Wee Wallace Of Doom

Wee Wallace Of Doom, Planning To Annex Something, And Mark It With His Pee

~ FOR WHATEVER good reasons God gave us dogs, I rejoice– daily– that God gave me Wee Wallace.

We’d been down to Missouri for a month visiting Binks-Dad, who at that point had 4 (large) dogs– I was doomed. My twin Binklings fell in love with pooches, and they finagled and asked nicely and begged and got parents onside, and only a couple of weeks after we returned to New Scotland, there he was.

He and his brother lived in a glass booth at the puppy-store for over 4 months. His brother (white-furred) was too caffeinated, and would not stop jumping… but the black-furred puppy at the back of the cage was looking at the world, checking things out. Bingo. His temperament seemed to suit ours.

Wallace knew literally nothing of life save the little world of the pet-store. Grass, sky, walking on a leash, other critters, different kinds of food, sleeping without his brother, where to poop? All new.

We named him Wee Wallace, after Sir William Wallace, the Scottish hero of the Wars Of Independence. You know, cuz miniature poodles are tough like dat. I learned that not only are they low-allergenic, but they can be super-smart, and funny. Poodles are water-dogs, meant for scaring up and catching water fowl.

A Simple Life

His life is small, he has a couple of jobs (door-microwave-phone alert-mummy’s home), he is made happy with a daily walk followed by two mini-milkbones, and an occasional variety in the taste of his dog-food. If, whilst on his walk, he can dance for a couple of people, or sniff butts with some other neighbourhood dogs, all the while leaving or answering p-mails on trees, bushes, shrubs, and dog-likely sniffing spots, his joy is deep and honest. As someone said, dogs thank God simply by wholeheartedly enjoying the good things of this life. It’s true in his case.

Get Up And Walkies

Wee Wallace saved my life. Not bad for a little guy not 10 pounds soaking wet.

Chronic illness can keep you low and hidden and lying about, waiting for the next misery. With the daily doggy-needs for micturation and defecation, I was forced to be up and about. Daily walks ensued. Said walks got longer and more healthsome. I began to regain my slim and girlish figure. Some of the chronic pains faded a little to the background.

That’ll Do, Dog

The She-Binks is diligent in varying his small-dog Nutrience dry food month-by-month. Today, he was looking at me attentively, and so I looked at his dish and water-bowl. Leftovers of the old mix.

“Wally wants kibble?”

Blink (he blinks for yes, stares for no/ don’t understand).

“OK, new kibble! Oh boy!” Dog dances on his hind feet, in expectation.

New kibble ensues on the plate. Dog eagerly eats each piece on at a time, by taking them carefully off the plate, and eating it a foot away on the carpet.

A few moments later: “Wallace! is it good? Is it yummy?”

Wallace blinks, licks chops, and smiles, eyes aglow. Binky’s heart melts into marshmallow puddle.

Dog resumes his careful kibble-eating, one by one by one.

Sometimes, it’s the simple joy of knowing you’ve made another critter happy that warms the heart-cockles.

Good dog. ~

* Slightly edited, because influenza. And for those who are wondering why I’m not on about Obama Ebola Nekkid Actresses Reddit Twitter, it’s because the ordinary life of free people in free lands, enjoyed, is part of what we must fight, and live for. 


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