~ DESPITE PAST better judgement, Binks made the mistake this morning of listening to CBC’s The Current (for you Americans, NPR, but even more left-whinge). Some (liberal) author wrote a (liberal) book bashing (Tory) Canadian journalist and sometime Senator, Mike Duffy. Trash, smash, bash. No mention whatsoever– even in passing– of the Liberal Party senators even more deeply in scandal and iffy cash. Balance? It is to scoff.

Then I remembered the differences between the CBC and a whore: (1) There are certain things even a whore won’t do; and (2) At least with a whore, it’s comparatively honest & straightforward work.


The unspeakably biased Anna Maria Tremonti & her screedy-show is the reason I stopped listening to the tax-funded CBC a decade ago. You have to understand what a big deal this was: I was A CBC-baby, raised on it playing all day long in the house; silence during news; listened to for plays and music. It formed part of my brain, and my politics, and my cultural world: genteel but viciously liberal as the years went on, morphing from reasoned Canadianism to a snarling and tinny megaphone for progressivism during the late 70s and early 80s and onwards.

Heck, even when my spiritual and theological views were traditional, I was still a political progressive due, in part, to the CBC and my upbringing. I was listening in the shower one day to The Current, and the aforesaid paid hack Tremonti, and I literally argued out loud with her point by point– she was wrong, skewed, biased, and clearly doing a hit piece on something I knew about better than she did. From that point on , I listened, and found the same bias, fraud, evangelically secular one-sideness on national and local shows. Enough. Click. And so my political transformation began.

Time to cut the CBC off the federal teat. For actual balance, read Brian Lilley’s CBC Exposed. ~


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