Alternative Browser Wars


As one who has been a longtime supporter of gay marriage and remain one, allow me to say that I am appalled by Mozilla’s decision to fire (or “force to resign”) its newly installed CEO (and inventor of Java Script) Brendan Eich because Eich gave $1000 a few years back for Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage.” ~ Roger L. Simon

~ ITEM: Gay Marriage Supporter Abhors Mozilla’s Decision to Fire Eich, by Roger L Simon; Mozilla in Damage-Control Mode After Hiring Anti-Gay CEO

~ ITEM: Andrew Sullivan: Brendan Eich’s Ouster as Mozilla CEO ‘Disgusts Me’; also, Gay Firefox developers boycott Mozilla to protest CEO hire

~ ITEM: Stop Mozilla Firefox’s Discrimination Against Conservatives; and If someone opposes gay marriage he now loses his job? Mozilla CEO forced to resign; plus Mozilla CEO Responds to Antigay Allegations 

~ ITEM: How did people find out that Mozilla’s CEO donated to support Prop 8?;  Mozilla, Mo’ Problem

~ ITEM: Meanwhile, elsewheres… The director of corporate giving for Google Inc. has resigned in protest from the board of a Christian aid organization after the charity reversed its decision to hire employees in same-sex marriages

~ ITEM: Eich Is Out. So Is Tolerance; Rod Dreher: Gay-Rights McCarthyism Takes Brendan Eich Scalp

~ ITEM: Ed Driscoll: By all means, dump Firefox. But then what?

~ IT’S EVERYWHERE– So Mozilla is in some dumb war over Teh Ghey. You know, cuz everybody must toe the fabulous line, or something. Even The Professional Gheys are face-palming such stupid thought-policing. Well done, Mozilla.

Browsers matter: it’s your interface with the digital world of The Interwebs, Facebook, e-mail, and should ease your browsing without getting in the way, helping too much, snooping for the company or the NSA, crashing, or getting into bloody politics.

Thus Ed Driscoll asks.. if you dump Firefox, what then? Easy, says semi-geek Binks.

Details, Details

~ Opera. SUPER-fast, snoop-ware free.

~ Safari. Apple-ware.

~ List of Alternative Web Browsers

~ 6 Alternative Browsers Based on Google Chrome

~ Binks also uses a slightly outdated Chromium browser (Chrome, minus snoop-warez) SRWare Iron – The Browser of the Future.

~ What’s the best alternative web browser: don’t stick with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

~ UPDATE: Mozilla-based Pale Moon Browser

Try some, enjoy, and put your comments below. ~

~ Binks

You can bet its not just Mozilla. Now that’s the bullies have Eich’s head as a trophy on their wall, they will put the heat on every other corporation and major employer. They will pressure them to refuse employment to those who decline to conform their views to the new orthodoxy. And you can also bet that it won’t end with same-sex marriage. Next, it will be support for the pro-life cause that will be treated as moral turpitude in the same way that support for marriage is treated. “Do you believe in protecting unborn babies from being slain in the womb? Why then you are a misogynist. You are a hater of women. You are a bigot. We can’t have a person like you working for our company.” And there will be other political and moral issues, too, that will be treated as litmus tests for eligibility for employment. The defenestration of Eich by people at Mozilla for dissenting from the new orthodoxy on marriage is just the beginning.”

—Prof. Robert P. George


10 thoughts on “Alternative Browser Wars

  1. I would like to exit Mozilla but am concerned about the ability to migrate all my bookmarks rather than having to re-establish them from scratch on the new browser.

  2. Started using Pale Moon today. Based off the open-source Firefox code, compatible with Firefox’s plugins and extensions, but also faster, more user-friendly, and less prone to getting locked up by Flash and other addons.

  3. What about Pale Moon?

    On a couple of other blogs some people suggested it, but I asked if we’d still be supporting Firefox/Mozilla since Pale Moon is a fork of the Firefox code. Best I can tell from the PM forum is that it’s unaffiliated with the Mozilla corporation and developed independently. And while the developer doesn’t agree with Prop 8, he also doesn’t like how the Eich situation was handled.

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