Scary Monsters


Getting My Sermon On

~ IN LITERATURE, fairy tales help us to see virtue and vice more clearly, and to morally and imaginatively shape children. However, real monsters often come looking a lot like you and me and our Great Aunt Bea, and so we need discernment, and the willingness to call a spade a spade, even when said villain does not have horns, a giant glowing eye, or a hell-voice.


For long years this horrid person has been a liar and revolutionary willing to do literally anything to get her way, to cover up, and to lawlessly trash and smash America and Americans to get to whatever hell she imagines would be a better America. I hope she repents unto the Lord, and turns her powers to good, but I’m afraid she’s not likely to do that, now that supreme worldly power may be within her grasp. It’s how real monsters are made.


Saith He who was tempted by the whole world as his kingdom, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul“? It sounds abstract, until you consider political power and the dark sacrifices it demands, which most are more than willing to offer up.


The Looming Flatline

The thought that any one of us is one heart-attack, one car-crash, one brain-clot from standing alone and naked before the throne of everlasting truth and justice is one that these people and their ilk in the Church have spent a century and more trying to erase from the moral and mental calculations of action for the high & the low alike. God is now supposed to be a demented grampa, who smiles at everything and everybody.

If she follows Obama, stick a fork in it, because America is done. Bankrupt, crumbling, crippled, morally and militarily a joke.


Hillary is 66 years old. That’s 69 in 2016.

She is likely less than 20 years from death, give or take. One might think that– as a nominal Christian– our common mortality would begin to impinge on her ambitions, a little humility & regret and sorrowing over past crimes, murders, lies, and cover-ups might begin to come into her heart…. pray it might be so, for Christ Jesus died for her, too. ~

So saith

The Binks


 An accurate depiction of your host.

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