What A Political Hit Looks Like


~ BUSINESS PEOPLE & celebrities run partly on ‘buzz’ and reputation. So how do you give the equivalent of a kick in the stones to someone for straying off the plantation of Glorious Leader, USA?  You get them bushwacked by GQ, as was done to Duck Dynasty (as part of a cover-up for the Much Worse Than Before 2014 NDAA Warrantless Arrest thingy of Obama); or, you get pro-Democrat political whores like Jon Stewart & his stable of lackeys to do it for you.

Hence the recent hit on kick-ass tough & smart Peter Schiff.. who’s just not taking it.


 Here’s what I wrote to him today:

Peter: this was a political hit-piece to pay you back, slap you down, and enrage you– maybe you’ll have a stroke, they hope. You’ve been an unbendingly clear and insistent commentator giving chapter & verse about how the current economic paradigm is just about finished. BAD PETER!! Just like the GQ hit-piece against Duck Dynasty as a smokescreen over the horrid new 2014 NDAA passed while the fake furore raged in the media.

This watcher says: keep on keeping on. Be of good cheer. Truth must be told, and reality must be confronted, and honest & informed opinion must be allowed free expression. I’ve enjoyed & been educated by your work on YouTube to really begin to understand economic realities versus media-gov chatter. This president & his regime are a fail– but all others must be sacrificed to keep the cover-up going.

Puny Elf? Who Cares!

OK, Schiff’s famous and rich and smart, and perhaps won’t read what I wrote on his FaceBook wall. However, people like him are not so plentiful that we can just sit back and watch Tyranny-2014 America-style trash people via the politics of personal destruction as if they were disposable rubbish. Drop a note to Schiff, or Mark Steyn, or Congressman Trey Gowdy, thanking them– not for being perfect, or right, or sinless, but for trying to take a stand on behalf of all of us, i.e. being men, doing men’s work.

Just a Thot,

~ Binks



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