Everywhere Invisible


~ I HAVE NEVER visited a gulag or Nazi prison-camp like Auschwitz. And no, I’d not be taking selfies.

However, in Canada, every time you walk into a major hospital, you are, in effect, walking into a roofed-over death camp. Babies aborted, seniors encouraged to die, via food-deprivation and over-drugging.

More About Me

When the Binks-twins were born early after a difficult pregnancy (3 pounds birth-weight each), that hospital– allegedly a union between a Salvation Army maternity hospital and a secular hospital– was in the process of (Oh. My. Who could have foreseen it?!) purging Christerdom and holy ickiness.

Even as our bitty wee boys were fighting for life, born with a fighting 50% chance to live, but with the very best of the best in NICU (Neonatal ICU) staff, medications, and technology aiding them to live… even with this, the hospital powers-that-be had agreed to perform abortions in a children’s-maternity hospital. You know, spread the evil around.


Why? Honestly, I just dunno. The biggest hospital in the province is literally eight blocks up the road, where they already massacre many hundreds of unborn babies yearly. Spread the evil around? After I heard the news about this ‘policy adjustment’, all I could think of was two babies under the same roof– one, possibly healthy and near-term being medically murdered; the other child premature, being fought for with all the best that 20th century medicine could possibly do for them.

We were going to donate to the NICU, but sadly enough, we could not and do not support abortion. Suddenly when I saw that hospital I my mind’s eye, all I could see were the ghosts of the slain unborn drifting the halls, perhaps pausing at the NICU, where babies like they had been were being supported, healed, given a chance at life.

See No Evil

This is the nature of our modern evil; the German populace looked away from the vanishing of their Jewish, socialist, outspoken Christian and expendable nuisance neighbours; ignored the smoke and smells and traffic to and from places in the woods near their towns and villages where people went in but rarely came out. As long as we can look away with some plausibility, the blame surely lies.. elsewhere?

And the little baby-ghosts drift about our feet like milkweed fluff, asking us questions we dare not frame, or answer. ~



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