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Theodore Dalrymple
Theodore Dalrymple

~ ITEM: How—and How Not—to Love Mankind

~ A COUPLE OF Christmasses ago, sometime Canadian blogger and wrong-thinker Nova Scotia Scott gave me a copy of Theodore Dalrymple‘s simply excellent collection of (mostly online) essays, Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses. Every essay is gold– sometime gold sprinkled with jewels of fine prose and finer insights into our times, and the human heart.

He bids us remember that our modern version of communists (“Progressives”) are all varieties of grudge-mongering Marxists. Writes Dalrymple:

“Marx claimed to know Man, but as for men other than his enemies—he knew them not. Despite being a Hegelian dialectician, he was not interested in the opposite sides of life. Neither kindness nor cruelty moved him: men were simply the eggs from which a glorious omelette would one day be made. And he would be instrumental in making it.”

The “omelette thing”? The difference between “Loving Humanity” and being hateful in real life– versus loving actual people, even if they (or our society) is not and cannot be perfect, only made better.

By some estimates, various Marxists have smashed up to 150 000 000 “eggs” over the past century– and that’s not including all who suffered because of Communism. Enough is enough. Marx was an evil man, who preached evil, destruction, envy, and cruelty. He got a few things right— but not the stuff he’s best known for.

Our universities, law societies, human rights commissions and many other groups and institutions have begun counting & organizing we eggs, and planning utopian omelettes. We must confront them, protest, speak out, and fight back– because there’s only one way to make omelettes, sooner or later. ~

~ Binks

Our Culture



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