~ DEARLY DEPARTED Binks-Dad was nerdissimus– nerdiest of nerds– until a mini-stroke a few months before he died stole away his interest & ability for same. Still, he was ever sending me nerdy sites, nerdy apps & links & ideas. Thus, I give the credit for this one to Dugald Binks-Dad: may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Sharing The Secrets Of Nerds
Sharing The Deep Nerdly Secrets Of Nerds

This one is for people concerned about privacy, ease of computing whilst travelling, or having access to your own stuff when you have only someone else’s computer to use. Portable Apps. Like many of the leading freeware sites (like the free MS-Office replacement Libre Office), they depend on your donations.

The basic idea? have functional mini-versions of the most-used programs available on a thumb-drive, data card, or even hidden on your camera memory-card, or on a cloud-drive such as DropBox. That’s 300+ legal & portable apps at your fingertips, anywhere. The fullest possible package is 9GB, but the most basic collection (e-mail, browser, office-suite, etc.) is far smaller.


I know, right?

Free Brilliant Idea: you may not need this, but someone around you or at work might. Pass it on. Another Free Brilliant Idea: want a cheap gift-idea? Buy a thumb-drive or a tiny flash drive or one of those flat tiny indestructible keychain drives, load it up with portable apps, and– Boom– a geeky present for some nerd you care about. Yet even another Free Brilliant Idea? Have several on you with identical data (passworded, of course) for back-up convenience, plus on a cloud-drive for when you travel.

You’re welcome, and yes, I am Binks MacDugald, nerdy elf. ~



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