You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Minds


~ AS I’VE MENTIONED before, Professor Tony Esolen is a hero of mine, and a favourite author. This Dante shcolar is a true  preacher and teacher of truth, love, and goodness in a time of mass-delusion, hate, and toxic  & polluted souls. That means, a lot of people hate him for what he says, since it represents the civilization consensus of the past 10 000 years, and God and the Bible, and not the latest cultural or sexual fad.

Shut Up, They Explained

If you believe that truth, beauty, and goodness have a “best before’ date on them like bread or milk, people who stand for the stuff you consider to be stale and fit for the revolutionary dustbin of history, then anybody who asks if this is so, or dares question, or even undermine all the false assumptions of the progressive sexual, political, and social conquest is not a person, or representing a legitimate discussion, or diversity.. they are Enemy. Silence Them. Let no disturbing thought pull away the comforting baby-blanket of progress, especially amongst those privileged to be brainwashed at our finest and most hallowed institutions.

What Barbarians Look Like

This Winter, Professor Esolen was invited by some folks protesting the vile Yale “Sex Week” to speak on real love, and personhood. Hilarity ensued. Tolerance & Diversity @ Yale University? Not so much, akshully.

Seriously– don’t worry so much about the Muslims seeking to enslave the West; right now, our own youth are being turned into barbarians inside the gates by politically correct professors who have instilled One Thought Only, With No Questions Allowed.

~ Binks