Coren’s Uncomfy Bedfellows?

Look.. The Anglican Church!
Look.. The Anglican Church!

~ ITEM:There is no Pravda in Izvestia, and there is no Izvestia in Pravda”


~ ITEM: Binky On Canadian Anglican Innovations 1985-2004, And Beyond

~ ITEM: Binks, Steynian 477– “Why Not, Exactly? Discuss..”

~ POPE MICHAEL I has joined the Anglican Church of Canada. Yay him, he says.

Sadly, I’d suggest that Michael Coren’s new religious bedfellows may not jibe with some of his past declared positions on free speech, Islam, radical feminism, and intellectual and religious freedom– not within institutional Anglicanism.

Unless his Anglicanism amounts to a cherry-picked fantasy land of what he chooses to do and think, as opposed to the full story. Can’t speak to that.


(1) A REBEL! Michael loved him some Sun News TV, as a platform to speak outside and above the mainstream dino-news and the lockstep media-message of our chattering classes. He will thus be theoretically not pleased to learn that official Anglican news out of Toronto, New York, and London is mostly to real journalism what Soviet-era newspapers Pravda (“Truth”) & Isvestia (“News”) were to truth in news. Or as the old joke had it:

“There is no Pravda in Izvestia, and there is no Izvestia in Pravda” or in English “There is no truth in News, and there is no news in Truth.”

Who says? The former Anglican Drudge Report guy says, me, Binks WebElf. I knew this world inside out, was attacked and threatened by Canadian & American official Anglican propaganda organs– even though everybody read me, because I reported EVERYTHING, and promptly, not months later and whitewashed or distorted or lied-about. Primates, Archbishops and Bishops, clergy and lay-people world-wide read CaNN (Classical Anglican Net News), because.. News. Facts. TImely information.


(2) ONE THINK! Whatever the position the Canadian Establishment/ chattering classes hold, is reflected back to them by the Anglican Church of Canada. It’s nice architecture, pretty robes, sometimes smells and bells, but generally filled with CBC/ NDP content.

Mr. Coren considers himself a controversialist, provocateur, edgy guy. Careful, Mike. Toronto Anglicanism only likes Left Wing institutionalist positions. So as long as you keep your incorrect opinions hidden, or advocate for the correcthink, you will fit in. Anything else, and they will begin to treat you like you bathe in rotten fish guts.

Sure, they like you now because it’s a rare score for a dying, mostly irrelevant and soulless church, a hollow zombie form of itself, full of sound and fury and signifying socialism. But don’t dare criticise modern Canadian Anglicanism, however factually or justly or softly, because you will get stiff-armed at tea-time, bro. Shut down, shut up, sidelined, sniffed-at.. “Not Quite The Thing”.

And don’t you dare like the old Anglican Prayerbook too much. Those guys are batshite nucking futs crazies. Extremist. Subversive. Rebel scum. Not following the Direction The Church Is Moving In. Fish guts.


(2) THE BRAINING! Do you like to brain a lot, Michael? You know, be a well-read, thoughtful, non knee-jerk kinda guy? I do.

Canadian Anglicanism is now mostly a one-themed political party, and the formerly old strong sectors of evangelicalism and middle church and high church have all melted into a politically correct multiculti crayon-puddle of liberal pseudo-Catholicism.

Polite intolerant soft totalitarians. Trust me.

It starts at the clergy-selection stage, these days– anybody who does not think the current (and future to-be-named later) positions of upper management are leaned on, or jettisoned. Not sure about lady ministers? New liturgy? Feminism in robes? Incoherent theology? Speaking up about militant Islam? Ever-changing hymns and worship? Attention-seeking heretical clergy and bishops going off undisciplined? Gay is not quite the thing? Not willing to bully your parishioners into the latest innovation? Not willing to march lock-step with your diocesan and national church offices? It’s the secret trap door in the floor for you, would-be clergy!


I mean, the Bible is nice, and all, but don’t get carried away, type thing. God and Jesus, yes, but the exciting Diocesan sub-committees are where the Holy Spirit speaks authoritatively.

There’s just no “There”, there, Michael. And the current church you just joined is very anti-intellectual, unless you are a clever apologist word-monkey for the way things are at the moment. A word-whore propagandist.

l_pc2020 i love my cousin

(3) YAY TEH GHEY! You like the gay thing. Peachy.

You’ll also be wildly amused to know that under the initiative of the former soft-communist primate “Red” Ted Scott, and as ratified by a later General Synod, that theoretically and canonically, the Anglican Church of Canada has very few rules about who can now boink whom. In the old marriage service of the classical Prayer Book, the age-old rules of consanguinity (blood-relations/ incest) say who can and can’t marry. Those laws in turn reflected the Bible, and 1500 years of Christian practice and canon law, arising from Jewish law & practice. These ancient laws were dumped in the early 2000s, all because [ sound the trumpets! ] some Anglicans at a meeting said so. Isn’t arbitrary power funsies?

So, technically, if you are a Canadian Anglican, you are able to get married to your cousins, your step-children, your aunts and uncles, your nieces and nephews, even your grandparents. That the current Canadian law does not honour your chosen unions– why, that’s just bigotry and injustice. Yay incest!

Look At All The Mini-Popes!

(4) POPESES, PRECIOUSSS! You now have no Pope, Michael. And unlike in England, you don’t even have the Queen, House Of Lords, or Parliament to order and control your church, its leaders, or laws.

Behold indeed a plethora of mini-Popes in charge of mini-Vaticans, from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Primates, The Canadian Primate, the church bureaucrats, busy-body liturgists, your local bishops, your deans and regional deans and archdeacons and local clergy. Lots and lots of popes. Oh, and lay-popes– bossy lay people who like to give God, their minister, and others a piece of their mind about everything. On top of that, you now have no court of final resort, or body of doctrine, agreed-on sacraments, view of the Scriptures, authoritative catechism, or anything so rigid and intolerant as that.

It’s a jelly-fish, Michael– and you will be subject to the changes and chances of a spineless yet bullying institution, the vain winds of false doctrine, endless novelty and experimentation on you and your soul, depending on the whims of various levels of mini-Popes above you.


(5) GTFO. And if you question–especially if stand and speak up for what Anglicanism seems to actually mean– you will be invited to leave.. which is partly why there are so many Anglican split-off ( or ‘continuing’) churches, for the ones who could not be tolerated by officialdom. Your bishop may even sue the pants off you and your congregation, because tolerance.

Don’t get me wrong– there are some great people in the Anglican Church, even some first-class clergy and bishops– but most of them are that way because they buck the official sewer-tide, brain good, and take the resultant snubbing and attacks, and not because the church likes them that way, or made them that way. The growing parts of the Anglican Church are in the 3rd world, and unlike Michael Coren or the smug & all-but-bankrupt Anglican Church of Canada, these Anglican Christians cheerfully and resolutely uphold Biblical morality, despite much bullying, contempt, and interference from rich progressivist Western Anglicans.

Welcome to the People’s Socialist Soviet Church of Anglican, Canuckistan, comrade. You buttered your bread, now lie in it. ~

~ Saith Binks



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