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 Great Big Massive Lies With Feckin’ Bells Hanging Off Them!

~ The Real Cuban Missile CrisisEverything you think you know about those 13 days is wrong.


~ ALRIGHT, SO You know that movie— about the 1962 almost-Armageddon thing? Based on a famous book by one of the Kennedy brothers? Where Robert Kennedy is the dove-like sage & bringer of wisdom and peace? Turns out it’s all pure crap.

Actual History

Turns out most of the secret meetings in the White House were recorded (which tapes were released in the early 2000s), and a little primary-source scholarship– listening to all 43 hours in detail, repeatedly– reveals that JFK was the true level-headed hero who averted a nuclear war. His brother wanted bombings, invasion, sinking of ships…. he would have been a very scary president indeed. Kinda makes you wonder about that staged assassination of RFK.. sounds more and more like a U.S. establishment hit, than a random act of political violence, no?

Even worse, surviving members of the Kennedy White House (and their hangers-on and apologists) went on repeating the lies they knew at least at the start were lies, to protect the political sainthood of Robert Kennedy. So the lie became the official truth, repeated in books, movies, official records, all the rest.

See, it’s what happens when you actually check the historical record, where possible. One day, perhaps all the evil, lies, and sabotage of America now being done by the current POTUS will be examined, revealed, admitted, and detailed by historians looking back at the land which used to be America, destroyed by political corruption, corporations, and public indifference.

For now, get this book, and learn about what really happened in 1962. ~



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