Open Wide The Gates?


~ ITEM: CERN’s atom smasher resumes hunt for bizarre particles in 2015

~ ITEM: Are The Scientists telling us everything?; The RHIC is distillating Strange liquid

~ SOMETHING something something football something Katy Perry something Seahawks something.

Sorry. I was wondering about the giant Large Hadron CERN collider in Europe, and the fact they are ramping up their energy-use, and hoping TO OPEN A PORTAL TO OTHER DIMENSIONS in March 2015. Yup, a stargate.

They’ll Be Nice

Now, I grew up with Star Trek nicey-nice fascist liberalism, where everybody is mostly nice, but this is, after all, not Gene Roddenberry’s mind we exist in, but reality. Good and evil exist in us– why not in the universe? The search for aliens might find Klingons, or something worse– don’t assume they’re all good guys out there.

Naivete is no excuse.

A Few Questions

So who are these CERN nerd-twerps accountable to, exactly? Who says they get to do stuff which may alter reality, or unleash untold forces we don’t understand? The Higgs Boson or “God Particle” is cool and all, but we really need to ask: what if?

Why are such scientists given toys to play with which– as when they first fired up the CERN– they admitted might possibly open up black holes? Trust them, they are experts.

Could this giant electro-magnetic experiment change or damage the magnetosphere of the Earth? You know, the one which protects earth from solar radiation?

Knock Knock

In the real world, opening a door is a matter for care, discretion, and care. Mormons? Robbers or home invaders? Pesky relatives? Best friends?

Doors to other theoretical realities should be treated with infinitely more care. And we should all be very con-CERNED. ~



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