A boot in the face for everybody

~ ITEM: Ban on Christian values

~ ITEMS: SYMPOSIUM: Recognizing the Real and Good; plus, The Persuasiveness of Natural Law – The Imaginative Conservative; and also, So You Believe in “Marriage Equality”? Why Not For throuples?

~ EVIL ALWAYS tries to justify itself. Except with the darkest and craziest people, they want an excuse proving why their actions are exempt from judgement; why, they are actually doing good, if only you could see it!

Thus, Binks is deeply ashamed by some semi-fascistical people in my province, and their anti-Christian blacklist….

“Why have law societies in Ontario and Nova Scotia have decided, in advance, to blacklist any student from this school, without meeting them, without knowing them, without a complaint against them, without a hearing? Is it because they have taken this pledge? Because that would be the dictionary definition of religious prejudice and bigotry. It’s the Jewish quotas all over again. And how ironic would that be, considering how many benchers on Ontario’s law society are Jewish and understand religious prejudice?”

Seriously?!? In New Scotland? The land of Joseph Howe and Charles Tupper and refugee Scots seeking freedom from living under the  blood-soaked British boot? Shame on us, and on these lawless “law societies”.

Sign the petition: Also, Have you sent a word to the Ontario & Nova Scotia bullies?

~ Binks

P.S. If you haters are compiling the evidence for my show-trial, don’t forget what I said back in 2007.