What Binks Listens To….

UPDATE: Mr. Molyneux has recently shown himself to be a liar, fraud, and cultish nut-case. I oppose what he’s been up to, now that he has revealed his true colours.

Apologies for any time you’ve wasted because of this article.



A Not Entirely Foolish Philosopher

~ DESPITE HIS “I’m An Atheist™ Anarchist™” self-description, popular Canadian vlogger/ podcaster Stefan Molyneux is actually a mostly morally traditionalist and sensible commentator on many aspects of life, the current mess, and stuff and things.

Now, PLEASE don’t get him started on spanking or religion (or at least fast-forward those bits, cuz he goes loony), because the rest of his stuff arises from the entirely Western Christian moral tradition, a respect for reason and argument and the value of a classical liberal position, and the authority & knowledge that comes from a properly shaped conscience as our inward moral compass. That is, he’s smarter and instinctively wiser than some of his own ideas and alleged principles.

Worth checking out? His ‘The Truth About‘ series, tackling Marx, Ghandi, MLK and a host of other sainted liberals and radicals; anything on the debt-bomb in the heart of the West; taking on feminism and the sinless bias women are told to believe about themselves. Parenting, the media, lots of areas.


I could go on and on and on.

In the piece below, he wisely lays out exactly how most of us swarm obediently at the media & cultural bidding of our ruling cadres, usually not to our own benefit– reminding me of the very suspiciously-timed hit piece on Duck Dynasty, which entirely obscured the re-rape of American freedom & their Constitution via Obama’s passage of the new & eviller version of the NDAA. Is GQ writer Drew Magary in the White House ‘Media Manipulation’ rolodex? Might as well be.

Anyhow, might as well enjoy Mr. Molyneux as the West winds down and the various actors play the stage. He’s having none of it, being a philosopher who espouses virtue and wisdom and self-examination, like a modern-day half-wise Socrates. ~



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