WTF Comes Next?

polygamy overrated

~ The Next Marriage Fight

~ SO BEFORE THE conservative-minded gays and their supporters get their hissys in a twist, this is true, and incoming. They are only partly to blame. The rest of us started it, encouraged by the Frankfurt School, Satan, and our own stupidity and lust for novelty. It took most of the 20th century to get here, and we all had a part to play.

We opened the door, you gays ran through it, and now others want to follow. The battle is not necessarily lost, but it is part of the further fragmentation of society into every increasingly chaotic sexual-fluids based arrangements, where every child will be a child of adult chaos, and every novelty mandatorily respected by law. All polyphobes will be socially ostracized (even if they are gay), as Hollywood and the media and government bend before the power of pelvis. The only question is when & in what order the pedos, the animal-lovers, the incesters, and the other currently unimaginable forms and confusions get to the door after the polyphiles.

A Few Predictions

  • Anglicans and other liberal denominations, after shredding themselves further, will bless everything in sight.
  • Sarcasm, irony, and satire will be taken out back, and lined up for the firing squad.
  • Olden-style man-woman for lifers* will be smiled upon, called names, accused of living bigotry, and cast upon the dust-heap of history.
  • What is first permitted will later be brutally enforced as the new normal.
  • Radical ivy league experts will scrabble over each other to justify everything with the latest book or study.
  • All horrible and entirely forseeable consequences of the new derangements will be blamed on someone else, society, God, religious people, whatever handy transgendered straw man is at hand.
  • It will become very hard to figure out if a group of man & woman, teen girl, teen boy, and young girl with a dog are a old-style family, or a polygamous group of incesters, with a side order of Fido.

The Smoking Ruins

As Michael Liccione, Catholic apologist, comments:

“And this one will also be lost. People no longer get what marriage is. We, or whoever replaces us, will have to start over.”

~ Binks

UPDATE: We regret to say we omitted the movement for same-self marriage. Obviously, the omission was due to bigoted.

* The Binkses have been married for almost 30 years. No divorce. Most of our children’s friends come from single, divorced, or step-families. We are horrible walking heteronormative offenses to our gay, poly, pedo, incesto, zoophile neighbours. Guilty as charged.  We are horrid Christers, to boot.



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