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John Derbyshire (close up)

“The drift of our own political culture seems to be confirming the Founders’ intuition that representative government can only work in a population possessed of some minimum level of virtue—thrift, restraint, industriousness, stoicism in the face of misfortune, willingness to defer gratification, and concern for the common good.”

~ John Derbyshire ~

Do Some Good

Sign the petition to save Pastor Saeed from torture for his faith in Iran, and write a letter to this courageous American pastor to show him he has not been forgotten.

That’s What They Say


~ WHOEVER THEY™ ARE, They say that it’s always bad to start off with an apology– so I didn’t– I started with this statement.

I must apologize for the recent & relative lack of braining with essays– I’ve been very busy with family stuff, life in general, and braining takes a lot more energy than I currently have. Thus, some essays are observational crap; others vaguer repeats of older essays, and only a few I’m glad to put online.

Derping The Derpy-Derp

For instance, this morning as I’m trying to blodge, I have no notions. None. Sometimes they come from links, books read, movies watched, pattern recognition & discernment of the reality behind the news or matters of the day, and eternity. Wait.. brain is coming online.. MOAR COFFEE!

While I’ve gone all meta-behind-the-Binks, I’d like to throw something out there about the majority of my work, that is, link-collectifying: (a) the shape & comments on each ARE a form of blogging, as is (b) the specific selection of blogs to be attended to, (c) find the interesting/ cool/ important stuff amidst the chaff. While some may regard this as a kind of vacuuming up stuff and throwing it online, not so much akshully. ~


Bringing The Funny

~ I’D THOUGHT HE was all used up, but Will Ferrell in Anchorman is still extremely funny. Laugh-out-loud.

Likewise laugh-making is the deliberately quirky B-movie “Nazis From The Moon” flick ‘Iron Skies. It’s no Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow, but close. Of course, they must have Sarah Palin as the war-mongering president, with lots of cheap shots at Dubya– but still.. it has some truly great FX, wonderfully corny lines and scenes, and is worth.. erm, I almost said ‘renting from BlockBuster’. ~

OK, So Here’s The Thing


Binks: Aiming to Misbehave?


~ I WAS A NASTY KID, betimes– tell me what not to do, and there I’d go like a shot. Kinda Calvin, minus the Hobbes.

I suppose I’m still there in a certain way– except applied to petty tyrants, injustice, illegal surveilling, sneaky utopians, nasty bishops, liars and people needing some uppance to come to them.

Now, it’s a little more doomed Scots/ Firefly/ Lord of The Rings thing. Fight for the right, even if it’s a long defeat. Better to be on a losing side than the wrong side. ~


Ye Most High Nerdlies


~ ITEM: Gates’ Big History Project Closes Young Minds to God

~ ITEM: The Materialist Superstition – The Imaginative Conservative

~ ITEM: List of Christian thinkers in science

~ ITEM: Billionaire Do-Goodery

~ I’M NOT MENSA-SMART, but almost– and so what, exactly? In his prime, Binks-Dad was the beyond-Mensa one. Still, I had my teen-time as one of the high nerdlies– played D&D, tinkered with tech, mocked at religion, was pretty sure that we Nerdlies were amazing, and the shape of genius to come.

Dawkins, MS-Gates, Hawking.. we seem up to our knees in clevers who preachify and pontificate on materialist themes, and the non-existence of God. Some, like Uber-Lefty Bill Gates and his wife, use their wealth to kill & prevent darkies from over-swarming the planet, and edumacating people to forget that there ever were people who believed in the benefits of science as one kind of knowing & doing, but who also understood philosophy, and also believed in God.

Power Over The Punies

Now, MS-messiah Gates is after the brains of schoolkids with a secularist curriculum which leaves no room for God, except as a quaint side-note to real learning. Writes Stephen Beale:

“History is, to paraphrase one of its practitioners, philosophy teaching by experience—by stories that are true, stories from which lessons are learned. History is thus the inherited wisdom of the ages. As an encounter with the great minds of the past, history, properly taught, can prepare a young mind for a lifetime in search of the truth. Big History, on the other hand, shrinks the horizon of experience, offering a truncated vision of the world that pushes God to the edge and diminishes humanity in the process.”

Me So Smarter!

The high Nerdlies who never actually intellectually grew up, or had faith, are amongst the most dangerous, because they think that if it doesn’t tickle their intellectual fancy, it’s all lies, and that the main work of the Nerdlies is to Leftify, and reshape humanity into some kind of secularized Nerdly mass with no access to the riches of the fullness of truth.

I suppose the Nerdlies will say that those past scientists and inventors who put faith at the center of their lives were good scientist, but stupid in that one irrelevant nerd-area of dumb old religiousity. Thing is, they also exist today– heretics against the High Nerdidoxy of Secular Materialism.

Christly Brainers

Past names are a veritable Who’s Whom of figuring stuff out, and being Christian– here’s a list of Roman Catholic cleric–scientists; and a list of Popish laypeople who loved science. In fact, there’s a reason why the Greco-Roman Judaeo-Christian world has seen so much science– because we believe in a knowable truth, a stable and intelligible God-given creation, and a coherent way of knowing and understanding, because the Word was not only incarnate, but is the principle of order and beauty and art in all things. Muslims? They mostly copied what the West had done, or the civilizations they’d conquered, or the thinkers in those societies– most of whom were non-Muslim.

Not So Smrt

nerd herd

This is why the narrow-focus of the Nerdlies is kinda sad, and rather “Been There, Duh That”– Socrates famously pointed out that an expert in one area of life does not automatically become an expert in everything; and that the height of wisdom is to know that you don’t know. A lot of the dangerous High Nerdlyism of the past and this new bloody century is precisely this, and a refusal to grant that Secular Materialism is an anti-supernaturalist faith– and not a very rational one, either.

Sadly, such folks– exalted into high-priestly “Experts” tend to recycle the bad and popular ideas of the past– hence, Bill Gates is beating the drum for fighting the disproven “Population Explosion”; Dawkins is re-fighting the Darwin Wars of the 1800s and early 20th century; Hawking is bright, but not as bright as Albert Einstein, who believed in a version God, whatever his extra-marital activities and pop-star status.

A Narrow Escape, By Crom!

I grew out of most of my Nerdliness– the obsession with minutiae, the joy of picking on others, the addiction to war-games as the centre of life, the cleverer-than-thou anti-religion; the digesting of Utopian and escapist fantasy and sci-fi; and God be thanked, I never got into dressing up in odd costumes except for Hallowe’en.

This kind of nerdy-geeky person may seem laughable, but given money, power, and opportunity, they are some of the most dangerous and potentially evil people around. Furthermore, we’ve had a ruinious century of evil inventions, government mass-murder, and a willingness to uses science and politics as a way of controlling the world and other people. Sadly– as noted in the comments– most universities and centres of education have been captured for the new anti-Religion.

Bits And Pieces

Part of the answer is fighting back against the Nerdlies; protesting the new Gates-funded curricula; and exposing the mass-preventing of imaginary population explosions. Truth will out, and God’s will shall be done– but how many more bodies must pile up? How much more violent cruelty masquerading as wisdom and the way of the future propaganda do we have to put up with?

For me, pondering the kinds of complete-knowledge seen on so many of the sites on the interwebs like The Imaginative Conservative is a start. Remembering history is another– and that includes insisting that school curricula include history from Grade 7 onwards, unlike today. Otherwise, how will people even have the basic ideas and facts to understand the two great truths of our dictatorial times? That those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it; and that those who rewrite history fully intend to try and repeat it? ~

A Big Boooooom


~ ITEM: Mark Steyn– ‘Ontario in the 21st century: a land where cops bully rabbis

~ ITEM: Christ’s name banned from memorial— Canadians have allowed politicians to deny this is a Christian country; Clergy protest ban on Jesus in Swissair prayers

~ ITEM: The Rabbi Who Caved to “Diversity” Enforcer “Little” Ricky Veerappan Clarifies His, Um, Capitulation

~ ITEM: Mark The Date: JDL Canada Presents Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer Tuesday Sept. 17th 7:30 PM

~ I HEARD IT— the earth-trembling booom as Swissair 111 hit the Atlantic two parishes over, just off the coast, at 500 kmh into the ocean. What the–?

At first, I thought a propane tank had gone off in town. I ran over to the Fire Hall, just as the siren went off summoning the volunteer firemen to their duty. Off they raced, unsure of where the plane had landed– inshore, offshore? They were first on scene, driving around looking, trying to do what they could, hoping for survivors, hoping against hope that the plane had not crashed into the ocean. I worked the cell-phone, calling all the local pastors and regional Anglican clergy, warning them we had a big disaster at hand.

Lifting It Up In Prayer

A few days later, we held a community remembrance service (packed, U.S., national, and local media, MP, other bigses), and the other clergy– busy on site helping the communities, the military clean-up crews, the family members of the killed flying in from all over the world– served as the invisible glue tying everything together for months.

Eventually there was a giant outdoor Official Service, with the Prime Minister, Premier, politicos, family of the crash-victims, and a variety of clergy– Micmac spiritual representative, rabbi, Muslim Imam, Anglican, Catholic, United Church. So far, so good.

Shut Up, They Explained

However, before the event, word came down from the Prime Minister’s Protocol Office (PM Jean Chretien) that all Christian clergy were not permitted to pray in the name of “Jesus Christ” or mention the word “Cross”. All of them– I’m very very sad to say– complied with this illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and anti-Christian demand. The rabbi and a United Church clergywoman and one Anglican cleric complained afterwards.

What One Journalist Said

“What’s most troubling is the protocol office issued a ban on Christianity despite the fact that a Native Canadian spoke of her people’s beliefs, a Rabbi read from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Muslim representative read from the Koran.”

Yeah, one of those “All you infidels are going to hell” passages from the Koran, if I recall correctly.

No Binky Required

I was not invited, as being less directly involved. If invited, I would not have allowed any representative of Caesar to silence me– as a man, as a Christian, as a member of the ordained clergy, as a representative of a Canadian and international church. No way, ever, ever, ever. Too bad, so sad: it is a first-principles thing– Jesus Is Lord.

Yes, I’m one of those crazy guys who would stand against such political bullying– I hope and pray– even unto death. The PM could have hate on me as much as he might wish– I would have been there in the name of God, the name of the victims & family, and the name of Jesus Christ and his saving Cross. Caesar is under God too; he has judgment to face, and we out to please God, not worldly power and anti-Christian political correctness.

Run Rabbi, Run Run Run

So that wussy Rabbi who let Ontario police officials & diversity busybodies tell him what he could or couldn’t do in renting his facility for Pamela Geller to talk– and then to snap at Mark Steyn for pointing it out? I got one word– Maccabees. And another word: Masada. And how about the Hebrew Ten Commandments? “Thou shalt have none other gods before me.”

Courage to stand against unjust dictates, evil demands? A very very basic freedom, which giving up, we pit chains on our own words and deeds, and become slaves unto Caesar, acting in the place of God.

It is a first freedom; the foundation of all other rights & freedoms & of civilization itself. You just don’t surrender it, without that you also surrender your life defending it, for yourself, others, and the freedom of the West.

Stand tall, rebbe– now and in the future. ~

Mark Is Not Binks


~ JUST TO BE CLEAR, I’m not Mark Steyn.

This is a blog started to collect the news about the free-speech wars involving Mark Styen & Ezra Levant in 2009 and onwards. I’m a different guy altogether, not Mark slumming here online, or on FaceBook, under the name Binks Webelf.

Perhaps he might want to be me– though I doubt that– but sorry, Mark: There Can Only Be One. ~

Better Edumacationed

smarter than u
Him Smarter Than You?

~ ITEM: No, You’re Probably Not Smarter Than a 1912-Era 8th Grader; take a look

~ SOMETHING ARE WRONG with our school-systems: both in the content & message, and in the results. More than ever, the over-emPHAsis on science & math (as if it were the 1960s) means that history, english, languages, and other sectors of learning are sidelined.

Despite the Smithsonian’s pooh-poohing the obvious, the 1912 exams were tough, wide-ranging, and showed high expectations for all students– I recall looking at a similar textbook from that era– owned by a centenarian relative– and noted exactly the same thing. I’m also guessing that the cost-per-student was lower, the self-esteem-boosting and socialism less evident, and thus, someone who left school early had a better-than high-school level of education, 1912 compared to 2013.

What if we were to combine 1912 content with the very best of 2013 teaching? Might we not transform education as we know it? Or would the extended baby-sitting/ dumbing down paradigm and the backers of same crush anything that made kids to brain gooder more faster? ~

Tiny Cool House-Thingies


~ ITEM: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Jay’s Tiny House Tour – YouTube

~ I DUNNO WHY, but some part of me wants to have one of these tiny little home-like things, or Jay Shafer’s Tiny Homes. The only enviro-evil I’d need is some kind of small air-conditioner.

A monk-thing? Going hermit? Getting away from it all, even if away is 30-ish feet? The current Binky-domicile will be hugemungous once the Binklings take flight.. mind you, the She-Binks said she’d not last long together in a tiny home (we’re somewhat plus-sized).. we’d need two, with a connecting walkway.

Whist we’re dreaming, I’d like solar panels, and a crazy-cool giant basement under mine, twice as large as the house– properly ventilated and dry, but hidden from the world above.. plus, make some Lord of the Rings elfy-hobbity decorating details, or summat. Dear heaven, I think my inner hippy just wandered out. Or my inner monk. I could monk, I think. As long as there were lots of mind-your-business times, and not too much blah-blah. ~


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Bedroom tax protest

~ IDIOTOCRACY— “In March this year, grandmother Stephanie Bottrill committed suicide, after telling neighbours that she couldn’t afford to live any more. She could not afford the cost of living in her house, a home she had lived in for 18 years, because a government of millionaires decided she had too many ‘spare’ bedrooms” … (futiledemocracy)

wpid-wpid-599x391WW2 Veteran Warna was killed just a few weeks shy off his 96th birthday

~ PHANTOM SOAPBOX— Squares are the new rebels. Saddle up; DEA busted with NSA data; Mammoths may yet roam the plains; Militarized cops are cowards(


“Time to unplug yourself while conducting important business is NOW. No more email, Facebook, Twitter to the mistress, no more leaving the battery in your cellphone while visiting anyplace you don’t want Big Brother and all his friends to know you went. No more credit cards or cellphone transactions once you get there. This may not be only for clandestine visits to the local strip club, but may include visits to the mall, the supermarket and McDonalds.”

~ Phantom Soapbox ~

~ MYSTERIOUS PRIEST performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash … (connecttristates)


~ EVIL MCJ OF EVIL— I don’t see what exactly can be done about Bob; Tawana Brawley is finally paying for her lies; Why is mainline Protestantism withering on the vine? Because as Gertrude Stein once said about Oakland, California, there is no “there” there; Everybody laugh and point at Lauren Rankin who is a feminist activist, a freelance writer, and a graduate student in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University; Hmmm. Seems that the See of Canterbury now has its first recorded charismatic; I actually don’t think that the Church of England would mind losing this case; The city council of San Antonio, Texas proposes a make-work program for Texas lawyers; I was part of a business that is, whether it understands it or not and chances are that it doesn’t even remotely grasp this undeniable fact, undergoing something of a revolution; How about you arrange it so that I can actually afford to buy whatever it is that you think should constitute my meals?; What language do you think they speak in Peru, dumbass? Polynesian? Afrikaans? Hittite? Klingon?; I suppose women can experience this fundamental law of the universe and probably have now and then; Heads up. Anglicanism’s senile grandfather is saying stuff again(


~ GOOGLE GLASS Ban Underscores Privacy Concerns Months Before Futuristic Specs Are Even Released … (huffpo)

~ THE BRITISH NAVY STILL HAS SHIPS? British navy warships to visit Gibraltar amid diplomatic row – Telegraph … (telegraph)

~ PRINCE ARTHUR HERALD— Expect the Conservatives to flop on cannabis; Guns and Hollywood: A Horrifyingly Cool Mix; Google Glass: an attempt to overcome our resistance to mobile ads(princearthurherald)

~ BOOK OF FACES is monkeying around with Teh News.. more.. still.. again.. and that’s on top of banning Conservative/ pro-gun rights/ anti-Obama FB pages, dropping such pages off FB news-lists; ”One of the biggest hurdles in non-monogamy — probably the hurdle — is jealousy.”; Someone once asked me why Canada doesn’t have orphanages anymore. I answered, “because we have abortion”; A difference of opinion; Celebrating & glorying in wickedness(

HARMLESS ‘Robin Hoods’ who feed parking meters are hit with lawsuit in New Hampshire … (usnews.nbcnews)

XANTHIPPA— “I’ll tell you in a minute. First, give me back my dog.” … (xanthippa)

A FEW PAST MISTAKES— “Administrators at a private university in Illinois are standing by a psychology professor, despite his own admission that he shot and killed his father, mother and teenage sister in 1967” … (wnd)

~ PUNDITA— Alexander the Dark Lord, Edward the Light Bringer, Julian the Clever, Greenwald the Magnificent, Putin the Merciful Troll; Roses for the Russian people, brickbats for the usual suspects; You didn’t actually think Obama would let Greenwald testify to Congress about NSA, did you?; In answer Mr Carney removed his eyeglasses and glared at her(

~ IT HAS TO BE SAID— The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary; sign up today! … (, facebook)


Supreme Intergalactic Emperor Obama™

~ JUST MAKING STUFF UP? Broad U.S. terror alert mystifies experts; ‘It’s crazy pants,’ one says … (

~ A RETIRED 4-STAR admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack-and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election! … (


~ SCANDAL TRIFECTA— What happened to SEAL Team Six? The most serious scandal of all; The unexplained ambush of Navy SEAL Team Six(

~ BRENDA J. ELLIOTT — New Post: Commies unhappy with President Flexibility’s ‘Cold War thinking’ … (

~ OBAMA GIVES MUSLIM NATION NATION $195,000,000 FOR MUSLIM HOLIDAY EID AL-FITR?! Does that mean he’ll be giving the alarming number of CHRISTIANS who are being persecuted by Muslims in countries like Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan hundreds of millions of US dollars via the American taxpayer for CHRISTMAS this year? … (

~ SOME ODD NEWS— Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana opt out of Obamacare exchanges … (winteryknight)

~ AMERICA’S GREATEST CITIES DISINTEGRATING— New report documents shocking transformation and names those responsible … (wnd)

~ THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE: NOT WHETHER, BUT WHEN– Thanks to the dismal Obama administration, Uncle Sam is bankrupt … (wnd)

~ OBAMA VACAY CRIB Owned By Corporate Raider – Same Thing Obama Slammed Romney For Being … (


~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Supreme Emperor Mr. President Edition … (

~ PRINCIPLED Colorado Christian University Renews Lawsuit Against Obamacare HHS Mandate … (lifenews)

~ LORD MONCKTON— Lord Monckton has evidence Secretary Lew is cooking debt-limit books. “If one accuses the government of fraud, one sounds like a wild-eyed, part-shaven, pointy-headed, scraggly-bearded, woolly-pullied, foaming-at-the-mouth extremist. So be it, then.” … (wnd)

~ DANGEROUS MACHINES— 6 Apocalyptic Technologies That Most People Have Not Even Heard About Yet … (prophecynewswatch)


~ KNOW THE TRUTH? SPEAK UP— Exclusive: Joseph Farah calls on Benghazi CIA agents to be heroes, not mice … (

~ BOMBSHELL REPORT: Valerie Jarrett Gave the Orders on 9/11/2012 and Blocked Rescue in Benghazi … (

~ ABC, CBS & NBC Overlook Obama’s Gaffe-tastic Performance on Leno; plus, Obama to Leno: Opposing same-sex marriage ‘violates basic morality’ … (newsbusters)


~ A CAUSTIC LIGHT on White House’s Reaction to a Terrorist Threat … (nytimes)

~ THE BLOGMOCRATS— Nanny Bloomberg: New York City might be the next Detroit; The Headline should read: 3 Black Men Beat A White Man To Death For His Phone and Wallet; Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the film maker of “The Innocence of Muslims” speaks to Charles Johnson; The Very Terrible Consequences Of Your Children Being Declared State Property; Japan Launches Largest Warship since WWII(

~ IF YOU COULD BE ANYBODY— “While there are a number of historical/slash cultural figures I’d enjoy being, I’m going to take one for the team. I’d want to be Barack Hussein Obama for about 6 months to a year or so. My mind and soul in his body” … (

~ OFF-PROMPTER Obama Tells Leno “We Don’t Have A Domestic Spying Program” … (usatoday)


~ POLICE = BULLIES? A man was arrested Monday afternoon after police allegedly found a knife in his vehicle … (bangordailynews)

~ DAVID LIMBAUGH ON Obama’s Perverse Notion of Fairness … (rightwingnews)

~ JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO— America’s Soviet-style police state … (wnd)


Michael Hastings Crash Caught On Surveillance Camera

~ SHHHH– IT’S A SECRET! Feds Visited Michael Hastings’ House Day Before His Death … (

~ FREE AT LAST? Did Obama spring Saudi murderer? … (

~ REMEMBER: So, the threat from al-Qaeda is so great that Americans have to give up all their civil liberties, while at the same time, al-Qaeda is being subsidized by the U.S. government … (


DEPRESSION 2013: 97% Of Obama Era Jobs Are Only Part Time … (theulstermanreport)

~ JUST MAKING STUFF UP! Big Sister Michelle Obama takes credit for decline in childhood obesity… that began a decade ago in 2003 … (

~ POWERLINE— The extended pause in global warming over the last decade and a half has caused the climate campaign to become increasingly frantic; Why does President Obama stick so close to his teleprompter? Because when he tries to ad lib, the results are often embarrassing; How Bad Is the Ammo Shortage? This Bad; On November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Hasan murdered 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood and wounded more than 30 others; The current terror warning that has seen the U.S. close most of its embassies in the Middle East–based on “chatter”– is peculiar, if not worse(

Palin On FOX: I Was Forbidden From Telling Truth About Obama In 2008

~ DRIP, DRIP, DRIP— Hillary Rodham Clinton is the likely leaker of classified state secrets to Washington New York Times chief correspondent David Sanger … (freedomwatchusa)

~ THE ULSTERMAN— “I bear witness that there is none worthy of being worshipped except Allah.” – Barack Obama: 2007; Depression 2013: 97% Of Obama Era Jobs Are Only Part Time; Barack Obama “Returning More And More To His Radical Roots”; Obama At All Boys Party While America Faces “Greatest Terrorist Threat Since 9/11; Chilling Graphic: 100% Progressive Groups Approved While Conservative Groups Denied; Don’t Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Yourself Republicans – Embrace The Emerging Libertarian Movement!; Barack Obama’s Boys Only Birthday Bash – Including Former “Body Man” Reggie Love; Why is the Obama government relocating survivors of the Benghazi Massacre and then changing their names? … (theulstermanreport)


~ HOLDER DISCUSSED gun-running with Mexico in 2009 … (

~ REPORT: Obama admin makes new rule to compel diversity in neighborhoods … (FOX)

~ HE OTHER McCAIN OF EVIL— LIVE AT FIVE: 08.07.13; LOL! @NealRauhauser’s Demand to @Twitter: ‘No More Fun of Any Kind!’; Ooh! Another Atheist Sex Scandal?; White House: “Al Qaeda Is Like This Big Ol’ Bagel, All Gone In The Middle, And Stuff”; Real Fall Guy for a ‘Phony Scandal’; John Kerry’s State Department Celebrates Sodomy. Polygamy? Eh, Not So Much; Alec MacGillis is a douchebag who has lately been busy carrying “phony scandals” water for the Obama administration; We’re All Working for Jeff Bezos Now; America Loves You, Sama Elmasry!; A genuinely disturbing story: “The Dubious Rape Trial at Vassar”; LIVE AT FIVE: 08.06.13(

~ DAVID HOROWITZ— Editorial: Our Controversy With Diana West; Diana West Down Crackpot Alley by Ron Radosh … (


~ LOOK! A SQUIRREL! Another manufactured crisis to divert us from Benghazi? … (

BEENGHAZI BOMBSHELL— Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief; CNN rolls out the Jarrett story, to protect the president … (


~ JUST BECAUSE HE SAITH SO! Just in case it wasn’t sufficiently clear that Obamacare is going to wreck American health care, the executive branch has given the congressional branch an exemption from the law. By breaking ObamaCare law itself … (

~ OBAMA TO LENO: “I Was Disappointed” Russia Granted Snowden Political Asylum … (

~ WEEZLE ZIBBERS— The View Hags Praise MSNBC Token RINO Joe Scarborough For “Looking Gay”; Clintons running as far as they can from the taint of Weiner; Obama-supported Al Qaeda Groups Lead Syrian Rebels In Fight To Take Airbase; Bradley Manning’s Possible Sentence Cut To 90 Years; Abortion Barbie: “I Don’t Know What Happened In The Gosnell Case”; DoubleSpeak– State Dept Jen Psaki: Pulling Our People From Yemen Isn’t An Evacuation, It’s A “Reduction In Staffing”; Well, he agrees with us and we agree with him sometimes; White House Unveils Website To “Educate” Business Owners On Obamacare; Hillary Clinton is reportedly meeting with Bill Clinton’s diet guru; Fort Hood Shooter Gets To Grill His Own Victims; Mooch In Chief To Raise The Roof On Obesity(weaselzippers)

~ Dr. OBAMA, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bankruptcy … (

~ WAR ON REALITY NEWS— The left’s shameless attempts to debunk and disqualify John Lott’s landmark study never made much sense, because eventually, over time, the facts of the matter were bound to become readily apparent. As, for example, the case of falling violent crime rates in Virginia shows … (

~ THE EVER-BUSY RADICALS @ Southern Poverty Law Center Kill Someone With Their Hate Map, Claim Hate Map Doesn’t Kill … (

~ WORTH READING BLOG— Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice imprisoned for fraud; Envy, Covetousness and the Cold, Clear Fire of Hell(worth-reading-blog)

~ IRS SCANDAL hits 3 month mark — where’s the accountability, Mr. Obama? … (

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— DHS Operation Vigilant Eagle ‘Nets’ First Domestic Terrorist; White House Terminates Scandal Probes: Evidence Deleted; Behold The Glorious OFA; BigFurHat Nominates Red Square for Most Influential Blogger; A Fable: “The Squirrel That Wasn’t“; Economy Just One Speech Away From Recovery; Relax – There is NO Terrorist Threat!!; U.S. embassies go on automated systems today; Don’t Know About You Guys But, I Need a Breather! … (


Nothing To Do Islam™!


~ AUTUMN MANNING, wife of Fort Hood survivor Army Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, is claiming that the U.S. Department of Defense is “slapping victims with gag orders” and telling family members not to talk to the press following testimony in the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan … (

~ POLITICAL FORBIDDING— The Cry of “Islamophobia”. “This loathsome term [Islamophobia] is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.“ – Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, Muslim, Ex-Cleric … (futiledemocracy)

~ THE NOSEY PARKER N.S.A. Sifting Broader Set of Data Crossing U.S. Border … (

~ IF ONLY MUSLIMS COULD MARRY! 95% of Child Rape and Molestation Convictions in the UK Were Committed by Asians Muslims … (shariaunveiled)

~ IRS MANUAL detailed DEA’s use of hidden intel evidence on citizens … (uk.reuters)

~ WAG THE DOG? Homeland Security orders golf courses in Greater Washington, DC area shut indefinitely in response to al Qaeda threat to White House; Glenn Greenwald denies biting reporter; Wyoming town takes precautions against al Qaeda … (

~ ILLEGAL ALIENS: Detention Center in Arizona Has Hundreds From Yemen.. Iran.. Afghanistan.. Iraq.. Egypt.. Pakistan … (

~ MICHELLE MALKIN: Three Forgotten Facts About the Fort Hood Massacre … (

~ RECENT SIOTW— US declares a worldwide travel warning; 25-minute Muslim rape captured on CCTV security cameras(

~ A CHEERY MESSAGE— “Get out or you’re dead” – Leader of a Toronto based radical Islamist group to Israel’s Jews … (

~ TERRORISTS RUNNING FREE! Why is no one talking about the three huge prison breaks in the Middle East? … (

~ VLAD TEPES— Mass demo in Tunis demands Ennahda-led government quit; Links and news for Aug 6 2013 – 3; Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt takes a page from Palywood, stages fake injury photo op; ‘Al-Quds’ day toronto. Give the Jews 2 minutes to get out, then start shooting; Links and News for Aug 6 2013 – 2; One of Morsi’s prime dickheads captured by anti-Morsi protestors and treated very well by Egyptian standards; Official: Israel capable of unilateral strike on Iran, if US not committed; Links and news for Aug 6 2013 – 1; Black Kids Beat Younger White Kid, Break His Arm, Rob Him; Interview with Lars Hedegaard on his assassination attempt; A fantastic analysis of the Martin-Zimmerman case(

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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