It’s A Trap!

~ ITEM: Snowden Document Shows One In Five Individuals Applying For Jobs In U.S. Intelligence Agencies Had Ties To Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah

safe_imageMrs. Clinton & Huma Abedin

~ NOT BREAKING NEWS! ‘Cuz I’ve been talking about this for years and years….

America is under stealth-attack. Now. And especially since 2005-6. Your country is being hijacked, with the happy cooperation of Obama, and big chunks of the U.S. government. Just because they are not wearing hijabs or Middle-eastern clothing (or Nazi uniforms) means literally less than nothing. That’s stupid Hollywood telling you that evil is idiotic and flamboyant, and that minions of an evil plot are always incompetent members of the Doofus Minion Association, who cannot hit anything with a bullet, even when they outnumber the hero or good guys by zillions-to-one.


Not so much.

A little push here, a little silencing there, a few ‘diversity’ hires, and lo and behold the U.S. is (even more than it would under the current maladministration) serving the causes and purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood’s desire to submit all nations under Allah (especially America). The individual conversions or executions or silencings can wait until much later.

The real problem in this war is that we are infiltrated, lied to, and confused by the mixed messaging. Have no doubt: Western Civilization is under siege, and they envy our stuff, and our enslavement, and the death of the modern world and our messy freedoms and residually Christian ideas, and our powers via technology.

Running On Fumes


The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ at the first Easter was and is the spiritual explosion which set Christendom and millions of souls in constructive & redeeming motion, building all the ideas, words, places, and things we now enjoy as their heirs. The power of the living Christ working in and through countless Christians created the wealth, technology, wisdom, learning, medicine, and material comfort and well-being we inherited in the richest, most powerful society on earth, ever.

Sadly, as we slump before our big-screens or beaver away as wage-slaves in a declining Western economy, we doze and whine and live off the fumes of the moral and material inheritance & treasure of the wealthy Christian society which was handed on to us, not as our reward for being so amazing, but rather as a trust, to be improved, used, and handed on to the future generations given to us by God. What was handed to us has been squandered. Even the wealth of the past 500 years has been sunk into debt, deflation, money-printing, and society-wide banking & political fraud.

Can we muster the will to look, learn, and warn, let alone to organize, proclaim, and fight back? The problem with the West is comfort, spiritual zombieism, and fear of risk or inconvenience or owwies if we get up and do the right thing. The fascists and the fanatics who are fighting for the future are counting on us just not showing up, and keeping quiet as we put our own shackles on.

I Told You So, yet again, April 2014. ~

~ Binks

"Uhh.. Mom, Dad? Wasn't this full to the top when you got it? Where's our treasures?"
“Uhh.. Mom, Dad? Wasn’t this full to the top when you got it? Where’s our treasures?”




~ ITEM: Max Tegmark: It’s goodbye to the universe – hello to the multiverse

~ THINGS MAY SURPRISE me, but I can’t rule anything out of court when it comes to the wonder and complexity of God’s creation. Einstein already speculated that there may be 6 more dimension other that 3D & time.. here’s another physicist wondering.. via theory & experimentation & revised theory, one hopes, that there are indeed, somehow, overlapping or unseen dimensions.

Go figure.

Already, I’m hearing the whiny atheists explain how this ‘proves’ that since there may be a whole universe, and multiverses, that there’s still no God, we’re still mechanical accidents, any anybody who says otherwise is stupid, I tell you, stupid, stupid. You know, ’cause one amazing answer fits all news, questions, discoveries, and longings. Because, Science™.

Me, I’d like to let my Christian mind soak in the possibilities, and ponder the heavens declaring the glories and power and creative love of God, even the stuff we haven’t seen yet, or understood, or worked out. Not because I’m always right, but because even with an eternal universe(s) or multiverses, creation by whom is still a question, and not one completely answered by the bad metaphysics and worse philosophy of latter-day agnostics; not one to be answered properly by scientists, since “why and who” are not scientific categories. It does not therefore follow that they are illegitimate categories, or impossible to know categories, just that there are many kinds of knowing: natural, poetical, spiritual, emotional, lyrical, artistic, architectural, literary. You know, all the stuff that makes us human and whole and complete and civilized people.

Persistent Mysteries

After all, the team of.. wait for it.. actual scientists who studied the Shroud of Turin in 1977 could not discover how it was made– only how it was not made: that is, by any technique known to art or science. If we presume that God’s existence and direct action are impossible, then it’s got to be a fraud, or just some weird thing we can’t figure out, ruling out ahead of time any answer that does not bend the knee to materialist atheism. That’s called begging the question, or a circular argument: taking as already granted exactly what is under question. “So, Dr. Jeckyll, are you still beating your wife?” Or, since we know God does not exist (or, his existence can’t be “proven”), what is this object?”

Faith has evidences, some of which are physical or historical or evidentiary; but most of faith is more like hearing a poem by a loved one, and recognizing a voice; or trusting in what has been given and revealed, as we trust a parent, or a husband or wife, or a best friend. Actually relying on a power and love and goodness greater than our own. This wrong-headed bullying know-it-all version of Science™ can’t even prove that I love my wife, or what goods and blessings will come out of the fruit of our love. It was never meant to be a complete and exclusive from of knowing and truth.. that’s a flawed philosophical system built over and above the scientific method.

The atheists claim too much, and power over what they cannot know or disprove, as a form of man being god to himself. You know, like the 20th century: cultured Teutonic ubermensch listening to Mozart while the smoke rises outside from the death-ovens. Because, Science™.

Whoa, There, Dawkins…

After all, if I conclude that all things must be measured by toboggans, that does leave out all the mystery of life, and most of the ordinary human and commonsensical and normal things of life. All you end up with is toboggans, and toboggan-experts trying to tell everybody else how to live, what to think, and what the “Truth” is.

Toboggans!™ ~