All Of It, And All Of Us


~ SO SAITH Teh Binksmeister: Nothing is truly neutral: not even the Swiss.

Every thing is based on certain ideas or assumptions about human nature, and what it is good to be or do, and what it is not good to be or do. Every choice has consequences, every thing and everything means something. To pretend otherwise is ignorance, deliberate blindness, or just plain evil. Looking the other way, not in my backyard, not my problem, just can’t think about That? The idea that we can live in a kind of artificial blissful ignorance about life, society, civilization, technology, and the things done in our name for good or for bad requires a disconnectedness which isn’t possible. We’re all accountable.

Jesus considers the lukewarm soul or church or society– the calculatingly careful, the waffler– to be like unrefreshing over-mineralized brackish water, only fit to be spit out.

Just saying, is all.

~ Binks


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