marx. Likewise, the Illiad & Odyssey are treasure-stores of the Greeks pondering the gods, humanity, war, courage, society, glory, hubris, humility, and so much more.

The story that shaped and still influences our Civilization is the greatest Story, which claims that the Author himself stepped into his story, walking, talking, doing miracles, and bringing divine love into the human neighbourhood. By friendship with the Author, we partake of his own kind of life, and step into a greater, unending story. Marx is counterfeit, a poor shadow of how the Author sets the captives free, enriches all men, and transforms ordinary life into a pilgrimage to that heavenly city, a new kind of life lived out by loving your neighbour and the God.

As David Warren writes:

“Not slogans, but prayers, will advance liberation. Here, to my mind, is the most radical political agenda that was ever enunciated in Planet Earth:

Pater noster, qui es in caelis: / sanctificetur Nomen Tuum; / adveniat Regnum Tuum; / fiat voluntas Tua, / sicut in caelo, et in terra. / Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie; / et dimitte nobis debita nostra, / sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris; / et ne nos inducas in tentationem; / sed libera nos a Malo.

Before those carefully qualified words, & in the blood of our own martyrs, the demonic power of the Roman State melted away, & its very gauleiters were converted.”

So may it be. ~


Him Brain Real Good

Prof. Anthony Esolen speaks about Western Civilization to the Mass Citizens for Life Conference.

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~ THE HORRIBLE ROSEN COHEN— Politics made simple!; “White folks ain’t killin’ us. We are killing each other.”; You will never, ever extinguish the flame of Judaism. Not ever.; “As long as Democrat men support a certain set of laws, they can do whatever they want, at home, in their offices, wherever, to whomever they want.”; Certainly would not surprise me in the slightest; Behold: American “royalty” and their gold-plated toilets; Have I mentioned lately that Pakistan is a craptacular country?; It is Weiner Wednesday at my blog; “What I saw were not one, not two, but three mayonnaise enemas“; Three of the most succinct paragraphs thus far written on Detroit(

Simon Tolkien: “I don’t think JRR would have enjoyed watching the films”

~ BOGPAPER,UK— The Government cocks up banking reform… again; Marx On Monday: Sexism!; The once-mighty PC is going the way of the abacus; Delingpole on Friday: Politics is the art of the possible. Says who?; “The BBC have just gone bananas over this and seem to be joining those who are making Mandela out to be a Christ-like figure.” … (

~ REBEKAH BELL: It’s Possible to Graduate Debt-Free. Here’s How: Scout out scholarships, take courses online, use your skills to make money and get a summer job … (

~ ERATOSTHENES— Filner, Weiner and the Fresh Prince; Nancy Pelosi: Creep Enabler; Big Government: What Does it Take for America to Wake Up?; Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people?; The End of Asperger’s on TV; Professor Backs Statement That God is Racist; Fire Created and Stoked by the Left, by Dennis Prager; How Goes Detroit? Twenty-Five Disturbing Facts; Ginormous Essay– “Hoping that something bad doesn’t happen to you, isn’t hope. It’s fear. Nothing more, nothing less” … (

~ EVERY BREATH You Take– The age of all-seeing, all-knowing information analytics is nearly upon us … (

~ CANADA FREE PRESS— Are you growing tired of the continuing distractions created by the Obama-Holder regime; Once a Weiner, Always a Weiner; Does Europe Need Monarchs?; ‘Carlos’ not in any danger in celeb-crazed world; Obama’s economic speech full of nothing in 3 minutes; UN Honors Warmonger, Bookburner, Mass-Murderer (Che Guevara)(cfp)

~ CHINA CRASHING NOW— “Many have asked when China would find itself in an economic crisis, to which we have answered that China has been there for awhile” … (

~ THIS CALIFORNIA CITY Just Slapped The LGBT Community In The Face … (


~ GAGDAD BOB— Bob’s Famous “I Have a Reality” Speech; To paraphrase Voegelin, no one — at least in the west — is obligated to participate in the aberrations, disorders, deformities, and perversions of his day; If there is heaven, there is hell; Resurrection, Mind Parasites, and Transporter Errors; Communists, progressives, and Nazis all know the purpose of history. Thus, if you have other ideas, you’re just in the way of the future(OC)


~ LIBERALS ARE NOT STUPID nor are they evil. They consciously deny their hypocrisy, cruelty, and irrationality by arguing that it’s all for the greater good. However, you can’t lie to your brain … (daisyroisin)

~ TOLERANCE-BULLIES: gay marriage supporter Will Smith is a total homophobe.. for not kissing a dude … (

~ DELINGPOLE— Notes on…Normandy … (spectator)



~ SPOKES-WEASEL— Carney Calls IRS, Benghazi, AP, NSA Scandals “Phony” And “Pretend,” Says Obama Not Focused On Them … (weaselzippers)

~ RUSTY RENO— Small Steps Toward a Healthier Relationship with the Republican Party … (


~ ALL SHALL WORSHIP Anthony Kennedy… Chief Justice of the Culture Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good. Such a culture will end in tyranny, as all tired democracies do … (markshea)

~ HE GETS IT— January 2008, Communist agenda makes its way to our mainstream … (

Curtis Bowers of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

~ NOTHING TO SEE HERE!– US And Russia Simultaneously Announce Intent To Arm Opposing Sides In Syria … (

~ GATEWAY PUNDIT— Anti-Gun Group Calls On NRA to Remove Ted Nugent From Board After ‘Racist’ Trayvon Comments; Chicago Teachers Union Officials Travel to Honduras to Discuss “Revolution” With Former Tyrant; Mayor Emanuel criticized the Guardian Angels for patrolling The Magnificent Mile; Obama to Hire Thousands of Community Organizers at $20-$48 Per Hour to Help With Obamacare Enrollment; Don’t lock your car doors – That’s racist; Has Missouri Senator Roy Blunt Gone Wobbly on Obamacare?; Trayvon Martin supporters threatened to murder retired pastor George ‘Zimmermann’; Far Left Activists Greet Pope Francis in Brazil With SlutWalk & Kiss-In Protests(

~ SEXIFIED OBAMA: enforcer of the sexual revolution … (

~ A MEMO TO PRESIDENT TRAYVON: Your Violent Criminal Son Wasn’t Just Minding His Own Business; Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot to Distract from IRS, NSA, DOJ and Benghazi Scandals(


~ DOUG ROSS— Larwyn’s Linx: Mark Levin: John Boehner Cut a Deal With Obama on Benghazi; Bill Whittle Obliterates a Typical Leftist Crackpot; Obama Will Veto Defense Appropriations Bill Unless Health Premiums for Vets are Hiked; Who’s up for giving free cell phones to illegals?; A Plan for Dealing With John Boehner; Larwyn’s Linx: Special Operations group unrolls 60-foot Benghazi petition in front of Capitol; Americans Say “Hell No” to a Federal Bailout of Detroit; I would have dropped everything to be there; “Anthony Weiner Is A Sexual Predator Luring His Victims” … (

~ HOOCOODANODE— D.C.-based race hustlers: Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys … (

~ COLUMN: Robson – Trayvon Martin worship off the mark … (


~ ACTOR JAMES WOODS FIRES OFF SOME HARD HITTING TWEETS TO OBAMA– President Barack Obama’s unannounced racial profiling address Friday prompted the multiple-Emmy winning actor let loose a series of humorous and uncomplimentary tweets(, Tweeter)

~ DEAR PRESIDENT Obama, please leave Africa out of you intolerant world of redefined marriage … (

~ ED DRISCOLL— “Obamacare is a 19th-century answer to a 21st-century question”; ‘Detroit: A City on the Move’… into the Abyss; What ideas — or at least, what new ideas — does Mr. Obama and his team of advisors have?; Peter Robinson Interviews Tom Wolfe, Documentarian of the New Antiquity; Person in Cubicle Behind Weiner Press Conference Identified; “Car Rescues: Zimmerman 1, Kennedy 0”; “Man-made extinctions have even happened before. I guess we hunted the dildo into extinction.”; World War II Clearly Needed Better Writers(

~ KEEP PROTESTING! US delays delivery of F-16 jets to Egypt after general’s call for mass protests(aclj, guardian)

~ TAXPAYERS spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year, perks questioned in new book … (

~ SUPREME COURT Justice–Elena Kagan–is Pro Sharia Law! … (

~ 2500-3000 SLAIN BY OBAMA-DRONES? — The CIA is lying to the American people and the world about drone attacks in Pakistan. A leaked document identified as a report from the Pakistani government indicates that the robotic warplanes have killed more people than the U.S. government has claimed … (

~ PERHAPS THE policies of the Obama regime represent the logical outgrowth of a mutant form of Christianity … (


~ THE GESTAPO & STASI Taught Germans a Hard Lesson that we Americans are about to learn; We have good cause to abhor the surveillance state(markshea, westernrifleshooters)


~ ENSLAVING TSA: ‘PreCheck! — Give Us Your Fingerprints, Web History and You Can Keep Your Shoes On … (

~ WARNS GOP: The ObamaCare database is going to be a “honey pot” for identity thieves, fraud … (

~ VERY SCARY NEWS— Barack Hussein Obama had served 14-State Governors in the United States, National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that the Governor’s actions in attempting to form “State Defense Forces” needs to be halted “immediately” or they will face arrest for the crime of treason … (

~ OBAMA WHITE HOUSE resists move to curb NSA: Congress increasingly concerned about US spying … (


~ MYSTERY-SCARS on Obama’s head prompt another question from conspiracy theorists – has the President had brain surgery? … (dailymail)

Big Sis Resigns Amid Sex Scandal

~ LIBERTY SLIPPING: 10 Things You Could Do in 1975 That You Can’t Do Now … (

~ THE GIANT EYEBALL— How Obama Is Expanding the Century-Long Project to Build a Total Surveillance State … (

~ ACE OF SPADES— Wednesday Morning News Dump; Top Headline Comments 7-24-13; George Zimmerman: History’s Greatest Monste; Buzzfeed identifies Weiner’s accuser, who wanted to remain anonymous; Yes, We Knew Benghazi Wasn’t a “Protest Turned Violent” Right Away; Revealed as an Enormous Pile of Political Lies; Oh My: Leftwing Protester Displays Sign Sarcastically Saying “We’re Racist & Proud“; Anthony Weiner: I Am Carlos Danger; Detroit’s 60-Year Decline into Bankruptcy Hell; Kate Middleton Gives Birth to 8 Pounds, 6 Ounces of White Male Cis-Heteronormative Privilege(

~ VIDEO— Scarborough Slams Carney: ‘I’m Not Someone You Talk Down To From Your Podium’ … (

~ SHELBY STEELE: The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment … (

~ AMERICAN THINKER— The Post-racial President’s Profiling; A Plague on Two Political Houses; Legalized Prostitution: A Failed Experiment; Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for President; Does Europe Need Monarchs?; The Midnight Ride of Larry Grathwohl; Records of Christine O’Donnell tax snooping disappear(

~ IS THIS AMERICA? The family rescued by George Zimmerman after a rollover crash in Florida are terrified they will become targets for hate mobs who have made death threats to the neighborhood vigilante … (weaselzippers)

~ THE PENTAGON shows that Barack Obama missed his chance to tip the balance in Syria … (blogs.spectator)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— Obama Seeking to Take Credit and Set Course for Economy; This Just In; Making Thunderbirds: “The big line moved one mile an hour / So loud it really hurt“; George Zimmerman to the Rescue; I don’t know about you, but I’m outta here; Contemporary Classics, Compare and Contrast: A Whiter Shade Of Pale (1967-2006); “As the State swells, it ceases to perform any of its functions even marginally well.”; A brief excerpt taken from the OSS Psychological Profile of Hitler; DETROIT: Cause of death? Inoperable governmental cancer; Los Angeles 1965 & 1992: Is this what you have in mind, Mr. Holder?; Women Whose Tattoos Whisper Unto to All Men… “FLEE!”; Zimmerman was persecuted by the state for the purpose of making you think twice about helping your neighbour(

~ DETROIT’S COLLAPSE Reveals the Awful Dystopia that the United States Is Becoming. The Motor City’s problems — deindustrialization, robotification, long-term unemployment, racial division — are America’s problems … (

~ ON TRAYVON— Obama Strikes Out– The president wastes a precious opportunity to speak frankly about race … (

~ JONAH GOLDBERG: The real Helen Thomas.. “Everybody admires Helen, though nobody can tell you why.” … (

~ TRAGI-HILARIOUS: Real News brings Anthony Weiner sexting scandal to life with dramatic reading … (

~ IF “BUSH HATES BLACKS”, what does this mean? Ray Nagin: Former New Orleans Mayor Indicted for Bribery Over Missing Katrina Funds … (abcnews)


~ FEAR & DENIAL— “Our message — that what is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims — is also something many people do not want to believe. The implications are too heavy”; Why Talk About Islam? Shouldn’t We Talk Specifically About “Extremists?” … (CD)

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— IMAM WHO CALLED FOR JIHAD IN SYRIA ADMITTED TO UK.. Geller & Spencer still banned; Dutch court blocks extradition to US of Dutch-Pakistani terror suspect; Israeli General: “Before our very eyes, at our doorstep, a large-scale center of the global jihad is developing“; Child sees parents slain in Narathiwat Thailand; Jesus vs. Muhammad – scholarship vs. propaganda; American passport found at al Qaeda base in northern Syria; Congress has caved to Obama’s demand to arm the jihadists; Jihad in America. No film at 11 — in fact, I’d be surprised if you read about this story anywhere but here; Who edited alleged Boston Marathon jihad murderer’s social media page? … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EGYPT 2013— Millions call for a “modern civil society”—and Mohammed Morsi’s departure … (


~ COMING SOON: America’s own Islamic ‘no-go’ zones … (

~ BARE NEKKID ISLAM— Terrorist attack at Egyptian police station. Muslim Brotherhood revenge?; Only a Muslim could find a way to compare menstruation with polygamy; As if anyone in America cares about what it’s like to be a Muslim in post-9/11 U.S.; Thugs in Muslim-dominated Malmo put large rocks on highway.. Danish family seriously injured; APARTHEID 2013 ‘Blacks need not apply’; Muslims rank as most generous donor group in a British Survey…especially when it comes to funding terrorism; Non-Muslim students forced to eat their lunches in bathroom during Ramadan(

~ CHRISTIAN SUFFERING Under Jihadi Extremism … (

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Florida: Islamic bias found in high school history textbook; American passport found at al Qaeda base in northern Syria; celebrates “month of jihad”; Congress will ship arms to Syrian rebels despite overwhelming public disapproval; John Kerry To Host Ramadan Dinner in Ben Franklin Room; Iraqi Muslim who bombed Arizona Social Security building charged in separate murder; Muslim Immigration to U.S. is on the Rise; Virginia: Church becomes mosque for Ramadan, removes pews, hymns, priest(creepingsharia)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Egypt’s Legacy of Military Coups Confers “Freedom and Hope”?; Eva Cassidy: “How Can I Keep From Singing”; Qutb Fooled ‘Em?—Understanding Sayyid Qutb’s Mainstream Islamic Weltanschauung; Sharia Rapes Justice(AB)

~ ON THE RECORD— “Comparing women to beasts is not uncommon in Islam and traces back to Prophet Muhammad himself, who is recorded saying, “Women, dogs, and donkeys annul a man’s prayer” (Musnad Ibn Hanbal, vol. 2, p. 2992).” … (

~ JUST FYI, IT’S FINE to be a ‘new’ atheist.. so long as you don’t object to Islam … (FY)

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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