Noah: Not A Movie Review


~ UPDATE: Matt Walsh– “As a movie? It’s a pile of garbage. As a Biblical adaptation? It’s a blatant mockery…. You can hate this film without watching it, for the same reason that you can assume Citizen Kane is slightly superior to Need For Speed, without having seen either of them.”

~ HAVEN’T SEEN IT.. not going to see it; don’t want to see it; have other things I’d rather do than see it.

Some have called it “The Babylonian Chainsaw Massacre”;

So why don’t I want to see it?

(1) There’s no need for me to see more Hollywood Bible-kinda money-grubbing. FAIL.

(2) There’s no need for me to get my temper up about such crap.

(3) This kind of spectacular but predictable soft-evil judges itself, and lots of others– whose opinions I respect– have stomped it, e.g.:

(4) Ents?!?!

“And I ask you, could anything make Satan happier than something that leads people to believe they are saved when they are not?…. Let me put it this way: According to Aronofsky’s mesmerizing multi-million dollar masterwork, God will later hand Moses only One Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Harm Mother Earth Beyond What Is Absolutely Necessary to Live In a Tent as a Vegetarian.

Ri-i-ight. All the truth and wisdom and goodness and holiness and God-givenness of all of tragic humanity & creation & civilization, and curiously enough it ALL boils down to exactly the same old 2014 megaphone-message of fraudulent eco-enviro-capitalo-progresso-fascism? Why. What. A. Surprise?

The Binky Brain.. lots of lost stuff, rubbish, nonsense, and oddments.
The Binky Brain.. lots of lost stuff, rubbish, nonsense, and oddments.

And finally… well.. my addled soul and brain already has Indiana Jones-style endless warehouses of rubbish, nonsense, and garbage media. If I want edification about the Bible, I will read it, or watch sensible movies about the faith, the Scripture, the saints, or our Lord. The horrid temptation of “What if I miss out on something?” is a temptation, a despair, a sinful form of prurience and rubber-necking curiousitas tending to besmirchment and distraction, neither of which I need more of, nor do most people out there.

Things Are Looking Up

As a sinner who has been fully immersed for most of his life in the sewer-flow and toxic waste and radiation and heavy-handed messaging & propaganda of modern culture, I insist that sometimes it is better for the soul to take a break, and remember to look upwards (Philippians 4:8):

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Look upwards: or else you might miss something eternally relevant, saving, glorious, and important.

~ Binks

P.S. Just in case you think I’m somehow opposed to Christians & Jews seeing such fillums so they can defend the faith, I’m not. This is just a plea for us not to wallow in EVERYTHING out there using such reasons, if the net effect is to render us bitter, worldly, jaded, and intellectually and morally identical to the swamp-culture. We are to be IN the world, but not OF the world; like a boat is supposed to be IN the water, but not FULL of water.



Question Everything?


~ ITEM: The Danger of ‘What This Really Means‘.. Or, We’re All Nietzcheans Now

~ BINKS, FOR ONE, for one, would like to state my suspicions about the hermeneutic of suspicion: if people tell us to question everything, doesn’t that include the command to “question everything”? Or are we only supposed to question the stuff we’re told to question, but not the motives and meaning of the questioning itself?

“Trust me: Question Everything!” Really? Because you told us to? To what end? We’ve becomes suckers to the latest brand of smart-alecky snake-oil salesmen. We’ve failed to truly question generations of questioning “experts” over endless topics, from the best food to eat, to politics, to matters of faith and truth and all the Big Questions.

Salt, butter, eggs = evil! Breastfeeding? Evil! Coffee? Evil! The list is pretty long since the 1950s of things declared evil, then later actually good for you. Consider: en mass, we throw away our better judgement– and the wisdom of the ages– to eat false sugar, food that doesn’t feed, laced with chemicals, and wonder why we are fat or sick or diabetic or cancerous. Because an “expert” said so? Because a bunch of experts said so at the same time? Because some fake-food company has a food-like substance to sell?

Questions, Questions

Sometimes it is wise to ask about motives– especially the motives of those asking us to question everything, not so we can gain a better and deeper apprehension of the beautiful, the good, and the true, but precisely to “see through” everything– until we are blind, or have destroyed everything, or have become enslaved to the snake-oil of the moment. Questions are meant to point to answers; questioning everything forever is simply madness & destruction.

I vote with tested & healthy tradition– if it ain’t broke, don’t break it, and then claim you’ve got the magic fixit. That’s revolting, and radical, and mostly leads to blood & death. It’s how humans have mostly operated ever. It’s a political brain-fever to think you can and must make heaven on earth, now, no matter the cost or the body-count or the actual (usually) disastrous results.

Slow, gradual, wise change; learning, asking, pondering? Fine. Question & overthrow everything?

Why? ~

~ Binks


Do Some Good: Help Alisha


Binks Action Alert

A blogger-friend of mine, Alisha De Freitas, is a young married smart chick with a wonderful husband, Keiron, and a dear little daughter, Zoe.

She also nearly died this month.

Sadly, her U.S. insurance company is insisting that the treatment recommended by her doctors so her life-crippling disease to go into remission is ‘exploratory’ and so medically optional. While her body attacks itself, slowly destroying her nervous system. CDIP is a bit like Multiple Sclerosis in the effects, and progression.

Prayers, wisdom, and any suggestions of how to make her case more public gladly will be all received.

~ Binks


All Of It, And All Of Us


~ SO SAITH Teh Binksmeister: Nothing is truly neutral: not even the Swiss.

Every thing is based on certain ideas or assumptions about human nature, and what it is good to be or do, and what it is not good to be or do. Every choice has consequences, every thing and everything means something. To pretend otherwise is ignorance, deliberate blindness, or just plain evil. Looking the other way, not in my backyard, not my problem, just can’t think about That? The idea that we can live in a kind of artificial blissful ignorance about life, society, civilization, technology, and the things done in our name for good or for bad requires a disconnectedness which isn’t possible. We’re all accountable.

Jesus considers the lukewarm soul or church or society– the calculatingly careful, the waffler– to be like unrefreshing over-mineralized brackish water, only fit to be spit out.

Just saying, is all.

~ Binks

Heroes On Hogan’s Heroes


~ I WAS TOLD by my dearly departed Mother that the TV-show Hogan’s Heroes was quite terrible– it glorified Nazis and prison camps and trivialized the Holocaust. The show being funny, and about wartime, I still watched it. Rebel.

A few years ago, I bought Season 1, and then Googled the show and actors. Wow.

The Secret Life Of Actors

Talk about Holocaust: Werner Klemperer (Klink)? 1/2 Jewish escapee from Germany. John Banner (Schultz)? Jewish escapee from Austria, and his entire family died under Hitler. Robert Clary (Lebeau)? Actual Jewish prison-camp survivor of Buchenwald, although he barely survived, his parents, two sisters, two half-sisters, and two nephews did not. Leon Askin (General Burghalter)? Austrian Jewish escapee from Hitler.

It makes the show very poignant, to see the heavy-set Banner, and to wonder if the loss of his family had something to do with his morbid obesity. Clary wrote a book about his life. That  all these Jewish actors took a kind of retroactive revenge on the regime that so darkened their lives is also moving.

Actor Klemperer demanded that his character Colonel Klink never win, or look smart or triumph against the prisoners. The show creators agreed, and comedy gold was born.

Of all the actors, Robert Clary is the last main cast survivor, following the death earlier this year of the Latvian-born actress who played Fraulein Helga. ~

P.S. You can watch all 6 season of the show online via TubePlus. DVDs available on Amazon & eBay.








~ DESPITE PAST better judgement, Binks made the mistake this morning of listening to CBC’s The Current (for you Americans, NPR, but even more left-whinge). Some (liberal) author wrote a (liberal) book bashing (Tory) Canadian journalist and sometime Senator, Mike Duffy. Trash, smash, bash. No mention whatsoever– even in passing– of the Liberal Party senators even more deeply in scandal and iffy cash. Balance? It is to scoff.

Then I remembered the differences between the CBC and a whore: (1) There are certain things even a whore won’t do; and (2) At least with a whore, it’s comparatively honest & straightforward work.


The unspeakably biased Anna Maria Tremonti & her screedy-show is the reason I stopped listening to the tax-funded CBC a decade ago. You have to understand what a big deal this was: I was A CBC-baby, raised on it playing all day long in the house; silence during news; listened to for plays and music. It formed part of my brain, and my politics, and my cultural world: genteel but viciously liberal as the years went on, morphing from reasoned Canadianism to a snarling and tinny megaphone for progressivism during the late 70s and early 80s and onwards.

Heck, even when my spiritual and theological views were traditional, I was still a political progressive due, in part, to the CBC and my upbringing. I was listening in the shower one day to The Current, and the aforesaid paid hack Tremonti, and I literally argued out loud with her point by point– she was wrong, skewed, biased, and clearly doing a hit piece on something I knew about better than she did. From that point on , I listened, and found the same bias, fraud, evangelically secular one-sideness on national and local shows. Enough. Click. And so my political transformation began.

Time to cut the CBC off the federal teat. For actual balance, read Brian Lilley’s CBC Exposed. ~