Are You An Orc?


~ ORCISHNESS– according to J.R.R. Tolkien– is all about loving machines over nature, the worship of power and technology and destruction of the good things that are. This includes the kind of things we Westerners of the 21st century are in love with.

I’d suggest– clear-cutting, overbuilding fields and orchards, biotechnology, factory fishing & farming, abortion & birth-control, pollution of nature, brainwashing & ideology, needless animal experimenting, the exercise of brutal political power over nature, animals, plants, human nature– it’s all one, and all destruction of the good things we have been given by God & received from past generations.  That includes the good things of the mind and soul, the hard-won truth and wisdom of the ages, and the saving grace of the Christian religion. To abort a baby is murder; to abort a mind or soul with rubbish and political correctness and trivia can kill the inward life of a society.


However hobbitish and Edwardian he may have been, Tolkien was no technology-hater as such, but knew the limitations and the possible evils thereof; one might wonder if he would consider the zombification of life via game consoles, computers, and clickity hand-held thingies to be part of that same orcification of the mind, soul, and imagination of humanity– not to mention that the ‘All-Seeing Eye” of the NSA has snoop-ware hidden in the popular game-app Angry Birds.




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